There's No Way Even The Biggest Sephora Junkie Can Match The Makeup To The Brand

Anyone who knows anything about makeup will know that walking into a makeup store like Sephora or Ulta can be a lot to take in. There are just so many products in the beauty and skincare world that anyone who isn't super into makeup and skincare products can get confused really easily by the amount of products that are on the shelves in stores like those. There are a ton of different brands, each of which have a whole line of their own products that line the shelves of makeup stores. From foundation to blush to eyeshadow palettes and tubes of lipstick, there are a ton of makeup products. Not only do makeup lovers have to remember what each of these products are used for, they also have to remember what they're called and what brand they're from. It's important to remember things like that so we can re-purchase our favorites once they run out!

Because there are so many different products, it's not always easy for makeup lovers to remember them all. Of course, we remember who makes our favorite foundation and who made that brand new eyeshadow palette we just spotted on social media and have to pick up, but what about all the other makeup products?

Even the biggest Sephora junkie can't remember all of those! Who thinks they can?  Prove it by getting 100% of these brands right!

Question 1

What brand made this Soft Glam eyeshadow palette?

The word "soft" is definitely a good one to explain this eyeshadow palette. This palette is from a high-end makeup brand that makes quite a few really popular palettes that stores like Sephora and Ulta just can't keep on the shelves. This brand also makes other palettes like the Subculture and Modern Renaissance palette which definitely have darker, deeper, and often more grunge-inspired shades in them. Meanwhile, the Soft Glam palette has a lot of really soft, pastel matte shades. This palette has shades like Orange Soda, a creamy matte orange, Noir, a deep navy pop of darkness, and Rose Pink, a glittery pastel pink shade.

Question 2

What brand released this rainbow highlighter?

Highlighter has become a really popular product in the makeup world in recent years. It adds some light and brightness to the high points of a person's face and is applied to places like the tip of the nose, the top of the cheekbones, and can even be used as eyeshadow for someone who's looking for more of a glowy or shimmery look. Highlighter can come in just about any shade from white to gold to even colorful tones like pink and purple. This brand released their Life's a Festival collection, themed all around unicorns, which included this rainbow pan of highlighter.

Question 3

What brand is behind the Alien eyeshadow palette?

This palette is totally out of this world! Fans of this social media star were anxiously awaiting the latest palette that would be released from their makeup brand. The palette comes in a super unique package that's shaped like an alien's head and inside, makeup lovers will find some shades that totally look like they came straight from another planet because they're so colorful and gorgeous. There's a wide range of colors and they each have a really unique, alien-inspired name to keep the theme going throughout the palette. Some include Pluto, GraviTea, Area 51, X-Files, Flying Saucer, and Space Cowboy.

Question 4

What brand released this Moondust palette?

The brand behind this palette is one that launched in the 1990s and, according to Wikipedia, launched with a range of colors that were totally grungy and inspired by life in the big city. Instead of the totally bright, neon shades that were dominating the 1990s, this brand chose to launch their lipsticks and nail polishes in shades that were a little more unique. Today, they're still known for being totally out there but they've brought a lot more color into their line. This palette is called the Moondust palette, comprised completely of colorful and glittery shadows like Magnetic, Lightyear, Galaxy, and Element.

Question 5

What brand made the Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette?

This palette is called the Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette and is totally inspired by the desert and gemstones that all come together into one palette that can create a ton of different looks. According to Sephora's website, this palette consists of not only a lot of different shades but a lot of different finishes as well. According to Huda Beauty, the palette includes "one dazzling glitter, eight creamy mattes, six shimmering pearl shades, and three duo-chrome toppers" that can be applied to the top of other shadows to give them a super unique finish. How many makeup lovers think they know the brand behind this palette?

Question 6

What brand makes these Studded Kiss lipsticks?

The brand that makes this lipstick is known for being on the more edgy side. The owner of this brand is someone who used to be on a reality TV show based totally around a tattoo parlor that she worked at. She became known for her totally awesome tattoos and celebrity clientele but eventually she branched out into the makeup world. One of the really popular products that can be found at Sephora for fans of her brand is her Studded Kiss lipstick. They come in a pretty traditional lipstick tube, minus the fact that it's black and totally covered in super cool studs.

Question 7

What brand makes Shape Tape concealer?

Sorry, Sephora lovers! This makeup world favorite concealer isn't actually available at that store. Instead, it's only found on the shelves or on the website of Ulta! This concealer is from a brand that can typically be found in Sephora, since it's a high-end brand and that's all Sephora sells, but the brand chose to make it an Ulta exclusive, which means people have to stop at a second makeup store to grab a tube of it. According to Ulta's website, one tube of this concealer is sold every 12 seconds! This concealer is a full coverage one that moisturizes the skin with mango seed and shea butters.

