There's No Way You Can Get 100% On This 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' Quiz

The movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love" was a romantic comedy starring Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon. It follows the life of a middle-aged man going through a divorce and trying to date again with the help of a womanizer. After a few social blunders and a total makeover (men's edition) he comes out looking amazing and is just as good as his teacher at flirting with women. This movie not only follows this man, but his ex-wife, his son, and his babysitter as well. There's a love triangle going on between him, his son, and the babysitter. This leaves his son heartbroken, his babysitter traumatized (by her father's reaction), and himself in total disgust and disbelief.

Do you remember all the little facts and quotes from this movie? Do you remember the names of the characters and what happens when crap hits the fan at the end of the movie? If so, then you'll probably do wonderfully on this 50 question quiz. You should be able to do well on this quiz since these questions mostly go over big events that happen. There's only a couple questions that are a bit obscure. So get ready to ace this quiz on "Crazy, Stupid, Love"!

Question 1

What's the name of the guy whom Steve Carell portrays?

Wasn't it funny when in the movie Steve Carell jumps out of the car when his wife wouldn't stop talking about wanting to get a divorce and for sleeping with a family friend? I did not blame him whatsoever. It must be really hard to have a couple of kids with someone and spend nearly half of your life with them just for them to leave you all of a sudden. Our pal, Steve Carell, manages to do just fine!

Question 2

What's the name of the guy whom Ryan Gosling portrays?

This guy is a player in this movie. That's for sure. It broke my heart a little to see him flirting with so many different women. I guess that goes to show how many different roles Ryan Gosling is capable of acting as. He is pretty dang talented. The wing man role in this movie was a nice choice. Oh and especially those slaps in the face when they are out shopping at the mall for Steve Carell's new threads.

Question 3

What's the name of the woman whom Julianne Moore, portrays?

This woman turns out to be quite the heartbreaker doesn't she? It was hilarious when she suddenly said she wanted to get a divorce. First she couldn't decide on what she wanted to eat and all that culminated in finally telling her husband that she just isn't feeling it anymore. That's pretty brutal. Later on we see her trying to make small talk with her ex-husband and it's way too soon for him. I mean, can we really blame him?

Question 4

What was the name of the guy Julianne Moore's character slept with?

How many of you guys could relate to when Julianne Moore's character got really dark sheets of paper from the copier when she was trying to create copies of pages from Divorce For Dummies? I meant the dark sheets part, not the book. I'm sure all of us could get together and share our copier woes. It must have been pretty awkward when the guy in question came over to her and started chatting about how he doesn't go after married women too often.

Question 5

What does Robbie Weaver think the A in the Scarlett Letter meant?

It's kind of adorable how he started crushing on his babysitter even though she is 17. Even when she outright rejects him, he still tries to fall into her good favor. When Robbie Weaver is caught texting his babysitter in class, he tells the students and his teacher exactly what he thinks. Although he is a bit biased since his love life isn't turning out too smoothly. He stands up and tells the class what he thinks this letter represented.

Question 6

What line helps Cal score his first one night stand?

Well, Cal really did it. He scored himself a very beautiful, young, sexy hot date and it wasn't because of any advice Jacob gave him. No he relied on his own intuition and personal life experiences and it totally worked for him. Now when he strolls into that club he thinks he's the man of the hours and quite frankly he kind of turned into one. Well, congrats to him because he finally slept with another woman besides his ex-wife.

Question 7

What's the name of the girl who has a crush on Cal?

Okay so this is also the name of the babysitter whom Robbie Weaver has a major crush on yet doesn't want to reciprocate. Have you ever had any crushes on older men (or women) when you were in high school? I'm sure some of us have. It's totally innocent but obviously should never be pursued. It's especially cute when this girl seeks out this pretty blond at her school so she can get some dating advice from her. The advice is pretty PG-13

Question 8

How many different one night stands does Cal have?

It's was super awkward when Cal and Emily had to meet up together for a parent teacher conference. And to make matters even worse, guess who the teacher was? That's right it was the very first woman that Cal slept with after Emily. She was Robbie Weaver's teacher and she could not keep their little sexcapade a secret. She spilled the beans and Emily threw a fit. This is also when she finds out just how many women Cal has slept with.

