There's No Way Even True Fans Can Get 100% On This Adam Sandler Quiz

Adam Sandler is an actor, screenwriter, film producer, comedian, and musician. He played small roles or unpopular roles until he became a cast member on Saturday Night Live, after which he continued his fame as a Hollywood star, starring in over 50 films, most of which he either wrote or produced himself. He may not make films that are very groundbreaking or tell a deep story, but other than his small group of haters, no one can deny that he is a funny man and a great comedian.

Even at the start of his career, when he was doing standup comedy, his talent was already beginning to show. He great at being loyal to his friends, for whom he always writes parts in his films. From the way the movies turn out, we can tell that it must be amazing to be on set with Adam Sandler and his gang of friends. They have great energy and always look like they're having fun. Drew Barrymore describes Adam Sandler as her cinematic soulmate. We think that he is our quizamatic soulmate. There are so many movies and so many fun facts to know about this incredible actor, so let's dive in!

Question 1

Which of these Adam Sandler movies does not have Drew Barrymore as the female lead?

Drew Barrymore has admitted that she always wanted to make movies with Adam Sandler, even before they had ever met. According to a Huffington Post article, Barrymore had even told Sandler that she thought they were cinematic soul mates. In the same interview, she goes on to say that she has always pushed him to create the movies with her, which have become his most famous. After their first movie together, she wrote him an emotional letter about what they should do next.

Question 2

What is the name of Adam Sandler's production company?

Adam Sandler started his own production company in 1999 and named it after two of his films that were great successes at the box office, both produced by Robert Simonds. The company is best known for its comedy films, mostly starring Adam Sandler, with its highest Rotten Tomatoes score at 68% for the film "Funny People" followed by "Reign Over Me" at 64%. Nonetheless, the company has grossed so much money over the last nineteen years that the amount is incomprehensible.

Question 3

What is the name of this Netflix original?

This Netflix original starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock is a story about the stresses that go into planning a wedding and losing a daughter to her happily ever after. Sandler plays a suburban dad who runs a hotel but struggles to make ends might while trying to please his large and nosey family. Rock, on the other hand, plays the part of a wealthy and successful surgeon who has distanced himself from his family because of his playboy attitude.

Question 4

What was the name of the kid in "Big Daddy"?

Played by Dylon and Cole Sprouse, you may have a bit of difficulty remembering the name of this character. Sonny, played by Adam Sandler, finds himself stuck taking care of this kid who does have his own name but prefers to go by Frankenstein since Sonny lets him do what he wants. The two, though distant at first, grow really close and form an unbreakable bond. They both teach each other a lot of things and become the best of friends.

Question 5

Which of these actors is not commonly associated with Adam Sandler?

Adam Sandler, like many other actors, is known for having a group of actors that he commonly works with. While most of his movies showcase the talent of one or two of his buddies with some surprise appearances from others, "Grown Ups" featured all his main friends. Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade and Rob Schneider play a group of old friends who reunite for the summer. Which of these actors is not commonly associated with Adam Sandler?

Question 6

Which film is this supporting character from?

This butler, played by John Turturro, another one of Sandler's friends, is a great character from this 2002 film. The movie is a remake of a 1936 Frank Capra film of a similar name. Adam Sandler plays Longfellow the sudden heir to a great fortune held by his great uncle, Preston Blake, who freezes to death on a mountain climbing exhibition. However, the butler turns out to be the illegitimate son of Preston Blake and the rightful heir to the fortune.

Question 7

Which film did Adam Sandler first appear in?

In his very first screen performance, Adam Sandler plays the role of Schecky Moskowitz in this film. Though first released in 1989, this film was given a second release in 1996 after the great success of Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Live and in his next films. The movie is about a struggling comedian who works on a cruise ship. He hits some walls when it comes to being the best comedian but ultimately, he succeeds in making people laugh.

Question 8

Which is the first film Adam Sandler produced?

Though it may not always seem like it, Adam Sandler is a very talented man. Not only does he act, but he has also produced over forty films and written over fifteen. The first film he ever produced was in 1998 about an unlikely character who becomes the star of a college football team for his ability to tackle people who are much larger than he is. He must keep his new-found talent secret from his overprotective mother who hates football.

Question 9

Who is the female lead in "Mr. Deeds"?

In this film, the female lead plays the part of the reporter who pretends to date Longfellow Deeds in order to get the inside scoop for an exposée on the man, his family, and his fortune. Of course, along the way, she develops real feelings for Longfellow and is caught between emotions and her career. When there are lies there is always betrayal. Though Babe wants to tell Longfellow who she really is, a jealous coworker gets to it before she does.

