There's No Way Fans Can Name 100% Of These Mutants From The X-Men Universe

The X-Men have been a part of the Marvel Universe since 1963 when they were first created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Stan Lee has stated that he decided to use mutants as superheroes because it was an easy origin story. Only so many people could survive a gamma bomb or a radioactive spider bite, but anyone could be born with powers.

Fans of the characters may be shocked to learn that the comic was almost canceled at one point. In 1970 the comic book started publishing reprints of old stories, and fans didn't have a new X-Men story until 1975. This new story introduced fans to many of the characters that X-Men is currently associated with, and it breathed new life into the almost finished franchise.

During the 80s and 90s The X-Men, and their related titles, X-Factor, X-Force, New Mutants, and Generation X were some of the most popular characters and titles that Marvel had. The 90s cartoon show helped bring even more young fans into comics, and Mutants were everywhere.

The X-Men were one of the first Marvel movies created that appealed to a larger fan base, and with the news that Disney just got the movie rights back for the mutants, fans can expect to see a lot more of these characters in the near future. Soon fans will be seeing all sorts of new and interesting mutants. Who Can name all these mutants?

Question 1

Who is this founder of the X-Men?

This character is one of the most powerful telepaths in the entire world. He was injured and has used a wheelchair for years. He started the school that all the X-Men have attended. He is the person who had the dream of creating a world where mutants and humans could live together in harmony. He has not always made all the right decisions, and at times he has used questionable methods, but his dream has inspired many different heroes. Who is this teacher and founder of the Xavier Institute?

Question 2

Who is this mutant?

This is one of the most popular mutants in the whole Marvel Universe. He was so popular in fact that he started showing up in every book to help promote them. Soon he was so popular that it became fun to dislike the character for overexposure. Marvel wrote a story about him passing away in 2014 and he wasn't brought him back for three years. This short in stature Canadian hero can heal and he has three claws. Who is this mutant?

Question 3

Who is this leader of the X-Men?

This X-Men is considered the first member of the team. His power is an ability to shoot beams from his eyes. When he was a child he got a head injury and could not control the power anymore. He has to wear a pair of ruby quartz glasses or a visor to control his power. He has been a founding member of both the X-Men and X-Factor. His brother is a mutant as well, and his father became a space pirate. Who is this leader of the X-Men?

Question 4

Who is this X-Men?

This mutant has the power to control the humidity in the air and cause it to freeze. He has been an X-Men since the team was founded, and he was a founding member of X-Factor. He is an Omega level mutant, meaning that he is capable of being as powerful as Xavier, and Magneto. He can cover himself in a layer of frozen armor, and he travels on slides of the frozen water. What is the name of this mutant?

Question 5

Who is this leader of the X-Men?

This X-Men was originally an orphan in Egypt. She was also worshiped for a short time because of her mutant power that controls the weather. When she was recruited into the X-Men she helped save the first team of mutants from a living island. She lost her mutant power, but she never stopped leading the X-Men. She also became the leader of the Morlocks, mutants that hide from humans in the swears. Who is this powerful mutant who can summon lightning and rain?

Question 6

Who is this mutant?

This mutant has passed away, and come back so many times that it is hard to keep track. During her time with the X-Men, she has gone by a few different code names, including Phoenix and Marvel Girl, but the only name that has really stuck for any length of time is her real name. She is a telepath and a telekinetic. Her powers grew a lot when she fused with the Phoenix Force. Who is this powerful mutant who was the first female member of the team?

Question 7

Who is this X-Men and Avenger?

This member of the X-Men was not always blue and furry. When he first joined the team he had super strength, agility, and larger than normal hands and feet. He grew tired of being different though and experimented on himself to get rid of his powers. His plan failed, and it covered him in blue fur and made him appear more animal-like. This character is a brilliant scientist, and he became a member of the Avengers and X-Factor. Who is this blue furry mutant?

Question 8

Who is this high flying mutant?

This mutant was a founding member of The X-Men, X-Factor, and The Champions of L.A. He is an heir to a vast fortune, and he has used his money to help create clothing that helps hide his wings. This character would eventually sign up to become one of Apocalypse's 4 horsemen. He was given blue skin, and he also got metal wings that can shoot knives. In recent years he has changed back to his white feather wings. Who is this hero?

Question 9

Who is this mutant who was turned into a vampire?

This character was first introduced to the X-Men comics in the late 80s, but she became a much more popular character when she became one of the main characters of the 1990s cartoon X-Men: The Animated Series. She helped play the role of teenage sidekick for Wolverine, and she had the power to blast fireworks out of her hands. She is known for her yellow coat and her valley girl accent. If a mallrat loves chili fries name this X-Men and Generation X member who was turned into a vampire?

Question 10

Who is this mutant?

This mutant is from Louisiana, where he was part of the Thieves Guild. When he first started appearing in X-Men comics there was very little that fans knew about him, other then he was cool. His power is the ability to kinetically charge objects that explode on impact, or as he says it, "First I charge the cards then I throw the cards." This mutant has had a movie rumored for years starring Channing Tatum. Who is this character who recently got married in the comics?

