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In 2008, FX premiered a show titled Sons Of Anarchy. The show is about a motorcycle club who go above and beyond to protect their own. The main character of the show is Jax Teller, A handsome young guy in his early 30's struggling between being a new father at home and being a strong part to the Sons. Throughout the seven seasons of this show we watch Jax primarily lose people he loves and learn lessons he never thought he would learn. He figures out that trust is something most people do not honor and that people who say they always have your best interest or always have your back are the people who screw you over the most. Another main character of the show is Gemma, a rough and tough woman who is Clay's old lady. She is also Jax Teller's mom. They struggle to get along and have the same views when it comes to club. Clay is the president of the club, he was also Jax' dad's best friend.

We see Jax not agree with a lot of decisions that Clay makes for the club and for his own well being. Jax is a strong believer in family, they stick together through good times and bad but when you cross the line, there is no coming back from that point. Let's see if you really are a Sons Of Anarchy fan, get 100% on this quiz to show that you know your stuff!

Question 1

Who created the motorcycle club Sons Of Anarchy?

The Sons Of Anarchy is a motorcycle club built on family, the creator of this club made the Sons family. No matter what goes on they believed they would all have eachothers back. When Clay came into the president's cut, he changed everything. He forced the club to be run on money and illegal weapons. If the creator of this club was alive none of this would be happening and Jax Teller knows it. He goes above and beyond to get back what is rightfully his club that was originally based on family and riding motorcycles. Who created the motorcycle club Sons of Anarchy?

Question 2

How does Jax Teller personally know Tara, his newborn son's doctor?

When you see someone you know in past years, seeing them again can be one of two things. Exciting or completely awkward, Jax and Tara seemed to be happy to see each other which led us all to believe they have known each other for a long time. There is a undeniable connection between them. Now the way they are meeting again is not in the best situation with Abel, Jax's newborn son being sick but seeing Tara lifted his mood and attention for a split second. How does Jax Teller personally know Tara, his newborn son's doctor?

Question 3

What are the ATF agent's real intentions when it comes to SAMCRO?

When an ATF agent starts snooping around the club every member becomes aware. His demeanor does not come off as an agent that is truly interested in what they are or are not doing wrong. His interests seem to be more on one of the females who is close to the club. Jax becomes extremely interested in the reasons for this ATF agents arrival. The motorcycle club is a very private club and try their best to keep to themselves so when someone is snooping around everyone is interested. What are the ATF agent's real intentions when it comes to SAMCRO?

Question 4

Who is Wendy Case to the Sons Of Anarchy?

We first meet Wendy while she is pregnant, she is suppose to be in recovery from drugs but it comes to light that she is using while she is pregnant. Her son is born with major birth defects that prove that she was using drugs while pregnant. She is the ex wife to a very high up member of the motorcycle club. When he finds out she was using drugs while pregnant, he is furious. Who is Wendy Case to the Sons Of Anarchy?

Question 5

Who supplied Wendy the substances that led to her overdose after Abel was born?

After Abel was born addicted to drugs, Wendy spent the days that were suppose to be spent bonding with her baby, alone in a hospital bed regretting everything she has done. Jax is completely disappointed in Wendy's actions but he is more focused the health of Abel. He knows that she is aware of her actions and rather then yell and scream at her he decides to just let it go and focus on the well being of his son. Someone gives her specific instructions to overdose. Who was it?

Question 6

While going through boxes in garage for baby items for Abel, Jax finds something of his father's what item did he find?

After the journey Jax and Gemma had with getting Abel strong and healthy enough to come home, they want everything to be perfect. Gemma goes to Jax's house and scrubs it clean, makes sure everything is cleaned up and everything that could potentially harm Abel is put away. Gemma tells Jax to get some of his old baby items from the garage for his son to come home to. Jax goes into the garage and starts looking through old boxes, while looking through everything he finds something that changes the future of the club. What item of his fathers did Jax find in the boxes?

Question 7

What does Jax tell Tara he wants to do with the club?

Jax Teller is known in their town of Charming as the bad boy biker who is the vice president of the biggest motorcycle club. Tara is known as the good girl who graduated high school in Charming and then left the town for medical school, she became a surgeon and then returned back. Tara being involved with Jax is seeing things that she has never seen before and she is getting scared of her and Abel's well being. When Jax finds Tara in Abel's bedroom, she tells him she feels overwhelmed and wonders where she fits in his dangerous world. What does Jax tell Tara he wants to do with the club?

