There's No Way You Can Match The Logo To The Character

Over the years, the popularity of comic book superheroes increased. It’s been so long since Superman took over the word “Superhero,” becoming the most iconic and well-known fictional superhero of all time. May it be Marvel or DC, a lot of superhero figures emerged, taking their way into the comics, movies, and tv shows around the globe. Countless of them took over the globe, entertaining and inspiring people from various countries. It’s almost impossible to keep track all of them.

However, these heroes are not the only ones who gained popularity. These superheroes’ archenemies also took a place in fame all over the world, mostly known by their identity, agenda, wickedness, impressive costumes and distinctive superpowers. The heroes didn’t only impress the fans, the supervillains also did. Well, a superhero enthusiast would probably recognize all of his/her favorites’ rivals right? After all, they too deserve to be known!

You’re claiming that you’re a superhero enthusiast? Then this quiz is for you! We gathered numerous iconic superheroes and supervillains of all time, from comics to movies and series. Let’s test your knowledge about these superheroes and villains and see if you cad recognize their logos alone. If not, a little description from different versions of the iconic figure’s origin is stated. Whether you’re a fan of comics or movies, or both, this quiz would be effortless for you.

Question 1

Who is this superhero?

You could simply identify him with his logo alone because he is the most recognizable superhero of all time. Created by two high school students in 1933, his appearance is merely distinctive and iconic and is widely recognized as an American icon. He was originally created as rough and aggressive, unconcerned on the casualties that he can cause. That’s not the hero we got used to. However, he later possessed good moral values when Whitney Ellsworth created a code of conduct for his characters to follow.

Question 2

Can you name this superhero?

This is another giveaway question because this superhero could be easily recognized with his logo. After witnessing the death of his parents as a child, he swore vengeance against criminals, and this vigilante superhero was created. To be able to fight crime, he physically and mentally trained himself. Unlike most superheroes, this hero did not possess superhuman abilities or superpowers nor wasn’t an experimentation. His mental abilities, physical skills, and strong will are the things that make him a hero.

Question 3

How about this superhero?

Considered as the king of the MCU, this superhero icon is one of the founding members of the Avengers. Genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist are the words used to describe this superhero. When he was captured to build a weapon of mass destruction, he suffered a major chest injury that put his life in danger. Instead of building the weapon, he creates a suit of armor that would help him escape captivity. He later upgraded the suit he created by adding some features and improved its design. He uses it to protect the world.

Question 4

Do you know this superhero?

Due to this superhero’s good and strong will, he was chosen to be enhanced to human perfection by a special serum despite his frail body. He utilizes an indestructible shield that is made of steel and vibranium. After learning of this superhero’s identity, Bucky Barnes offers to keep it a secret if he becomes the hero’s sidekick. Together with the group Invaders, this hero and his partner fought the Nazis together in WWII. But after trying to stop a plane filled with armed explosives, he was trapped in ice for nearly 70 years and was later revived.

Question 5

How about this supervillain?

This supervillain is affiliated with Batman who is also depicted as an antihero because of her agenda as a defender of the environment. This villain even donated the money given to her by Catwoman to organizations in Madagascar and Costa Rica for reforestation. She was once a radical botanist but was later seduced by her professor who injects her with poisons and toxins. The test twisted the botanist’s mind and gave her plant-like superpowers. What makes this supervillain powerful is that her touch and kiss can be lethal.

Question 6

Can you figure this one out?

This supervillain turned into a hero when he helped his brother Thor in “Thor: Ragnarok” is considered as the God of Mischief. Originally the son of the frost giant Laufey, he was adopted by Odin and was brought to Asgard. As a result of his goal to rule Earth, the Avengers was formed. On the big screen, he was played by Tom Hiddleston, overtaking some of the MCU’s protagonists. It’s no doubt why fans loved Loki in the MCU, Hiddleston definitely dominated the role.

Question 7

There is no way you can guess this one!

This organization is the source of a lot of evil deeds in the Marvel Universe. In the MCU, Captain America takes them on when Johann Schmidt, aka Red Skull comes into the possession of a powerful relic known as the Tesseract. It is a pretty great name for an organization though, evil or otherwise, since if you cut one head off of one of these monsters, another two will take its place. Do you know which team this logo belongs to?

Question 8

How about this one?

This superhero is one of the first black superheroes in the mainstream comic books that was once part of a gang, The Rivals. After being imprisoned for a false accusation, he volunteered for an experiment which is based off a variant of the super-soldier process. Due to this hero’s enemy pushing the experiment way past its original intent, the hero gained superhuman strength, great stamina, and his impenetrable skin. He used the abilities he gained to escape prison and establish a hero for hire.

Question 9

Can you guess this superhero?