Question 10

Who stars with Adam Sandler in "Just Go With It"?

In this 2011 film, Adam Sandler plays a successful plastic surgeon who got left at the alter years back. This led him to use his tragic story as a pick-up story when meeting other women. He became very closed off to love and the only woman he ever really cared about was his assistant Katherine. The film is based on a 1969 film, Cactus Flower, which was adapted from a Broadway stage play. Can you remember who plays his assistant, Katherine?

Question 11

In which film does Adam Sandler play Donny Berger?

Donny Berger is a has-been reality star who is famous for getting his teacher pregnant. A television show is made based on his story, but the story is so dead now that Donny has spent all of his money and no longer has anymore coming in. In attempts to reboot his fame, Donny tries to get his estranged son to visit his mother in jail with a camera crew present for reality television. Too bad his son hates him and wants nothing to do with him.

Question 12

Who plays the son in "That's My Boy"?

Donny Berger's son, Han Solo, has completely turned his life around after leaving his father. He changed his identity, lost a ton of weight, and is now engaged to a beautiful woman, played by Leighton Meester. Han Solo, now known as Todd, left Donny when he turned eighteen to get away from his name and toxic lifestyle, but when Donny shows up at his boss's house on the weekend of his wedding, it seems as though his world is suddenly crashing down on him.

Question 13

Who is Sandler's co-star in "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry"?

In this 2007 film, Adam Sandler, who plays Chuck, and his costar, who plays Larry, play two firefighters who get married so that Chuck can help Larry out with money for raising his kids by sharing their life insurance benefits. Larry being a life-long bachelor is reluctant at first, but is reminded by his friend Larry that he owes him his life for saving him in a fire. Larry reluctantly agrees and this becomes the start of a new adventure.

Question 14

Which was Adam Sandler's first television appearance?

Playing Smitty in four episodes of the show, Adam Sandler makes his television debut in 1987. Only twenty-one at the time, Sandler was just starting out his career, but in just a few short years he would become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood as an actor, writer and producer. His career really picks up in 1995 when he writes and stars in both "Billy Madison" and "Happy Gilmore". Soon after, he would start his production company and go through a period of non-stop movies.

Question 15

What is the name of this film?

This 2000 comedy stars Adam Sandler playing one of Satan's three sons. He tries to save his father and stop his brothers from taking over Earth. The story revolves around the struggle to decide which of the three sons gets to take over the throne of hell. Satan decides that none of them are ready so Cassius and Adrian decide to create their own hell in New York City. His sons having left, Satan starts to deteriorate because the gates are frozen and no new souls are entering hell.

Question 16

What is the name of this film?

This 2004 romantic comedy is about a veterinarian named Henry Roth who meets a girl with amnesia named Lucy Whitmore. They live in Hawaii and meet at a cafe where Lucy works. Henry waits there every morning for the coast guard. Henry asks her out and then quickly realizes that she has a memory problem so that every morning it's like they are meeting for the first time. The film has a score of 44% on Rotten Tomatoes, but 100% in our hearts.

Question 17

What is the name of this film?

In this 1998 American romantic comedy, Adam Sandler plays the part of a wedding entertainer. At the beginning of the film, he is heartbroken and is singing all the saddest songs possible. Drew Barrymore plays a waitress at the same wedding hall and they get to know each other outside the hall. Living in a small town they run into each other a lot, and despite her engagement to another man, a horrible man, they end up together, as they should.

Question 18

What is the name of this film?

This film isn't very known as it failed to recuperate its production expense at the box office. It is a drama starring Adam Sandler and Emily Watson and tells the story of Barry Egan is a single man who owns a company that markets themed toilet plungers and other novelty items. He follows his love interest on a business trip to Hawaii. They fall deeper into their relationship and live happily together. The film had mostly positive reviews and gained and 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Question 19

What is the name of this film?

This film was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures in 2008. It tells the story of a man named Skeeter Bronson (played by Adam Sandler) who is a hotel maintenance guy. Skeeter has to watch over his sister's kids for a few days. Each night when he puts the children to bed, they make up a story together. Skeeter then finds that these stories are magically coming true. The film received negative reviews from critics but was a box-office success.

Question 20

In which of these Adam Sandler movies does Christopher Walken appear?

