There’s No Way The Average Friends Fan Could Pass This Test

Nobody told us life was going to be this way.

We've all been there - you've had one too many the night before, and what is your go-to response? Let's put Friends on. You've had a bad day at work and you want a few laughs, so what is your response? Let's put Friends on. You can kind of see where we're going with this.

From the first season right up until the very last, it's the kind of show that can keep you laughing for months and months on end. Despite coming to an end well over a decade ago it's not exactly like the comedy has gone out of fashion, and if anything, it seems to be ageing like a fine wine.

The stars involved have gone on to have varying degrees of success in the aftermath of the show, but either way, that doesn't really matter. What does matter is how much we enjoy the show itself when we sit down to watch it, and the answer is simple: we enjoy it a lot.

It's not exactly everyone's cup of tea and we can understand that, but to be blunt, fans of the show don't really care. They'll happily sit in their corner and soak up the beauty of this fantastic piece of television, and why shouldn't they?

With all of this being said we want to try and test out whether or not you guys know the show quite as well as you think you do. I mean, could we be any more obvious with that?

Question 1

How many main & central characters are there?

The core of the show is made up of the characters we all know and love, as you are probably well aware of. For the better part of ten years we invited these guys into our home with open arms, and shared an awful lot of laughs with them. Sometimes we'd be frustrated by their actions and sometimes we'd cry in confusion and laughter, which is all a part of the journey with a legendary show like this one. We really enjoyed seeing their progression and we found their interactions fascinating, because most of the time, they reminded us of ourselves.

Question 2

What city is Friends based in?

If you're going to have a show as iconic as this one, you need to have it in an equally as iconic city. Why? Because it just makes sense. It's much more logical to think that these guys and girls would meet in a central US hub, as opposed to some random town in Delaware. Sure, they probably could've made it work, but not quite to the same extent. It's at the point now where people who actually go to this city will try and seek out the locations they used to film everything in. That's pretty cool when you think about it.

Question 3

What is the name of the local coffee shop?

How I Met Your Mother had the bar/pub, and Friends had the coffee shop. But it wasn't just any coffee shop - it was THEIR coffee shop. It's the place where they all hung out on a day to day basis, catching up with the events of their lives. The great thing was that even though so many of their conversations and interactions took place here, it didn't specifically define the entire outlook of the show. They still had a series of other places they visited quite regularly, but ahead of them all will always be this place. It's special, you see.

Question 4

Which main character grew up on the streets?

When we say grew up on the streets, we mean it in the exact way that you're thinking in your head right now. This character didn't exactly have an easy path and didn't enjoy an easy childhood, to the point where it's kind of hard to find her upbringing funny. As you can imagine, though, the show does its best to make light of the situation, and even includes a few other characters along the way. The character in question did wind up growing up to have a very different life, and that's exactly what she deserves, isn't it guys?

Question 5

What was the name of Brad Pitt’s character?

There have been some pretty famous guys and gals that have appeared in Friends over the years, but arguably none have been as big as Brad Pitt. The Hollywood sensation's cameo in the show was as entertaining as you could probably imagine it to be, and it seemed like something he'd been wanting to do for a few years. His relationship with Jennifer Aniston probably played some kind of role in that, but to be honest, the character he played kind of took on a life of its own. Sure, he was connected to Rachel in some way, but it wasn't the key component of the episode.

Question 6

Who is older - Ross or Monica?

Ah, Ross and Monica. The classic brother/sister combination. It was really fun to see the development of their relationship, because at times, it truly did seem like they couldn't stand one another. At other points, though, they were all too happy to engage in sibling rivalry - in a fun way, not a serious way. You can understand why Monica would get annoyed with Ross at times, and in equal measure, you can kind of fathom why Ross would consider Monica to be a bit 'too much'. If you've got a brother or sister, then you probably get where we're coming from.

Question 7

Who is Gunther in love with?

A lot of people don't know or appreciate just how much of a role Gunther, aka the actor behind the man, played behind the scenes. In terms of his on-screen role, however, he was weirdly entertaining to watch. It didn't seem like he was the most interesting of guys, and yet he'd consistently pop up with one-liners that were absolute gold. You could go from hating him to feeling sorry for him in the blink of an eye, and that dynamic is really entertaining. He was much more than just someone behind the counter at the coffee shop. He was an institution.