This superhero is the Prince of Asgard, brother of Loki, God of thunder, and possesses his signature weapon, the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. The hammer allows him to fly, manipulate and create natural weather. Mjolnir has greatly helped this hero with the battles he fought in but later proved on the third recent movie of his series that he can do better even without his hammer. This hero is physically the strongest of all Asgardians and the complete opposite of his brother.

Question 10

Can you name this supervillain?

Considered as the most iconic supervillain of all time and being the archenemy of Batman, he constantly gained popularity over the years. This supervillain is responsible for Batman’s several tragedies. He is well-known for his clown-like appearance that supports his portrayal as a violent sociopath who kills people for his own delight. Unlike other supervillains, this villain doesn’t have a set goal. His own safety is even far from his concern. One thing’s for sure: he is absolutely insane and was surely made to torment Batman.

Question 11

How about this superhero?

The origin of this superhero was made a bit different on the big screen. In the comics, she was originally sculpted with clay by her mother and was given life by Aphrodite. This superhero possesses superhuman powers that were a gift from the Greek gods. What makes her unique is that she’s a goddess and the Ambassador-at-Large of the Amazon people. She has been long enough in the world of superheroes, having debuted in 1942. Being the world’s first female superhero, she has been a symbol of feminism, equality, and power.

Question 12

Can you identify this superheroine?

Believe it or not, this superheroine is formerly a Russian spy and an enemy of Iron Man. However, when she and Hawkeye partnered up to battle Iron Man, she showed love interest for her partner weakening her loyalty to her country. Later on, she defected to the United States, becoming a member of the Avengers, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, and various hero groups. Moving on, this superhero doesn’t wield superpowers, but her intelligence and combat skills make her an iconic superheroine figure. After all, she’s got red on her ledger.

Question 13

Who is this one?

This iconic figure walks a fine line between a supervillain and a hero. This popular figure is associated with Batman, forming a love-hate relationship with him. However, we cannot underappreciate her set agenda which makes her arguably a hero. She entered the world of burglary dressed like a cat, who stole from the city’s rich and corrupt, with a goal of keeping her closest friends alive. This woman even worked as a prostitute to survive before earning her suit and identity.

Question 14

Can you figure this one out?

This superhero has been around for so long, having debuted in 1940. Four characters perceived the superspeed ability, but Barry Allen is the most known. Allen witnessed his mother’s murder, the killer’s mystery remains unsolved driving him to be a forensic scientist. He had a reputation for being slow, but it changed when he was struck by lightning while being drenched with chemicals. The accident caused him to possess super speed, becoming “The Fastest Man Alive,” an active crimefighter while sporting red tights.

Question 15

Who is this superhero?

Although this iconic figure is capable of being destructive and damaging, he’s actually soft inside. This superhero’s accidental exposure to gamma rays causes him to transform into a massive, green-skinned humanoid possessing a very powerful strength if subjected to emotional stress. This superhero’s alter ego is his complete opposite, a physically weak and reserved scientist. In spite of his uncontrollable power that brought him into conflict, he can become a brilliant and genius warrior when controlled, making him a hero.

Question 16

Can you name this superhero?

Originally created as a backup feature in DC comics, this superhero eventually made his way in starring in multiple solo comic books and an upcoming solo movie. He’s committed to protecting the whole world regardless of being the king of Atlantis. This superhero can breathe underwater, swim at impressive speeds, and telepathically communicate to underwater life. Thus, he can communicate with sea life by using their language. In spite of his weak portrayal in Super Friends, this superhero is tough, powerful and serious. Who do you think this superhero is?

Question 17

We bet you can’t guess this one!

What makes this superhero powerful is that he’s wielding the most powerful weapon in the universe. Each character who’s taken up the possession of the ring and wields the identity always ends up being successful, may it be dealing with ordinary human villains or wicked aliens. This character has been around since 1940, Allan Scott being the first one to wield the character. This character has been around for so long, allowing different people of both genders to wield its identity but always had award-winning storylines.

Question 18

Can you identify this character?

This mad titan is the most recent villain in the MCU, appearing as the villain in Infinity War. This supervillain was originally a thinner character until editor Roy Thomas suggested beefing him up. The result was a more frightening, powerful, and tough looking supervillain. Believe it or not, as a Marvel character, this villain was in fact influenced by two DC characters Darkseid and Metron. As being less favored than her brother, this character always found companionship with death. This is an easy one, who is this character?

Question 19

How about this one?

Another comic book figure that can also be considered as one of the most recognizable superheroes of all time, earning a huge success in the commercial industry. Commonly known as Peter Parker, an ordinary teenage boy who was bitten by a radioactive spider that allowed him to acquire spider-related abilities and powers. After the death of his Uncle Ben, Parker eventually learned that with great power comes with great responsibility. You could easily identify this superhero with his logo alone! Can you name this superhero?

