There's No Way You Can Get A Perfect Score On This Common Sense Quiz, But You Can Try!

Getting through life requires people to go through many different experiences, and these experiences have a way of giving us some useful pointers as we move forward and continue on with things. The people paying attention will find an abundance of knowledge, while others will simply shrug it all off and not think twice about it. Common sense is rewarded to the people making mental notes, and the perceptive ones will even make notes of the experience of others to avoid getting into the same situation. This is where true wisdom lies, and it makes all the difference in the world for many.

Common sense is fleeting for many people, and while we would like to believe that we have more common sense than the average bear, the truth is that some people are sorely lacking in this department. This could come from a lack of experience, and they could pick up some more common sense by getting out more and paying attention to what other people are doing. By learning from ourselves and others, we could retain and learn a lot more information, leading us to have some common sense about the most basic things.

Today, we want to see how many people can ace this common sense quiz.

Question 1

Which Friends Character Is An Actor?

One of the unique things about being a popular character from a popular series is that most people will have some basic knowledge about them. Friends is one of the most popular and successful shows of all time, and the characters that appeared on the series continue to be adored by fans.

Question 2

What Are Creatures From Outer Space Called?

Many people have spent a good amount of time wondering if there is life somewhere out in space, and we have seen countless stories that focus on this. Some of the biggest franchises in history have shown us fantastical creatures from other planets out in space, and an invasion usually ends poorly for them.

Question 3

Bagheera Appeared In Which Disney Movie?

Disney has an abundance of amazing films in their library, and these films all feature incredible characters that people have come to know and love. This character was a fixture in one of the best Disney movies of all time, and he was able to give some sound advice in his film.

Question 4

This Logo Belongs To Which Superhero?

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, and the most popular ones in the game all have a logo of some sort. This particular logo is attached to one of the most famous heroes ever created, and millions of fans around the world have had this logo on at least one shirt.

Question 5

Which Of These Animals Doesn't Eat Fish?

Animals have specific things that they eat throughout the year, and this is largely due to the area in which they live. They will always look to make the most out of the resources while surviving in the wild, and fish happens to be a popular choice for many creatures.

Question 6

Which Of These Songs Is By The Beatles?

As the biggest and most influential band of all time, this group had a ton of hits during their time together. Their songs completely changed the music industry, and their influence can still be felt to this very day. The song of theirs on this entry is one that is among their best.

Question 7

Which Type Of Bug Creates A Web?

Animals and insects are capable of doing some extraordinary things, and we have gotten the chance to see how wonderful nature can be over the years. This webbing can be found all over the place, and this is because the bug that produces it uses it for some vital components of life.

Question 8

What Is Boston's Nickname?

The biggest and most popular cities in the world usually end up getting a nickname from people, and for this entry, we want to shine a light on the city of Boston. It is located in the state of Massachusetts, and it has a rich history and some amazing sights to see.

Question 9

What Is The Center Of A Target Called?

Whether taking on a target at practice or playing a game like darts, the most impressive place to put an arrow or dart is right in the center of the target. This is not an easy thing to do, but when it does happen, it is always able to impress the people watching.

Question 10

A Person That Travels To Space Is Called An...?

Many people grew up dreaming about going to space one day, and while there have not been too many to live this dream out, there are still some that have gone to the final frontier. These people go through rigorous schooling and training in hopes of seeing what no one else can.

Question 11

Candy Corn Is Usually Served During Which Holiday?

This candy is as polarizing as any in the world, and a line in the sand was drawn a long time ago. Some people love it, while others loathe it. It typically comes around during one specific holiday and the people that enjoy it make sure to get their fill while they can.

Question 12

Whose Castle Is In Disneyland?

This is a question for the Disney fans out there, and since the park has been open since the 1950s, this should be common knowledge. Disneyland is the original park for the company, and it has recently opened a Star Wars land for the public. People come from around the world to see this castle.

Question 13

What Is A Baby Horse Called?

Baby animals can make for some of the cutest creatures on the planet, and there are plenty of adorable pictures of these animals that can be found online. A baby horse may struggle to walk at first, but once it gets its legs under it, it is off and running in no time.

Question 14

Was Dwayne Johnson A Professional Hockey Player?

Long before Dwayne Johnson was making the biggest movies in the entertainment industry, he was trying his best to be a top athlete. His athletic background has given him his incredible and infamous work ethic, and he regularly posts videos of himself working out on social media. No one works harder than he does.

Question 15

Which Continent Are The Pyramids Located On?

Instead of looking for the specific city or country that houses this wonder, we decided to mix things up for this geography question and focus on the continent. People travel from far and wide to see this wonder up close an in person, and they are some of the most famous structures in the history of the world.

Question 16

What Is The Ivory Portion Of An Elephant Called?

Ivory is a commodity that people trade around the world, and there are several ways of obtaining it. There is a part of an elephant that is used for ivory, and some people may need to jog their memory in order to remember the specific name of this elephant part.

