There’s No Way Fans Are Naming 100% Of These NFL Logos

The NFL, or National Football League, was first founded back in 1920 in the US. Since the merger in 1970 it has been formed by two conferences, the NFC and AFC battling it out between themselves. The champions of each conference then face each other in the final, most commonly known as the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is an international event that attracts millions of viewers from around the world. The viewing figures are well over 100 million, just for the final. This makes it the second most watched annual sporting event, after the UEFA Champions League Final.

There have been over fifty Super Bowl games, and they have become an increasingly large spectacle. The commercial airtime during the game is the most expensive of the year. Furthermore, there are usually huge stars performing both the national anthem before the game, and then their own sets during the game. Some people tune in just for these shows.

If somebody is doing this quiz, then it's because they know everything there is to know about the NFL. They know who has a long-standing rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles. They know which player has been dominating as quarterback since 2000. They know which team has won more championships than all the rest. And of course, they know which team each of these logos belongs to. So have a go, but there's no way anybody can name 100% of these NFL logos.

Question 1

Can anybody name this Southern team?

This southern team was founded by John W. Mecom Jr. on November 1, 1966. They are coached by Sean Payton and play at the Mercedes- Benz Superdome, although it used to be called the Louisiana Superdome. They are known for wearing black and gold, while their fans tend to sing 'When the Saints go marching in.' They first qualified for the playoffs in 1987 but did not make it very far. However in 2009 they won the Super Bowl XLIV. This makes them one of only three NFL teams to win their lone Super Bowl appearance. Can you name the team?

Question 2

Which Northern team has this logo?

This northern team plays in the Northern Football Conference, but they have never won a Super Bowl. However they did win the final NFL championship, before it merged with the AFL. This made them the last team to win the Ed Thorp Memorial trophy, in 1969. They play wearing the colours purple and gold at the US Bank stadium in Minneapolis. Their fans are hoping that their quarterback, Kirk Cousins, will be the one to lead them to victory. We'll see if Mike Zimmer will be successful in coaching them to win a championship. Which team does this logo belong to?

Question 3

Recognise this logo?

This team has not had much success in the last few years. They won the Super Bowl III in 1968, but that was their only Super Bowl appearance. However they have appeared in the playoffs 13 times. They play in the eastern division of the AFC and wear green and white. They are known as the Titans of New York, although their stadium is actually in New Jersey. They actually share their stadium, the Met Life Stadium, with another team. Fans are hoping that their coach, Todd Bowles, will bring them more success. Which team has this logo?

Question 4

Which team has this logo?

This team is one of the two newest teams in the NFL, playing their first season in 1995. They haven't had much success, although they have made seven playoff appearances. But things are looking better for them. They made the playoffs in 2017 for the first time since 2007. That year their defense earned the name 'Sacksonville' due to its dominance. This team is unique because their owner, Shahid Khan, is trying to grow a fan base in London. As such they play at least one game each year in London. There is even talk of them moving there permanently. Which team is it?

Question 5

Which West coast team has this logo?

This team played in the first season of the AFL back in 1960. However they then moved to a different city and were known as the San Diego Chargers, through until 2016. Now they are back in their original city and playing at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California. They play in the colours of navy blue, powder blue, white and gold and are sometimes known as the Bolts. They have made 18 playoff appearances, most recently in 2013, but so far they have not been victorious. They did make it to the Super Bowl XXIX in 1994, but they lost 49-26 to the San Francisco 49ers. Can you name them?

Question 6

Name this team.

This team was first established as the Morgan Athletic Club in Chicago back in 1898. This makes them the oldest professional football team to have been continuously run in the US. In more recent years they have been more famous for a different record though. They are currently the holders of the longest drought across all US sports, having not won in 70 consecutive seasons. They have made ten playoff appearances, and managed to reach the Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, but they lost 27-23 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Can you name this team that doesn't seem to be able to win?

Question 7

Who has this as their logo?

This team was first established in 1920. That makes it one of only two teams that have been playing since the NFL was first founded. They play in blue, orange and white at their home stadium, Soldier Field. They won the Super Bowl XX against the New England Patriots, under the guidance of their coach, Mike Ditka. They have had 26 playoff appearances, most recently appearing 2010. Although they have not been as successful in recent years, they do have the most members who have been enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as the most retired jersey numbers. Which team is it?

Question 8

Which team is this?

This team joined the NFL in 1976, at the same time as the Seattle Seahawks. However, they did not win a game until their penultimate match in 1977. Despite that, they are the first team to start ten or more rookies and achieve a winning season. They managed this in 2010. They are also one of only three teams to win their lone Super Bowl appearance. They beat the Oakland Raiders in 2002 at the Super Bowl XXXVII. This team is owned by the Glazer family and play at the Raymond James Stadium in Florida. Can you name the team?

