There's No Way Anyone Remembers All Of These Grey's Anatomy Characters

Do we have any Grey's Anatomy fans in the house with us today? While there have been tons of medical dramas on television over the years, fans of this series know that it offers up something a little different than all of the others. Not only has this show been on now for 15 seasons, but it's fan base is just as strong now as it ever has been. The show's ability to tug on heartstrings and produce new interesting characters is something very unique. While other long-running shows struggle to keep their storylines interesting, this show does not even have to try. Today we will take a look at new and old characters, and see just how many people out there remember all of them!

In this quiz, we will be listing characters individually. Some of them have not been seen in years, while others have been a constant part of the show since the beginning. It is going to take a fan who has watched every single episode to score a perfect 100 on this one. Who is thinking they are ready for this ultimate quiz? It is not going to be easy, but it is certainly going to be fun!

Question 1

Name this character

Okay, let's start things off with a fairly easy question. This character is no doubt the main focus of the entire show. When the first episode aired, she along with her peers, were all starting their first day as an intern at the hospital. Of course, it has been about 15 seasons since the first episode, so these days this character is actually working as the Head of General surgery for the very same hospital. She was married once, but has since lost her husband. She is now raising their three children on her own. Can anyone name this Grey's Anatomy character?

Question 2

Pick out the right name

Continuing on with another main character, here we have our leading man. Throughout most of his time on the series, this character was working as the Head of Neurosurgery for Seattle Grace Hospital. He was well recognized around the world for being one of the very best in his field. We saw him take many risks while in the operating room, but more often than not, they paid off for him big time. Unfortunately, this character was lost a few seasons back. Does anyone know who we are talking about? Try picking out the correct name of this Grey's character!

Question 3

Which character is this?

Here we have the very best friend of our main character. They both started working for the hospital on the same day, and while they may not have been best friends from the first second, it did not take too long for them to realize they were destined to be together. For the better part of the series, these two were inseparable. It was not until this doctor accepted a prestigious job in Switzerland, that our main character actually had to face things on her own. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the right answer to this question.

Question 4

Which of these names is correct?

Here we have another doctor who started as an intern along with our main character. He is one of only two original interns who still actually happens to be working at Seattle Grace Hospital. He has remained an important part of this series all the way through, and many fans claim him to be their absolute favorite character of the bunch. He was not exactly the nicest guy when the show first began, but he has certainly come a long way in the past 15 seasons. Does anyone know who we are talking about? Try to guess his name correctly!

Question 5

Match this character to the correct name

Here is a character we met back in season 5. She remained as a main character all the way up until season 14 when she decided it was time for her to move away from Seattle to be closer to her daughter's mother. Since her departure was fairly recent, we can never be too sure if she is actually gone for good. It is totally possible for her to return to the series one day. When we first met her, she was working as the Head of Pediatrics, but she has since switched to the prenatal surgery specialty. Name this character!

Question 6

Pick out the correct answer

As soon as this character first appeared in season 5, he had people talking. At first, he was only part of an episode or two and then he kind of disappeared. However, he was brought back as a main character a little while later in that same season. Before taking a permanent position at Seattle Grace, this character was a surgeon for the military. His army background has definitely influenced the way he works in Seattle, and he is well known now for being an excellent trauma surgeon. Can anyone here correctly name this character? Only one of the answers is correct!

Question 7

Which of these names is correct?

Fans of this series have not actually seen this character in many years. He was part of the original group of interns from season 1, and for a while he was a very important character. However, in the opening episode of season 6, we lost him as a character for good. This guy was the first major loss we experienced on the show. While his exit was certainly one of a hero's, this did not make it hurt any less having to watch it all go down from our living rooms. Does anyone here remember this character? Try picking out his name!

Question 8

Name this character

Here we have the half-sister of our main character. Now, this can get a bit confusing, seeing as how our main character has had a number of surprises half sisters along the way, though this one was around long enough for most fans to remember quite well. This woman was cast as a main character at the beginning of season 4. She was a new intern, but she was already way ahead of the rest of her class. She was born with a photographic memory, so naturally, she was well advanced. Can anyone here remember the exact name of this character?