Question 9

Instead of proposing to her, what does Richard offer Hannah?

I think we can all really feel for this girl, right? She was a bit on the rocks with this guy after talking to her best friend about him. Her BFF said he was full of himself, pretentious, and a sleaze. She was pretty much correct in all of those categories. Hannah builds up a lot of excitement because she thinks he's going to propose. And hey, it doesn't really matter who it is it's always pretty exciting when someone wants to marry you. So she was caught up in the moment.

Question 10

What does Hannah do after receiving the disappointing news?

Okay so other than gulping down someone's tonic at the restaurant, I mean. No girl could really blame her. In fact, we all rooted for her when she told him off and left the restaurant in a huff with her best friend. That high five was pretty cool by the way. Then Hannah goes to another bar and does this act in question to help her get over her ex-boyfriend. Do you remember what it is exactly that she does?

Question 11

What does Jacob do every time he brings a girl back to his place?

Hannah is ready to "bang" as she calls it with Jacob. He takes her back to his wonderful beautiful apartment with a pool and then he does the same routine every time with each lady he brings back. He is upfront with Hannah and tells her that it works every time. Of course, she says it doesn't work on her, but it does. Okay so do you remember what it is that Jacob does that makes girls want to "bang" him.

Question 12

What else does Jacob do every time he brings a girl back to his place?

Luckily he has a bit of a routine that entices woman. It isn't just one thing because that would get a bit boring. He also does something super cute when he brings girls over. Every girl (and dude too) should be able to get the chance to do this at least once in their lives. You only live once right? If not you might miss out on a lot of fun. Do you know what trick or thing Jacob does with the women he brings home?

Question 13

True or False: Jacob and Hannah end up 'closing the deal'

This one should be pretty easy and I know you'll get it even if it's been years since you've seen this movie. Hannah and Jacob are pretty cute together, do you agree? Hannah likes to sleep with her partners when they are in a relationship and Ryan Gosling's character...well, he doesn't really care. So you'd think they wouldn't work out together as a couple but they actually do. I guess it's true when they say people like their opposites. So can you answer this question correctly?

Question 14

Where does Jacob admit he gets his wealth from?

Were you surprised to find this out? I know I was. I think we all thought he owned his own company or was some kind of director or an engineer of some sort. This was pretty surprising to discover but that's what makes him more human. He exposed his vulnerable side and it makes us like him more as a human being. He might look like is an impenetrable rock but deep down he is kind and sweet. Do you know the answer to this?

Question 15

Finish this quote: "I imagine you suffocating under a pile of ____"

Alright so as you probably already know, Jacob and Hannah really hit it off unlike Hannah and that lousy, no-good Richard. So what do people in new relationships sometimes do? They start to spend less and less time with their other friends. It's sad but true. That's why there are so many friendless adult couples in the world. Well, at least that's one of the many reasons. So do you think you know the last word of this hilarious quote?

Question 16

What did Emily want to be when she was younger?

Every girl has some sort of fantasy career when they are small, little kids. Some girls want to be artists, some want to be pilots, some want to be business owners, and some want to be models. Well, if you work really hard at it and don't lose your sense of enthusiasm you can do anything you want to do. It's up to you to put in the work, though. So what did Emily confide in David regarding her childhood career aspirations?

Question 17

What did David offer to do for Emily?

Cal is a way better man than David. David is a bit self-centered, shallow, and inconsiderate. That's definitely how the directors and the writers of the movie wanted us to feel about him. They wanted us to root for Emily and Cal getting back together and for Emily to completely forget that David ever existed. That would be ideal for Cal since he still deeply loves his wife and who could blame him after spending so many years with her?

Question 18

Finish this quote: "I don't want your _____ money"

Okay so did you enjoy the part where Jessica tells Mrs. Weaver exactly what she thinks about her kids' relationship with Cal? I think she made a very good point. Not many kids fight sleep just to see their daddy come home. If anything it's mostly their mothers they want to stay up for. Did you have a favorite parent? A lot of kids tend to have favorites and I'd hate to feel like the second favorite parent, wouldn't you?

Question 19

Who does Emily call after her date with David?

In the beginning we are led to like Cal a lot more than Emily. She was the one who wanted a divorce after 2 kids and decades of marriage together. It's unreal. I would have not wanted to be Cal. We are definitely led to feel bad for him and root for him at the end of the movie. At least he is one of the ones we are supposed to root for. The other people being Jacob and Hannah, of course.

