There's No Way You Can Match All These Epic Lead Characters To Their Movies!

The lead role in a movie is often the most important part for the actors trying to make it a success. A star actor or actress is the face of the movie that is marketed most in the weeks leading up to the release. Most writers and directors put together a story with the viewer relating to the protagonist of the film. It adds a dynamic that will get the audience connected to the story. That makes the lead character more important that the villain, supporting cast or special effects for the most part.

We will look at some of the most memorable lead characters to be the face of successful movies through the years. These characters all set the tone for their movie to gain momentum in theaters and beyond. You will see a picture of the characters along with their names and short descriptions. Four multiple choice movie answers will be given as you attempt to correctly name as many as possible. Only the diehard movie buffs will be able to name all these movie legends. Find out just how well you rank as a film expert by attempting to match the following lead characters to the correct movies.

Question 1

In what movie can we find Tony Stark?

Tony Stark is a very important character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Robert Downey Jr. landed the role of his life when getting this gig. The character is one of the best instances of an actor being the absolute perfect person for the role. Many believe the MCU would not be such a juggernaut today if not for this character hitting a home run in his movie. Can you name the correct movie to feature Tony Stark as the main character?

Question 2

In what movie can we find Marty McFly?

Michael J. Fox is a legendary actor with many memorable roles in his lifetime, but Marty McFly is how most of us choose to remember him. The character of McFly saw him playing the teenage that everyone wanted to be when this movie came out. His wise antics and cool demeanor made him someone that you wanted to root for. A twist in the movie also sees him do incredible things in a world of imagination. Which movie featured Marty McFly?

Question 3

In what movie can we find Jack Sparrow?

The character Jack Sparrow is the role most people associate with Johnny Depp. Some actors seem like the same character in every film due to their acting style, but Depp truly gave his all to each character he plays. You sometimes forget it’s Depp because you lose yourself in the movie. This rings true for Sparrow in this film as he plays a trickster pirate that uses his wits to get by. The charismatic character made this movie a huge hit. Which film gives us Jack Sparrow?

Question 4

In what movie can we find Beatrix Kiddo?

Beatrix Kiddo had a few monikers in the film she appeared in such as The Bride and Black Mamba. The movie featured Beatrix planning revenge for her former employers. After losing almost everyone she cared for and being in a coma for few years, Beatrix looked for redemption in a very violent way. The movie follows her journey hoping to get revenge. Uma Thurman hit a home run with the portrayal of this character. Can you remember which movie Beatrix Kiddo is in?

Question 5

In what movie can we find Ethan Hunt?

Tom Cruise is a legendary actor with many classic roles under his belt. The character of Ethan Hunt may very well be the one that movie fans remember in the fondest of ways. Hunt has to fight his way out of trouble quite often in the story as part of his job and life. Cruise gets a lot of respect for doing a decent number of the dangerous stunts to take place. Which of the following movies featured Ethan Hunt as the lead?

Question 6

In what movie can we find Bella Swan?

There are quite a few lead characters in this movie, but Bella Swan stands out as the most important one. Bella finds herself in a unique love triangle with two completely different gentleman trying to win her affection. The guys hoping to win her heart have a few skeletons in their closet that get revealed as the main story. Swan’s journey is the one most fans relate to in the movie as she has to make a huge decision along with everything else going on. Which movie is Bella Swan in?

Question 7

In what movie can we find Carl Fredrickson?

Animated movies have given us some of the greatest characters in movie history. Carl Fredrickson was the lead character in an all-time great animated film. The journey of the elderly Carl is highlighted as he tries to accomplish a goal after overcoming grief. New friends are found along the way. While he is upset to find them at first, they became part of his life going forward. Can you remember which animated movie featured Carl Fredrickson as a lead character?

Question 8

In what movie can we find Chuck Noland?

Chuck Noland is one of the most memorable characters played by Tom Hanks in his iconic career. Hanks knew this was a special role and decided to put his all into it. The movie was a huge success with the character of Noland being isolated from the rest of the world. A journey of survival and loneliness saw him struggle to overcome this and find his way back to a normal life. Which of the following movies featured Chuck Noland as the lead character?

Question 9

In what movie can we find Neo?

Keanu Reeves found arguably the best role of his career when landing the lead character of Neo. This unique character allowed him to showcase both his acting skills and his physical skills with quite a bit of action along the way. Neo had a mission to accomplish and his various skills helped him combat enemies trying to take him down. This character became synonymous with Reeves’ career moving forward. Can you name the movie to feature Neo as the lead character?

Question 10

In what movie can we find Elle Woods?

The comedic talent of Reese Witherspoon saw her land the role of Elle Woods to change her career forever. Witherspoon had a few memorable roles, but she proved she could be a lead star in this film. Woods was a ditzy character that tried to prove she had intelligence to match her looks. Humorous situations arise for Elle as she proves her heart is her overall defining feature. Which of the following movies saw Elle Woods as the lead character?

Question 11

In what movie can we find Ron Burgundy?