Question 9

Does anyone know which character this is?

Here we have our final original intern. She was not seen as a huge threat by her peers when they all first began working at the hospital, but she did manage to show her talents eventually. Her fellow interns found out early on that she had worked as a model to pay her way through medical school, so that did not help to gain her respect in the early days of her internship. That being said, there was not an intern in her group that was able to match her superb bedside manner. Can anyone here name this original intern?

Question 10

Try picking out the correct name

Here we have the first ever plastic surgeon to be featured on the show. He was first introduced in season 2, but only became a main character in the 3rd season. He was the childhood best friend of our leading man, but when he entered the series, they had been estranged for a while. As it turned out, this guy had been caught with his best friend's wife. Naturally, their friendship hit quite a snag after that. However, after he decided to take a job in Seattle to try and mend their relationship, the two did manage to put their past behind them.

Question 11

Match this character to the correct name

This lady first came around in season 6. After Seattle Grace Hospital fell on hard times, their chief at the time decided to make a big change in an attempt to increase the hospital's ranking. He decided to merge Seattle Grace with the nearby Mercy West Hospital. This character was one of many who came along after the merger. While not many of the "newcomers" lasted long after the merger, this character did manage to hold onto her spot on the show. She was a main character all the way up until the finale of season 14. What was her name?

Question 12

Pick out the right answer

Now here is a character with a rather funny (not to mention hard to follow) storyline. This guy was first introduced as the head anesthesiologist working at Seattle Grace Hospital. He was well known for being the best at his job, and many of the surgeons would argue over who got to have him on their team. However, after he started dating one the surgeons, he decided he too wanted to make a profession out of surgery. After almost completing his residency, he had yet another change of heart. He is now working as a firefighter in Seattle ...

Question 13

Which name is correct?

Here we have another surgeon who was at one time working for the military. She was best friends with the previous army doctor we had talked about, and she only came to Seattle Grace as a favor to him in the first place. She had always loved her friend in a more romantic way than he felt about her, but she was able to push her feelings aside to be able to accept a permanent job at the hospital. She became the Head of Cardio after a while, and though she left for a bit, she has recently come back to the show.

Question 14

Does anyone remember this character?

Now this one should be easy enough to guess simply because she was not only a main character on Grey's Anatomy, but she actually got her very own spinoff series as well. She first appeared on Grey's Anatomy in the final episode of the first season. She was the estranged wife of our leading man (who none of us, or his girlfriend had any idea existed). She was not exactly a well-liked character at the beginning for this reason, but she did eventually manage to win most of us over. Can anyone here name this character? Take a guess!

Question 15

Which character is this?

Our leading man mentioned his multiple sisters on many occasions, but we only ever got to meet a couple of them. This character was the sister we got to know the best. She made a guest appearance in season 7, but it wasn't until season 11, that she actually became a main character. Like her brother did, she works as a rockstar neurosurgeon. However, certain issues from her past have hindered her ability to be as well known for her work as her brother was. That being said, after her brother passed away, she was given his job as the Head of Neuro.

Question 16

Name this character

This character entered the show as a new intern in season 11. While he was a very bright kid, his first impression on the job was not exactly a great one. That being said, he did manage to hold on long enough to become one of the few interns from his year to be offered a permanent job. He started a brief fling with an attending while he was still an intern, and he also became the roommate of a different attending in the same year. Needless to say, he played an important role in many character's lives. Name this doctor!

Question 17

Which name is right?

Here we have a character who never actually worked as a doctor at all. While she was at one time a nurse at Seattle Grace Hospital, that was way before our series even got started. When we met this character, she was simply the wife of our Chief of Surgery. She would come into the hospital from time to time, either to complain about her husband not being home enough or to accompany her sick niece. Her final appearance was in season 9, and it was an emotional episode. Can anyone here name this character? Trying picking out the right answer.

