There's No Way You Can Name All These Attitude Era Wrestlers

The Attitude Era is legendary in the world of professional wrestling. You don't even need to clarify what you're talking about. Just mention the words and immediately the mind races with images of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Mr. McMahon and more battling out on the big stage on Monday Night Raw. Those two hours of weekly appointment television are what made a lot of wrestling fans the fans that they are today. People look back and remember the wild brawls, the shocking reveals, singing along with the catchphrases, and the totally unique energy that is impossible to recreate that flowed through the crowd each and every show.

But at the same time, a lot of it was not good. Sure the main events were amazing and redefining the genre. But what the heck was up with the undercard? The prevailing philosophy of the era seemed to be throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. And if nothing was working, make it sexier, grosser, cruder, meaner, and wackier. With the nearly every old Monday Night Raw now available on the WWE Network, we can look back and recognize just how crass and pointless much of those shows were. The good parts were so memorable, it was easy to forget just how bad those awful parts were. But if you are a true fan, you remember everything. How much of the forgotten Attitude Era do you remember?

Question 1

Who is this round mound of vampire?

Back before the whole Attitude Era began in earnest, there was this odd trend of wrestlers that also had day jobs. So you had your wrestling garbage men, your wrestling race car drivers, your wrestling repo men, and so on. That trend started to die out as the 90s wore on, but then you began to have oddities and societal outcasts that decided to take up wrestling. Case in point, this wrestling vampire! This wacky dude would drench opponents in blood, which is weird because you would think he'd want to keep it to himself.

Question 2

Who was little fella?

In the Attitude Era, we all bore witness to the deification of the 'wrestling writer'. Sure wrestling always had bookers, guys that booked the card and set the matches, but now there were writers and producers. They wrote segments and they wanted to make sure people knew they were responsible, in their minds, for the product's popularity. One writer in particular tried to take credit for all of the good, but tried to brush of the bad. This little fella was the bad.

Question 3

What's the name of this Euro champ?

I don't know the exact history on this so I could be wrong, but I think this guy invented bobbleheads. This former European champion and an infamous head waggle that he would perform on the way to the ring, shaking his head back and forth with so much force while he talked smack it almost seemed at times that it would fly off his neck. He was a member of the most entertaining incarnation on the Nation Of Domination and was a highlight of Raw for years.

Question 4

Who was this ultimate fighting champion?

When the WWE launched the Attitude Era in earnest and changed Monday Night Raw to Raw Is War, there was still a long way to go before it became the show a lot of us remember. The Rock was not The Rock yet. Stone Cold was just starting to heat up. And the WWE was throwing everything they could at the wall in hopes that something would stick in their efforts to do battle with WCW. That's why they brought in this NWA champion. Yeah, I barely remember it either.

Question 5

Who was the dude in the suit with DX?

When DX first formed, it was not the catchphrase spewing, 'wacky', t-shirt selling entity it would become. It was one dude, Shawn Michaels, on a mission to be the best in the world and be champion, flanked by his buddy, Triple H, going after any secondary title, and some muscle and intimidation backing them up. This mustachio-ed fellow was some of that intimidation. He was a champion in WCW, an intercontinental champ in WWF and was eyeing a potential in ring comeback.

Question 6

Who was this cultish figurehead?

If you are a modern fan of pro wrestling, then you probably follow the indy scene, listen to more than a few podcasts, keep up with Japan, and frequent Twitter & Reddit. You also probably took one look at this dude's picture and said, "Hey, that's Don Callis!" Well, you're right. That is Don Callis. But what was his character called? He was only in the WWE during the Attitude Era for a brief cup of coffee and didn't exactly have the most memorable run.

Question 7

Who was this giant oddity?

Someone in Stamford, probably a very well payed writer, was probably at a Raw taping one Monday evening and saw some of the folks that didn't have anything to do and noticed how odd they were. Then they got the genius idea to stick them together and call out how weird they look and encourage the audience to laugh at them. Then they were paid to be a professional bully! Pretty sweet gig, man. This gentle giant hails from Brazil, where he attempted to make the transition from basketball to wrestling before giving it a shot in the WWE.

Question 8

Who was that masked man?