Will Ferrell has quite a few standout roles in his career, but the Ron Burgundy character will always stand out. The arrogance of Burgundy made him highly entertaining. While he wasn’t necessarily likeable, Ron did have enough of a comedic aspect to make the audience want to root for him. Ferrell truly put his all into making this character stand out as a great comedy lead. It paid off as a hit for his career. Can you name the movie to feature Ron Burgundy?

Question 12

In what movie can we find this version of Bruce Wayne?

Bruce Wayne is an iconic character in the superhero genre. Every fan of the comic book movies and beyond have a fandom of Wayne’s alter ego. Many great actors have played the role of Bruce over the years, but Christian Bale’s performance stands out for the right reasons. Bale is in the debate whenever fans try to break down the best portrayal of this character in the movies. Which movie featured Bale playing the lead character role of Bruce Wayne?

Question 13

In what movie can we find Katniss Everdeen?

Katniss Everdeen is the lead character in this movie. Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence took the role and found major success with it. This role helped launch her career to another level as one of the top leading ladies in the industry. Katniss is forced to survive using her skills of hunting and archery. A cruel surrounding makes things touch, but the determination of Katniss made her a special character. Can you name the movie to feature Katniss Everdeen as a lead character?

Question 14

In what movie can we find Dominic Toretto?

This character became a huge success on the big screen as the face of a booming franchise. Vin Diesel has had quite a few great characters to portray, but Dominic Toretto is the one fans will associate with his career now and forever. Toretto is all about his friends and family, and he tries to stay loyal to them in a story that often sees him cross the line. Which of the following movies features Dominic Toretto as a lead character played by Diesel?

Question 15

In what movie can we find John McClane?

Bruce Willis is already a legend in the acting industry, but he is still going strong. The role of John McClane stands out as the character he is most remembered for. Despite many years passing from the character hitting the big screen, new fans are made when witnessing this movie each year. McClane has all odds against him when trying to stop a terrorist hoping to pull off a heist. Can you name the movie to feature John McClane as the lead character?

Question 16

In what movie can we find Owen Grady?

The rise of Chris Pratt has seen him become America’s sweetheart in recent years. From being the comic relief on Parks and Recreation, Pratt used his opportunity to become a box office superstar. The role of Owen Grady became one that launched his career to the next level. It allowed him to showcase his comedic and action sides as an all-around entertaining face of a franchise. What is the name of the movie to feature Owen Grady as the lead character?

Question 17

In what movie can we find Kevin McAllister?

The youth of Macaulay Culkin saw him become arguably the biggest child actor superstar of all-time in the 90s. One of his most memorable roles featured him playing Kevin McAllister. The young trickster used his wits to outsmart threats significantly older than him. This role become an iconic character that stood the test of time. New viewers watch this movie today and witness the magic of the character. Can you name the movie to feature the Culkin as Kevin McAllister?

Question 18

In what movie can we find Ariel?

Disney created a character that would thrive for decades when writing Ariel as the lead character of a memorable movie. The film saw Ariel struggle with being overprotected by her family. A desire to see more of the universe led her on a journey with many twists and turns. This is considered one of the all-time great Disney films with Ariel merchandise still making them money today. Which of the following iconic animated movies featured Ariel as the lead character?

Question 19

In what movie can we find Captain Steven Hiller?

The star power of Will Smith has made him a great asset to quite a few movies over the years. Smith often played a cool lead character that provided a perfect dynamic of comedy and action. Captain Steven Hiller perfectly showed that as a beloved movie many would call Smith’s best role. Hiller had to overcome quite a few obstacles in his way in an attempt to save the world from outside forces. What movie featured the character Captain Steven Hiller?

Question 20

In what movie can we find Jyn Erso?

The acting career of Felicity Jones rose to the next level when landing the leading role of Jyn Erso in a hit film. This movie made the most money in the box office in its year of release due to interest in the story. Erso was a unique choice for the lead character as she had her weaknesses in a difficult journey. That just added to her appeal as a hero at the end of the day. Which movie gave us lead character Jyn Erso?

Question 21

In what movie can we find Ellen Ripley?

Sigourney Weaver is a true legend in the acting industry with many legendary roles on her resume. The role of Ellen Ripley is one that stands out for anyone to witness this movie. Ripley was considered among the most important female characters in film history considering the lack of lead roles for ladies at the time. The movie was a huge hit with Ripley combating dangerous forces. Can you name the movie to feature Ellen Ripley as the lead character?

Question 22

In what movie can we find Scott Lang?

Scott Lang is a relatable and likeable character played by popular actor Paul Rudd. It is hard to not love Rudd, which made him the perfect person for this role. Lang leaves prison following his past errors as a thief in hopes of redemption. His love for his daughter pushes him along way. However, he is forced to become a hero for his daughter and the rest of the world faster than he expected. Which movie features the character of Scott Lang?

Question 23

In what movie can we find O'Shea "Ice Cube" Jackson?

A fascinating twist of fate saw O’Shea Jackson Jr. land an acting role playing his dad O’Shea Jackson in a movie. Most people know the original O’Shea better under his performing name of Ice Cube. This film looked at his past life as a rapper with his son getting the chance to play him. Critics questioned the casting decision, but Jackson did a great job portraying his dad. Which of the following films featured Jackson Jr. playing Jackson Sr. in a look at his life?