Question 8

What brand released this Hello Happy foundation?

How cute is the packaging that this foundation comes in? We know, it's not cool to judge a book by its cover but let's be honest, sometimes it's just so hard not to. There are some makeup products that come in the absolute cutest packaging and we just can't help but fall in love at first sight after we lay our eyes on it. This foundation is definitely no exception to that! This foundation comes in a little square bottle that has a super cute metallic pink lid on it. The bottle matches the shade of foundation inside and has the cutest face on the back.

Question 9

What brand makes these Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipsticks?

In the past few years, matte lipstick has become more and more popular. It seems like just about every brand on the market has released their own version of matte lipstick, whether it's a liquid lipstick that dries down matte or is more like this one that comes in a traditional tube style but goes on super matte with no shine. This lipstick is called the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipstick and it comes in a huge range of different shades. From One of the Boyz, a bright lilac shade, to Candy Venom, a hot pink tone, there's something for every makeup look in this line.

Question 10

What's the brand behind this Sweetie Pie bronzer?

Bronzer is a product that brings warmth and brightness to a person's face when it's applied. People typically apply bronzer around the perimeter of the face like around the forehead and temples, under the cheekbones, and under the jaw in order to help add some shadow and a little bit of a sun-kissed look to their face after their foundation has set. This bronzer is one that isn't just a single shade like many others on the market. Instead, it has three different tones that blend together for the perfect shade. All the shades are braided together for a super cute lattice pattern that looks just like a peach pie!

Question 11

What brand did Jaclyn Hill collaborate with for this palette?

The makeup brand behind this huge eyeshadow palette is known for their super affordable products like eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes. Anyone who watches beauty gurus on YouTube will have definitely heard at least one of them mention having a discount code for their products when they pull out one of their palettes or their brushes to use in a tutorial video. One of those YouTube beauty gurus, Jaclyn Hill, collaborated with this makeup brand in order to create this eyeshadow palette. This palette has a total of 35 shades in it and has a huge variety of different shades to pick from.

Question 12

What's the brand behind this Pro Filt'r foundation?

Who doesn't want to copy their favorite A-lister's best makeup looks? There are definitely some actresses and musicians whose makeup we're completely obsessed with and wish we could just swap makeup collections so we could copy their looks at home. This singer and actress released her own makeup brand and had both her fans and makeup lovers alike totally obsessed as soon as it dropped. This foundation is one of the first products that launched with the line and is called the Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear foundation. The foundation comes in 40 shades and has a medium coverage, matte finish.

Question 13

What brand made this Unicorn Tears bronzer?

Some makeup brands get really clever when it comes to the collections they release. This bronzer came from a collection that this brand released called the Life's a Festival collection. This collection was released with several products that all have rainbows and unicorns on the packaging and are super shimmery and perfect for heading to a music festival in the summer or any other occasion in which you might want a look with a little more shimmer. This bronzer has a brown shade all over with a super shimmery unicorn laid into it to add some extra sparkle and shine.

Question 14

What brand released this Norvina eyeshadow palette?

This super fun palette is called the Norvina eyeshadow palette and is named after the founder of the makeup brand that released it. Owning a makeup brand would be totally awesome but we have to admit, naming a product after ourselves would be pretty nerve-wracking. It would have to mean that this palette is absolutely perfect and filled with the best and most gorgeous shades that your makeup line can create! According to this brand's website, that's exactly what this is. The website says that this palette is full of Norvina's go-to colorful and shimmery shades and is meant to look super whimsical and fun.

Question 15

Which sister's brand did Kourtney Kardashian collaborate with on this palette?

We all know that the Kardashian-Jenner family does everything together. They're together on their TV shows a lot, they appear in posts on each other's websites, and are often seen on each other's social media accounts. One thing that we know the sisters would never leave each other out of is their makeup lines! Both Kylie and Kim have a makeup brand and one of them collaborated with their sister, Kourtney, in order to create some super cute products. This palette is called the Green Palette and is one of the eyeshadow quads that came out with the brand's Kourt collection.

Question 16

What brand is this powder sunscreen from?

We all know how important it is to wear sunscreen, right? Even though being out in the sun might be a lot of fun and we all totally love to spend time outside when the weather is nice, the sun isn't exactly so friendly with your skin. That's why putting on sunscreen all over, both on your body and your face, is so important! But who wants to mess their makeup look up by putting sunscreen over the foundation, blush, and bronzer they just spent so much time applying? Not us! That's why this brand released this powder sunscreen that comes with a brush attached.

Question 17

What brand is Cloud Paint from?