Here we go again with those wacky Oddities! This guy wasn't so much an oddity as he was John Tenta under a mask. At some point it became clear that no one in the Oddities stable could actually, you know, wrestle. So big John Tenta had a mask thrown on him and went to work. You may remember him better as Earthquake, the man who sat on one of Jake "The Sake" Roberts' snakes. And he was a human shark person in WCW.

Question 9

Who was this light heavyweight contender?

When WCW Nitro debuted it was so fresh, new, and different it changed wrestling overnight. The WWF's product looked straight up stale by comparison. One of the coolest aspects of the new WCW show was the cruiserweight division. Matches like that had not been presented on free, english language television like that before and given the stage and level of importance that they had. So to match that excitement, WWF tried their own light heavyweight division where they had slightly smaller guys go out and have the exact same matches as the big guys. Vince gonna Vince.

Question 10

Who was this mysterious stranger?

One thing you have to give to Vince McMahon, the dude is loyal almost to a fault. If you show up and show that you can work and he likes you, you are seemingly going to get chance after chance until you find an angle or character that clicks with the audience. This guy right here is a good example of someone's chance that did not click. This character did have a Wrestlemania appearance, going against Rocky Maivia at Wrestlemania 13 and basking in chants of "Rocky sucks".

Question 11

What was the name of this tag team?

When the Nation Of Domination formed it was supposed to appear to be a cross between the Black Panther Party of the 60s and 70s and the Nation Of Islam. So who better to serve as a tag team in the newly formed team and rap their theme song live as they walk to the ring than a couple of white dudes from the deep south. This team was called up from the USWA. Like a lot of called up USWA talent, they soon went back down to Memphis

Question 12

Who is this Hall Of Famer?

I'm sure that if you are doing this quiz, great job so far by the way, then you know most of the ins and outs of professional wrestling. You know that there are heels and there are babyfaces and the heels are supposed to get heat so the baby can make the comeback and make the fans happy. Well this dude right here got so much heat by spelling his name. Maybe it wasn't good heat. It was actually just pretty annoying.

Question 13

Who is this karate man?

Wrestlers need a hook, a gimmick, a character trait, or something about their personality. The Rock was the most charismatic man in the world. Stone Cold was a rebel that could not be held down by his boss. And this guy could twirl sticks really fast. Yep, the man with no personality so they gave him sticks was supposed to come in to the WWE for years but kept getting delayed. Finally he made his debut in the attitude era and had a brief run in the hardcore division.

Question 14

Who was this brawler?

This guy was a boss, or so Jim Ross would have you believe every time he was so much as mentioned on a Monday night broadcast. He played some college football and found success in professional wrestling in WCW and over in Japan. He was brought in to the WWE by his Ross, his real life buddy, and put in the terribly conceived Brawl For It All tournament. There he was legitimately knocked out by Bart Gunn and vanished into the ether, never to be seen again.

Question 15

What's the name of this 'World's Most Dangerous Man'?

This gentleman right here was billed as the world's most dangerous man because of his time spent in shoot fights and doing battle inside the octagon over in the UFC. But he could also live up to that title because of how sloppy he was in the ring at time, legitimately knocking the heck out of opponents with real punches that should have been thrown a little lighter. While he never was a technical master in the ring, his intensity was unmatched.

Question 16

What's the name of this guy?

Some guy's have an aura about them where from the second they first get into the ring, you know they are going to be a star. He did not have that. He was a nice kid that worked hard and stuck around. And if you paid attention you could see how smooth all of his stuff was. You could see how real his transitions were and how much he was really out there trying to win the match. He was a great wrestler.

Question 17

Who was this suggestive superstar?

Before his name was even announced, you would hear his voice bellow, "Hello ladies..." Then his theme music would hit and he would make his way to the ring. After that, what more was there to do? Just wrestle? Kind of a letdown for the crowd honestly. That was all there was to the character really. We never got past the point of saying, "Hey, a wrestling porn star! That might be funny!" It was for a little bit, but then nothing else happened.

Question 18

Who is this enforcer?

This big fellow from way down in Cobb County, Georgia was at one time, probably the smoothest big man in the entire pro wrestling business. The speed and agility with which he moved made you forget just how tall and large he really was. When he came back into the fold during the Attitude Era, he had lost a step but he was still a solid hand in the ring. Plus he made Al Snow eat his dog and stole Big Show's dead father.

Question 19

Who is this dancing big man that could work?