Question 9

Which team has this logo?

This team was formed in 1960 and played under this name through to 1987. During this time it played in the eastern division of the National Football Conference and the players wore the colours red, white and black. Throughout their time in this city they were owned by the Bidwills, and from 1960 onwards, they played their home games at the Busch Memorial Stadium. They did not have a very successful career in this time, as they only made the playoffs three times. Furthermore, they never hosted or won in any of their playoff appearances. Can you name this team which has now relocated twice?

Question 10

Name this Northern team?

This team that plays in black, orange and white have played in the Paul Brown Stadium since 2000. It is named after their founder, who is also the father of the team's current owner, Mike Brown. Although this team have had 14 playoff appearances, they haven't won a playoff game since 1990. This is the longest drought in the NFL. In the 80s they were more successful and made it to two Super Bowls, XVI and XXIII, however they lost both of them to the San Francisco 49ers. They still haven't won a Super Bowl, although they have been hoping that their quarterback Andy Dalton can change that. Which team is it?

Question 11

Which team has this logo?

This team plays in silver and black, although their home has moved around a little. They are in the West division of the AFC, although from 1982-1994 they were based in Los Angeles, California. They have made 22 playoff appearances and won the Super Bowl three times, in 1976 (XI), 1980 (XV) and 1983 (XVIII). They also won the AFL in 1967. As such, they are the only team in the NFL or AFL to have been in the Super Bowl in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Their fans sing 'The Autumn in the Wind', but which team is it?

Question 12

Name this Southern team.

This southern team plays in the AFC. They played their first season in 2002, which makes them the youngest team in the NFL franchise. They replaced the Houston Oilers, who moved to Tennessee and are now known as the Tennessee Titans. This team was founded by Bob McNair, and was owned by him until his passing in 2018. They had a slow start to their NFL career, but in 2011 they made it to their first playoffs and also won their first division championship. They are the only team to have never played in a conference championship game. Who are they?

Question 13

Which team has this logo?

This team has had its name since 1999, but they had been playing under the name of the Houston Oilers since 1960. This southern team currently plays at the Nissan stadium in Nashville, with head coach Mike Vrabel. In total they have made 22 playoff appearances and they won the first two AFL Championships in the 60s. Although they have never won, they made one Super Bowl appearance in 2000 (XXXIV), but they lost to the St. Louis Rams 23-16. Their fans are now hoping that their quarterback, Marcus Mariota, can lead them to victory. Which team does this logo belong to?

Question 14

Which team doese this logo belong to?

This team is definitely one that has had mixed success. They are the only NFL team that has ever won four consecutive championships, from 1990-1993, however, they are also the only team that has lost four consecutive Super Bowl games. Since 1999 they have had very limited success, and in 2017 they reached the playoffs for the first time in the 21st century. This made them the last major US professional sports team to compete in the playoffs in this millennium. They play at the New Era Field and are the only team that plays their home games in New York State. Can you name the team?

Question 15

Which team has this logo?

This southern team plays in the National Football Conference, wearing the colours of red, black, silver and white. They have been playing at their current ground, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium since 2017, but before that they were at the Georgia Dome for over two decades. They have made 14 playoff appearances and two Super Bowls. In 1998 they lost the Super Bowl XXXIII to the Broncos, 34-19. More recently in 2017 they were very close to Super Bowl success, but they lost 34-28 in over-time to the New England Patriots. Hopes are still riding high that quarterback Matt Ryan can bring them victory. Which team is this?

Question 16

Which AFC team has this logo?

This team plays at the M&T Bank Stadium, wearing black, purple and metallic gold. Their first official season was 1996, however they were well-established before that point as the Cleveland Browns. When they moved to their new location in Maryland they had to leave their old records behind. Since 2000 they have made 10 playoff appearances and won two Super Bowls. They won the Super Bowl XXXV in 2000 against the New York Giants, then the Super Bowl XLVII in 2012 against the San Francisco 49ers. They are unique as the only NFL team that holds a perfect record for multiple Super Bowl and Thanksgiving Day appearances. Who are they?

Question 17

Anybody recognise this logo?

This blue and white team was formerly known as the Baltimore Colts. Now they are in the South division of the AFC, although they are no longer very far south. They have been playing at the Lucas Oil Stadium since 2008, and their head coach is Frank Reich. They have appeared in a total of 27 playoffs, 10 times while they were in Baltimore and a further 16 times since. They won the Super Bowl V in 1970, and since their relocation have won again, in the 2006 Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears. Can you name this team?

