There's No Way You Can Get 100% On This Name The 2010s NBA Star Quiz

Two seasons from now will be 10 years since the 2009-10 season, meaning that we'll be a full decade since we entered the 2010s. Do you know what I was doing in 2010? Getting barmitzvah'd and hoping the Nets landed the No. 1 overall pick in 2010. To avoid thinking about getting old, let's instead be nostalgic and talk about NBA stars from the 2010s. There's not many ground rules for this quiz, other than the obvious about players who are still active being ineligible. LeBron James is still a no, Kevin Durant is still a no, Chris Paul is still a no, etc. There are players on this list who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and there are some who will be really obvious, but we're working off the ground rule that players on this list have to either be officially retired or damn near close to it.

In other words, someone who's playing overseas in Israel right now isn't eligible, but someone who retired and will return to action in the BIG3 league is eligible because that's an exhibition league.

Grab your ball, dig up your old NBA 2K games, and let's try to get David Stern out of office as quickly as we can because we're going back to the early part of the 2010s...and now.

1If you don't know this one, leave the quiz

You shouldn't need any semblance of help with this one, especially not after how many quizzes we've done that has featured this former Los Angeles Lakers star. Seriously, the fact that I have to write a description and you're sitting here reading it instead of just clicking the answer means you're probably trying to tank to see what the final result is. Either that or you genuinely don't know, in which we suggest you re-evaluate your life, even if you're not the NBA fan you once were.

2Big man who became a big disappointment in Cleveland

Even before Cleveland got LeBron James back and made several questionable moves (looking at all of the veteran signings), the Cavaliers did show moments of desperation when The King was in Miami. But landing this big man, previously an All-Star in his previous stops, on a cheap deal was actually considered to be one of the smarter moves in recent memory. Alas, he showed up out of shape, was cut midway through the year, and we're left with images like this. Who was this player?

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