The professional wrestling industry is a funny place where you have no idea if something will work, you don't know why some things work, and when they do work, you just have to shrug and go with it. Why did this Samoan sumo start dancing with the tag team know as Too Cool? Why did people love it so much? Who care? It made three guys' careers for a couple of years and this dude rode that into the Hall Of Fame.

Question 20

Who is this beast of a man?

For most of it's existence, the WWE's attempts at a light heavyweight division have been a joke. They either have not invested seriously into making it work or when they tried, they focused on all the wrong aspects that the fans do not want to see from their smaller guys. That is until this monster came onto the scene. It is hard not the break out into goosebumps when you hear the crowd chant his name. When he enters the arena, the mood changes.

Question 21

What's the name of the man from Hollywood?

This man had already made the rounds in wrestling circles before he debuted this bizarre new character on an infamous episode of Monday Night Raw. This new gimmick was a riff on an old heel idea, but carried out to an extreme never seen before or since. It was so shocking and drew such a passionate reaction fro the audience that it had to be pulled back. But the idea was so strong that the character had lasted is is still around to this day.

Question 22

Who was 'The Man With 1,000 Moves'?

Sometimes when a guy just has such an utter lack of charisma, you have to throw your hands in the air and say that his character is the guy who has an utter lack of charisma. That is somewhat the case with this dude, but he had a few other wrinkles to call on as well. He also happened to come from wrestling royalty, having a famous father. And he seemingly knew every single hold ever invented inside a wrestling ring and a few that he just kind of came up with on the spot.

Question 23

Who was this tall drink of water?

Vince McMahon definitely has a type. He likes them tall. He likes them ripped. And he likes them with good hair. This fella checked all of those boxes so he was bound to keep getting superstar pushes until he came across as a superstar. He would probably still be making comebacks to guest star in Wrestlemanias to this very day if his life had not come to an unfortunate and untimely end. He was supposed to marry Stephanie McMahon until Triple H stepped in.

Question 24

Who's the wacky guy with the head?

This is another guy that seemingly tried everything to get over, if you can call being a delusional, wannabe 70s teen heartthrob that teams with Marty Jannety everything. It took going to Philly based ECW and embracing a psychopathic personality complete with a mannequin head prop before he really connected with the fan base. The head provided the Attitude Era audience with a crass double-entendre to get behind and his J.O.B. squad gimmick was just wacky enough to sell a few shirts.

Question 25

Who was once the leader of the Nation Of Domination?

This dude was a well decorated superstar. He was an amazing college football player, and a former WCW World Champion, the first African American World Champion in fact. So, it was kind of a letdown when he made his way over to the WWF and he showed up with a neon blue crash pad gladiator helmet and a new name. Eventually he forged a new identity and became the leader of the Nation Of Domination. He was the old guard that the Rock rebelled against that helped make him a star.

Question 26

Who is this mop loving fellow?

If you only watched the WWE, then you may have been a little confused when this dude showed up. He made an appearance in the audience one episode of Smackdown with three other WCW deserters, now being referred to as The Radicalz. Eventually he developed this weird obsession with an anthropomorphic mop. Before all that, he was wrecking shop as one half of the Eliminators, an immensely dangerous tag team in ECW. Their tag team finisher, the Total Elimination, stands out as one of the all time best double team maneuvers in wrestling.

Question 27

Who was this forgotten family member?

It is such an easy to like character, it is no wonder that they keep on repeating it. The little guy who wants to go out there and compete with his bigger friends or family members. In this case, there was a whole extended family of these fellows in ECW, but this little guys seemed to be the only one besides the tag team brothers to make the jump to the WWE. His main talent was being thrown into the audience, mostly by Bam Bam Bigelow.

Question 28

What's the name of this little big man?

Here is a smaller guy that is convinced he can get out there with the big dudes and give it a go. He came in to serve as a comedic sidekick to his more hardcore cousin, but clicked with the audience in his own right. He had a genuine knack for throwing himself full steam ahead into every single situation that was put in front of him. Whether it was a larger opponent, or a crazy hardcore match, he would scrunch up his face, turn his cap around, and march forward.

Question 29

Who is this forgotten tag team?

These guys may have the record for causing the most problems while also continuously getting hired. I certainly don't understand it. Do you remember them? And if so, do you remember any good matches they ever had? And yet they worked WWE, ECW multiple times, and WCW multiple times. Why? And if you follow the dirt sheets you would see every single week that they started another problem backstage or inside the ring. They really did seem to live the gimmick, brother.

