There's No Way You Remember Big Daddy Enough To Get 80% On This Quiz!

Before he was on the up and up as Jughead Jones on The CW's hit TV show Riverdale, and even before he was sailing the seas or terrorizing a hotel owner, Cole Sprouse split a role with his twin, Dylan, in Big Daddy. Adam Sandler played the star role and he was supported by a comedy star studded ensemble - like former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, Knocked Up's Leslie Mann, Saturday Night Live's Rob Schneider, and.. well, everything's Steve Buscemi, just to name a few.

Even though it was released in 1999, this film has aged incredibly well. Nearly a decade after its release, there are still new people going out of their way to watch it every day, and people of all ages who are able to quote it from memory!

Why is it so popular? I'm not really sure, but I do remember seeing it on TV a lot when I was home sick from school, at 12 o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon, so maybe that's got something to do with it. Whether you know it by heart because it was all that you had available or because you made a point to watch it enough to memorize it doesn't matter, though - what does matter is that you definitely don't know it well enough to pass this quiz!

Question 1

What is the main character’s first name?

This guy is a 32 year old college graduate, with little to no ambition or work ethic. He’s a funny dude, and he’s very nice. He has a smokin’ hot girlfriend named Vanessa. He lives with a roommate that’s an old college buddy, but he recently got engaged. He also has a job, even though it’s not a great one, so gets by - but he’s not living up to his potential and everyone knows it, including him. His last name is Koufax, but what is his first name?

Question 2

What is Sonny's roommate's name?

Most college graduates aren’t tripping over themselves to stay roommates with someone they went to school with, and Sonny’s roommate situation isn’t all that different. The two of them are friends, of course, but this guy recently got engaged to Corrine, a podiatrist, and he’s looking to branch out on his own. He just left for a business trip in Japan when the kid shows up, leaving Sonny to deal with it on his own. What is his first name?

Question 3

What does Sonny have a degree in?

In spite of his laziness and total lack of ambition, Sonny graduated from Syracuse University with a degree. He hasn’t taken the final steps he’d have to take in order to actually make a career out of it, unfortunately, but still! Graduating from college is no small feat! He’s following in the footsteps of his father, a man who’s obviously not very happy with the way he’s using his shiny, expensive college education. What did Sonny get his degree in?

Question 4

Where does Sonny work?

Okay, so, Sonny has a job that doesn’t pay the greatest, but that’s okay because it doesn’t work him the hardest. Fair exchange, right? He works a couple of days a week for just a couple of hours each shift, and it’s a fairly simple job that allows him to sit down - although people aren’t always happy to see him, so sometimes he has less than pleasant interactions. Once the kid shows up, he takes him to work with him. Where does he work?

Question 5

Where did Corrine work before she was a podiatrist?

Sonny is a little bit of a jerk sometimes, especially to Corrine. He calls her Boobs McGee to Kevin, her boyfriend at one point and fiancé now, who obviously doesn’t think it’s very funny. She’s a medical school graduate who’s now a podiatrist. However during medical school, she - like a lot of people - fell into a less than savory line of work in order to start paying back her debts and, you know, have food so she could survive. Sonny never lets her forget about this job. Where was it?

Question 6

What is the name of the child Sonny finds in his apartment?

Waking up one morning to find a child in your house is probably a nightmare for most people. I mean, where did it come from? Did I kidnap this child? Did I fall into a coma for 5 years and not even know that I had this child? Whose child is this, and when are they coming back to get it? - Anyway, that nightmare was reality for Sonny Koufax, who woke up to find a strange little boy just wandering around his place. What was this kid’s name?

Question 7

Is Kevin or Sonny the biological father of the child?

The reason that Julian is left in their apartment is because his biological father lives there. His mother can no longer take care of him, and needs his father to take him in - but which of these two men is she leaving him to? Was it Kevin, the out of town, freshly engaged lawyer? Or was it Sonny himself, the always in town, freshly dumped toll booth attendant with a useless law degree because he won’t take the bar?

Question 8

What does Julian rename himself as?

