There's No Way Anyone's Naming These Grey's Anatomy Characters In Under 2 Minutes

Almost 15 years ago, this show kicked off its very first season. While there had been tons of other medical dramas on TV before this one, this show was offering up something a little different. It was not completely focused on the medical, nor was it completely focused on the drama. This series was able to create a storyline which had a perfect mixture of the two. It was not long before audiences everywhere fell for these characters and their juicy stories. Today we will be paying tribute to some of the very best characters ever written onto the show.

In today's quiz, we will be listing 50 characters individually. All we are asking everyone to do is name them each correctly. Some of them may seem fairly obvious, but some of them were only ever in an episode or two. This means that it will take a real fan to guess 100% of these names correctly. This quiz was really designed for the big time fans of this series. Who here thinks they know everyone person from this show like the back of their hand? It is time to prove it! By the end of this quiz, we will know once and for all who the biggest fans truly are!

Question 1

What is the name of this surgeon?

Okay let's kick things off with an easy one. This doctor is no doubt our main character. She has been a part of every episode since the very beginning, and most of us are still waiting to see what happens to her today. While she was an intern when the series first began, she is now working as the head of general surgery. Throughout the series, she has won many awards for her work in the department, and it is well known that she is one of the best in the world. Can anyone here correctly name this very important character?

Question 2

Name this surgeon

Now this one should be easy enough for everyone! This surgeon was an original intern. From her first day on the job, everyone knew she was the one to watch. She was driven, determined, and down right talented. She always had a passion for cardio and she was set on becoming the next big name in the field. Throughout her time at Seattle Grace, she made close friendships and was even married to a fellow surgeon for a while. She eventually decided to leave the hospital when she was given the chance to run her own research hospital in Switzerland.

Question 3

Match this doctor to their name

Here we have one of our original interns. He was a major part of the first 6 seasons of the show. When the series kicked off, he was known as being the weaker intern of the bunch. He was up against some very fierce competition and he was just not seen as a big threat. This was mainly due to that fact that he was given the first shot at a solo surgery, and he completely messed it up. However, he did build very strong relationships with the attendings, some of which even took him under their wing later on. What is the name of this character?

Question 4

Match this doctor to their name

Here we have the series leading man. When the show kicked off, this guy was working as the head of neuro department. He was known around the globe for his work, and patients would fly in from all over the world to have him work on their brains. This surgeon was not only known for his talent, but also for his nerve. When dealing with an incurable patient, this surgeon would go to lengths others would not. He would never say no to anyone. Even when the risks were extremely high, he would take them every single time. Name him!

Question 5

Match this character to their name

Here we have a surgeon whose name has been mentioned way more times than she has actually appeared on the show. She was the mother of our main character, and she was the main reason why our main character was the way she was. This woman was known around the world for her work in the surgical field, but when it came to her motherly duties, she was not exactly the best. She often neglected her daughter, as she simply preferred her work life to the one she had at home. Is anyone here able to correctly name this important character?

Question 6

Match this surgeon to their name

Here we have a surgeon who was known for her brilliance in the ortho department. When she was first introduced in season 2, she was working as an ortho resident. She began a relationship with one of the original interns, and the two of them quickly got married. The marriage did not last long, but she was able to move on from it fairly fast. While she did go through multiple other heartbreaks during her time on the show, her work in the ortho field never suffered as a result. Even today she is known for being one of the very best!

Question 7

Pick out the right name

This character was never an intern on the show. When she was first introduced, she was already working as the head of the pediatrics ward. Her happy and bright personality allowed her to care for the children wonderfully. She also had a nice way of dealing with the worried parents. After a few seasons, she actually got an offer to switch specialties. Fetal surgery was a specialty that only a hand full of doctors in the entire world worked in. Knowing that she would be able to do so much good in the department, she decided to make the switch.

Question 8

Match this doctor to their name

This surgeon entered the series in season 5 and he is still part of the cast today. He was once a surgeon for the military, but accepted a job at Seattle Grace once his tour ended. He arrived with quite a lot of baggage from his time in the army, but he slowly worked through most of his PTSD. He began an intense relationship with a fellow surgeon and the two wound up married after a couple of years together. While the relationship ultimately did not work out, the two still hold a great love for each other. Name this surgeon!

Question 9

Which character is this?

