There's No Way Even The Biggest Fans Will Get 100% On This Buffy Quiz

Buffy the Vampire Slayer exploded onto our screens in 1997, bringing with it a host of awesome butt-kicking characters. Not only were we gifted with feminist icon/defeater of the un-dead Buffy Summers, but her friends too. From stopping apocalypses to rising from the dead and battling all sorts of nasty evils along the way, the show was a gift that would run for seven seasons before calling it a day in 2003.

Although it's over, the series left a lasting legacy and dedicated fan base that remains just as stoked to see a stake today as back in the 90's. Over the course of 144 episode, there was more action-packed revelry than you can shake a werewolf at. There were love scenes, fight scenes, death scenes, scenes that still haunt us to this day and characters that we miss like they were our real-life long lost friends. With so much packed into the 45-minute long snippets, there's an awful lot to remember. Do you think you can take the test and come out triumphant?

Remember, in every generation there is a chosen one. One person in all the world. They alone will wield the strength and skill to navigate this trivia. They are the quiz master. Good luck!


Question 1

In season 1, who is Buffy's arch nemesis?

In every season we're introduced to a new and powerful evil that threatens to destroy the entire world, as well as Buffy's California town. There have been so many almost-apocolypses over the course of the show, but can you remember the OG? This dude had some serious 'tude and almost finished the slayer's journey before it had even began. It's not that hard to remember, c'mon. It's going to get a lot harder than this, but keep your head...don't bite it.

Question 2

Which stake is given to Buffy by fallen slayer Kendra?

In the early seasons of the show Buffy becomes particularly attached to one of her stakes, given to her by a fallen comrade. The sentimental killing machine lands her many successful kills, but it also has an adorable nickname, can you remember what it is? The stake is featured pretty heavily throughout the early days of the series, so think long, wooden and hard to come up with the correct answer for this one. Buffy loved it so much she even had it bronzed.

Question 3

What type of demon was Anya?

Buffy introduced us to many demons. Some were slippery, gross and gnarly, while others looked just like me and you, hidden in human form. We're first introduced to Anya when she pops up in school as Cordelia's new BFF. Though she eventually becomes a key part and a main character, her past is checkered. Anya - demon name Anyanka - did a lot of killing in her time. It sort of comes with the territory. Can you remember what type of demon she was?

Question 4

Where does Buffy's watcher Giles come from?

Buffy wouldn't have gotten far without her trusty father figure/watcher, Rupert Giles. Giles was a distinctive part of the team, but he wasn't from the same area as the rest of them. Commissioned by the Watcher's Council to train, educate and guide Buffy as she goes about doing all of the demon killing, the road isn't always easy for this guy, but he bears the burden like the sturdy, dependable man we came to know and love. Where was Giles from?

Question 5

What nickname do Buffy's friends have?

Buffy would be nowhere without her loyal group of friends that took it upon themselves to help her save the world. Like most good gangs out there, they ended up giving themselves a nickname. It's mentioned frequently throughout the series since it first came into being fairly early on. We all know that monikers tend to stick like our elementary school nicknames, but what one did they claim? There are any number of ideas to choose from, but we've narrowed it down to four.

Question 6

In what season did Buffy sacrifice her life to save the world?

There are many close calls throughout the show that almost see Buffy bite the dust, but in one season she really does die. It's an emotional ride for everyone involved, with a lot of tears from pretty much everyone (especially us when we watched it at home). Buff goes down in a blaze of glory though, and her death isn't in vain, but in which season did it happen? If you've forgot about this one, shame on you. You can't be a fan.

Question 7

What was the name of Angel's sire?

In case you can't remember, a sire is the vampire that made another vampire. Most of them have a life-long bond that doesn't break, but when Angel gained a soul and went on to repent all of the evil stuff he did, it kind of put a downer on his relationship with his. Learning the backstory between the pair is one of the most interesting subplots in the show. She's not easily forgotten and pops up several times throughout the series. Who is she?