The best part about Sonny taking care of Julian is that he’s pretty laid back about everything. (To be fair, that’s also the worst part about Sonny taking care of Julian, but I distress.) Most kids would’ve loved a chance to pick out a new name for themselves, although their choices probably would’ve haunted them for the rest of their natural life. Julian here got to choose for himself what Sonny and his friends called him. What did he pick?

Question 9

What happened to Julian's biological mother?

Even all of the humor in the world can’t cover up the fact that Julian has been seemingly abandoned by his mother, in the care of a man who’s a perfect stranger to him, whether he’s his biological father or not. It has to be hard on the poor kid to suddenly be left alone in a big, scary place like New York City - maybe that’s why he bonds with Sonny so easily. What happened to make his mother suddenly disappear?

Question 10

Is Sonny bothered by his law school friends becoming lovers?

Two of Sonny's friends from law school have evolved from friends into lovers. The fourth member of their friend group, Kevin, expresses his discomfort over it. He claims that the problem isn't that they're two men - it's just that they're like his brothers, so it's like watching his brothers kiss. When he says this in front of Sonny, he either agrees with him that it's a bit strange to see, or reminds him that they're still their brothers, they're just the weird kind of brothers now. Which one is it? Does it bother Sonny too?

Question 11

What cool trick does Julian show off to Sonny's friends?

This movie taught me one of my mother’s least favorite party tricks when I was about 8 years old, and this is the exact scene that I learned it in. Sonny and Julian go to the park together a lot, and Julian has a particular trick that Sonny thinks is so awesome that he has him show it off to his friends. It’s an impressive skill, actually, and Julian’s really good at it, especially for his age. What is it?

Question 12

What is the name of the woman Sonny marries?

Sonny and Vanessa breaking up was probably for the best. She left him for not having a plan in life, which is fair, but he found someone who still cared for him in spite of that. She’s his roommate's wife’s sister, and she’s also a lawyer. She and Sonny meet because of the whole Julian ordeal and end up finding out that they’re pretty great together. In the time-skip at the end of the movie, they’re married with a baby of their own. What is her name?

Question 13

How does Sonny avoid arrest?

Impersonating someone else isn’t a good idea. In fact, it’s called identity theft, and it’s something you can go to jail for. It’s especially a bad idea when it comes to children, so saying that you’re Kevin when you’re absolutely not Kevin might just land you in hot water. While it’s hard to really fault Sonny since he genuinely had his friend and Julian’s best interest in mind, it’s also hard to fault the court system for thinking this whole deal is shady. What is the only thing that saves Sonny from going to prison?

Question 14

What time did McDnald's stop serving breakfast?

McDonald’s breakfast might be a nightmare for your health, but it’s a dream for you’re mouth. In 2018, you can get certain breakfast any time you want them, but before the magical thing known as all day breakfast, they shut the whole thing down at a specific time and swapped over to lunch. Unfortunately for Julian and Sonny, they got there too late for breakfast - and even if they hadn’t, Julian was trying to order lasagna, so... he wasn’t gonna be happy either way. Still, what time should they have arrived by?

Question 15

Why couldn't Sonny and Julian use the bathroom at the restaurant?

Private businesses can basically have whatever rules they want about attire and patronage requirements. Some places won’t let you use the bathroom unless you buy something (hello, collection of tiny trinkets in your dashboard!) and others won’t let you in if you aren’t in the right clothes. Usually that just means, you know, wearing clothes, but sometimes there’s a pretty strict dress code, especially at fancy or formal restaurants. Little Julian has to pee a lot, but sadly, they ran into one of those restaurants that doesn’t just let you into the bathroom. Why couldn’t they use it?

Question 16

Where was Julian born?

Before he wound up in Sonny and Kevin’s apartment, Julian’s life started somewhere! He was born and raised outside of New York City, which is how Kevin spent a considerable portion of his life completely unaware that he was a father. He didn’t end up too far away from where he was born - luckily, he’s at least still on the same coast! New York is still a pretty big city to transition to, if you ask me, even if you just live 5 minutes outside of it. Where was Julian born?

Question 17

What movie did Julian love?