Question 8

True or False: Rachel gets into a relationship with Tag

In terms of acting ability, we aren't going to pretend like the guy who played Tag was the most wonderful actor in the world. In fact, he was pretty bad, but he was an important part of Rachel's story. Tag played the role of Rachel's assistant, and we aren't going to confirm nor deny whether it went any further than that. As you well know Rachel had a crush on him at one point, but we'll leave it up to you to try and remember whether or not they actually got together in the end. It's a coin flip, folks.

Question 9

What did Rachel ‘get off’ in the final episode?

It's that famous scene we all know and love. In the final episode nobody really knows whether or not Rachel is going to step up and declare her love for Ross, after episodes upon episodes of teasing. The ten seasons that preceded this sent us on a rollercoaster of emotions, as we didn't know whether or not they were going to end up together. Eventually we all know that they did, but there were certainly a few speed bumps along the way. Did they work together? Yes, of course, because the chemistry they shared was absolutely incredible on so many levels.

Question 10

What doesn’t Joey like to share?

This is one of Joey's most underrated moments, and we wholeheartedly believe that. The character is at its best when he is being a little bit silly, and a little bit random at the same time. You could certainly argue that they overdo that in the later seasons, but instead of being too critical, we want to focus on the positives as opposed to the negatives. Joey is a complex man but at his core, he has a few things that he's truly passionate about. If you know the show as well as you think you do, then you'll almost certainly be able to figure out the answer here.

Question 11

What is the name of Phoebe’s sister?

Let's just be blunt about this: Phoebe's sister isn't a particularly nice person. She may look exactly like her twin, but that doesn't mean they're the same in any way, shape or form. It's an interesting look into how two people can be exactly the same, but in reality, they aren't. At times throughout the course of the show, it's kind of hard to believe that Phoebe didn't wind up killing her sister. That sounds a little bit overdramatic, but just go back and watch the show and you'll see what we mean. In the end, though, you can't pick your family. Or can you?

Question 12

Which one of these characters was NOT married to Ross?

We aren't saying that Ross was in love with the idea of getting married or anything, but when you analyse the evidence, we can certainly understand why you'd come to that kind of conclusion. Despite being portrayed as a bit of a geek he actually has quite a lot of luck when it comes to the ladies, contrary to popular belief. He has his moments when you question why any woman would want to go near him, but the same could be said of any main character in Friends. He was 'with' all four of these women, but only one didn't tie the knot with the dinosaur lover.

Question 13

Ross breaks his nose when watching which sport?

Ross is going through a pretty tough time in the early stages of the show, as the first of his three divorces is in the process of being finalised. As a result the guys decide to take him out and watch the game, but the question is: what game was it? The actual nature of what happened in the game isn't all that important, because the main point of conversation is Ross' injury. He wound up being struck by something when he was just sitting there in the crowd minding his own business. At least he was able to deal with it... kind of.

Question 14

Which main character is afraid of dogs?

You'd think that it would be impossible for anyone to dislike dogs, but as it turns out, it's more common than you may think. Whether it be due to fear or simply due to not being big fans of the animal itself, a lot of folks do indeed dislike dogs - with one of them, in character, being a member of the Friends cast. The story itself that we're referring to was quite played out to be perfectly honest with you, and you could definitely make the argument that it was forced. Plus, we're fairly certain the character in question was seen enjoying the company of a dog at another point during the show's run.

Question 15

How many babies did Phoebe have for her brother?

Siblings who care about one another will often do whatever it takes in order to make them happy (within the realms of logic). When it comes to Phoebe, though, she took things to a whole new level. She became a surrogate for her little brother and his partner, in one of the most intriguing storylines in the history of the show. Her mood swings were hilarious, she was sometimes a little bit intimidating, and more often than not she produced some fantastic television for us all to sample. In the end, though, the scene of her giving the baby(ies) away is heartbreaking.

Question 16

How many of the three main guys has Rachel kissed?

If you're a diehard Friends fan then there's a pretty solid chance you're going to know the answer to this question, but either way, it's a fun thing to ponder over. There's an argument to be made that if there is one true main character in Friends, its Rachel. She has been on a rollercoaster ride from the start of the show til the very end, and her development of a character was really enjoyable. Along the way her relationships played a significant role in that, and due to the close nature of the main cast, a few of those relationships overlapped (kind of).

Question 17

Who caused Chandler to lose part of his toe?