Question 8

In Season 6, where does Buffy get a job?

After being raised from the dead at the beginning of season 6, Buffy realizes that she's in some pretty serious debt. After all, the world still continued to spin after she died, and that house is pretty big. We imagine the mortgage payments aren't cheap. There's nothing for it but to put her big-girl pants on and finally get a job that pays actual money, rather than just fighting crime. Buffy dons a horrendous uniform, but where does she work?

Question 9

What is the name of Giles' Magic Store?

After the gang leave high school and Giles encounters a ton of trouble with the Watcher's Council who fire him, only to reinstate him later, he struggles to find his place. Buffy is pretty much old hat at slaying at this point, so he decides to open a magic shop to occupy his time and flex his expertise. Not a bad business venture in the witchy capital of the world, right? They could've called it any number of names, but what does he settle for?

Question 10

What is the last ever line in the show and who speaks it?

When the final episode "Chosen" was aired on May 20, 2003, our fragile hearts could barely take it. While the show was beautifully concluded, what were we going to watch on TV now that was anywhere near as satisfying? We're still lost, in honesty. The show didn't really leave any loose ends laying around, it was all parceled away nicely. One of the most poignant endings in history, the last line was meticulously thought out by creator Joss Whedon, but what was it - and who said it?

Question 11

What injury did Cordelia get when she saw Xander and Willow kissing?

In season 3, Willow and Xander become a little too close for comfort. Willow always held a flame for her best friend which was made pretty evident from the very first episode, but Xander was too wrapped up in Buffy to ever realize his friend's affections. When the redhead finally found love with Oz, Xander and Willow found themselves locking lips on a few occasions. When Cordelia and Oz stumble in on them, Cordelia flees - only to land in some serious trouble when she falls through the floor. What happened?

Question 12

Why does Buffy's mom die?

Joyce Summers did pretty well for being the mom of a slayer, considering how many close calls she had. She was almost killed by Spike and even hooked up with Giles, but in the end something else got her. Played by Kristine Sutherland, Joyce appeared in 58 episodes. The family matriarch held it down while her daughter went out to fight the forces of darkness and while she wasn't always that keen on Buffy's vocation, she was still pretty boss. Joyce met her end in season 5, but what happened?

Question 13

What type of animal is Amy the witch turned into?

There were a lot of colorful characters on the show, not least Amy Madison. We are first introduced to Amy in season 1, when Buffy and Willow discover her body has been taken over by her evil mother who wants to relive her cheerleading glory days. Though she started out as a good guy, her magic gradually got out of hand. If Buffy taught us anything, it was that magic (even TV magic) was a risky business. Amy ended up as an animal, but which one?

Question 14

Why does Angel leave Buffy?

Angel and Buffy are undoubtedly one of the best TV couplings of all time. Much like Romeo and Juliet, but with more blood and turmoil, the pair can't be together but still love each other, so it's a bummer. When Angel left at the end of season 3, it broke many a fan heart - although it did free up David Boreanez to star in his own successful spin-off show alongside Cordelia Chase actress Charisma Carpenter. The question is, why did he leave his soulmate?

Question 15

In the first two episodes, Xander and Willow's friend gets killed. Who is he?

In the show's first episodes, "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "The Harvest" Buffy is busy settling into her new school, struggling with fitting in and trying to escape her slayer identity. We're bombarded with characters in our first trip to Sunnydale, from her alleyway meeting with Angel to the first time she meets Rupert Giles, Xander and Willow. The latter two have a close friend that they hang around with who meets a grisly fate, but can you remember his name?

Question 16

What season 6 musical episode was nominated for an Emmy award?

Season 6 had many standout moments, branching out from the complex return of Buff to the land of the living. Haunted by her return to the world after being somewhere that felt peaceful and safe, the slayer struggles to fit back in to every day life as it used to be, which has a huge effect on her relationships with her sister and her friends. From Tara's death to Giles' decision to leave, there were more poignant moments than we can count. Which episode gained an Emmy nomination?