In this 2006 film, Christopher Walken plays Morty, "the Angle of Death". Morty is a strange scientist who pretty much appears out of nowhere to Michael Newman, played by Adam Sandler, who is an overworked architect. Michael, only at Bed Bath & Beyond to look for a universal remote, ends up with a very different kind of remote. He is now able to control time with just the click of a button. He can pause, rewind, fast-forward and even replay.

Question 21

Who is this Adam Sandler character?

Adam Sandler plays both a man and a woman in this 2011 film about twin siblings. Growing up, Jack and his sister always had different abilities. Jack was always the gifted one, while his sister was more clumsy and slow. When she shows up for the holidays, Jack needs to find ways to keep her out of trouble and out of his hair. He feels that she always ruins everything and doesn't want that to get in the way of his career.

Question 22

What is Adam Sandler's middle name?

Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 9, 1966. He grew up in a Jewish family and is of Russian descent, born to a mother who was a teacher and a father who was an electrical engineer. At the age of six, he moved to New Hampshire where he grew up until he moved back to New York to attend New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, from which he graduated in 1988. What is his middle name?

Question 23

In which of these movies is Rob Schneider not present?

Rob Schneider is an American actor, and friend of Adam Sandler, who was born in San Fransisco on the thirst first of October, 1963. With his first role in 1990 film, "Martians Go Home", Schneider has been in many movies over the years, mostly overlapping with those starring Adam Sandler. Though he has been in many of Sandler's movies, there are a few where we are missing his presence. Can you tell us which of these Adam Sandler movies does not feature Rob Schneider?

Question 24

In which of these Happy Madison films does Adam Sandler not appear?

This film was produced by Adam Sandler along with Kevin James and Barry Bernardi. Most of the filming took place in Burlington, Massachusetts and the film was released in January of 2009. Production took place in Boston in the latter half of 2008. The film received a 32% based on 114 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and received an average rating of 4.6/10. The film was number one on the domestic list on opening day and made an average of $3, 105 per theatre.

Question 25

Where was this photo bomb taken?

Recently, Adam Sandler was spotted by a couple taking their wedding photos. He was walking by and saw them so he went over to congratulate them. They told him they were huge fans and have seen all of his movies. To that, Sandler responded by taking pictures with them even though he was dressed in a large t-shirt and basketball shorts. Look out for celebrities popping up at your next photo shoot! Are you in the know about which city this incident occurred in?

Question 26

Which of these animated films stars Adam Sandler?

This animated film, which is coming out with a part three soon, stars many of the actors that are part of the Adam Sandler gang, as well as Selena Gomez. The film, produced by Sony Pictures Animations was released in September of 2012. The sequel was then released in 2015 and part three is scheduled to come out this year. A television series based on the same characters has also made its way on Disney Channel, beginning in June of 2017.

Question 27

Who plays Sandler's wife in "The Week Of"?

This actress, like Adam Sandler, was also on Saturday Night Live. She has also made appearances in some of his other films such as "That's My Boy", "Just Go With It", and "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry". She is the daughter of a transportation director and a radiologist and was born in Lexington, Massachusetts. He brother is a writer and producer, so it probably runs in the family. She was always the class clown type and always chose comedy over drama.

Question 28

Who plays Sandler's wife in "Grows Ups"?

Adam Sandler plays Lenny Feder, who some people in the film call Hollywood because he is a bigshot talent agent. He is married to fashion designer Roxanne Chase. Together they have three children, a daughter named Becky and two sons named Greg and Keithie. They are an odd couple because Lenny is goofy looking, while Roxanne is incredibly gorgeous. They are, however, a wonderful couple and great parents. They love each other and it shows in the way they raise their kids.

Question 29

What is the name of this Adam Sandler character?

This Adam Sandler character is a failed hockey player who can't catch a break. His girlfriend leaves him over his hockey obsession and lack of success. He then finds out that his grandmothers home will be auctioned off by the IRS because she hasn't been paying taxes. He uses his newfound golf talent to hustle people so that he can win back all the money his grandmother owes for not having paid her taxes. This is one of Sandler's most successful characters.

Question 30

What is the name of this Adam Sandler film?

This 1995 film, also being one of Adam Sandler's most successful movies is about a twenty-seven-year-old heir to a huge hotel company who, growing up rich, has never had to follow through on a responsibility in his life. When his father decides that he is incapable of taking over the company, they compromise that he must finish all twelve grades of basic schooling in order to prove that he is ready to take over the company. He proves his knowledge in an academic decathlon.

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