Question 8

Who calls Gemma to let her know Abel is in Belfast?

When the motorcycle club's vice presidents son goes missing, everyone is on top of it. Jax finds out the reason of the kidnapping was revenge for a crime they were not involved with. Abel was kidnapped from Jax an Tara's home, The clubs prospect "Half Sac" was at the house to make sure of Tara and Abel's safety, when Hayes stormed in to take Abel, "Half Sac" jumped in front in an attempt to save them but unfortunately was stabbed to death. While searching for Abel, Gemma receives a call that Abel is in Belfast. Who called Gemma?

Question 9

What rival MC did SAMCRO make a truce with?

Being in the life of a member of a motorcycle club in Charming is not just a club that rides motorcycles for fun. Their club is the way they make money, from running guns to selling drugs every MC has their own way of earning money from it. The rival MC are introduced to the show by stealing guns from SAMCRO and burning their warehouse down. For revenge, the sons stole the guns back and burned down their warehouse, while carrying out their plan of revenge the sons killed three members of the rival MC. While competing for power these two MC's decide to call a truce to end the war. What rival MC did SAMCRO make a truce with?

Question 10

What is wrong with Clay's hands?

Throughout the series, we first see Clay as the big bad guy. He is the President of the motorcycle club and nothing can effect him running this MC. Riding motorcycles is a silent requirement of being apart of the MC, no one speaks about it but everyone knows it. When something begins to effect Clay riding his bike, he confides his problem in Jax. Jax is Clay's step son and believes he can trust him. Jax makes sure the problem is kept quiet until Clay is ready to come out about it. What is wrong with Clay's hands?

Question 11

What is Opie's new girlfriend's profession?

After Opie's wife was murdered, he struggled very badly between raising his kids, working a regular job and maintaining his position in the motorcycle club. When Opie meets Lyla at the clubhouse they have an instant connection. He may still be mourning his wife, but finding someone who keeps his mind some what off of the fact he lost her, peaks his interest. His only problem with Lyla is her profession, he wants to get her away from the life she is living. What is Opie's new girlfriend's profession?

Question 12

What does SAMCRO sell to other gangs?

For most members of the motorcycle club, the club is their only souce of income. Throughout the series we see SAMCRO do many ways to make money, from owning a porn studio to selling drugs they will always find ways to make money. One of the largest sources of income for the club is what they deal to other gangs. Befriending all the gangs in their area was one of the smartest choices they made financially. What does SAMCRO sell to other gangs?

Question 13

Who shot Clay, putting him in critical condition?

In the motorcycle club, they believe if you disrespect them or their family, its an eye for an eye. Clay believes that he is invincible to anyone hurting him or his family. Clay does what Clay wants, he may explain that it is for the benefit for the club but majority of the time, his choices are only to benefit himself. In this case, Clay decided to carry out a plan that effected everyone in the club and denied that he actually did it. This person followed the silent law of an eye for an eye and shot clay with the intent to kill him. Who shot Clay, putting him in critical condition?

Question 14

Who is Opie's dad?

When JT created the Sons of Anarchy, he had one good friend beside him, who is also a co-founder and still has a spot at the table. He constantly is disagreeing with Clay and his decisions because the way he is doing things for the club is not the way JT intended the club to be. Jax is the son of JT and this member of the club also has a son who is a member and that is Opie. Who is Opie's dad?

Question 15

Who killed Piney?

When JT and Piney created the motorcycle club, they had a vision for a club that didn't deal with trouble and the law. They wanted to ride motorcycles and be apart of club that came together for the same love of riding. When JT died and Clay took over the president's position, he began to deal in areas that were not part of the original vision. When the letters surfaced and it comes out that JT was suspicious of this person killing him, he shoots Piney before he can tell Jax the truth. Who killed Piney?

Question 16

Who pays Lowell Sr. to sabotage John Teller's bike which led to his death?

One thing the motorcycle club is good for is scheming ways to get what they want. When John Teller was alive his vision for the club was not selling guns or drugs or even owning a porn company. He planned to run his motorcycle shop and have a brotherhood of people who had the same love for riding he did. Jealously took control of one of the members of the MC. He decided to sabotage the president's bike in an attempt to become president. Who paid Lowell Sr. to sabotage John Teller's bike which led to his death?