Question 18

Which NFC team does this logo belong to?

This franchise currently plays in the western division of the NFC, but it has very old roots. Its history leads back to 1936, when they were first formed as the Cleveland Rams. They moved to Los Angeles in 1951, then to St. Louis in 1999 before moving on again. As such, they are the only NFL franchise that has won championships while representing three different cities. In 2000 they won the Super Bowl XXXIV against the Tennessee Titans, but two years later they lost against the New England Patriots. What is the name of this team that keeps moving around?

Question 19

Which team has this logo?

This is one of the original teams in the NFL when it first split into two divisions in 1933. As such they have many long-standing rivalries, most notably with the New York Giants, who compete in the same division. They won the Championship Game three times, in 1948, 1949 and 1960. However in 2018 they won their first ever Super Bowl (LII) against the New England Patriots, as their quarterback Nick Foles led them to victory, 41-33. This team is known for having the most intimidating fans in the NFL. They are incredibly dedicated to their team and every game has been sold out since 1999. Who are they?

Question 20

Which AFC team has this logo?

This team was originally known as the Dallas Texans in 1960, but after three seasons they moved a little further north. Throughout their time they have been owned by the same family, and they are currently owned by founder Lamar Hunt's son, Clark Hunt. They play in red, gold and white and since 1972 have been playing at the Arrowhead Stadium. Although they are not from such a big city, they have had the second-highest attendance average over the last decade, behind the Washington Redskins. They are also in the Guinness Book of Records for having the loudest outdoor stadium in the world. Which team is it?

Question 21

Which team has this logo?

This is a big team and they boast many records. They are joint second for the most Super Bowl appearances, having played in eight, of which they won five. They have sold out a streak of 190 regular and post-season games, both home and away, since 2002. They are also the only NFL team to record 20 winning seasons in a row, from 1966-1985. Within that time they only missed out on the playoffs twice. They have been the most valuable NFL team for 12 years in a row, being valued by Forbes as worth over $5 billion. Which team is it that is the most valuable sports team in the world?

Question 22

Which NFC team has this logo?

As one of the newer teams in the NFL, this team played their first season in 1995. They are in the southern division of the NFC and since 1966 they have played at the Bank of America Stadium. They are actually one of only a few NFL teams that owns the stadium that they play in. They had a good start as a franchise and in 1996 they even recorded a winning season, but that was the last time until 2003. They have reached the Super Bowl twice, in 2003 and 2016, but they lost both times. Do you recognise the team?

Question 23

Does anybody know the team that has this logo?

This team has a mixed history for success. From 1960 through to 1973 they did not complete a winning season. However, since 1975 they have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL, and they have only had seven losing seasons since then. They have lost five Super Bowls, which is the joint most with the New England Patriots. However they have also won 3 Super Bowl championships. They beat the Green Bay Packers in 1997 (XXXII), then the Atlanta Falcons the following year (XXXIII), and then they won again against the Atlanta Falcons in 2015 (L). Which team is this that plays at the Broncos Stadium at Mile High?

Question 24

Who does this logo belong to?

This team played in the colours of blue and white, in Maryland. They played at the Memorial Stadium from 1953 through to 1983. They were named after their city's history of horse breeding and racing. They were a continuation from a different team that played 1947-1950 in the old football conference. In 1984 they moved cities and ceased to exist under this name. However before that, they made ten playoff appearances. They even won the Super Bowl V in 1970, when they beat the Dallas Cowboys, 16-13. It was the first Super Bowl after the completion of the AFL-NFL merger. Can you name the team?

Question 25

Does anybody know which team has this as their logo?

This team known as the Big Blue is the longest established north-eastern team in the NFL. They were first established in 1925 and were the first to win the Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy back in 1933. They have made 32 playoff appearances since 1933, and with 19 championship appearances, they have more than any other team. They have won eight NFL Championship titles, although four were before the Super Bowl era. Their four Super Bowl victories include the XXI in 1986 against the Denver Broncos, the XXV in 1990 against the Buffalo Bills, and the XLII in 2007 and XLVI in 2011, both against the New England Patriots. Who are they?

Question 26

Can anybody recognise this logo?

This team is particularly famous for its fan base. Their fans are so loud and supportive that they are known as the 12th man, and in 1984 the #12 jersey was retired as a tribute to them. They have played at the CenturyLink Field since 2002 and it is always one of the loudest stadiums in the league, although it is less noisy than their infamous Kingdome Stadium before it. This team has had 16 playoff appearances and three Super Bowl appearances. They won their first and only Super Bowl in 2013 (XLVIII) against the New England Patriots. Can you name this team?

