There's No Way You Can Name All These Natalie Portman Movies

Since Natalie Portman made her big screen debut as a child hitman in training in 1994, she has gone from strength to strength, collecting awards and accolades for her truly incredible performances. She's starred in everything from artsy, indie flicks and shorts to some of the biggest franchise films in the world - including Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She's won an Oscar, multiple BAFTAs and Golden Globes, and dozens of other statuettes, and has even started to move from the screen to behind the camera. Portman is now directing and writing, as well as acting, and is sure to do big things in the next stage of her impressive career...

How well do you know Portman and her body of work? Are you familiar with her only from the biggest blockbusters, or can you name any of her films - even those that didn't do too well, or that weren't ever intended to appeal to a mainstream audience? Working since the age of eleven, Natalie Portman has an extensive back catalog of award winners and flops, and only the biggest Portman fan is going to be able to name all twenty five of these movies from just a screenshot and a brief description... can you prove that you are that big a fan of hers, or should you stick to Star Wars and the other heavy hitters?

Question 1

What was Natalie's most recent movie?

This recent release sees Natalie Portman starring as Lena in a psychological thriller about a mysterious area known only as The Shimmer, and her expedition to discover what is lurking within it. The film is filled with stunning visuals and sci-fi effects, and was applauded for managing to truly draw the audience in - but it's more than just a sci-fi horror about a mysterious place. This film also deal with some major themes about the exploration of self, and it does it well.

Question 2

What is the name of this biopic?

There have been many biopics telling the story of John F Kennedy and his assassination, but this film takes a look at that American tragedy from a different perspective - that of the First Lady. Portman stars as Mrs Kennedy, with the focus of the film on the time immediately after the assassination of JFK. She must hold herself together through her grief while also attempting to deal with a media storm and preserve her husband's legacy to the country that he loved.

Question 3

Which film took place in the Old West?

Natalie Portman stars in this action Western as Jane, a young woman living in the Old West, who has to defend her home from outlaws. When her husband comes home shot, she turns to anyone she can to try and help her defend her homestead from the gang coming to finish the job - including a neighbor with whom she has some serious romantic history. Although this film received mixed reviews, Portman's performance was agreed to be one of the high points of the film.

Question 4

Which film was Portman's directorial debut?

This film marks the first time that Portman spends time behind the camera as well as in front of it (barring two previous short films), as the actress wrote and directed the film as well as starring in it. Based on the memoirs of Amos Oz, this film centers on a family in 1940s Palestine, and a child listening to the stories made up by his unhappy mother. Bored and wishing for more out of life, she makes up the world that she wants for her son.

Question 5

Which was her last film in the MCU?

Portman has now been in two films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Jane Foster, the scientist who first meets Thor when he lands on Earth. In this second film, she gets to travel to his home of Asgard, after she is accidentally infected with a power known as the Aether. Jane and Thor remain together throughout this film, but after the events of this movie, Portman has left the MCU, with Thor mentioning their break up in his most recent movie.

Question 6

In which film does Portman join the MCU?

It seems at times as though absolutely every big name actor has now had at least a small part in the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe - including Portman, of course! The actress made her Marvel debut in this film about an Asgardian hero sent to Earth to recover his hammer. Portman plays the love interest, Jane Foster, who literally runs into him when he first lands on Earth... with her truck! The two fall in love as she helps him on his quest.

Question 7

Which rom-com also stars Ashton Kutcher?

Portman plays Emma in this romantic comedy co-starring Ashton Kutcher as Adam. The two play life-long friends who decide to come to an agreement - that they can sleep together, but only if they promise that they are just having fun. No jealousy, no baby voices, no commitment... no problems. Of course, life is not that simple, and these two soon discover that it's difficult to have a sexual relationship with a friend without falling accidentally in love with them!

Question 8

Which movie sees Portman as a ballerina?

Natalie Portman shines in this psychological thriller about a dedicated ballerina struggling to deal with a new dancer joining the troupe. Portman's Nina is obsessive about her work, and when she gets cast as the lead in Swan Lake, she thinks that she has finally made it - but her obsession, and her need to stay tightly in control of all aspects of her life, lead to trouble with the dancer cast opposite her. This incredible performance even landed Portman an Oscar.

Question 9

Name this war drama

Portman stars as Grace in this war drama about those left behind when soldiers leave for active duty. Grace is the wife of a Marine and the mother to two daughters, left at home with his ex-con brother when her husband is in Afghanistan. When he goes missing and is presumed dead, it leads to his brother stepping up to be there for the family... but when he returns, the new dynamic and their relationship causes problems thanks to his paranoia.

Question 10

Which film is set in a magical toy shop?

Portman stars opposite Dustin Hoffman in this brightly colored children's movie about a magical toy shop. Portman plays Molly, an aspiring pianist and shop assistant to the magic shop owner, as he takes her on a journey to believe in herself - and to say goodbye, as he decides that after a few hundred years, it's time for him to move on and leave the shop to Molly. A sweet story of hope and faith, this also reminds audiences that magic can exist if only they believe in it.

Question 11

Name this historical romance.

Portman stars in this adaptation of Philippa Gregory's novel of the same name, about the most famous of Henry the Eighth's many wives - Anne Boleyn. The film charts her relationship with the King, who would eventually break with the Catholic Church in order to be able to divorce his wife and marry her - but also looks at the relationship between Henry and Anne's sister, Mary, who also had an affair with the King, and who is believed to have had his illegitimate child.

Question 12

Which movie did Portman shave her head for?