Question 30

Who is this guy supposed to be?

Paul Heyman ran ECW pretty well for a few years. He built it up into a legitimate "3rd" brand outside the big two, and gained national exposure for a bunch of guys in what started out as just a regional promotion. But he sucked with money and it all came crashing down, yada yada yada. Besides creative, what Heyman was best at was not exposing how bad his guys were and focusing on their good. This is one of those guys that got exposed when they left.

Question 31

Who was this high flyer?

We have already covered how messed up the WWE's attempts at starting a light heavyweight division were. But one of the few things they kind of sort of got right was bringing this luchador in. He was a genuine high flyer and could pop the audience with lucha spots. Granted he was not a Rey Mysterio or on the level of anyone WCW had, and in fact was on the heavier side is currently wrestling in Mexico as a heavyweight, but he debuted with Lita. That was cool.

Question 32

Who was this dancing fool?

Let's focus on the good times with Brian Christopher. Yeah, that's Brian Christopher, Jerry "The King" Lawler's son. He was a dancing fool in the comedy tag team Too Cool and audiences of the Attitude Era loved every bit of them. They couldn't get enough. Let's not focus on his more recent appearance when he was brought out by Michael Cole to try and Embarrass Lawler and he came out in full Too Cool dancing mode to no reaction. Don't look it up on YouTube. It's too painful.

Question 33

Who is this confused looking dude?

Hey, there's always going to be a place for big muscular lugs in the world of professional wrestling. And this dude was actually around for a lot longer htan you probably remember. And if you do remember exactly how long he was a round, then congratulations and I am sure you are the president and only member of his fan club. He started out as a flak jacket wearing dude, then went into the RTC, then became a John Cena rapper flunky.

Question 34

Who was this mighty lady?

Even though she was talented enough, strong enough, and more than capable enough to handle things all on her own, this lady always seemed to prefer to align herself with a group or at least one other individual. She came into the WWE with her cousins Crash and Hardcore (I believe those are nicknames not birth names). She eventually took up the Mighty moniker and joined forces with the superhero Shane "Hurricane" Helms. A more intimidating couple in wrestling would be hard to find.

Question 35

Who is this woman on a mission?

This woman was recently inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and honestly it was long overdo. She had a long and fun career, but she was never afforded the respect the company that her talent, her dedication, and her reputation deserved. She was one of the legit non-model wrestlers way back when in the original GLOW. From there she traveled spot gigs making a name for herself taking on all comers. By the time she got to the WWE, she was already a seasoned vet.

Question 36

Who was this muscular lady?

This woman was a mainstay for years in ECW. She was only in the WWE for a brief run and was involved in litigation with them over sexual harassment allegations for a longer amount of time than she wrestled for them. As anyone who listened to her appearances on the Howard Stern Show could tell you, she was a sweet and genuine human being that trained hard, and deserved better than the hand she was dealt by the wrestling industry.

Question 37

Who's the 'cool' guy?

Wrestling is a really tough business. You break in and work your butt off to find anything to connect and make you stand out with the fans. So when you find one little thing that clicks, some guys just stop trying to to find new stuff and stick with that one thing for like 20 years. Anyway, here's this guy! You may remember him from the entrances of DX and New Age Outlaw matches and then forget everything that happened after that.

Question 38

Who was this oldie but goodie?

As the WWE gets more money and becomes more of a corporate entity, its flagship shows Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live gain more and more writers, producers, segment producers, 2nd and 3rd unit directors and so on. But at the end of the day every single aspect of those shows comes down to the whims of one man, Vince McMahon. And Vince McMahon grew up in like the 30s so he finds slapstick and cursing old people funny. So this lady had a lot to do in the Attitude Era.

Question 39

Who is this personality?

Mrs. Foley's baby boy grew up as Mick Foley, then made a name for himself in WCW and ECW as Cactus Jack. He went to the WWF as Mankind until he unlocked another side of his personality and unleashed the ultimate party and ladies man Dude Love onto the world. So we all know the players, the game is to decide which one is pictured here. Honestly this is pretty easy. Just look and answer. Unless you just answered really quickly. Tricky!

Question 40

Who is this patriotic guy?