This surgeon was a major part of the series for the first 3 seasons. He was at one time the head of the cardiothoracic department, and it looked as though one day he was going to become the chief of surgery. However, after dating and proposing to one of the interns, things quickly unraveled for him at Seattle Grace Hospital. On the day of their wedding, he decided not to go through with it. He left his bride-to-be at the church and never returned to the hospital. We did get to see him again briefly in season 10. Name this surgeon!

Question 10

Which of these names is correct?

Here is one of the very few characters who has been with the series since season 1 and still plays an active role today. He started off as one of our original interns, but he is now the head of the pediatrics department. When he first started at the hospital, he was not very well liked at all. He was rude and did not get along with anyone. He stated on several occasions that he planned on becoming a plastic surgeon solely for the money. However, after working with the children in pediatrics, he knew he had found his rightful place.

Question 11

Who is this?

This character has come and gone a few times throughout the series. She was once a surgeon in the military. During her tour, she had worked very closely with another one of our surgeons. She originally came to Seattle Grace at her friend's request. She was then hired to work as the head of cardio. She was not exactly well liked by most of the doctors when she first arrived, but once they got a chance to see her work her magic in the operating room, they were all pretty much sold. Can anyone here remember the name of this surgeon?

Question 12

Pick out the right name

Here we have a surgeon with quite an interesting story. She became a main character in the second season of the series. She was the estranged wife of one of our leading men, and she had only accepted a job in Seattle so she could try to win him back. This plan did not exactly work out for her, but she did stay on staff for quite some time. After a while, she decided that there was nothing left for her in Seattle so she headed off to L.A. She got her own spin-off series, which followed her on her move to California.

Question 13

Match this doctor to their name

This surgeon joined the cast as part of the second group of interns. Once our original interns had become residents, it was time for them to get their own batch of interns. This doctor was one of them. She was not exactly the most popular intern of her group, but she did manage to slowly win people over. She became very close friends with a fellow intern and the two of them eventually became roommates. This doctor grew feelings for her roommate, but nothing ever came of them. This doctor showed extreme promise as a surgeon, but she was unfortunately lost during the infamous plane crash.

Question 14

Which of these names is correct?

Here we have a surgeon who has been with us since the very beginning. As long as we have known her, she has been a rockstar general surgeon. She spent many years working as the chief's right hand woman, but these days she is actually the chief herself. This position is something she had wanted for a very long time, and she had worked tirelessly to achieve it. While she does have a reputation for being strict, she is also known for having a big heart. She cares deeply for every single employee working at Seattle Grace. Name this character!

Question 15

Select the correct name

This surgeon came around in season 10. She was one of the youngest surgeons the hospital had ever hired, but she was also one of the most talented. It was realized early on that she was actually the sister of one of our main characters, though that character had no idea that she even existed. Their relationship was rough at first, but eventually the two became very close. She now lives with her sister and helps her take care of her three children. Thinking back through all of the characters, is anyone here able to correctly name this one? Take a guess!

Question 16

Who is this?

When the series started, this man was our fearless leader. He was the first chief we ever knew. He remained chief for many years but eventually had to step down to take care of some personal issues. After his time as chief, he remained on staff as a lead general surgeon. He eventually also became the man in charge of training all new interns. He has had two wives throughout the curse of the series, and he is still currently married to the second one. Is this ringing any bells for anyone? Can anyone here correctly name this talented surgeon?

Question 17

Pick out the right name

This surgeon was one of our original interns. She was not exactly taken seriously during the first stretch of her internship, but after showing promise as a surgeon, people began to lay off. It did not take long for people to recognize her from some of the modeling she had done to put herself through med school, so that did not exactly help with her reputation. While still an intern, she fell in love with one of her patients. She put her job on the line while trying to save him, but her efforts were ultimately in vain. What was her name?

Question 18

Name this doctor

This surgeon was part of the group that came in when Seattle Grace Hospital merged with Mercy West. He knew he was on the chopping block, so he worked very hard to ensure everyone saw his talent. He was part of a long line of surgeons, and his family name was actually a very famous one in the surgical world. He tried to separate himself from the name to be able to prove himself on his own, but eventually he accepted who he was and used the name to propel him further. Can anyone here correctly name this popular character?

Question 19

Match this doctor to their name

Now here we have a doctor who has had a rollercoaster ride of a storyline on this show. She was one of the residents absorbed in the merger, but she had a more difficult time than the rest adjusting to her new workspace. At first, she was somewhat of a perfectionist and nobody really cared for her much at all. The harder she worked, the more she acted like a secretary instead of a surgeon. However, after several years of training, she eventually began to show great promise as a trauma surgeon. Can anyone remember what the exact name of this character was?

