There's No Way You Can Name All Of These Walking Dead Characters

The Walking Dead is one of the highly rated shows on television. Okay, it may have little lost a lot of viewers after that controversial season 7 premiere episode, but it's still really popular. Paired with Game of Thrones, it helped to popularize the trend in modern TV shows where it's cool to regularly kill off main characters. In fact, very recently, the show killed one of the very few characters who remain from all the way back in season 1. But it's a show that keeps moving forwards. Every time a character is killed off, it simply presents an opportunity for a new character to be brought in. The Walking Dead has one of the quickest turnovers of characters on TV right now. Characters just keep coming and going. They're either devoured by walkers or murdered by another survivor, whether it be in self-defense or to protect someone else or simply just in cold blood. But then they bring in new characters – characters who very often become beloved and close to the hearts of fans. And then they get killed off too, more often than not. How many Walking Dead characters can you remember? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1

Who is this character?

This character certainly left his mark as a likable and resourceful dude, but he had one of the shortest lifespans in Walking Dead history, and that’s saying something when it comes to this show. The character was played by the star of the sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, and so when the character was killed off by being devoured by walkers, the internet couldn’t resist coming up with the meme, “Everybody Ate Chris.” Of course. So, what is this character’s name?

Question 2

Who is this character?

This one lives. Everyone loves this guy, because he is a strong representation of the gay community. He’s always calm and collected and keeps a level head about things. He’s useful and able to carry himself. He lost his boyfriend recently and he was able to bounce back when he found a baby that needed looking after. This character is a big deal. He was in the line-up for the chop when it wasn’t certain who Negan would kill. Who is he?

Question 3

Who is this character?

This Latina character’s first name is the Spanish word for “little rose,” while her last name is the Spanish word that roughly translates into “full of thorns,” so her full name means “little rose full of thorns,” which is a nice little tidbit. That’s a very apt description of her character. She’s an angry, aggressive, feisty one. If you mess with her, she’ll kick your ass. She had the chops to take a shot at Negan. Who is this character?

Question 4

Who is this character?

This character, played by Jeffrey DeMunn, was mostly known for his fishing hats and the RV that he drove and for the life lessons that he would impart onto the other characters. He was the voice of reason in the group. DeMunn actually asked to be killed off after his friend Frank Darabont had been fired. Then he changed his mind, but they had already written it in and budgeted for it, so he was out on his ass after two seasons. So, who is this fishing hat-wearing, RV-driving TWD character?

Question 5

Who is this stick-wielding character?

Every Walking Dead character has their own personal weapon, be it a six shooter or a crossbow or a katana or whatever. This character has a stick, which you wouldn’t think would be very dangerous or useful to him, but in his hands, it’s one of the deadliest weapons on the show. He disappeared after episode 1, then didn’t return until season 3 as a guest, but now, he’s been a part of the main cast for a couple of years. Who is this stick-wielding character?

Question 6

Who is this character?

If the show was following Robert Kirkman’s original comic book series more faithfully, then this character would still be alive and in a relationship with none other than Rick Grimes. But thankfully, they decided to deviate from the comics and kill her off at the end of the third season of the TV series, because she was getting kind of annoying by the end. She was sentenced to death by the Governor and ended up killing herself anyway. Who is she?

Question 7

What is this character’s Biblical name?

This character is certainly an unusual one. He came out of nowhere on the trail of a supply run, like most of the characters on The Walking Dead, and since Rick and co didn’t think much of him, neither did we. But he has since become a very essential part of the gang and he has even taken the place of Glenn as Maggie’s partner in crime. He has a nickname from the Bible. What is this character’s Biblical name?

Question 8

Who is this intellectual douche?

God, what a terrible character this guy is. He walks around with his mullet and doesn’t have any sense of loyalty or bravery whatsoever. After finally doing something brave and offering to head off in the RV on his own, he managed to avoid Negan and the Saviors for like ten minutes before getting captured by them. Then when they took him back to their compound later, he didn’t even wait for Negan to finish his sentence before saying, “I am Negan.” Who is he?

Question 9

Who is this character?

The reason why a lot of actors from The Wire get cast on The Walking Dead is simply that the creator of the series, Robert Kirkman, is a huge, huge fan of The Wire and particularly enjoys the actors from it. This character is a big, strong, tough guy who goes around with a hammer and once took on a cabin full of walkers with his bare hands in order to save a baby from a cannibal. Who is he?

Question 10

Who is this character?

This character started off in season 2, when Rick and the gang stayed at his farm after Carl was shot by this guy’s son, and he began as kind of a jerk, but then he grew into a more sympathetic character that everyone fell in love with. He got bitten on the leg and then had his leg hacked off by Rick with a little axe, and then he managed to pull through – only to then be beheaded by the Governor. Who is he?