Question 24

In what movie can we find Belle?

Emma Watson landed a dream role when playing this iconic character from her childhood. The story was adapted into a modern version released to appeal to new generations. Belle is known for her love of reading and loyalty to her family. It puts her in a tricky predicament as she is forced to live with someone she does not want to. However, a story of love is told as the two characters get to know each other. Which movie features Emma Watson as Belle?

Question 25

In what movie can we find Greg Jenko?

Channing Tatum has become one of the most popular actors in the world over the past decade. A standout performance on the comedic side saw him portray the character of Greg Jenko. This fun character had a difficult job that forced him to go undercover quite a few times. Jenko and his partner found their way into entertaining situations of trouble. Tatum truly thrived to expand his acting roles. Can you name the movie to feature Greg Jenko as the lead character?

Question 26

In what movie can we find Sam Witwicky?

Shia LaBeouf has been a controversial figure in recent years with his acting career taking various twists and turns. The early years allowed him to thrive as a child actor into a successful young adult actor. His biggest career role was the lead character of Sam Witwicky. Viewers saw Sam as the star of a highly anticipated movie franchise that raked in huge money. Shia ended up giving up the role in future films. Can you name the movie to feature LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky?

Question 27

In what movie can we find Elsa?

Disney found a smash hit with this movie making big bucks at the box office. Elsa is one of the lead characters in the story that is a Queen of the location the movie is set in. She finds out she has magical powers and are ashamed of them. Elsa runs away leading to her sister having to find her as the journey that we witness. Idina Menzel voices the role of Elsa. Which animated movie features Elsa as a lead character?

Question 28

In what movie can we find Penny Lane?

The career of Kate Hudson ascended when she landed the lead character of Penny Lane. While she wasn’t meant to be the character the film was centered on, Penny ended up being the character viewers most watched the film for. Lane was a veteran groupie on the road with a band being covered by a young writer. Hudson received a nomination at the Academy Awards along with many other respected awards for the role. Which movie gave us the character Penny Lane?

Question 29

In what movie can we find Dale Denton?

Seth Rogen has been a fixture in Hollywood for many years now. Fans remember him for various characters as he’s become a successful leading man. The role of Dale Denton stands out as one of the most memorable. Denton is a stoner on the run from people trying to take his life after some unfortunate luck. It leads to a humorous journey of friendship and survival. Rogen considers it one of his favorite roles. What is the name of the movie to feature Dale Denton?

Question 30

In what movie can we find Dom Cobb?

Dom Cobb is a highly entertaining character portrayed by Leonard DiCaprio. The career of DiCaprio has seen him land quite a few impressive leading roles to make him a bonafide legend in the acting industry. This movie was one of his most successful movies in terms of both critical acclaim and box office success. Cobb is a character that was willing to do anything it took to get back to a reality with his children. Which movie gave us the Dom Cobb character?

Question 31

In what movie can we find Randy "The Ram" Robinson?

The career of Mickey Rourke was redeemed when he earned the role of Randy "The Ram" Robinson. It featured him playing an athlete struggling with the end of his career. Instead of hanging it up with his health intact, he continues to risk his body to compete for a love of the job. It is viewed as an addiction to the spotlight that pushes Robinson. Rourke was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards for this role. Which movie featured The Ram?

Question 32

In what movie can we find Dr. Ryan Stone?

Dr. Ryan Stone was a great character to add to the body of work for Sandra Bullock. The career of Bullock is going to be celebrated for many years as her range from comedic to dramatic acting saw her shine in every way. Stone was a character going on her first space mission after years as a medical engineer. A lot of intense moments took place on the journey of Stone. Can you name the movie to feature Ryan Stone as the lead character?

Question 33

In what movie can we find Judy Hopps?

A recent hit animated film thrived thanks to a great lead character of Judy Hopps. This rabbit wanted to make a difference in this world where all animals co-existed and had a civilized life together. The odds are against her every step of the way as she tries to chase her dream and uncover a mystery along the way. Critics referred to Judy as an animated feminist hero. Which of the following movies featured the lead character of Judy Hopps?

Question 34

In what movie can we find Saroo Brierley?

Dev Patel scored the acting role of his career when playing Saroo Brierley. The movie was based on the real life of Saroo growing up in India. After being separated from his family, Saroo is adopted by a family in Melbourne. Despite having a happy life, Saroo longs to find out what happened to his family and becomes obsessed with finding them. Patel was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards for this role. Can you name the movie about Saroo Brierley?

Question 35

In what movie can we find Larry Daley?

Larry Daley gets more than he bargained for when landing a new job. Ben Stiller does a great job playing this character just wanting to make end’s meat to have a role in his child’s life. However, his new job takes him into a new world of imagination with a lot of people from the past resurfacing. Daley is forced to do more than an average work shift to make sure everything works out. Can you name the movie to feature Larry Daley as the lead character?

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