There's No Way You Can Name All These Natalie Portman Movies

Since Natalie Portman made her big screen debut as a child hitman in training in 1994, she has gone from strength to strength, collecting awards and accolades for her truly incredible performances. She's starred in everything from artsy, indie flicks and shorts to some of the biggest franchise films in the world - including Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She's won an Oscar, multiple BAFTAs and Golden Globes, and dozens of other statuettes, and has even started to move from the screen to behind the camera. Portman is now directing and writing, as well as acting, and is sure to do big things in the next stage of her impressive career...

How well do you know Portman and her body of work? Are you familiar with her only from the biggest blockbusters, or can you name any of her films - even those that didn't do too well, or that weren't ever intended to appeal to a mainstream audience? Working since the age of eleven, Natalie Portman has an extensive back catalog of award winners and flops, and only the biggest Portman fan is going to be able to name all twenty five of these movies from just a screenshot and a brief description... can you prove that you are that big a fan of hers, or should you stick to Star Wars and the other heavy hitters?

1What was Natalie's most recent movie?

This recent release sees Natalie Portman starring as Lena in a psychological thriller about a mysterious area known only as The Shimmer, and her expedition to discover what is lurking within it. The film is filled with stunning visuals and sci-fi effects, and was applauded for managing to truly draw the audience in - but it's more than just a sci-fi horror about a mysterious place. This film also deal with some major themes about the exploration of self, and it does it well.

2What is the name of this biopic?

There have been many biopics telling the story of John F Kennedy and his assassination, but this film takes a look at that American tragedy from a different perspective - that of the First Lady. Portman stars as Mrs Kennedy, with the focus of the film on the time immediately after the assassination of JFK. She must hold herself together through her grief while also attempting to deal with a media storm and preserve her husband's legacy to the country that he loved.

3Which film took place in the Old West?

Natalie Portman stars in this action Western as Jane, a young woman living in the Old West, who has to defend her home from outlaws. When her husband comes home shot, she turns to anyone she can to try and help her defend her homestead from the gang coming to finish the job - including a neighbor with whom she has some serious romantic history. Although this film received mixed reviews, Portman's performance was agreed to be one of the high points of the film.

4Which film was Portman's directorial debut?

This film marks the first time that Portman spends time behind the camera as well as in front of it (barring two previous short films), as the actress wrote and directed the film as well as starring in it. Based on the memoirs of Amos Oz, this film centers on a family in 1940s Palestine, and a child listening to the stories made up by his unhappy mother. Bored and wishing for more out of life, she makes up the world that she wants for her son.

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