Just about every makeup brand sells blush in some form. For many of them, it comes in a powder form and can be in so many different shades from neutral tones that are slightly brown to more bold shades like hot pink or orange to darker tones like red and burgundy. There are also some brands that sell cream blush, but a lot of makeup lovers tend to find them slightly harder to work with since they're so pigmented and can look a little too bright if they're not blended out right. Cloud Paint is a super sheer cream blush that the brand claims is easy to blend and never looks too dark.

Question 18

What brand makes Hoola bronzer?

The brand that created Hoola bronzer has created a ton of product s that come in a similar package. These products are called their Box O' Powder products and include bronzer, blush, and even highlighter. These products have become favorites for many makeup lovers that like this brand, both because of how pigmented they are and how cute the little boxes they come in are. This product is their classic Hoola bronzer which comes in their original matte format and in a slightly lighter shade for people who want something a little less intense. What brand created this Hoola bronzer?

Question 19

What brand is the Full Spectrum palette from?

There are a lot of palettes on the market that are either made up entirely of neutral tones or have a lot of neutrals with a few pops of color in them. The eyeshadows that a person likes are super personal but many people tend to gravitate closer toward more neutral, easy-to-wear tones and just use color as a little accent because it's so easy to create so many looks that way. But there are definitely some makeup lovers that want to be anything but neutral and prefer for their eyeshadow to make a statement! That's exactly who this Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette is for.

Question 20

What brand made this Cocoa Contour face palette?

Thanks to celebrities and social media, highlighting and contouring has become more popular in the makeup world than ever before. Highlighting and contouring is a makeup technique that involves taking shades that are darker and lighter than a person's skin in order to perfectly sculpt and chisel out their features to emphasize the features a person likes and minimize the ones they don't by using light and shadow to perfect a person's features. This palette is one that is used for highlighting and contouring and has four different shades in it including two highlighter shades and two different shades of contour shades.

Question 21

What brand makes Great Lash mascara?

Anyone who is familiar with drugstore makeup will definitely know the brand that makes this iconic mascara. This mascara has been around for a long time and has been a favorite for many makeup lovers for decades. According to the website of the brand that makes it, this mascara has been on the market for over 40 years and they're showing no signs of slowing down with its production any time soon. These days, it comes in a few different shades like different levels of black and even a bold navy blue. What brand makes this iconic pink and green mascara tube?

Question 22

What brand made Born This Way concealer?

Born This Way is not only the name of a super catchy song by Lady Gaga but it's also a foundation and concealer from this high-end makeup brand. Anyone who has ever been inside of Sephora or checked out their website will know that there are a ton of different concealers there! Just about every brand has their own concealer which makeup lovers reach for when it's time to brighten up their face, cover up a stubborn blemish, or hide their dark circles after they stay up way too late. This concealer is one of the best sellers at Sephora with 4.5 stars on over 1,000 reviews.

Question 23

What brand is this eyeshadow palette from?

Even though there are definitely a lot of really bright and colorful eyeshadow palettes out there, there are some times when we just want to reach for something that has some more neutrals in it. Bright eyeshadow looks are a ton of fun for special occasions or for days when you're just really feeling a pop of bright color, but there's definitely nothing wrong with something a little more neutral and toned down. This palette is called The Bronze Palette and is perfect for days when you want to have a more toned down eye look. What brand made this palette?

Question 24

What brand are these liquid lipsticks from?

These liquid lipsticks are from a brand that's known for being totally vegan and doesn't test on animals, something that many makeup lovers who are also animal lovers definitely look for when they're checking out new makeup brands. These lipsticks come in a liquid tube with a doe foot applicator and dry down to a totally matte finish. For makeup lovers that just can't get enough in the world of color, these lipsticks come in a huge range of different shades from classic tones like neutral browns and bright reds to the more bold end of the color spectrum like purple, black, and even blue.

Question 25

What brand made this Chocolate Gold palette?

This isn't the first chocolate-themed eyeshadow palette that this brand has released. They became really popular in the makeup world when they released their Chocolate Bar palette several years ago. The palette has a ton of warm, chocolatey tones and is even infused with cocoa powder so it smells deliciously like a sweet bar of chocolate but we definitely don't recommend licking the excess off your brush! Makeup is not for eating! This palette is the Chocolate Gold palette, a palette that comes in a totally gold package that's meant to look like a chocolate bar. Inside, the shades are foiled and oh so shiny.

Question 26

What's the brand behind this Lila eyeshadow palette?

This eyeshadow palette is definitely the perfect one for anyone who loves the shade purple. According to Sephora's website, the owner of the high-end makeup brand that created this fabulous eyeshadow palette loves the color purple and was inspired by that shade to create an eyeshadow palette totally full of different shades of purple and purple-toned colors in different finishes. Even though the eyeshadow palettes from this brand are totally a splurge, with this one ringing up at $129, makeup lovers who are really into eyeshadow definitely can't keep their eyes off palettes from this brand. What brand made this Lila palette?

