There's No Way You Can Name 100% Of These Disney Characters

The Disney Renaissance era includes some of the greatest classics of the 1990s, where some of the most popular movies were released. Titles include The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Hercules. All of these Disney films are defined by their main character attempting to adapt or change their current lifestyle to better themselves as a person but also for the greater good, with a few hit songs being sung by the entire cast in between all of the good and the bad. We still can all sing every word of Hercules’ “Zero to Hero,” Mulan’s “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” and Ariel’s “Part of Your World.” This quiz is all about sparking those childhood memories from the 90s, but won’t be as simple as remembering the main characters like Beast, Ariel, or Tarzan. Instead, we are challenging you to think about their sidekicks, villains and everything in between with this one. While this quiz features character and movies from the 90s decade, there are a few from the early 2000s just to keep in interesting. Do you consider yourself a true classic Disney fan? Take this quiz to see if you’re up for the task!

1Can you name this Disney character?

This character is from The Little Mermaid. He is considered to be the right hand man of the king, always loyal and does whatever he asks. He also holds the title of conductor of the kings daughters group - taking pride in his music. He is sent to find Ariel when she leaves the kingdom, and somehow manages to get roped into watching out for her when she is on land. He is considered to be the voice of reason in the film, always commenting on how things are bad ideas.

2Can you name this Disney character?

This character is from the movie Aladdin. He is the antagonist of the movie for he wants to rule the kingdom for his own selfish reasons. Through magic he has convinced Jasmines father to have this character take her hand in marriage. She is obviously furious, claiming she is not an object and wants to marry for love. Realizing that using his dark magic is the only way he is going to get what he wants, he manages to get a hold of the lamp and uses its wish to turn into something deadly.

3Can you name this Disney character?

This character is from The Lion King. She is the love interest to Simba, although they started out as friends when they were just cubs. She and Simba’s mother were close friends, so the two of them grew up together. They were also always getting into trouble, such as going to an elephant graveyard. For their teenage years Simba had grown up away from Pride Rock, but this characters hunger had drove her far from home where they were reunited.

4Can you name this Disney character?

This character is from the movie Pocahontas. While she is technically a tree, she comes to live several times throughout the movie when Pocahontas is seeking some advice. Its unclear if she comes to live for just anyone, but is always excited to see Pocahontas and offer her advice on her life. Usually her advice is cryptic though, where she offers riddles or things that dont make sense right off the bat. It is clear that she is wise beyond her years, and doesn't always make things easy for Pocahontas.

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