Question 18

Match this character to the right name

Now, this character was not a part of too many episodes, but the show would have never been possible without her. Not only was this woman the mother of our main character, but she was also a world famous surgeon. Before she became sick with Alzheimer's disease, this woman was a pioneer. She won countless awards for her work in the surgical field, and she even coined her very own procedure which was later named after her. She was not the best mother out there, but she did save many lives during her time as a surgeon. Name this character!

Question 19

Name this character

This character is one of the very few who have been around since the first episode. When season 1 premiered, this character was working as a resident. She was one of the very best residents on staff at the time, and she was sort of like an apprentice to the chief. She has worked very hard over the years, and has overcome many obstacles. Not too long ago, she was given the position of Chief of Surgery herself. This was a huge promotion for her, as it had been her dream since she first started working in the surgical field.

Question 20

Which character is this?

This character joined the cast in season 9. She came to the hospital as a new intern and made a name for herself rather quickly. She had a habit of dating her superiors and becoming overly attached to them. She would let her feelings cloud her judgments, and eventually, she found it hard to keep up with the other interns in her year. After some time, she was let go from the program. However, in season 13 we found out that she had returned to school to develop her skills further, and she has now become a fairly advanced surgeon.

Question 21

Which of these names is correct?

Remember when we mentioned that our main character had several surprise siblings? Well, this woman was another half sister of hers, that we did not see coming. When this character entered the series, we learned that our leading lady's mother had given birth to another child just a few years after our main character had been born. She never told anyone about this second child, and she had given her up for adoption. This second baby also became a surgeon, and she came to Seattle Grace Hospital to work and to build a relationship with her long lost sister. Name this character!

Question 22

Try picking out the correct answer

This character has not been seen since season 5. In season 4, Seattle Grace was in desperate need of a new Head of Cardio. She was well known in the field for her excellent work, though her people skills were not as strong. She had a real problem training the interns. Since Seattle Grace was a teaching hospital, this created an issue for her while on the job. She did her best to try and change her ways, but when it came down to it, she was just not the right fit for the hospital. Can anyone remember her name?

Question 23

Name this character

For the first three seasons of the series, this man was the rockstar of the Seattle Grace cardio unit. He was next in line to become chief, and the interns were all pretty much in awe of him. However, after he started up a relationship with one of the interns, things quickly fell to pieces for him in Seattle. The relationship was an intense one. They both had very strong feelings towards each other, and they let this affect their work. They came very close to getting married, but this man left her moments before the ceremony. He left the show after that episode.

Question 24

Which character is this?

This surgeon was only really a main character for the course of one season, but she has returned as a guest star since then. During her season as a main cast member, this surgeon was one of only a few prenatal surgeons in existence. She had a huge tumor in the center of her brain, so she was quickly trying to train her prodigy. She wanted to make sure the important work she was able to do, would continue after her tumor took over. However, one of our very skilled neurosurgeons was able to save her life in the end. Name this doctor!

Question 25

Which answer is correct?

Here we have the father of our leading lady. This man was not only the father of our main character, but also the father of two of her half-sisters. This man was never a doctor, though we have seen him at Seattle Grace many times. He has come around to visit, and to be treated. His wife entered the hospital at a point, and he was there with her the entire time. He was never a great father to our leading lady, and he has always had a knack for turning up at the worst time possible. Name this character!

Question 26

Try matching this character to the right name

This guy was not around for too long, but his story line was certainly an interesting one. He too was once a surgeon in the military, and that is how he knew some of the other doctors working at Seattle Grace. He had made some hefty mistakes while in the army, so when he showed up in Seattle, his old friends were not too happy about it. He was not well liked by the Seattle Grace staff at first, but he did eventually manage to win most of them over. Can anyone here remember the name of this Grey's character?

Question 27

Which character is this?

Here we have one of the most powerful characters to ever be part of the series. When Seattle Grace was facing trouble, this character stepped in to help the surgeons purchase the hospital. She was the head of a very important foundation in the surgical world. Being one of the owners of the hospital is not her only connection. She is also the mother of the current Head of Plastics, and she is married to one of the general surgeons as well. Is any of this ringing any bells? Looking at the given options, try picking out the correct name of this character.