Question 20

Who is this supervillain?

They say that love makes us do crazy things, and this female psychotic supervillain proves this. Devoted to making the Joker happy, this character is willing to do anything- no matter what the cost to anyone else or even herself. She has teamed up with other female supervillains like Catwoman and Poison Ivy who later became her closest friend and even her love interest. Did you know that her appearance was not in the comics but rather in the cartoon “Batman Animated Series?”

Question 21

Can you recognize this superhero team?

This superhero team was unpopular in the comic community but later gained fame over the years. The original members of this superhero group are not the members we currently recognize. This superhero group we know is based on the second version in the comics that was published in May 2008. This group was formed because of one goal: being active in protecting the galaxy rather than reacting to a crisis as they happen. The clues stated makes this question easy for you, what’s the name of this superhero team?

Question 22

How about this superhero?

This superhero is the marriage of human and technology, with the most tragic and painful origin any superhero can get. Formerly a star athlete but was later changed after suffering a grave injury. In order to save him, his father replaced almost half of his body with cybernetic parts. He later became depressed, feeling like he had no purpose in life due to his condition. However, he was offered a chance to become a hero and join a superhero team.

Question 23

Can you figure this out?

This man is a hero even before he officially became one. He was blinded by a radioactive substance that fell from a crashed vehicle after he pushes a man into safety. Even though he lost his sight, his remaining senses were heightened beyond a superhuman level. Since the day his father died, his set agenda was to fight crime by being a lawyer by day, and a vigilante by night. This hero is Marvel’s “Man Without Fear,” earning a tv series and movie.

Question 24

Can you name this superhero?

Regardless of various characters wielding this superhero’s identity, his popularity grew over the years. As a matter of fact, having debuted as the sidekick of Batman, he gained numerous positive acclaim from critics. As a result, the sales of Batman comics doubled. He later gained his solo feature in the comics and left his sidekick identity by becoming an independent superhero. We all agree that this character has dominated the word sidekick and can be considered as the greatest sidekick of all time.

Question 25

How about this superheroine?

To create another iconic hero figure, make her the cousin of the most recognizable superhero of all time. A lot of characters has taken up this identity, unrelated to Superman. Also from the planet Krypton, this superheroine possesses the exact superhuman powers like the other superhero we already mentioned- super strength, speed, and invulnerability. However, she died during Crisis on the Infinite Earths but was later revived as the modern-day version. Considered as the Girl of Steel, she is a teenage female version of the Man of Steel.

Question 26

Do you remember this supervillain?

Obsessed with gaining wealth and power, this supervillain’s goal is to control all of New York crimes by uniting all the independent gangs under his leadership. This man’s childhood nightmares inspired his identity, becoming the monster he once feared. To prove his power, his victim of choice was Spiderman and later became the hero’s archenemy. This supervillain later revealed himself as the father of his rival’s friend. Due to his constant defeat, he became obsessed with bringing Spiderman down. Who is this supervillain?

Question 27

How about this supervillain?

We don’t actually consider this character as a bad guy because of his set agenda. As Stan Lee said, he just wanted to strike back at the people who were so bigoted and racist and was trying to defend mutants like him. His goal is unquestionable because of his tragic past that made him realize that the world brutally treats those they consider different. This character is determined to protect mutants from suffering a similar fate from the world that fears mutants.

Question 28

What about this superhero?

This hero was considered as an antihero because of his willingness to use blunt force and violence to complete his task. This superhero is known to be associated with X-Men, The Avengers, and Alpha Fight. He is known for his animal senses, enhanced capabilities, healing factor, and his signature claws in each hand. His ruthless nature earned him a distinctive recognition as a hero, featured in his own solo comic book series, tv series, and video games. Whos superhero owns this logo?

Question 29

We’re betting that you can’t get this one!

This man is one of the world’s most brilliant minds and well-known villains. His hard work made him successful and powerful, earning society’s recognition. However, to accomplish his goals, he uses dirty tactics. This man is determined and willing to do all things to remain in the top and has rather became successful in doing so with the help of intimidation, theft, and murder. But Superman eventually came into the scene, earning a lot more recognition than him and is considered a hero by society. Because of jealousy, he constantly torments Superman in every way possible.

Question 30

How about this one?

This superhero recently got his solo movie in the MCU, earning a lot of recognition and praises from critics. This character is the first superhero of the African descent in the comics, having debuted way before than the Falcon, Luke Cage, and Blade. He serves as the king of the African nation of Wakanda, using its treasured vibranium and his enhanced combat skills to protect the nation. Regardless of being the protector of his nation, he’s also committed to protecting the world, joining the Avengers.

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