Anyone who has ever had a kid knows that they love to find one movie, song, book, TV show, game, or toy and beat you over the head with it until just the name make sure you cringe. Personally, I went through phases - one of which was Forrest Gump, strangely enough, and another was The Fox and the Hound... Guess I liked sad tales of unlikely friendship. Anyway, Julian is no exception to this rule. He’s got a couple of things he really enjoys, like his toy Scuba Steve, and one particular movie that he has to watch after his naps, no matter what. What movie is that?

Question 18

How did Sonny clean up the milk Julian spilled?

Kids spill a lot. I mean, a lot. Kids manage to spill things that you didn’t even think could be spilled. They’re masterful mess makers. Sonny isn’t exactly the type of guy who enjoys cleaning up messes, so having a kid around usually isn’t very fun for him, since there always seems to be one. Since Julian is a typical kid, he spills milk all over Sonny’s floor, and then he kind of just stands there, waiting for Sonny to clean it up. How does Sonny go about doing that?

Question 19

How did Sonny teach Julian to save money on groceries?

Sonny is full of all kinds of wisdom, mostly in the form of shady, morally questionable life hacks. Plenty of lazy people pick them up throughout their life, and the number of tips a person is likely to have nearly doubles if they’re broke. Sonny is a little bit of both. He teaches Julian a lot of cool things during their time together, even if some of them are things that he probably shouldn’t have. What morally gray trick did he teach him to save money on his groceries?

Question 20

Who showed up to surprise Sonny at his court date?

Although it’s never happened to me, I assume that being on trial isn’t fun - and I would wager that on trial when you’ve gone to law school and literally all of your friends are lawyers is twice as not fun. Sonny gets to experience that though, when he’s put on trial once it’s discovered that he isn’t Kevin. He rallies together as many witnesses as he can to vouch for him, but one person who shows up is a genuine shock for him, since they said they wouldn’t come. Who is it?

Question 21

How old is Julian?

After your name, your age is basically the most important thing when you're a kid, and I'd imagine it's probably pretty important to the adult who just found a random child in his apartment one morning. Julian is obviously under the age of 10, and over the age of 2, but there are lots of numbers in between those. Either way, he's old enough to be aware of just how scary his situation is! The poor baby. How old is Julian when he first arrives in Sonny's life?

Question 22

What does Sonny say Vanessa's new boyfriend's five year plan is?

Vanessa and Sonny's break up is caused by the fact that she doesn't feel like Sonny has any ambition or future plans, which isn't necessarily untrue. However, she gets a new boyfriend fairly quickly after they break up - a significantly older boyfriend, and Sonny doesn't take to it very kindly. When he makes jokes about her boyfriend's age, she snaps back that he, at least, has a five year plan. What does Sonny tell her that her boyfriend's plan is?

Question 23

What does Sonny say that Julian can't repeat?

When you see this question, your initial thought might be a curse word - which is fair guess, honestly - but it's actually something much more child friendly: a tongue twister! Julian is a young boy who loves doing that thing where he repeats everything you say but in a slightly mocking tone, and with Sonny's immaturity, he's finally met his match. Being older, and more developed, he's able to fire off a phrase that Julian barely understands, let alone has the ability to say back to him. What is it?

Question 24

What medical problems did Sonny get his settlement for?

The main reason that Sonny is able to coast by on a law degree (but no actual certifications) and a two day a week job is that he lives off of the money he receives from a settlement over medical problems. When Vanessa criticizes his life choices, he's quick to remind her about it - and she's just quick to remind him that it's not nearly serious enough to put him out of work for years! What happened to Sonny?

Question 25

What band do Layla and Sonny bond over?

Music brings people together - actually, good music brings people together, sure, but you know what REALLY brings people together? Bad music. Not the objective kind of bad that practically everyone agrees on, but the kind that you genuinely enjoy but all of your friends mock and force you to turn off any time you try to play it around them. These two bond over a certain band that none of their friends and family will let them enjoy in peace. What band?

Question 26

What are the names of Sonny's law school friends who are together now?

Even after they've all graduated, Sonny remains very close to the three other people in his law school friend group. One of them lives with him in his apartment, while the other two have wound up falling in love with one another, and are now together. This doesn't bother Sonny in the slightest - he defends them, in fact, and insists that they're still his brothers, they're just brothers who kiss, and says that they're exactly the same as him and his straight friends, they just "watch a different type of adult film now," which I find really sweet. What are the names of his two friends?

