There's No Way You Can Match All These Epic Lead Characters To Their Movies!

The lead role in a movie is often the most important part for the actors trying to make it a success. A star actor or actress is the face of the movie that is marketed most in the weeks leading up to the release. Most writers and directors put together a story with the viewer relating to the protagonist of the film. It adds a dynamic that will get the audience connected to the story. That makes the lead character more important that the villain, supporting cast or special effects for the most part.

We will look at some of the most memorable lead characters to be the face of successful movies through the years. These characters all set the tone for their movie to gain momentum in theaters and beyond. You will see a picture of the characters along with their names and short descriptions. Four multiple choice movie answers will be given as you attempt to correctly name as many as possible. Only the diehard movie buffs will be able to name all these movie legends. Find out just how well you rank as a film expert by attempting to match the following lead characters to the correct movies.

1In what movie can we find Tony Stark?

Tony Stark is a very important character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Robert Downey Jr. landed the role of his life when getting this gig. The character is one of the best instances of an actor being the absolute perfect person for the role. Many believe the MCU would not be such a juggernaut today if not for this character hitting a home run in his movie. Can you name the correct movie to feature Tony Stark as the main character?

2In what movie can we find Marty McFly?

Michael J. Fox is a legendary actor with many memorable roles in his lifetime, but Marty McFly is how most of us choose to remember him. The character of McFly saw him playing the teenage that everyone wanted to be when this movie came out. His wise antics and cool demeanor made him someone that you wanted to root for. A twist in the movie also sees him do incredible things in a world of imagination. Which movie featured Marty McFly?

3In what movie can we find Jack Sparrow?

The character Jack Sparrow is the role most people associate with Johnny Depp. Some actors seem like the same character in every film due to their acting style, but Depp truly gave his all to each character he plays. You sometimes forget it’s Depp because you lose yourself in the movie. This rings true for Sparrow in this film as he plays a trickster pirate that uses his wits to get by. The charismatic character made this movie a huge hit. Which film gives us Jack Sparrow?

4In what movie can we find Beatrix Kiddo?

Beatrix Kiddo had a few monikers in the film she appeared in such as The Bride and Black Mamba. The movie featured Beatrix planning revenge for her former employers. After losing almost everyone she cared for and being in a coma for few years, Beatrix looked for redemption in a very violent way. The movie follows her journey hoping to get revenge. Uma Thurman hit a home run with the portrayal of this character. Can you remember which movie Beatrix Kiddo is in?

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