There's No Way You Can Name The 00s Movie From Just One Secondary Character!

How well do you think you know your films from the 2000s? Just so you know for sure what I mean, I'm talking about films that came out between 2000 and 2010. How well do you think you know your films from that era? Are you confident that you could identify some film titles just by looking at a character from the film? What if that character isn't a lead?

This quiz features 50 films from the 00s but there's a twist here. We're not going to get you to identify the film based on the leads of each. Nope. We're going to throw a secondary character at you and see if you still can identify what movie it is. You might get a description of the character or the actor who plays the character...but it's up to you to decide which film the character is from.

If you think you have what it takes to name all of these movies then all I have to say is...prove it. And hey, if you manage to ace this quiz...I'll have the utmost respect for you from afar...even if there's no way for me to know how well you did, or for you to experience my respect. So, just take the quiz and see how many of these films you can actually name.

1Name that film!

With prima ballerina Beth MacIntyre being forced into retirement, artistic director Thomas Leroy announces he is looking for a new dancer to portray the dual lead role. Beth MacIntyre isn't exactly the nicest of film character but you've got to love that she's played by Winona Ryder! Either way, this secondary character accuses the lead of sleeping around in order to move forward in her career. She also happens to walk out into a street while hammered and she gets hit by a car...

2Name that Film!

Usually it's Willem Dafoe who is the very bizarre and off-the-wall character in a film but in this movie, he's actually pretty normal. He plays a detective who is pretty obviously not that good at his job. That or something else far more strange is going on that can only be explained by watching the whole film. Either way, it's a nice little role to see him in. It's not often you get to see Willem Dafoe in a capacity that isn't creepy

3Name that film!

This secondary character is played by Michelle Rodriguez. In spite of how she might seem, the character she plays is a pretty moral person who turns her back on her leader to some extent in order to fight against his brutality. That being said, it doesn't ultimately work out well for her because her betrayal ends with her being killed. She does stand up for her beliefs though and does help save people before she dies. So, at least there's that.

4Name that film!

Mr. Huph is cold, cruel, greedy, selfish, and self-centered. As the boss of an insurance company, he is more focused on gaining more money than providing customers with the insurance they need. He always seems to have an excuse for getting angry, and only cares about money. Played by the hilarious Wallace Shawn, Mr. Huph is a great comedic and minor antagonist in this particular film. The animators did a wonderful job of capturing Shawn's performance for the character to make him truly memorable.

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