Question 27

Which brand does the Calm Before the Storm palette belong to?

This palette is one from a brand that is pretty popular for makeup lovers and recently started being sold in Ulta! There are quite a few brands out there in the makeup world that unfortunately, us makeup lovers just can't find in stores like Sephora and Ulta. But it's not like that stops us from making a trip over to their website when they release a new shade of liquid lipstick or a brand new eyeshadow palette. This palette comes in a bright yellow package and is called the Calm Before the Storm palette which has ten colorful shades in it.

Question 28

What brand made this Holy Grail Pro palette?

This palette is called the HG - PRO eyeshadow palette and is from a brand that is definitely a staple on the shelves at Sephora. This palette has a total of 20 shades that range from lighter shades to deeper tones but they're all warm, cranberry colors that are perfect for a multitude of makeup looks that work for daytime events or even night events. This palette has a mix of different matte shades with shimmery ones which means it's perfect to use by itself for various makeup looks or with other eyeshadow palettes to create many different looks. What brand is it from?

Question 29

What brand makes these Match Stix Skinsticks?

These are called Match Stix and come in two different formulas. These products are from a brand that's owned by a super huge celebrity and have every makeup lover obsessed with them. They come in super geometric packaging that has magnets that help them snap together in a person's makeup collection in order to store easier. They come in two different formulas. One is the Match Stix Matte Skinstick which comes in a variety of shades and can be used as concealer. The other is the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick which can be used as highlighter or blush. What brand are these from?

Question 30

What brand made this Gingerbread Spice eyeshadow palette?

A lot of makeup brands come out with holiday gift sets during Christmas. It's the perfect way to buy a gift for someone in your life who loves makeup or even to treat yourself to a limited edition gift set! This palette was released during the holiday season by a brand that definitely always has their packaging on point. This palette is so cute and looks perfect for Christmas with the gingerbread theme. The palette is called the Gingerbread Spice palette and has a lot of neutral tones with pops of color, each with a gingerbread-themed name like Oh Snap!, Spice of Life, and Gumdrop.

Question 31

What brand made this Moonchild Glow Kit?

This palette is one that is meant to be used on the face and body but can also be used as eyeshadow. It's called the Moonchild Glow Kit and is one of a few different Glow Kits that this high-end makeup brand has created. Each Glow Kit has different shades of highlighter in it that all come together to create one totally gorgeous palette. Highlighters come in all kinds of different shades and this palette alone has six different shades in it. Blue Ice, Purple Horse, Lucky Clover, and Star are some of the shades in this palette which ranges from white to purple.

Question 32

Which brand made these Melted Matte-tallic lipsticks?

The brand that made these liquid lipsticks has made several different lipsticks in their Melted line. They all come in a tube with an applicator and dry down to a different finish, depending on which lipstick it is. They include their classic Melted Matte lipstick that dries to a totally matte finish, the Melted Latex lipstick that ends up with a shiny finish, and these Melted Matte-talic lipsticks. These lipsticks go on super smooth and dry to a really unique metallic finish that's so different from other lipsticks that can be found on the Sephora shelves. What cruelty-free brand makes these lipsticks?

Question 33

Who knows the brand behind this Atomic Blonde palette?

Anyone who's totally obsessed with makeup will know that it doesn't take long for a person's makeup collection to get pretty huge. Between single eyeshadows, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, blush, foundation, bronzers... Phew! There's just so much makeup out there and it's hard not to want it all every time a favorite brand releases a new product or collection. This NARS palette combines an eyeshadow palette and a face palette into one easy to travel with, space-saving palette that can be used alone or with other products to create a warm, bronze makeup look. It has four eyeshadows, a bronzer, and gold highlighter.

Question 34

What designer brand is this Volupté Liquid Color Balm from?

Even though the brand that made this lip color is known for making designer products like clothes and bags, they also make luxury makeup products that can be found at stores like Sephora. We all know that Sephora is the home to high-end makeup brands, but who knew they had so many designer brands, too? This lip color has a medium coverage and is super shiny. This lip color comes in a ton of different shades including Show Me Peach, a neutral coral tone, Hook Me Berry, a deep berry shade, and Grab Me Red, a sweet and bright red.

Question 35

What skincare brand makes these egg-based products?

New makeup and skincare trends seem to be popping up all the time on social media and then on the shelves of stores like Sephora and Ulta. One source for new trends in the skincare and beauty world is South Korea. There, they have some really innovative skincare products and routines and the rest of the world has definitely been taking tips and tricks from brands there. One brand that made its way from South Korea to the rest of the world is this one which can be found in Sephora. One line of products they have is made with egg yolk and egg white extracts.

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