In the nascent days of Monday Night Raw, right when they made the change to Raw Is War and the Warzone, the biggest angle in the WWF was Bret Hart versus the USA. Bret was the ultimate heel in America, but a hero in Canada and the rest of the world. It made for some amazing PPV audiences and matches. On an off PPV Bret needed an opponent, so they brought in this guy. And who is more American than him? I mean, look at him.

Question 41

Who is this guy that kept asking for the time?

It's time! It's time! It's.... I can't say what time it is, because that would give away the answer to this quiz question. This dude was a monster! He came into the WWF and destroyed Gorilla Monsoon! Unfortunately that dastardly act would not be followed up on. He went back to work not fully healed from an injury and that combined with getting on the wrong side of a Shawn Michaels tantrum spelled doom for his time on top of the card in the WWE.

Question 42

Who was this big bad British boy?

This hugely muscular man had all of the potential in the world. He was the muscle in an amazing tag team in the 80s. You know how some tag teams have two similar guys and some have two dissimilar guys? Well this was like the biggest power dude and the best technical dude. They were amazing! He had a great run in the WWF and was set to be a superstar following a headline match with Bret Hart at Wembley Stadium.

Question 43

Who is this lady?

She is like an ace up the sleeve that no one wants to see. That's right it's her! When there is McMahon family drama, which I am sure that no one is sick of since we have only been rehashing it and redoing these stories for 25 years now, eventually, she shows up to set things straight. Unless she is running for office, then she steers clear of the family business and dissociates herself from every aspect of it. No appearances any time soon I guess.

Question 44

Who's the crazy guy with the power tool?

The WWE has always had this thing were they want to insist that wrestling did not exist before they invented it, therefore nobody ever wrestled before they got there. It doesn't matter how well known someone was, when they get to the WWE they have a new personality and we are just supposed to ignore their history. Except when we aren't doing that. It's complicated. Which is why it was so hard for everyone, announcers and wrestlers included, to call Terry Funk by a different name.

Question 45

Who is this hairy gentleman?

Once the Attitude Era got rolling, it was like an excuse to print money. Seriously, all some guys needed for a gimmick was "I'm hairy and I have a lot of piercings!" Boom! That's a pro wrestling gimmick right there! This guy's claim to fame these days is as head trainer over at Full Sail University with NXT. But before that his contribution to WWE was being a part of the tag team that brought Trish Stratus into the wrestling game.

Question 46

Who's this boxer guy supposed to be?

The dude in the picture looks like a boxer but boy oh boy did we take a long and winding road to get there. It started down south in the WCW with a smiling Little Richard gimmick. That was enough to catch the WWE's eye and he was brought up and nicknamed the Wildman. He had a knee injury that forced the wild child to stay grounded but it didn't matter. All anyone was interested in was the lady that was with him, Sable.

Question 47

Who was this dapper young kid?

This handsome young fellow was one half of one of the most entertaining tag teams in the world. The tag team that would submit themselves to a three second pose for the benefit of those in the arena with flash photography. He and his partner, together with the Hardy Boyz and the Dudleyz invented the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. His tag team partner may have found slightly more success in his singles run, but he is still an all time great.

Question 48

Who was this bully?

This guy was able to have a career by being teamed with Ron Simmons. Ron's charisma carried the APA tag team and allowed this dude to stay on the roster after multiple failed gimmicks where he was for some reason given multiple chances to comeback and fail. After the team broke up he became the champion of the Smackdown brand that lost all of the viewers the Eddie Guerrero had gained and Cena was able to bring them back. He is now one of the worst commentators on the roster.

Question 49

Who is this absolute unit?

This big fellow right here is somewhat of a wrestling anomaly. He is not a great, or even a good wrestler. In fact, he had a reputation for hurting those that he worked with. And yet, he was brought in for multiple chances and several runs. What gives? Oh yeah, he is an absolutely massive freak show. I forgot for a second that at its heart, wrestling is still a carny sideshow and will alway have a special place for all of the freaks.

Question 50

Who is this sad looking guy?

I mean, if you think he looks a little sad and defeated there, wait until they change his gimmick to pretty much that but naked. I guess it's still better than being a part of the Godwinns. Or, remember when all of the sudden the Godwinns changed their name to Southern Justice and started going by their real names with no explanation? Vince Russo, bro. This guy was a part of the Ministry Of Darkness at this point right before they sold out and went corporate.

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