Question 28

Does anyone remember this character?

This character was in less than 10 episodes, but her storyline would be a hard one for fans to forget. When she first arrived at the hospital, we learned that she was an old friend of our main character. The two of them had a history of traveling and causing trouble in their youth. Obviously, our leading lady outgrew this phase when she started med school, but this character was still a trouble maker. She basically faked her way into the program and assumed her old friend would help her stay afloat through her training. Does anyone remember this character?

Question 29

Name this character

Here we have the only man we saw our main character date before marrying her husband. This guy was not exactly a doctor, but was instead a veterinarian. At first he was only around to care for our leading lady's dog, but the two hit it off and decided to start casually dating. He was a very respectable man and treated our leading lady very well during their time together. However, her heart had always belonged to another, so he really did not stand a chance. Does anyone here know who we are talking about in this question? Pick out the right name!

Question 30

Pick out the correct answer

For this question, let's look at one of the hospital's patients. This character entered the hospital for a fairly routine procedure, but things did not go to plan at all. On the day her surgery was supposed to take place, a shooter entered the hospital. This patient wound up getting trapped in her room along with her lead surgeon. The two ladies did a great job at keeping themselves safe, but they did witness others fall that day. She did eventually return to the hospital months later for her surgery, but she sadly did not make it off the table.

Question 31

Which of these names is correct?

This character was never a doctor at Seattle Grace, but her father was. In her first episode, she arrived at her father's apartment. He had no idea she existed, so naturally, he was pretty shocked. She quickly informed him that she was also pregnant, so he had to adjust to the idea of not only being a father but a soon-to-be grandfather as well. While he was a supportive parent to her and looked forward to having a grandbaby very much, she took advantage. She wanted to use him for his money and even planned on giving her baby up for adoption.

Question 32

Name this doctor

This doctor came to Seattle Grace as a potential candidate for the Head of Cardio position. The chief informed his residents that he wanted them to "woo" this doctor, so she would be inclined to accept the position permanently. However, this very talented surgeon suffered from Asperger's disease. While this condition did not affect her ability to care for patients, it did make it hard for the other doctors to connect with her on a personal level. She eventually declined the full-time position, but she did return for another episode later on. Can anyone here name this character? Take a guess!

Question 33

Which character is this?

Here we have a character who was an intern very recently on the show. In season 14, she was one of the interns who showed the most promise. Many of the attendings enjoyed having her on their team, and she was also in a relationship with one of the more popular residents. However, after she accidently ran a red light, she was captured on camera and told she was facing deportation. While the attendings did not want to lose her, they also knew they had to help her how ever they could. They called up their pal in Switzerland, and got her a job there right away.

Question 34

Pick out the right answer

Back in season 9, this intern was the best of the best. She was a brilliant new doctor on the scene, and her fellow interns were all rightfully wary of her. The attendings took notice of her advanced abilities very early on. By season 13, she was well on her way to becoming the next big neurosurgeon. However, after a freak accident almost cost her her life, she decided to leave the medical field for good. She thought traveling and enjoying some down time, would be the best situation for her health. Can anyone here correctly name this character? Take a shot!

Question 35

Match this character to the right name

This character had a lot of ups and downs during his time on the show. He was a part of both the 9th and 10th seasons of the series, and while we did see him show a lot of promise as a surgeon, we also saw him make some pretty grave mistakes. He once accidentally sent a fellow intern down to a basement which was flooded during the middle of a power outage. While he did not mean for it to end the way it did, his fellow intern did not live a day past that incident. Name this character!

Question 36

Name this character

Here we have another intern who entered the series when Seattle Grace merged with Mercy West. This doctor arrived ready to fight for a place on staff. The chief had already informed everyone that cuts were going to be made to accommodate as many doctors as possible, and she was determined to not be cut. Her competitive attitude made it difficult for others to get along with her, but she did manage to stand out as a highly capable surgeon. That being said, she sadly never got the chance to become a fully licensed doctor. Does anyone here remember her name?