Question 20

Emily pretends to need help from Cal with what exactly?

This is probably the most awe-inducing part of the entire movie. I bet you couldn't help but smile when Cal was walking Emily through the steps of what to do even she didn't need help with anything. She made it up. And he knew that because he could see her through a lit window standing from the sidewalk. Steve Carell's talent as an actor really shines in this part. You can hear the happiness in voice and it is super sweet.

Question 21

What's the name of the guy who stops being friends with Cal because of his marital problems?

This guy is a pretty well known actor. I'm surprised he didn't get a more prominent role in this movie. Cal and his old friend bump into each other at a Lowe's or Home Depot while Cal is trying to get the supplies and other paraphernalia together for his project. It's super sweet because it's for his wife, Emily. This movie is so happy-feely. It's great. It's the best movie to kick back and watch with your husband or boyfriend.

Question 22

Which parent does Hannah introduce Jacob to?

Apparently this ladies man is able to be smitten by a girl for long term after all, which is super sweet. Did you think that Hannah and Jacob were going to be an item at the beginning of the movie? He calls an old friend while him and Hannah are in a wine store for some advice, how ironic. Before all of this, he was the one dishing out all the advice. We are always students and the classroom is everywhere.

Question 23

Who does Jacob call for advice when meeting Hannah's parent?

Okay this one should be super easy. I know you'll get this one. Jacob, the teacher, the ladies man, the lady picker upper, finally needs advice. It's a good thing he made this valuable friend in the movie. Otherwise he might have had a difficult time with meeting Hannah's parent. Jacob is given very good advice. He is told to smile a lot and to be open about himself. So who gives Jacob this awesome advice for meeting girls' parents?

Question 24

Who does Jessica make a love note with a naked picture of herself in it for?

This has got to be funniest and cringiest part of the whole movie. It's hilarious when Jessica's mom is cleaning her room and going through some of her things and stumbled upon that letter that says the man in question's name written in big letters on the front. Complete with stickers, of course. The mom is totally and completely shocked as would any mother in that situation. So do you know who the love note with the saucy picture is for?

Question 25

What does Jessica's mom do with her love note?

Oh man at this point you were probably laughing your butt off. This is great. So her mom finds the note in her dresser drawers and is appauled to find the pictures of her daughter completely naked, with tons of makeup caked on her face, making sensual poses for the camera all for a family friend. A family friend who is in his forties and has 2 kids, yikes! So do you know what Jessica's mom do with her sultry love note?

Question 26

What happens when Jessica's mom does this (the answer from the previous question) as a result?

At this point we are all still laughing our butts off when Jessica's mom goes downstairs still completely shocked by what she saw. I'm sure any mother would go crazy or speechless or really sad that her daughter would do this so willingly for an older guy. Thankfully Cal wanted nothing to do with Jessica in this manner. This is good because there are some men who may take advantage of the situation unfortunately. So what happens at this point in the movie?

Question 27

What's the big twist at the end?

We find out something very shocking at the end of this movie. We find out something very confusing as well. At least I'm sure some of us were scratching our heads over this at first. It turns out some people we didn't know were connected to some other people in the movie. It's a pretty surreal moment and I think Ryan Gosling's character has a bit of a meltdown. That's a big hint by the way. So what exactly is the twist?

Question 28

True or false: Was the following stated in the movie? "Daddy? Please don't call him that."

This part of the movie is quite traumatizing for just about everyone in the movie, but it's mostly traumatizing for Cal and Jacob who cannot believe what they are seeing and hearing. The end of the movie is where just about all the main characters in the movie come together, that is except for that David guy. It's funny and surprising and sweet all at the same time. Do you for certain if that dialogue was exchanged in the movie?

Question 29

Who does Bernie end up punching?

This part of the movie was a bit hard to watch because we have to see one of the main characters get punched in the face. We can definitely see the good side of this character because he or she was just helping a friend and was caught in the middle of a violent situation which makes it pretty sad to watch, but it's still kinda funny I'll admit. Do you remember who it is exactly that Bernie ends up punching in the face?

Question 30

What's the reason that Cal admits is why him and Emily got married so young?