Question 11

Who is this power stealing mutant?

This X-Men was first introduced as a villain for Ms. Marvel. She has the power to steal powers, and memories from people she touches. During a fight with Ms. Marvel, this character steals her powers, but she holds on for too long and puts the hero in a coma. She also acquired her strength and invulnerability for a very long time as well. She finally lost Ms. Marvel's powers, but she is still a force to be reckoned with. Who is this mutant who just got married?

Question 12

Who is this mutant, who may not be a mutant currently?

When this character was first introduced she was part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She later would reform and become a good guy and join the Avengers. Fans found out that she was the daughter of Magneto. She was a mutant up until Marvel started making movies. Fox owned movie rights to mutant characters that Marvel had, but this character had always been more connected to the Avengers than the X-Men, and so Marvel decided to retcon this character and claim she was no longer a mutant. Who is this character who may, or may not be a mutant?

Question 13

Who is Magneto's son?

This character was introduced as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. After he becomes disenfranchised with that team he and his sister left and became Avengers with Hawkeye and Captain America. This character has always been brash and arrogant, and it was revealed that he was a child of Magneto. Due to movie rights issues with Fox, this character was retconned as never having been a mutant (This also happened to Squirrel Girl). Who is this son of Magneto?

Question 14

Who is Cyclops' brother?

This mutant spends most of his time trying to live up to his brother's expectations and attempting to finish his degree. Though this character is very powerful he always seems to just want to live a normal life. He has the ability to shot energy blast from his body but he has a hard time controlling these blast and aiming them. He has been a member of X-Men, and he took over as leader of X-Factor after Cyclops left. Who is this mutant?

Question 15

Who is the X-Men's main antagonist, and sometimes ally?

This master of magnetism was once best friends with Charles Xavier. He has lived a hard life and has been persecuted for his genetics even before he knew he was mutant. The character believes that the only way for mutants to be truly safe they must be the ones in control. Even though he has been opposed to the X-Men he does sometimes work with them, and he even ran the school for a time in the 80s. Who is this complex villain?

Question 16

Who is Wolverine's greatest enemy?

This mutant has been a thorn in Wolverine's side for so long that Wolverine can't remember how they meet. The character first appeared as an Iron First Villian, but soon found his way into the X-titles. He has caused the X-Men many problems, but he has also been a member of the team, for a short period of time after his mind was erased. He has razor sharp claws and a healing factor, very similar to Wolverine's. Who is this angry character?

Question 17

Who is this mutant?

When the X-Men needed to find a new team to help save the old one, one of the first people they recruited was this Interpol agent. This character is from Ireland, and he had met the X-Men earlier when they helped free him from the control of a villain. He can use his voice as both a weapon and as a method of flight. This character was also the headmaster for Generation X. He is cousins with Black Tom Cassidy who is an X-Men villain. Who is this sonically based superhero?

Question 18

Who is this telepathic mutant?

This mutant is the sister of Captain Britain. She is a telepath who can form her power into psionic weapons that can mentally harm any living being. She has also trained to become a very capable hand to hand combatant, so even without her powers, she is dangerous. Though she can read people's minds, she is not as skilled in this as some of the other X-Men telepaths. Who is this warrior woman who likes to use psionic daggers and swords?

Question 19

Who is this lucky superhero?

This character was first introduced to the X-Men in the 1980s as a television performer for the Mojoverse. He is extremely athletic and nimble, which is partially due to his mutation that gave him hollow bones. The power that he uses the most though, even though he is not always aware he is using it, is his luck manipulation. This character is capable of improving his odds, and decreasing his opponent's odds. The key to his power is he has to think he is using it for good. Who is this hero?

Question 20

Who is this former circus performer?

Unlike may mutants on this list, this character was born with his mutation visible. It gives him blue fur, only three fingers and toes, and a tail. The character can teleport, but when he does there is a smell a sulfur. Many people who saw him thought that he was some kind of devil, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The character is kind and fun loving. He enjoys showing off and playing to a crowd. Who is this mutant?

Question 21

Who is this merc with a mouth?

When this character was first introduced, he was a mouthy villain character, and there was a sense of menace to him. The character has lost that edge to his personality in recent years as writers have decided to focus on his humor. HIs occasional nod and wink to the audience has become much more prevalent, and he has lost some of his fear and intimidation qualities. Does anyone know this characters real name?

Question 22

Who is this time traveling mutant?

This mutant is the son of a clone of Jean Grey and Cyclops. He came back in time to help stop Apocalypse before he can destroy the world. Due to the fact that he is a time travel character who also has clones, his backstory is utterly confusing, especially when someone tries to explain it quickly. What's important is he wants to make the world a better place, and he is willing to do so by any means necessary? Who is this time traveler who loves big guns and pouches?

Question 23

Who is this New Mutant leader?