Question 11

Who is this character?

This guy was like the first villain ever on the show. He started as a good guy. He saved Rick’s life in the hospital and then looked after his family (albeit while sleeping with his wife), but then he lost his mind and had to be killed. Funnily enough, Thomas Jane, who played the Punisher in the movies, was offered the role of Rick, and Jon Bernthal who plays Shane would go on to play the Punisher on Netflix. Who is his TWD character?

Question 12

Who is this character?

This character was always kind of reckless and in the end, it became her undoing. She took refuge in a hospital that was full of other survivors and butted heads with the leader. Then, just as she was leaving and everything was fine, she whipped out a little blade and stabbed the leader in the shoulder. This leader, of course, shrugged this injury off and shot her in the head. So, she was an idiot. Who is this silly character?

Question 13

Who is this character?

When the actress who played this character took on the leading role in the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery, it was pretty clear that her Walking Dead character’s days were numbered. And so, lo and behold, in the season finale episode of the show’s seventh season, she was killed off. But she was killed off in a very inventive way. She committed suicide for the good of the group. She knew she would turn. Who is this character?

Question 14

Who is Daryl’s brother?

This guy is not in the original comics, nor is his brother, Daryl. In fact, Norman Reedus was initially auditioning for this character, who had been created for the TV show, but he proved to be too sympathetic and likable and unmenacing, but the producers loved him, so they created a whole new character for him, Daryl, and now that character is everyone’s favorite on the show. But his brother found redemption in the end, too. Who is this character?

Question 15

Who is this villain?

Obviously, when it comes to villainous characters on The Walking Dead, Negan is the best and most beloved and most memorable. But there was another major villain a few years back, who spanned across a couple of seasons. He even got three episodes in the fourth season starring him, in which none of the main cast of actors were anywhere to be seen. This guy ran the town of Woodbury and then charged the prison with a tank. Who is this villain?

Question 16

Who is this priest?

The opening of season 5 took turns that no Walking Dead fan was expecting. First, there was all that stuff that hit the fan and went down at Terminus, where cannibals threatened to eat the whole group of survivors and then Carol came to blow them up and save her friends. And then they were out in the woods and came across a frightened priest who has remained a part of the group to this very day. Who is he?

Question 17

Who is this character?

Remember this guy? He hasn’t been in the show for a long time, but for a few years, he was the only black character on the show. He was sort of a token. Of course, there have since been a bunch of black characters to come on and off the show, but this guy was the first one. The representation got better too, since this guy was only ever given a street nickname, which is very stereotypical and offensive. Who is he?

Question 18

Who is Rick’s wife?

Rick’s wife and Carl’s mother (same person) died during childbirth when she went into labor and Maggie had to deliver little baby Judith. After she died and Carl realized that she was going to turn into a walker, he took it upon himself to shoot her in the head and kill her. At least they got the baby out of it, but still, holy cow, that was a dark moment. It helped to shape Carl as a character. Who is Rick’s wife?

Question 19

Who is this character?

Everyone really hates this character, because he has absolutely no sense of loyalty and will change his allegiance at the drop of a hat, depending on who’s winning, and then if his previous team all of a sudden start to win again, he has the gall to come crawling back and ask if he can join them again. There is no character on The Walking Dead who is more spineless and irritating that this guy. What is this character’s name?

Question 20

Who is Andrea’s sister?

It’s hard to remember that Andrea ever even had a sister. Her sister was one of the very first characters to be killed off on the show, way back in season 1. She was used to establish that this was a show in which many major characters could be killed off at any point, whenever there was a horde of walkers around. So, she’s important in that respect, but also hard to remember. Who is Andrea’s sister on The Walking Dead?

Question 21

Who is this annoying character?

This character has been pretty irritating to fans of The Walking Dead ever since she was first introduced as the resident of Alexandria with whom Carl became romantically interested. She has since been on road trips with Aaron and gone walkabout in the forest and popularized the term “Just Survive Somehow,” which is often abbreviated (including in the title of a Walking Dead episode) as “JSS.” She shares her name with a kids’ author. What is the name of is this annoying character?

Question 22

Who is Carol’s daughter?

Do you remember that whole season 2 story arc where Carol’s daughter ran away and no one could find her and they spent days trying to find her and it tore everyone apart? And Rick and Daryl were adamant that they would find her and Shane was sure that she was dead and they were wasting all their time and resources? And then they found out that she was a walker in Hershel’s barn the whole time? Geez. Who is she?

Question 23

Who is Deanna’s son?

The writers of The Walking Dead have always been good at giving strong roles to female actors. They have also been good at subverting gender stereotypes and clichés. One example of this is the character of Deanna, who is the leader of Alexandria. In the comics, this character is a man, while the husband in the show takes on the role of the wife in the comics. Deanna has an endlessly annoying son on the show. What is his name?