Question 20

Select the correct name

Here we have one of the most talented plastic surgeons to ever work at Seattle Grace Hospital. He was childhood best friends with our leading man, so choosing Seattle Grace only made sense. He was often laughed at for his specialty choice, as others believed this department to be shallow. However, he resented these comments very much. He worked very closely with burn victims and believed his specialty to be just as important as any of the others. He eventually found an intern who showed potential in his field, so he created a group called "The Plastics Pose". Name this surgeon!

Question 21

Which of these names is correct?

Here we have our current head of neurosurgery. For a long time, it looked as though this surgeon was not going to live up to her potential, but she fought off many of her own personal demons and became the success she is today. He older brother was also once a famous neurosurgeon and she really looked up to him. After he was lost though, she decided it was her duty to take over his work. She has done an excellent job at representing not only herself but her entire family name. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this surgeon?

Question 22

Select the correct name

This doctor came around in season 11. He was a new intern, but he did not get off to the best start. He was running late on his very first day and wound up entering the hospital in an ambulance after witnessing an accident on his way in. Trying to impress the higher-ups, he lied about already being a licensed surgeon. Obviously, it was quickly discovered that he was, in fact, the late intern. This may not have been the best first impression, but he has done a great job every day since then. What is the name of this character?

Question 23

Name this surgeon

Here we have maybe one of the most famous surgeons out of the entire bunch. This woman was not only known for her incredible surgical skills, but also for being the head of a prominent family in the medical field. Her family name was attached to many awards and grants being offered, and she took great pride in all of the work that she did for the medical community. It is true that she is a tough cookie, but almost everything she has ever done has been out of love. Can anyone here correctly identify this famous surgeon? Take a guess!

Question 24

Which doctor is this?

This doctor was not an original intern, but she did join the show as part of a group of interns that came later on. She was not exactly the top performing intern of her group, but after a few years on the job, she managed to outlast almost everyone she had entered with originally. Sometimes it's the ones who move the slowest that actually win the race! We also got to see this doctor get married in a recent season. She had been with her boyfriend for quite some time, so the wedding was something most of us had been waiting a while for!

Question 25

Name this character

This surgeon came into the show with the season 9 batch of interns. Right from the start, it was clear that she was not going to be the top performer in her group. To be fair, she was up against some pretty fierce competition, but she was easily distracted and did not put in the amount of work everyone else did. She found herself in more than one relationship with higher ranking doctors, and every time she let her feelings affect her work. She was eventually let go from the program, but she did make a comeback later on in the series.

Question 26

Pick out the correct name

Here we have a secondary character who had some strong family ties to one of our main surgeons. She was not around for a very long time, but we did get to know her pretty well during her brief stint on the show. She was the daughter of one the hospital's doctors, but they had no idea that she even existed until she showed up making the claim. If that was not already a lot to find out in one afternoon, she was also pregnant when she arrived. Can anyone here remember the name of the character we are talking about?

Question 27

Name this character

This character has come into the hospital on two separate occasions to help out in the cardiothoracic department. The first time she arrived, the intention of the chief was to "woo" her. The chief at the time wanted her to accept the position of head of cardio, but she was not exactly thrilled by her first experience with the staff. She declined a permanent position, but she did return a second time to help out. She was offered the job once more following her second visit, but she stated that the offer made was not good enough. Take a guess!

Question 28

Which character is this?

Here we have a character who was never actually employed by Seattle Grace Hospital. This man was once married to a surgeon at the hospital, and he later had 2 daughters who became surgeons there as well. This man had a tough relationship with one of his daughters specifically, but he did try on several occasions to change their relationship for the better. He had struggled with many demons over the years, and eventually, they lead him into needing an organ transplant. Of course, the only person they could find as a match was his estranged daughter. Can anyone name him?

Question 29

Pick out the correct name

This doctor entered the show as one of the new interns in seasons 9. It was clear early on that she was very talented. She tried her best to avoid getting mixed up in all of the hospital's drama, but like all of the surgeons at Seattle Grace, this did not exactly work out. She began dating one of the attendings and before she could help it, she became overly invested in the relationship. She let her guard down and it wound up hurting her work. However, once the relationship ended, she became the force she originally had been. Name this character.

Question 30

Which character is this?

Here we have an intern who was part of the show for seasons 9 and 10. He was originally drawn to neurosurgery as a specialty. He actually showed great promise in the field, but his talents were eventually eclipsed by another intern's abilities. Once neuro was no longer an option, he decided to invest his time into learning all he could about cardio. He really blossomed in this department and when his mentor announced that she was leaving the hospital for another job, he decided to leave with her so he could continue his learning through her. Name this character.