This character was first introduced as a member of the New Mutants. These were young teenage students at the Xavier Institute who were learning how to be the next team of X-Men. The characters got into many sticky situations during their schooling and their leader was a guy who could blast off and travel at incredible speeds. While he was blasting he was nigh invulnerable and could hit almost anything and not get hurt. Who is this character who eventually joined the X-Men?

Question 24

Who is this strong mutant?

This mutant is one of the X-Men's strongest members. He can turn his skin into an organic steel. This helps give him added strength and added resistance to harm. In the 90s this X-Men joined with Magneto for a short time after he lost his sister, but he dealt with his grief and came back to the X-Men before he also passed away. He has come back in recent years, and almost got married this year. Who is this hero known for his sensitivity?

Question 25

Who is this mutant who can turn to diamond?

When this character was first introduced in the comics she was the headmistress of the Hellfire Club's school for gifted youngsters. She trained the Hellions, but she was almost completely destroyed when her students were lost due to a decision she made. This caused her to leave her school until she decided to try again with the students of Generation X. This worked well, and she would become the headmistress of Xaviars Institute. Who is this telepath who can also turn her skin into diamonds?

Question 26

Who is this New Mutant?

This character was one of the youngest members of the New Mutants. She was raised in an orphanage that taught her that her powers were created by evil forces, and so it was hard for her to use them. She could turn from a human into a wolf, just like werewolves of legend. She was a founding member of New Mutants and X-Force. This character is very religious and she was often unsure of her powers. Who is this character?

Question 27

Who is this mutant?

This character was the youngest member of the X-Men, and Xavier even tried to place her in the New Mutants after they were created, but she wouldn't stand for it. She remained an X-Men until she left with Nightcrawler to form Excalibur. She has had a bunch of different costumes and code names. She has gone by Sprite, Shadowcat, and Star-Lord. She has the power to phase through solid objects. She is also extremely intelligent and gifted with computers. Who is this hero?

Question 28

Who is this shape shifting mutant?

This character is one of the most intriguing villains that the X-Men face. She has pretended to be Rogue and Nightcrawler's mother. She has worked with the X-Men when it has suited her purposes, and against them when it doesn't. Her ability to take on the form and appearance of anyone helps make her an incredible spy. She is also a very skilled martial artist which can help on the few occasions where she is caught. Who is this character who has blue skin in her natural form?

Question 29

Who is this founding member of Generation X?

When fans first met this character they were actually meeting her two younger sisters who were impersonating her using their mutant abilities. They did eventual meet the real version of this character. She has been a part of Generation X, The X-Men, X-Factor, and the X-Corpse. She is super strong, fast, and has some telekinetic powers that give her flight and near invulnerability. She has also used her telekinetic powers to move objects, though this seems to be hard for her. Who is this mutant?

Question 30

Who is this mutant?

This mutant was originally a villain in the Fantastic Four comic. He remained a minor character for nearly twelve years when he was used in the Fallen Angels miniseries. After that, he became a main member of X-Factor and would play a huge part in the Age of Apocalypse storyline. This character has the ability to create duplicates of himself which he can reabsorb. This character would become the leader of X-Factor Investigations. What is the name of this mutant?

Question 31

Who is this mutant?

This character is the daughter of Banshee from the X-Men. She inherits her father's powers and can use her voice as a weapon, or to fly. She may be more powerful than her father and has worked with X-Force and X-Factor Investigations. During her time with X-Factor, she falls in love with the leader of the team. The character has had an extremely difficult life in the comics, and every time she seems to find joy it is ripped away from her. Who is this mutant?

Question 32

Who is this luck based hero?

This hero has had a huge spike in popularity recently. Maybe it is because of her new stand-alone comic, or maybe it is because she just made her big screen debut this year. Either way, everything seems to be coming together for her, which is exactly what she would expect. This character's mutant power is her luck. Things always seem to fall into place for her. She has been a member of X-Force, and the X-Men. Who is this lucky mutant?

Question 33

Who is this mutant who is the son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman?

The son of two members of the Fantastic Four has been referred to as the strongest mutant ever. This has been shown to be true multiple times in the Marvel Universe, but it was most apparent during the Heroes Reborn story. Due to fear for his mother and father this kid was able to create a pocket universe where he could store the heroes safely. Eventual he brought them back to the main Marvel Universe. Who is this mutant who can create whole new worlds?

Question 34

Who is this mutant who is an imperfect clone?

This character is an imperfect clone of one of the most popular X-Men. The original subjects DNA was damaged, and so the clone became a female and had claws in slightly different places. She still had a healing power though. She was trained to be a weapon for the people that created her, but she works hard to make sure she is her own person and not just a tool. The character was introduced in the X-Men Evolution cartoon but quickly found her way into comics. Who is this character?

Question 35

Who is this odd mutant?

This character is often cited when people are trying to think of gross, or strange mutants in the Marvel Universe. The character had two slugs, Eany and Meany, that could eat almost anything. After they ate they would infuse this character with extra human speed, strength, and durability. Though the character had some useful powers, they are extremely strange and they seem to be overly complicated. Just imagine having this guy over for dinner. What is the name of this weird mutant?

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