Question 24

Who is this character?

During his run on The Walking Dead, this character was separately romantically involved with both Sasha and Rosita. When we met him, he was on his way to Washington to find a cure to the walker virus, only to find halfway there that the scientist who he was blindly following had made the whole thing up. Then this guy was one of the two to be killed by Negan, so he met his end in season 7. Who is he?

Question 25

Who is this character?

A lot of people love this character, because she is both a strong female character and a strong lesbian character, so she’s the best of both world for diversity and representation of minorities. Well, just generally, she’s a very strong character. She is likable and funny and passionate and righteous. Let’s hope she sticks around for a very long time, because she’s really watchable and you can root for her. She also had a kid recently. Who is this character?

Question 26

Who is this Savior?

This guy was (SPOILER ALERT! SPOILERS AHEAD! SEASON 8 SPOILERS!) killed off in this past season. He had been one of the most menacing and intimidating of all of Negan’s group of Saviors. He was the one who went out to people’s communities of survivors and spoke to their leaders and took all their stuff. He was played by Steven Ogg, who is best known for his voice role as the aggressive and totally insane Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V. Who is his TWD character?

Question 27

Who is this Terminus cannibal?

All throughout the second half of the fourth season of The Walking Dead, the characters were all broken up and yet following the same signs to a place called Terminus, which promised to be a safe haven and then turned out to be a place where cannibals summon their prey and their drain them of blood and eat them. This guy is possible the most infamous villain to come out of Terminus. What is the name of this Terminus cannibal?

Question 28

Who is this character?

This character is played by Lawrence Gilliard, Jr., who is yet another actor from The Wire to be cast in The Walking Dead. The character did not last for more than a handful of episodes, but he did leave his mark by yelling out one of the most memorable lines in the history of the show, and that is the immortal quote, “TAINTED MEAT!!” But then he died, like, right away afterwards. At least he left his mark. Who is he?

Question 29

Who is this character?

The moment that this character was killed was the moment that most viewers tuned out of The Walking Dead forever. Between the season 7 premiere episode and the second episode of that season, millions of viewers tuned out and never tuned back in again. They were put off by the incredibly gratuitous violence of this character’s death, as his head was beaten with a baseball bat and his eyeball popped out. What is the name of this formerly beloved character?

Question 30

Who is this Saviors turncoat?

For a while, we hated this guy, because all we knew about him was that he had stolen all of Daryl’s signature stuff and that he was a Savior. But then we later discovered that he was just a frightened dude who was trapped under Negan’s thumb. And then he got some redemption when he showed up at Alexandria and offered to help them. He turned on the Saviors and totally redeemed himself. So, what is the name of this character?

Question 31

Who is this fallen medic?

In the original comic books, the character of Abraham was the one who got killed by an arrow shot through the eye from Daryl’s crossbow by the Saviors. But in the TV show, they let him live long enough to be killed by Negan’s baseball bat Lucille in the premiere episode of the seventh season. Instead, the arrow through the eye death went to Tara’s girlfriend, who had until then been the group’s medic. What is the name of the character?

Question 32

Who is Rick’s daughter?

It was a big deal when Lori got pregnant for a number of reasons. First of all, it was the first time that we had seen a pregnancy on the show, and this was a different kind of pregnancy than the ones on Friends or The Big Bang Theory. This zombie-infested world is hardly the atmosphere to bring a new child into. Plus, there was the question of whether the baby was Rick’s or Shane’s. Either way, what’s her name?

Question 33

Who is this badass?

This character has had one of the best arcs of any character on The Walking Dead. She began in season 1 as a victim to her abusive husband, but then by the third or fourth season, she was a ruthless killer. All of a sudden, she was in charge. She was killing deranged kids and blowing up cannibals. She’s a lone wolf now, who occasionally stops to help out the people she cares about. What is the name of this character?

Question 34

Who is this king?

Okay, so he’s not technically a king. He’s more of a normal guy who manages to tame a tiger to kill anyone who ever threatens him, and so he pretty much decided that he was a king, just based on that fact. He’s been brought down a few pegs in the eighth season of The Walking Dead, as he has come to terms with the fact that he is just a normal guy and there’s nothing special about him that makes him worthy of being treated like a king. Who is he?

Question 35

Who is Deanna’s husband?

By making the male leader of Alexandria from the comics a female in the TV show and the comic version’s wife a husband character for the AMC series, The Walking Dead’s writing staff really subverted the gender stereotypes and clichés attached to this kind of fiction. But still, they made the husband a handyman who builds stuff, so they didn’t break too much new ground. But it was certainly a start. What is the name of the character who is Deanna’s husband?

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