This story is one that kind of gets lost in the shuffle, and you really needed to be paying attention to the episode in question in order to catch it. As we all know Chandler is one of the biggest jokesters of the entire cast, and as such, he has some of most outrageous stories. This is one pretty odd and whilst a big joke was made out of it at the time, when you really think about it, this is probably something you'd be annoyed about for a while. This does confirm something we all always say: there aren't enough 'callbacks' in comparison to a show like How I Met Your Mother.

Question 18

What are Ross & Monica’s parents called?

If you're looking for utterly outrageous yet hilarious parents, Monica and Ross have you covered. Their mom and dad come out with the most hilarious one-liners throughout the course of the show, and that's not an understatement. They just seem to bounce so well off of each other, to the point where we'd call this 'genius' casting. They quite clearly favour Ross over Monica, too, and whilst that's pretty frowned upon in most societies, it's kind of funny to see that story unfold. Monica clearly isn't happy about it and has some issues stemming from that as a result. Life, eh?

Question 19

In the first episode, which main character appears after all the others?

Let us try and explain this question a little bit better. What we're looking for here is for you to tell us which main character appeared last out of the core group in the first episode. As you'll probably know quite a few of them are in the very first shots of the show, whereas one or two more come along later on. Interestingly enough the person who comes in last is one of the most important pieces of the entire puzzle, and without her, we can't even begin to think about how the show would look. That's what's so good about alternate theories.

Question 20

True or False: An entire episode (or more) is based in Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas. It's true that the gang heads to Las Vegas at some point during the show's run, but we want to know whether or not it's a permanent thing (and by permanent, we mean it takes up one whole episode). A few iconic scenes here and there were filmed in Sin City (or at least based there) but having an entire episode go down in one location is very different. NYC is kind of different because of the nature of their living situations, but either way, it's hard not to think of the scenes we're talking about and laugh to yourself.

Question 21

Where is Chandler forced to work after falling asleep in a meeting?

Changing jobs is never easy, but sometimes, simply relocating is even worse - especially if you have no idea what you're agreeing to in the process. During an episode towards the second half of the series' run, Chandler has a job meeting which he is worried about all night long. He therefore doesn't wind up getting all too much sleep, and falls asleep during the meeting itself. He accidentally agrees to move to one of the following cities, which actually plays a really important role in the latter stages of the show as a whole. Why? Because Chandler grows some grapefruits.

Question 22

Where does Ross get married to Emily?

Emily is the definition of a gamechanger in the Friends series, and at first, it seems like it's for all of the right reasons. She comes across as kind, thoughtful, and a really genuinely lovely girl. Along the way, though, things kind of start to take a turn - but we aren't here to talk about that. We're here to talk about her actual wedding to Ross, which takes place in her hometown. The operation actually took up quite a few episodes, and we can only imagine just how much planning went into it. We'd say that it was worth it in the end, though.

Question 23

Who does Mike end up dating?

Paul Rudd didn't really have much of a name in Hollywood when he first entered Friends, but after just a few short episodes, it was clear to see that he would go on to do some big things in the business. He wound up playing the role of Mike, who wound up being an exceptionally important member of the cast. He was introduced fairly late on when you consider how long the show went on for, but there's an argument to be made that it felt like he belonged in the main cast for much longer than he actually was.

Question 24

Which main character gets married in the final season?

Weddings are an extremely important part of the story in Friends, because just about everyone that means something either gets married or takes part in one. That's not to say that they make up the central core of the storytelling for every single season, but it's definitely worth noting that they often take place in the season finale of whatever season they are a part of. Season 10 was a little bit different, though, because as you can imagine, there was a lot of stuff they had to cram into such a short space of time. In the end, this was a wedding to remember.

Question 25

Who tried to teach Joey how to speak La Française?

Joey can speak La Française, goddammit, and we won't have anyone tell us any different. Of course that wasn't always the case, and he needed to be taught the art of Les Bleus' language by another of the main characters. Surprisingly enough the character in question actually did know some legitimate French, and it wasn't like the time they tried to teach him how to play the guitar. It's seen as a bit of a silly time for the show and it's rated that highly as a result, but we tend to think it fits both characters pretty perfectly. At least, that's the story we're sticking with.

Question 26

How many sisters does Joey have?

As the only boy in a family of girls, it's understandable that Joey is a little bit special. When you also consider the fact that he is Italian by nature, you can just imagine how mental the family actually is. Chandler is someone who finds out the hard way that you shouldn't really even consider getting involved in all of that family chaos, because it isn't really worth the hassle. Joey himself had to have a few words with Chandler in the episode that you can see pictured, but the story of his sisters actually extends throughout the entire series.