Question 17

In the last season, which big bad are the gang fighting?

There have been many evils that have crept up over the course of the 7 seasons of Buffy, but the final season brought back an old foe originally encountered in season 3. It was set to completely bring the world crashing down in the most epic and complex Buffy-battle yet, but of course the gang prevailed and kicked some serious butt - although it was a close call, we won't lie. The final season had a lot going on, but can you remember the name of the big bad?

Question 18

Why does Xander leave Anya at the altar in "Hells Bells"?

After Anya and Xander get together despite all of the odds, they make for one of the best Buffy couples of all time. The couple are loving, goofy and bounce of each other in all of the best ways possible. Unfortunately, although they plan a wedding and make it to the day in dresses and tuxedos, Xander ends up leaving Anya heartbroken at the altar, which eventually forces her to go back to demoning. Why does Xander leave her high and dry?

Question 19

Who is Buffy's psychology professor?

Season 4 marks a big change for the whole gang. Buffy moves on with life without Angel and starts going to college, and Willow joins her. Xander goes soul-searching over the summer on a road trip that doesn't turn out as planned and we say goodbye to the high school - because it got blown to smithereens at the end of season 3. Buffy really connects to her psychology professor who turns out to be a different type of evil. What was her name?

Question 20

What episode introduces Spike for the first time?

With his bleach blonde hair, leather jackets and cockney accent, Spike soon became a fan favorite after being introduced to the show. He went on to be a main character, having some of the best story lines. Out of all of the characters, his development was the most interesting to watch. From bad guy killer to tortured soul in love with the slayer, there were some pretty wild ups and downs along the way. What episode does he first appear in?

Question 21

What special present does the Mayor give Faith?

Troubled teenager/slayer Faith starts out as Buffy's antithesis. She's wild, carefree, exploits her sexuality and seems to get a thrill off of slaying, where Buffy sees it as a something she has to do whether she likes it or not. The power struggle between them both is the focus of season 3, as are the Mayor's plans to "ascend" and become all-powerful, with Faith as his right-hand woman. What does he give his surrogate daughter as a gift for graduation?

Question 22

What kind of creature is Willow's first love, Oz?

After pining after Xander for a number of years, Willow eventually finds her match with the genteel, quiet rocker, Oz. Though everything seems perfect, the pair face their own struggles - not least when Xander and Willow get a little hot and heavy in season 3. There's much more to their relationship that meets the eye though, as Oz is actually a demon. It makes for a complicated relationship, but for the most part they made it work. What type of demon is he?

Question 23

What is the name of Cordelia's frenemy that hooks up with Spike?

When we're introduced to Cordelia in the first episode, she's the most popular girl in school, with a gang of followers that hang on to her every word. As she becomes involved with Xander, she sacrifices her cool factor to be with him, thus losing all of her friends and social status. When things end with Xander after he cheats on her with Willow, she tries to patch things up, but her minions have a new leader. Can you remember the name of Cordy's BFF that eventually hooks up with Spike?

Question 24

What is Buffy's address?

Buffy's house was the setting of a lot of action. From Angel sneaking into her room in the early seasons to becoming a home for Buffy, Willow, Dawn and Tara later on. If those walls could talk, they'd tell some stories. Mainly horror stories. The home used for the exterior shots is located in Torrance, California, but we don't want to test your knowledge on USA geography. Can you remember the exact address of the Summer's residence? We bet you can't.

Question 25

What is Xander's embarrassing middle name?

Xander is one of Buffy's most loyal friends. When the slayer first showed up at school, geeky Xander harbored the biggest crush on her that we're not convinced ever fully went away. He has a lot of embarrassing things on his rap sheet, but he was born with one of the worst ones. Having a cringeworthy middle name is one thing, but this takes it to the next level. Can you remember what Xander's awful middle name is? It's a pretty special. .

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