This is ultimately the big twist at the end. We find out just why Cal and Emily were high school sweethearts. We find out why they have been together so long and we find out why they have only ever had sex with each other. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. It's a bit ridiculous but that's what makes it really funny. So do you remember why Cal and Emily got married at such a young age?

Question 31

Who punches David Lindhagen?

This was so so satisfying, wasn't it? First he comes over completely unexpected and tells Emily that she left her sweater in his car. It causes a very awkward moment when everyone realizes that Emily and David went out on a date recently but this character from the movie is the first to react to David Lindhagen and punches him in the face. What a sight! Do you remember which character decks this guy right in the jaw at the end of the movie?

Question 32

Who said this: "You're hanging out with my kids, fantastic! You can teach Robbie how to objectify women, he'll love that"?

It must have been hard to see Jacob with Hannah, especially if you knew Jacob. However, Jacob claims to love Emily and he has never loved anyone else before. He claims he has never been in "like" even. This is obviously a big step for Jacob. It seems that at this point he is living with Hannah. So it seems that he is telling the truth which is super adorable. Do you remember who said this quote in the movie?

Question 33

What did Cal make for Emily?

It's supposed to be a reminder from their first date from back in high school. Robbie is leading Emily, who is blindfolded, down the steps to the backyard. He is happily telling her that it's a surprise and that she'll love it. Cal begins by telling her that he made her something. However, crap hits the fan and we find out that Hannah is actually the eldest child of Cal and Emily. The surprise is cut a bit short but the audience can still see what it is.

Question 34

True or false: Robbie is upset with his dad because the girl he loves loves his dad

It must have been very awkward for Cal to discover that his babysitter has been hard core crushing on him and it must have been awkward for her dad as well. Not only that, Cal finds out that Jessica made naked pictures of herself that were intended for him which Bernie nearly kills him for with the windmill portion of the putt putt hole he made for his wife. That part was so funny! Do you remember if Robbie was upset with his father?

Question 35

What big event is coming up for Robbie?

Okay so middle school is pretty hard on just about anyone, boys and girls alike. It can be even harder when you are going through a bit of lovesickness and Robbie seems to be struggling in that way. It was a bit much though when he made a public announcement of his love for Jessica since it embarrassed the ever loving heck out of her, can't blame her though. So do you remember what big event Robbie has coming up in school?

Question 36

True or false: Cal sits alone at the ceremony

Emily, Jacob, Cal, Robbie, Hannah, and Jessica all get dressed up and find seats in the auditorium. There is quite a bit of awkward eye contact between Cal and Jessica. Robbie is announced to come forward on the stage but he looks completely broken hearted, poor guy. It is tough to be that age and heartbroken. Jessica notices this too and feels pretty bad about it. So can you remember where Cal ends up sitting at this big ceremony for Robbie?

Question 37

Who interrupts Robbie's speech?

Awww poor Robbie! He talks about growing up and it not being what he expected at all. He told the audience that he used to think that if you fought for your true love then it would work out, but unfortunately it did not work out for him. He is pretty forlorn during his speech and he tries to sound a bit optimistic by saying he grew an inch and a half. So who interrupts Robbie's speech halfway through the ceremony?

Question 38

Finish this line: "My son's graduation speech _____"

This part was so funny. This reminded me of Steve Carell's Michael Scott from The Office. Maybe it reminded you of that show as well. The audience can't believe they just heard a parent say that about their child. There's much gasping and jaws dropping when Cal says this to the 8th graders' parents and extended family members, can't say I blame them. Do you remember what Cal said about his son's speech that made everyone gasp and wonder what the heck is wrong with him?

Question 39

Who is in the front row flipping off Cal during his interruption?

This part was hilarious, too. It definitely helps to ease the awkward tension we start to feel because of Cal's random, weird interruption during his own son's speech. Cal tries to come to his son's defense when Robbie gives a pessimistic speech about love. He says that it was because of him that his son was talking that way and that it was his fault. So do you remember who was flipping off Cal when he is telling the audience this?

Question 40

What food did Cal eat with Emily on their very first date?