Question 17

What Is The Colored Area Of Our Eye Called?

There is some basic anatomy that people should be familiar with, and many of us learned this in science class back in school. The coloring of our eyes can be the first thing that people notice about us, and people with a unique eye color tend to stand out from the rest.

Question 18

What Type Of Animal Is A Frog?

There are all types of animals in this world, and people worked tirelessly to form classifications for animals back in the day. Frogs are a unique animal that people have been fascinated with for years now, and they fall under one specific classification that we have on this entry. They can be pets, but some of them are poisonous.

Question 19

A Person That Uses Magic Is Called A...?

This is a question for the people that love to learn about sci-fi and magic out there. We have seen countless stories that feature characters using magic, and typically, they are known by one title in particular. This title has been associated with some of the best characters ever penned.

Question 20

Where Is Hollywood Located?

Every year, people come from all around to get their chance at becoming a star, and this is the place that most people head to. It is known for being the launching point for some of the best entertainers of all time, and while the road ahead is a difficult one, the prize at the end is worth it.

Question 21

What Is The Top High School Student Called?

Whenever a new group of students is set to graduate high school, only one of them is chosen as the top student, and they receive this title for the evening. While it may not hold up too well once we get into the workforce, it is a major feather in the cap of the student.

Question 22

What Are Vampires Allergic To?

Vampires are some of the most interesting creatures ever dreamed of, and there was a point in time when Hollywood was filled with vampire stories in film and on the small screen. Most of the lore about vampires holds up from one project to the next, including a certain allergy.

Question 23

What Is Iron Man's Real Name?

Iron Man is one of the most famous heroes of all time, and he was the hero that got the ball rolling on the MCU. He got his start in the comics, and he has been a huge reason why his planet has been safe for so long. His real name is one that people should be familiar with.

Question 24

What Award Is Given To The Top College Football Player?

This is one of the most famous awards in all of sports, and each year, only one man is good enough to get this award. People wait all year to see who ends up with it, and the person that takes home the honor is able to cement their place in history.

Question 25

What Franchise Is Luke Skywalker From?

Luke Skywalker is one of the greatest movie characters of all time, and we have seen him go through a tremendous ride since he made his debut back in the 70s. Luke is someone that inspired us all to dream and to never lose sight of what we know to be true and just.

Question 26

What Type Of Food Is An Orange?

Any person looking for something that is juicy and tasty to eat should strongly consider getting an orange to enjoy. They are filled with a lot of juice, and when they are fresh and ripe, there is nothing quite like them on the market. This is why orange juice is popular as well.

Question 27

What Is The Name Of This Pokemon?

Pokemon may be a huge franchise that is loved around the world, but there are still plenty of people that have never been into it. Despite this, there is no denying the type of impact that it has had, and this character was able to break into the mainstream and become an icon.

Question 28

What Is Used In A Root Beer Float?

Root beer is a tasty pop that is always best when it is from the tap. There are certain places that still do this, and people everywhere continue to enjoy it. It is also used as one of the primary ingredients in a root beer float, and the other ingredient needed is what truly sets it off.

Question 29

What Is This Animal Called?

Even though this creature is one of the cutest around, it is known for being a little menace. They may look unassuming and innocent, but people that have spent enough time camping know that they love to get into everything in sight and tear through the garbage whenever they are able to.

Question 30

What Is The Name Of The Bridge?

Throughout the world, there are several structures that people come from all around to see at least once in their lifetime, and this bridge happens to be one. It is located in San Francisco, and the people that aren’t content with simply looking at it will take the walking journey across.

Question 31

Which Planet Is Closest To The Sun?

This basic question is one that any person with common sense should get right, but many of us haven’t been in a science or astronomy class for some time now. There is a certain distance order for the planets in relation to the sun, and only one planet can lay claim to being closest.

Question 32

What Type Of Creature Is This?

Mythological creatures have a way of making stories more interesting, and they can help take us away to incredible worlds beyond our imagination. As much as we would like to see one of these in person, the closest that we will ever get will be animatronic characters at an amusement park.

Question 33

Which Fast Food Restaurant Serves Whoppers?

There are some fast food burgers that are far more famous than others, and a Whopper is near the top of the list. It has been around for some time now, and most people have at least tried one at some point. They have a lot of taste, and they always go great with some fries.

Question 34

Which Season Lasts From March To June?

The year is filled with several seasons that all bring something unique to the table, and most people have a preferred season that they enjoy. The season that lasts from March to June is one that can bring a little bit of everything, making it more interesting than some of the others.

Question 35

What Is This Play Called?

The play unfolding here is one of the most exciting in all of sports, and the people that can do this need to be athletic and be able to jump incredibly high. Most of us will never experience what this is like on a professional level, and this can function as an amazing highlight.

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