Question 27

True or False: Bruce Willis appears in the show

As we've noted there have been a lot of famous actors to appear in Friends throughout the years, but we want to know whether or not Bruce Willis is one of them. The man has appeared in some legendary TV shows and movies over the years, and is perhaps best known for his role as the lead in the Die Hard franchise. We aren't so sure that John would fit into the world of Friends, but one thing is for sure, he'd definitely have to cut out his swearing. P.S: Die Hard is one of the greatest movies of all time (the original, obviously).

Question 28

How many people watched The Last One in the US?

The Last One was, as you can imagine by name, the final episode of Friends that aired. It was an emotional journey from start to finish as was the case with the series as a whole, and we'd argue it's one of the best 'final episodes' any sitcom has ever done. They were able to tie up a bunch of loose ends, they gave us a few feel good moments, and we all had a good cry or two as well. The question is: just how many people in the States watched it? Hint: yes, it's an abnormally large figure.

Question 29

Where did Joey move to after the season finale?

It always felt like a Joey spin-off was the way to go after Friends finished, and in the end, that's the exact direction they went in. A lot of folks didn't really like it too much and felt like it was nothing more than a cash cow, being done in an attempt to build off of Friends' legacy. In our opinion, though, it was a dramatically underrated show that we'd like to have seen more of. There are a couple of seasons for people to go back and watch and enjoy, and if you've never seen it, we'd be interested to hear what you think.

Question 30

How much could the gang have won on the winning lottery ticket they lost?

Out of all the episodes in the season this was in, this one was probably our favourite. When the gang tries to win the lottery they really do wind up bringing the best out of each other, and we mean that strictly from a character point of view. As we now know Phoebe accidentally drops the bowl full of tickets onto the street, and it is later revealed that someone picked up one of the tickets and won a large sum of money. When the revelation was made at the end of the episode, the glares in Phoebe's direction were just perfect.

Question 31

Who officiated Monica and Chandler’s wedding?

The journey of Monica & Chandler's relationship is really special, and as fans, we're glad that we got the chance to see it evolve over the course of ten seasons. They started off as nothing more than friends, and whilst there were hints of a relationship early on, nobody could've expected them to share the chemistry that they did. From keeping their fling a secret to actually falling in love, it was great to see them finally tie the knot as Chandler was able to overcome his worries and anxieties regarding commitment. Oh, and the guy officiating the ceremony was pretty important, too.

Question 32

Who has the last line of the entire show?

You need a little bit of comic relief sometimes, especially if you find yourself in a really serious situation. That was what happened in the final episode of Friends when, in the midst of everyone dropping off their keys, one character pulls out a line that serves as the perfect way to close the book on this chapter of their lives. It's pretty simple and it isn't even all that funny when you compare it to some of the gems that the show has produced over the years, but it's a fun little anecdote that we still look back and smile at.

Question 33

What sport is the Geller Cup contested in?

We've already noted that Ross and Monica are pretty competitive with one another, and have been that way since they were kids. When they were young they used to compete over the now famous Geller Cup, to the amusement of the rest of the gang. We saw the Geller Cup actually return in one of the early seasons of the show, and boy oh boy did it deliver. In truth there's only one sport out of the ones listed that could've done this episode justice, and it's up to you guys to deduce which one that is. P.S: We really want to see a rematch.

Question 34

True or False: Friends was a Super Bowl lead-out selection

If you live over in the United States then the odds are pretty good that you watch the Super Bowl on a year to year basis. It has become a tradition that feels like its as old as time itself, as people get together to enjoy the single biggest sporting event of the year. The lead-out show is usually a pretty big deal, because it's the TV show that is aired directly after the game. As a result the viewership tends to be pretty high, and we want to know whether or not Friends ever recieved that honour from their network.

Question 35

In what year did Season 4 start airing?

Season 4 had a lot of intriguing stories running throughout it, but aside from that fact, we just kind to want to know how much you guys truly do know about the ins and outs of this show. It's no secret that some seasons would extend beyond two different years, because they'd end up airing in the winter. As such this can be seen as something of a trick question, even though it probably isn't actually that difficult to work out in your head. Now that we've said that we can only imagine just how many of you are taking to Google for help. Cowards.

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