Cal sticks up for his son, Robbie, because he realizes he has learned a very pessimistic of love which he tries to fix with a speech. He tells the love story of him and his wife and how his dad teased him on that day. Cal remembers telling his dad that it wasn't a big deal and that he would be going on plenty of other dates. Well, he didn't. Cal finishes the speech by saying he agrees with his son: when you find 'the one' you never give up trying!

Question 41

How many children did Cal and Emily have?

This might be a trick question, but if you have been paying attention then you will definitely get this one right. Cal says it during his speech during Robbie's 8th grade graduation ceremony. It is very romantic and touching and makes every girl out there hopes that they get to be Emily one day. Cal admits that he doesn't know if they'll stay together but he'll keep trying. He also said that he loved her while he hated her. I guess only married couples understand that one.

Question 42

What does Robbie shout out to the crowd?

Robbie feels a lot better after his dad shares with him his interpretation of love, relationships, and making it work with "the one". He no longer feels down about Jessica not loving him back. In fact, after Cal finishes his speech he gets back into the game and tries again to win her affection. We got to admire his courage and determination. He's an inspiration to other lovesick boys and girls who are watching this movie. So what does he yell to the crowd?

Question 43

What does Cal tell Jacob after the graduation ceremony?

Cal is rightfully upset that his daughter, Hannah, is dating the guy who formerly taught him how to seduce women and get them to come home with him to have sex. Any parent in his situation would be upset. Jacob seems pretty sincere about his feelings for Hannah so eventually Cal does come around and accepts that Jacob is dating his daughter which makes everyone happy. Do you remember what it was exactly that Cal tells Jacob after the ceremony?

Question 44

Where did Jacob get his new shirt?

All is restored in the universe at this point. Cal is okay with Jacob dating his daughter for the most part and Robbie is no longer depressed about his love life. Now everyone is exiting the auditorium and final goodbyes are given to the graduates. Hannah and Jacob are totally and completely in love and when Cal asks Jacob where he got his shirt. Jacob is sarcastic at first and then tells him where he got it. What store did he buy it from?

Question 45

What clever thing did Robbie tell Jessica?

So these two meet up after the graduation ceremony and politely tell each other goodbye. Robbie apologizes for making Jessica feel uncomfortable and at first Jessica thinks that he is giving up his quest to make her fall in love with him. Robbie says of course not and then he tells her something else. Jessica smiles at this and then politely kisses him on the cheek. Do you remember what it was that Robbie told Jessica after the graduation ceremony?

Question 46

What did Jessica give Robbie?

So Jessica politely kisses Robbie on the cheek and then walks away but not before giving him a little present. Robbie is over the moon happy that he got this present. His eyes bug out of his head and he thanks Jessica for it. All is well with the two of them after this and Jessica goes to her internship so that her father can cool down about her little crush on Robbie's father. That's probably for the best, right?

Question 47

Finish this sentence: "We might have to _____"

The sentence said before this was spoken by Emily and it was "I'm terrified of what's going to become of him once he hits puberty." She was saying this because of his speech about love and because of his huge crush on his babysitter. Cal said the sentence in question so you can assume it's going to be funny. So do you think you remember what Cal says to his wife, Emily about their son, Robbie, after the graduation ceremony?

Question 48

Are we left believing that Emily and Cal with try to work it out?

They share a cute little exchange just before the movie ends. Emily congratulates Cal on his eighth grade speech and Cal tells her that he's been working on it for 30 years. How cute is that? They laugh and smile at each other for awhile and then begin to talk seriously about their relationship. What do you remember about this last little exchange between Emily and Cal? Are we led to believe that they will work it out and stick together?

Question 49

What flavor ice cream does Emily insist it was?

They argue a little bit playfully when the movie ends. It is very lighthearted and very cute. We are swept away by Steve Carell and Julianne Moore's performance. They perfectly summarize what it's really like to have a long, lasting happy marriage. There will be bumps in the road but you have to remember that you still love them and that the relationships is totally worth fighting for. When you find the "the one" you never give up trying after all.

Question 50

What flavor ice cream does Cal insist it was?

Okay so it looks like this couple is going to stay together. Hooray! They look like they belong together and after that long together and looking at all they have been through together it looked like a relationship worth fighting for. It's important to know the difference between relationships to fight for and which ones to let go of. This movie gives us a good idea of which ones are worth fighting for. It's definitely a romantic comedy at its finest!

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