Question 27

What word can the delivery guy not read?

While teaching Julian how to read, Sonny ends up teaching the delivery man that all of his friends claim is his best friend how to read, too. He has Julian read him small words, like fish and pony, but the delivery guy ends up with one that's a pretty considerable word, if you don't know how to read! He struggles through it a few times, and then accuses Sonny of giving Julian the easy ones. Which of these words stumps him so much?

Question 28

What does Julian promise to do if Sonny lets him stay?

The most heartbreaking scene in the entire film is when the state shows up to rescue Julian from an unsafe environment - Sonny's apartment. It's hard not to be on Sonny's side in this, especially when Julian clings to him, begging him to let him stay, and worst of all, asks him if he doesn't want him there anymore. Julian goes through the stages of grief pretty quickly, and starts to bargain with Sonny, making him all the tempting offers his five year-old brain is capable of coming up with. What's one of the things he promises?

Question 29

Who does Sonny dress up as to get Julian to take a bath?

Getting some kids to take baths is hard - like, really hard, actually. There's something instinctive that makes most of them them opposed to climbing into a warm, steaming tub of water and letting an adult lather them up and wash away all the dirt of the day. Julian is like lots of other children his age, and when Sonny suggests a bath, he puts up a fight. But Sonny is clever and actually really good with kids, so he jumps straight into costume as someone he knows can convince Julian to take a bath. Who is it?

Question 30

How many packets of ketchup does Julian ask for?

It's not exactly uncommon for children to try to eat ketchup. I don't know why it's such a popular thing among them, but I've personally had a conversation that went something like, "No, you can't have ketchup for dinner. Why? Because it's not food on its own!" more than once in my life. Julian has a taste for ketchup too, and one time when Julian asks him what he wants to eat, he demands it - packets of it, lots of them... But how many?

Question 31

What does the Homeless Guy say you should leave America if you don't like?

Plenty of people have strong opinions about what foods are American classics. Ironically, some of the most popular foods that are widely considered to fall into that category come from other countries - like Italy, France, England, and Germany, just to name a few! In the court room, the delivery guy uses a food combo that turns the stomachs of most other people in the room (lamb and tuna fish) and when questioned about it, decides to use another combo, trying to make the Americans around him more comfortable. The combo he chooses to use prompts the homeless guy to announce that if you don't like that particular food, you should leave America. Which of these combos was it?

Question 32

What does Julian use to kill a bunch of pigeons?

There's one statement that I feel like everyone on the planet can agree with: giving children weapons that they have no training with or understanding of is NOT a good idea. Okay, well, I think that most people can agree with that statement. Sonny can't, unfortunately for a bunch of pigeons in the park that Julian slaughtered with a weapon that he was allowed to have by his caretaker. Which of these weapons did Sonny let Julian get his little hands on?

Question 33

Why does Julian like wearing sunglasses?

Sunglasses are pretty cool when they're worn outside on a sunny day, but they're a little strange to wear indoors, or on a rainy day - unless you have some kind of medical condition, but even then, expect some looks! Julian being five years old doesn't get him out of social norms, and his love for sunglasses gets a lot of strange glances and comments from the people around him, much to Sonny's annoyance. But why does he love wearing them so much?

Question 34

Why is Julian sleeping on newspaper?

This little arrangement didn't last very long. Julian is a kid, and if there's one thing about 97% of children that is an undeniable fact, it's that they wiggle around in their sleep at the best of times. Add in a crunchy piece of paper under them and most kids would hate it, and adjust themselves trying to make it tolerable. Some kids would love it though, because they're all different. In this scene, which comes mere moments before Julian's constant sleep squirms wake Sonny up for good, Julian is sprawled out on a layer of newspaper - why?

Question 35

How does Sonny react when the man living here doesn't answer the doorbell on Halloween?

Halloween is a special time from the time a kid is old enough to understand the concept of it until... Well, I haven't ever seen it wear off, really. Adults enjoy it just as much as kids, even though it's for different reasons. Sonny is lucky enough to get to spend Halloween with Julian, but neither of them is lucky enough for the houses they hit up to all be good ones. One man in particular refuses to open the door. How does Sonny react?

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