Question 31

Name this character

Here we have a character who was actually a patient and not a doctor. This patient came to the hospital in season 2. He had a very bad heart condition and was waiting for a transplant to become available. His doctors informed him that he was in such bad condition that he would have to wait for his transplant inside of the hospital. This meant he would not be able to leave until they found him a heart. During his longer than anticipated stay at Seattle Grace, this patient fell for one of his doctors. Is this ringing any bells?

Question 32

Select the right name

This surgeon was not a part of the series for very long, but her story is one that would be hard to forget. She entered the show in season 14 as an intern, and it quickly became clear that she had a history with one of the residents. The two of them tried to avoid each other for a while, but eventually they decided to open their relationship back up. After only a short time at Seattle Grace, this doctor was informed that she was facing deportation. To save her from going back to her home country, the attendings arranged for her to go work in Switzerland.

Question 33

Which character is this?

This doctor came around when Seattle Grace Hospital merged with Mercy West Hospital. When this merger took place, all staff was informed that there would be cuts made. Clearly this put doctors on edge and things became very competitive. This doctor was one that had come from Mercy West. She was determined to stand out and to show her superiors that she was worth keeping around. While she did manage to hold onto her position, it was not for as long as she would have hoped. Unfortunately, she was one who was lost during the shooting episode in season 6.

Question 34

Who is this?

This doctor has not been seen since season 5, though as far as we know she is still employed at Seattle Grace. In season 5 she was an attending surgical oncologist. When one of our main characters found out that she had cancer, this doctor was the one placed in charge of her care. She came across as being stern, but everyone later realized that working in oncology required that kind of attitude. She may have been strict with her patients, but she had some of the best outcome numbers of all surgeons working in oncology. Who can name this surgeon?

Question 35

Select the correct name

This character is known for appearing randomly throughout the series. He works as a psychiatrist at Seattle Grace Hospital, so naturally he has little contact with the surgical floor. However, there have been several cases where the surgeons have gone to his department to try and steal patients. Clearly this is something that drives him crazy. He has had many arguments with the surgeons over how to properly deal with mentally unstable patients. He usually does not win when he is up against anyone from the surgical floor. Is this ringing any bells? Can anyone here correctly name this character?

Question 36

Name this surgeon

In season 11, we met this surgeon. There was only a handful of fetal surgeons in the entire world, and she was one of them. She was aware that she had an inoperable brain tumor, so she was actively looking for someone she could teach her specialty to. Since fetal surgery was so difficult, this doctor needed to find exactly the right prodigy. She did eventually find the perfect candidate, and was able to successfully teach her everything she knew before she lost her eyesight to her tumor. Can anyone here think back and remember the name of this character?

Question 37

Which character is this?

Here we have yet another surgeon who was once a part of the military. He had been close friends with one of our main characters, but after he had betrayed him, they lost contact. In an attempt to rebuild their friendship, he surprised his old friend by showing up in Seattle. He took a job in the cardiothoracic department, but he had a hard time winning over his fellow surgeons. It took a bit of time, but he did eventually win everyone over, including the man who had once been his best friend. Can anyone here figure out which character we are talking about?

Question 38

Name this character

Here we have a character who is fickle to say the least. When he first entered the show, he was working as an anesthesiologist. He was known as being the best in his department, but after meeting his surgeon wife, he decided he too wanted to be a surgeon. He started his intern year not long after, and he actually did a very good job. However, before completing his residency, he had yet another change of heart. He is now working as a firefighter in Seattle, and he remains married to one of our leading surgeons. What is his name?

Question 39

Name this character

During the seventh season of the show, this doctor was working as an attending OB-GYN. When one of our main surgeons got pregnant, this doctor was placed on her case. She did an excellent job throughout the entire pregnancy, and at the same time she sparked up a relationship with one of our male surgeons. The two seemed to be a good fit for each other, but this girl actually wound up stealing a job from right under her boyfriend's nose. Needless to say, the relationship did not last long after that went down. Can anyone here name this doctor?

Question 40

Match this character to their name

This man was a patient of the hospital's and not an employee at all. He entered the hospital in season 12, after he was diagnosed with MS. He was willing to undergo any kind of experimental surgery if it meant curing him. He was a musician by trade, and the MS was eventually going to hinder his ability to hold and play his guitar. The head of neurosurgery at the time offered to try a risky procedure on him, which required him to be awake while they operated on his brain. Yikes! Can anyone here remember the name of this character?