Portman shaved her head for her role as Evey in this graphic novel adaptation about a dystopian future, a police state and a man who is working to oppose it. Evey is a young woman who is rescued by the terrorist V after being captured out after curfew - and through him, she learns the extent of the horrors of the regime, especially it's treatment of those in the LGBT community, and eventually joins forces with him to try and take it down.

Question 13

Which movie saw Portman playing a stripper?

This 2004 film about relationships and chance connections stars Natalie Portman as Alice, alongside Julia Roberts, Jude Law and Clive Owen. Alice is a stripper from the US, come to the UK, where she meets a new man - and while they get into a relationship, the film spins out a series of betrayals and losses, where passion leads each of the players to treat each other badly - until they end up where they first began, alone once again.

Question 14

Which movie co-stars Zach Braff?

Portman plays the manic pixie dream girl trope to a T in this quirky film co-starring Zach Braff as Andrew Largeman. Andrew has spent most of his life on prescription drugs, until the death of his mother sends him home from LA to New Jersey. There, he meets a girl (Portman's Sam), who is everything bright and sunny and brave - and the two of them together teach Andrew to embrace life, and to finally confront his father and start to live.

Question 15

What was Portman's first feature-length film?

Natalie Portman auditioned for the role of Mathilda when she was only eleven, but it's easy to see from this film that she would eventually become a star. Mathilda is a young girl, taken in by a professional hitman after the deaths of her parents at the hands of a corrupt government agent - and the two form a surprising relationship, especially when she begins to learn from her new father figure, taking on the trade of killing herself, despite her tender age.

Question 16

Name this silly sci-fi

This comedy sci-fi from director Tim Burton is definitely a film that audiences either loved or hated, with a totally zany take on the usual alien invasion fodder. The film starts with the appearance of flying saucers and little green men... who the citizens of Earth try and greet peacefully, before it becomes clear that they have no interest in peace! Portman plays Taffy, a young girl who is the daughter of the President, and one of the only survivors of the Martian massacre.

Question 17

Which was the first episode of Star Wars that Portman starred in?

Of all the films that Portman has been in over the years, her biggest franchise role is undoubtedly that of Queen Amidala, aka Padme, in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. In this, the first of the three, Padme is still quite a young Queen, reaching out to the Jedi for help with troubles on her home planet of Naboo. It is in this film that she also meets the young Anakin, who would grow up to fall in love with her.

Question 18

Which is this Star Wars film?

In this Star Wars installment, someone is attempting to assassinate Queen Amidala, and she must turn to her friends in the Jedi Order for protection while trying to discover who wants her dead. Of course, this includes Anakin, whom she met as a young boy in the previous film, and who is now much older and a true Jedi in training. While he is protecting her, the two fall in love, despite the fact that this is forbidden to him as a Jedi.

Question 19

In which Star Wars film does Portman's character die?

Star Wars isn't known for being a universe where characters live long and happy lives - and Portman's Queen Amidala isn't spared an unhappy end. In this installment, she and Anakin are married, and she is able to tell him that she is pregnant. However, when Anakin has visions of her death, he becomes frightened and increasingly drawn to the dark side, hoping that this side of the Force might make him strong enough to protect the woman that he loves...

Question 20

Which Portman movie is set during the civil war?

Portman has only a relatively small part in this historical epic about a solider willing to do whatever it takes to return home to the woman he loves. On the way, he meets Portman's Sara, a widow who is trying to raise her baby alone, but who falls afoul of a group of Union soldiers, who attempt to rape her and steal from her, while the lead protects her. Although she is not the star of this film, her performance is still arresting.

Question 21

Name this colorful flick.

Natalie Portman's role in this film was quite small, but was expanded upon by director Wes Anderson who turned her character's relationship into a short titled Hotel Chevalier. In the original film, though, Portman plays a character known only as 'Jack's Ex Girlfriend', a woman that one of the three central brothers is obsessing over while on a train journey with the siblings that he has not seen in a year, since their father's funeral. Known for his use of color, director Wes Anderson gives Portman's character a yellow palatte.

Question 22

Which film is also known as The Other Woman?

This 2009 adaptation of the novel of the same name stars Portman as Emilia, a young lawyer dealing with immense personal tragedy. Her infant daughter has died, her new marriage is struggling as a result, and now she must also deal with the interference of her husband's ex-wife, who was still in a relationship with him when he and Emilia fell in love. Through her attempts to bond with her step-son, William, Emilia learns to cope with her grief, and find a new kind of happiness with this blended family.

Question 23

Which film is also known as The Summoning?

This french drama film is set in the 1930s, and stars Portman and Lily Rose Depp as two sisters and fortune tellers. Inspired by their performances, a filmmaker takes the two girls in, casting one in a film and promising to help them innovate within the film world... but the world is changing, and things start to get complicated when the rise of anti-semitism puts the spotlight on their director, and threatens the two sisters happiness and place in the world.

Question 24

In which film does Portman play a wronged woman?

Portman is one of many starring women in this film by director Terrence Malik and starring Christian Bale. This visually stunning movie follows Bale as Rick, a writer on a personal odyssey around Los Angeles and Las Vegas. His journey takes him through the lives of multiple women, including Portman's Elizabeth, a woman that he has wronged in the past. Each of the women is connected to a Tarot card, with the married Elizabeth representing the tarot card of Death.

Question 25

Name this early coming-of-age drama

One of Portman's earliest films, this coming of age story stars Portman alongside Susan Sarandon as a mother and daughter starting a new life. While the mother is thrilled to be leaving behind her small Midwestern town, Portman's Ann isn't too excited about her mother's big plans to make it in LA with a move to Beverly Hills. Ann struggles to deal with her rich kids high school and her mothers hopes for her, as her mother also struggles to realize the dreams that she thought would be so easy in LA.

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