Question 37

Which of these names is correct?

This doctor played a very important role during one specific storyline, but she was never seen again after. In the 5th season of the series, one of our original interns was diagnosed with cancer. Her diagnosis was bleak, but the others refused to let her go without a fight. The character in question was the oncologist in charge of her case. At first, she was viewed as rude, but everyone later accepted that she was strict with her patients because she had to be. None of them had ever worked in the cancer ward, so they did not originally understand why she was the way she was.

Question 38

Name this doctor

For all we know, this character is still employed at Seattle Grace Hospital. He works as a psychiatrist at the hospital, and has been seen as early as season 1 and as recently as season 13. It is not all that often that our surgeons go up to the psychiatric ward, but they have been known to cause some trouble there from time to time. For the most part, our surgeons are either trying to pon cases off onto this character, or steal other patients out from him. Naturally, this guy has very little patience for the surgeons at this point.

Question 39

Which character is this?

Here we have another character who was not a part of the series for very long. When we met her, she was working as an OB-GYN for the hospital. She was working closely with our surgeons in the pediatrics department, and eventually began a relationship with one of them. The two seemed like a good fit for a while, but things quickly came apart after she decided to steal a job right out from under her new boyfriend. That kind of situation is a little hard to bounce back from. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this doctor?

Question 40

Try picking out the right answer

Here we have another patient for everyone to name. This guy was sadly diagnosed with MS at a very young age. He was a musician by trade, and his condition was affecting his ability to play the guitar. Wanting a cure more than anything, he decided to let our neurosurgeons perform a risky operation on his brain while he was awake. The surgery was a success and while it did extend his life for a brief time, he was eventually lost to another complication. Looking at the four given options, is anyone here able to pick out the correct name?

Question 41

Who remembers this character?

While this character was a doctor, she was never actually employed at Seattle Grace Hospital. She worked as an ophthalmologist for Seattle Presbyterian Hospital. She met and began dating our Head of Plastics at the time, and the two shared a lovely relationship. That being said, her boyfriend had long before fallen in love with another and as much as he wanted to, he could not commit to this character fully. After their relationship ended, we never heard from her again. Is any of this ringing any bells? Can anyone here pick out the correct name from the four given options?

Question 42

Which character is this?

Back in season 9, this guy was working as a resident in the OB-GYN department. We had never heard about him previously, but after he began dating one of the surgical interns, he became a semi-regular cast member for a brief time. His relationship with the intern did not last very long, but none of us saw it ending in the dramatic fashion in which it did. Their breakup was intense, and afterward, he was never seen again. We cannot be sure if he is still employed at Seattle Grace or not. Does anyone know who we are talking about?

Question 43

Match this character to the right name

Remember when we were talking about a doctor who had accidently lead a fellow intern to her fate when he asked her to head down to the flooded basement? Well, this was that exact intern. Before she went down to that basement, she had shown a real knack for neurosurgery. She was well on her way to becoming a prodigy, but clearly she was never given the chance. She had a bright and chipper personality, which had a way of rubbing others the wrong way. Does any of this sound familiar? Trying picking out the correct name of this character!

Question 44

Name this character

This man was neither doctor nor patient in the hospital, but he still lost his life in the halls of Seattle Grace nonetheless. After a patient accidentally got a live bomb lodged in his abdomen, the surgeons had no choice but to call for the help of the local bomb squad. This guy was the man in charge of the squad. He walked our surgeons through the entire process, and proved that he was very good at his job. While he did manage to save the lives of everyone else in the hospital, his own was lost in the tragic event.

Question 45

Which name is right?

For this final question, let's look at one more doctor who came along when the merger took place. While everyone was competing hard to earn their spot on the staff, this guy kind of flew under the radar. He was a very tall man, and that wound up being what he was most known for. While he could have very well made a great surgeon, we never actually got to find out. He was one of the few who lost their lives when the shooter entered the hospital. Does anyone here remember this character? Try picking out the only correct name!

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