Question 41

Which of these names is correct?

This character was only featured briefly in the fifth season. She entered the series as an intern, but it quickly became obvious that she had no skill or training at all. We learned that she had somewhat faked her way through med school, and had chosen Seattle Grace because she was old college buddies with one of the residents there. She assumed that her friend would be able to help her skate through the internship. Clearly she was very wrong. Is this ringing any bells for anyone here? Thinking back to seasons 5, can anyone figure out which character we are talking about?

Question 42

Name this character

This man played a brief yet important role during the second and third seasons of the show. He was a local veterinarian, who also happened to be dating our leading lady. Our main character decided to start dating the vet as a way to get over her previous relationship, but she wound up liking him way more than she had anticipated. These two stuck together for a while, but she ultimately left him because she was not completely over the other guy. This character was a true gentleman throughout his whole storyline. Can anyone here pick out the right name?

Question 43

Pick out the right name

Here we have a character who was at one time working for Seattle Grace as an obstetrics and gynecology resident. We met him in season 9 when he began a brief relationship with one of our surgical interns. While nobody really thought their relationship was going to last, it would have been hard to guess just how intense their breakup was actually going to be. We did not get to see the incident itself, but both parties were left injured after it. Once all of that went down, we never heard about this guy again. Pick out the correct name.

Question 44

Which of these names is correct?

This character was played by the talented Mandy Moore. She was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital, and her storyline wound up being a very important one. She entered the hospital to have a surgery performed on her, but while waiting for it to happen, a shooter walked into the hospital. This patient ended up trapped with one of our main character throughout the entire event. A while after that initial episode, she returned to finally have her surgery performed. Unfortunately, she never made it out of the operating room. Does anyone know who we are talking about in this question?

Question 45

Which of these names is correct?

This character was part of the intern group that showed up in season 9. She was very quirky and different, so some of her fellow interns found it hard to connect with her. However, she never let anything bring down her peppy personality. After bouncing around from specialty to specialty, it was eventually noticed that she had a natural skill for neurosurgery. The head of the department wanted to take her under his wing, but he was sadly never given the chance. During a freak accident, this doctor was lost for good. Can anyone here correctly name this former surgeon?

Question 46

Who is this?

This doctor was not an employee for very long, but she did leave a lasting impression. When the hospital's head of cardio left, they were in desperate need of a new surgeon to fill the position. This surgeon was known for being tough and talented, so she was chosen to fill the slot. However, she did not exactly mesh well with everyone else on staff. While she was an extremely talented surgeon, she was not so great at teaching. She would often bully the interns and sometimes refuse to teach them all together. Needless to say, she was not around for too long.

Question 47

Pick out the correct name

This character never worked as a doctor, but she did work at the hospital. Before retiring, this woman was a nurse at Seattle Grace. She was also the wife of the chief of surgery. The two had been married for a very long time, but they went through many ups and downs together. In season 9, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and passed away shortly after. This was particularly rough on her husband and it took quite a while for him to move on. Is this ringing any bells for anyone here? Which of the four listed name is correct?

Question 48

Which character is this?

This man was not on the show for very long, but the role he played was certainly an important one. He was called into the hospital to help defuse an intense situation. He was trained to handle such events, so he was confident he and his team could complete the task at hand. While he was able to successfully save the lives of every patient and doctor inside of the hospital at the time, he was not able to save himself. He gave up his own life to save the others, and for that he will always be remembered. What was his name?

Question 49

Who is this?

This doctor was never an employee at Seattle Grace, but instead, she worked at the neighboring Seattle Presbyterian Hospital. She was involved in a relationship with one of our main characters, and the two of them were considering taking their relationship to the next level. However, before they could make an official decision, her boyfriend was in a plane crash. While he did survive long enough to return to Seattle, he broke things off with her before he left the show for good. This character was never heard from again. Is anyone here able to pick out the correct name of this character?

Question 50

Who is this?

For this final question, let's take a look at an intern who never got the chance to show what he could really do in the operating room. This guy was yet another resident who came from Mercy West during the merger. He was the tallest guy on staff, so he got noticed fairly quickly. However, he struggled to get himself noticed for his actual work on the job. Before he could even choose a specialty, he sadly passed away during the hospital shooting. Does anyone remember the doctor we are talking about? Only one of the four listed names is correct!

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