Question 27

Which Eastern team does this logo belong to?

This eastern team plays at the FedEx Field in Maryland, wearing burgundy and gold. They are a very old team and have played more than one thousand games since they were founded in 1932. They are one of only five franchises in the NFL which has recorded over 600 regular season and post-season wins. They have a mixed history of success. Before the era of the Super Bowl, they competed in six Championship Games, in which they won in 1937 and 1942. They have also competed in five Super Bowl games, and won three of them. However, from 1946 to 1970 they had only four winning seasons. Who are they?

Question 28

Does anybody know the team that has this logo?

This is an old team, but in recent years they have not had much success. They played their first season in 1946 and are they only team, across all the US major professional sports, which played in their league Championship Game in each of the first ten years of their existence, from 1946 to 1955. But from 1965 to 1995 they did not win another championship game. The franchise was suspended until 1998. Since resuming play in 1999, this team has only had two winning seasons and one playoff appearance. They have also played 30 players in the quarterback position. Can you name this team?

Question 29

Can anybody recognise this logo?

Part of the original eight, this team has been playing since 1930, although with limited success. In fact, they are the only franchise to have been in operation for all 52 years of the Super Bowl era, without having appeared in one. They won four Championship Games, but all from 1935 to 1957. They are one of only four current teams that has not played in the Super Bowl, and they have the second-longest championship drought in the NFL, behind the Arizona Cardinals. In 2007 they became the first NFL team to have a losing season of 0-16. Who is this unlucky team?

Question 30

Which AFC team has this as their logo?

Since the arrival of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in 2002, this team had set a series of records. They are now one of the most successful franchises in NFL history. They have appeared in ten Super Bowl games in total, eight of which have been since 2000. In this time they have also won five Super Bowl games, which is now the second highest total ever. From 2009 to 2017 they have won nine straight division titles. In 2007 they had an undefeated 16 game season. They also have the longest winning streak in NFL history, with a 21 game streak from October 2003 to October 2004. Can you name the team?

Question 31

Does anybody recognise this logo?

From 1970 to 1995 this team was coached by Don Shula, one of the most successful head coaches in NFL history, with Dan Marino as his quarterback from 1983 to 1999. Together these tow led this team to have 24 winning seasons out of a possible 26, although they never won a Super Bowl together. However, this team did win two Super Bowls, and they were in back-to-back years, in 1972 (VII) and 1973 (VIII). Their 1972 season was a perfect season, which followed from reach the Super Bowl the previous year. Do you recognise which team this logo belongs to?

Question 32

Which team uses this as their logo?

This team is the oldest franchise in the AFC, in which they are in the northern division. They were formed in 1933 by Art Rooney and they are still owned by his family. For this reason they were known for decades as the Rooneymen, although their fanbase is known as Steeler Nation. Before the merger, they were a very unsuccessful team, but in the Super Bowl era they have become the most successful team in the NFL. In fact they have won more Super Bowls than any other team, with six victories from 1974 through to 2008. Which team is this?

Question 33

Who does this logo belong to?

This team is now defunct, but it played in the NFL from 1959 to 1996. Throughout its existence, this team was owned by Bud Adams. After the first eight years, they played all their home games at the Astrodome Stadium in Texas. Before the merger they played in the eastern division, but afterwards they were in the central division of the AFC. They were the first champions of the AFL, winning back-to-back contests in 1960 and 1961. The most notable feature of this team was the loss they experienced in 1993, when the Buffalo Bills made the largest comeback in NFL history. This team was winning 35-3, but they lost 38-41. Who are they?

Question 34

Which Western team does this logo belong to?

This western team plays at the Levi's Stadium as part of the National Football Conference. Formed in 1946, this team plays in red and gold .Their name comes from all the prospectors who arrived in northern California during the 1849 Gold Rush. Most of this team's success came during the 1981-1995 period when they were coached by Bill Walsh. It was in this time that they won five Super Bowls. They are ranked as the fourth most valuable team in the NFL, and the tenth most valuable sports team in the world. Do you know which team this logo belongs to?

Question 35

Can anybody name the team that has this logo?

This team is the third oldest franchise in the NFL, as it was formed back in 1919. They are the only non-profit, community-owned, major league, professional sports team in the US. They have even been playing at their home stadium Lambeau field since 1957. Despite this, they are still the 26th most valuable sports franchise in the world. They have also won 13 league championships, including four Super Bowl games. This team has played over 100 games against each of the Chicago Bears, the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions, and they have a winning record against each of them. Can you name the team?

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