Question 17

Who is the Charming police officer that looks out for the club?

Charming is a very small town so to get away with the things that the motorcycle club does they have to have some connections somewhere. This police officer always looks out for the club whether it is telling them what is being investigated or covering for them he always has their back. He is very close with Gemma, due to knowing her for so long. He is very close with the entire club but specifically Jax, this officer had a good relationship with JT so he always looks out for Jax a little bit more then everyone else. Who is the Charming police officer that looks out for the club?

Question 18

Who cuts off Clay's President patch?

In the series, we see Clay make more bad decisions then he does good. He chooses things for the club that no 'one agrees with and puts them in positions for danger with their lives or their freedom. Every member of the club knew his time was coming where stepping down would be the only other option before getting killed. Instead of deciding to step down that decision is made for him after a choice he made changed everything in the club. Who cuts off Clay's President patch?

Question 19

Who does Jax want as his VP for the club?

When Jax Teller becomes president of the MC, it is his decision who becomes his vice president. Growing up Jax has one best friend who he maintained his relationship with into adulthood. Throughout the series we see just how strong their bond is, they truly are brothers. They have each others back no matter the situation and always have their best interest. Jax feels that his long time best friend will be the best fit for the position. Who does Jax want as his VP for the club?

Question 20

What does Gemma give Tara on her wedding day?

Throughout Tara and Jax's relationship, Gemma has never been Tara's biggest fan. For a while, Gemma doubted Tara's loyalty to Jax. She wasn't sure if Tara was truly in love with Jax or was just looking for a hook up. When Gemma learns that Tara is truly in love with her son she opens her heart to her but in the only way that Gemma knows, a lot of viewers tend to forget that she grew up in this lifestyle. What does Gemma give Tara on her wedding day?

Question 21

In JT's letters what did he predict?

When John Teller created the Son's of Anarchy it was for the sole purpose of a club of brothers who rode motorcycles and always protected each other. While being the president of this motorcycle club JT wrote letters as well as a manuscript that he hoped one day his son Jax found. Gemma knew he wrote them but was unsure as to where he put them. When Jax found out what the truth was he took measures into his own hands and handled what his deceased father couldn't. In JT's letters what did he predict?

Question 22

Who is brutally beaten to death in jail?

When all of the stupid consequences caught up to the club, Jax, Opie and Tig were incarcerated. The motorcycle club takes a lot of chances with their freedom and their lives. When the law starts to crack down on them they know they will have to do time for their actions. Jax is faced with a horrible decision he has to decide which member of the club will go into a jail cell with multiple men and take a beating that could take their life. Without deciding one member of the club says for his last words "I got this" , he never walked out of that cell alive. Who is brutally beaten to death in jail?

Question 23

When Gemma caught Clay with another woman at the brothel what did she do?

Throughout the series Gemma and Clay have a very hostile relationship. They are constantly fighting and disagreeing. There views on the club are different. Gemma was JT's wife, she was around when the club was formed. She is aware of the way JT wanted the club to be, a group of brothers who ride motorcycles. When Clay took measures to extreme levels, Gemma did not agree and walked away from him and their relationship. When Clay decided to go to the brothel he got caught with another woman by Gemma, How did Gemma react to catching Clay with another woman?

Question 24

Who kills Tara?

In a club like the Sons of Anarchy, there is countless misunderstandings and mistakes. The beloved Tara was killed because of a misunderstanding which makes this even harder for everyone to accept. Tara made a decision to keep herself and her children away from the club even if it meant her not living to see her boys grow into men. Jax was dealing with a lot, someone had to take responsibility for the gun charges they were facing. He agreed to turn himself in if Tara and his boys were safe. The person who killed Tara believed she turned Jax into the police and now wanted revenge. Who kills Tara?

Question 25

Who told Jax who killed Tara?

When Tara was killed Jax's whole world turned upside down. Living with the guilt of losing his wife while not being able to protect her, draws him to his sons Abel and Thomas. Jax has always been the guy who struggled to maintain his home life and the club. When Jax gets told who killed his wife, we could all see the hurt in his eyes."Is that why grandma killed my other mommy so my first mommy could be here with me." That is how Jax found out that Gemma was the person who killed his wife. Who told Jax who killed Tara?

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