There's No Way Anyone Is Passing This Makeup Quiz

Remember when YouTube was flooded with videos titled “The Power of Makeup”? Most of us watched these videos in awe. As the title aptly suggested, these videos did truly show the transformative power of makeup. For those who might have missed these videos, they consisted of girls – and in some cases guys - applying makeup to only one half of their face, leaving the other half makeup-free. The end result was impressive for it allowed us to see the girl in question both with makeup and without makeup at the same time, creating a rather large contrast.

Of course, that is not to say that girls necessarily need to wear makeup. Some girls opt to forego makeup completely whereas others wear it only on special occasions. Then there are those who can’t imagine going a day without makeup. It doesn’t matter which category everyone falls into, as long as they are happy with their choice.

Still, even those who are happy to forego makeup altogether are usually more than impressed with makeup’s transformative power and the effort that all of the makeup techniques require. Applying makeup may seem easy from the side but it is anything but in reality. It requires plenty of effort, dedication and skill. It is by no means a trivial hobby. Only those who take all things makeup and beauty seriously stand a chance of passing this quiz!

Question 1

True or False - Beauty Blenders can also be used to apply skin care products

Pretty much every girl owns a beauty blender, regardless of whether she is a beauty newbie or a beauty expert. A beauty blender is a unique makeup sponge and applicator. As most are probably well aware, the Beauty Blender was created by a woman named Rea Ann Silva (Allure) who wanted to make makeup look better on high-definition television. At the time she had no idea that her invention was going to transform the beauty world. Most of us use the Beauty Blender to apply concealer and foundation. But who knows whether this revolutionary pink sponge can also be used to apply skin care products (think moisturizers and face creams) too?

Question 2

Name this brush.

The makeup world is divided into two types of people: those who use makeup brushes religiously and those who don’t. The former can’t think of a better – and more convenient – way of applying one’s makeup products. The latter on the other hand think makeup brushes not only unnecessary but also unhygienic (after all, when makeup brushes are not cleaned on a regular basis they can become bacteria hotspots). Regardless of which category you fall into, you should have no difficulty in answering this particular question. This specific makeup brush is probably one of the most popular makeup brushes out there.

Question 3

Is this lipstick matte or glossy?

There is no better way to finish off your makeup look than by swiping on some lipstick. Lipstick comes in various colors, shades, formulas and finishes and as such it is the easiest way to transform a seemingly boring makeup look. Still, with so many options available it can be rather challenging – and at times even stressful – to choose the lipstick that suits you best. The two most popular types of lipsticks out there are without doubt matte and glossy. Whether you go for matte or glossy will depend not only on the lip look you are trying to achieve – and on the occasion - but also on other less obvious factors such as the overall condition of your lips.

Question 4

Which of the below products should be replaced every 3 months?

Makeup doesn’t last forever and as such it is important to keep an eye on the expiration date of each product. Every makeup product is different (i.e. every makeup product is not only made using unique ingredients but also serves a different function) which means that the makeup products in your makeup bag are bound to go off at different times. Some makeup products last longer (for example, some products might be perfectly usable for a year or two) whereas others seem to expire almost the second you purchase them (they might go bad after a few months use). Who knows which of the above four makeup products needs to be replaced every 3 months or so?

Question 5

What kind of lip product is this?

We’ve already mentioned that one of the best – and easiest – ways to transform your makeup look is by swiping some lipstick onto your lips. But while lipstick is without doubt one of the most popular lip products out there, it is certainly not the only product that you can use to finish off your makeup look. Indeed, there are plenty of other lip products available on the market and the type of product that you will choose to go for will depend on numerous factors, such as the look you are going for, the occasion, your lip condition and your budget. Apart from lipsticks, some other popular lip products include liquid lipstick, lip stains, lip gloss and of course, lip balm.

Question 6

Where should makeup be stored?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to storing our makeup products we always go for the option that is most convenient to us – think bathroom shelf, living room floor or bedroom drawer – as opposed to the option that is deemed to be ideal by makeup experts. That’s because most of us value convenience above anything else. But if you’re truly serious about makeup you have probably done your research and you probably know the ideal place for storing makeup. Indeed, according to Refinery29, the way that you store makeup affects not only how quickly products expire but also how well they work.

Question 7

What is the best way to apply foundation according to experts?

Most girls – whether they are makeup newbies or makeup pros – will probably agree that foundation is one of the best makeup products out there. There is a reason why foundation is called that – it is, after all, a base for all the other makeup products that you might want to add onto your face later (such as eyeshadow or blush). Foundation helps us achieve an even complexion. It hides redness, scars, spots and other imperfections and in consequence, boosts our confidence. Of course, finding the ideal foundation shade is not exactly easy and learning how to apply it properly also takes time.

Question 8

True or False – Those with dry skin should go for powder foundation

We’ve already mentioned that foundation is probably one of the most well-loved makeup products out there, and for good reason. It helps us hide our imperfections and it creates the illusion that we have perfect, glowing, fresh skin. But choosing foundation can be tricky. Not only do you have to pick the shade that is closest to your skin tone, you also have to determine what type of foundation is best for your skin. As most are probably well aware, there are numerous types of foundations out there. For example, one can choose between liquid foundation, powder foundation, mineral powder foundation, cream foundation, and stick foundation among others. Powder foundation is one of the most popular types of foundation out there, but is it suitable for those with dry skin?

Question 9

What is this brush called?

Regardless of whether you love makeup brushes or greatly dislike them, you probably have this particular brush in your makeup bag, at least if you are serious about all things makeup and beauty. After all, this brush is essential if you are looking to achieve a very specific look. This particular brush is by MAC but of course one can purchase it from any beauty brand in any drugstore or on any online website. As is probably quite obvious from the image above, this full circular brush is rather big. Its handle is quite thick and it has long, synthetic bristles.

Question 10

Which of the below primers makes one’s complexion look clearer?

Pretty much every girl out there knows just how important it is to prep your skin before you apply makeup onto your face. This means cleansing and moisturizing of course but is also means applying primer. A primer is an amazing beauty product that, according to Adore Beauty, basically creates an extra layer between your skin and your makeup. Primers not only ensure that your makeup lasts longer than it otherwise would but also smooths the skin’s surface making it easier to apply other makeup products. Primers also even out the skin tone. But the benefits of primers don’t end there. For example, color correcting primers can be used to tackle specific issues and concerns. Which of the below primers helps make one’s complexion look clearer?

Question 11

Which should be applied first – mascara or eyeliner?

Makeup application might seem easy in theory but it is anything but in reality. Indeed, in order to achieve a beautiful makeup look one has to not only invest in quality makeup products and learn at least some of the most important makeup techniques out there but also know which makeup product is applied when. Disregard the correct order of makeup product application and you risk looking like a clown. Of course, this rule does not just apply to one’s face but also to one’s eyes. So, who knows which of the two makeup products should be applied first – mascara or eyeliner?

Question 12

Which of the below makeup products expires first?

We’ve already mentioned earlier on in this quiz that makeup does not last forever. Indeed, every makeup product that we purchase has an expiration date. Some makeup products last for years, others expire much quicker. While more often than not we will be quick to notice when our makeup is expired – it will dry out, get clumpy and will not go on as smoothly onto our face as before – it is nonetheless important to go through our makeup bag once in a while and chuck out products that should no longer be used. Forget to do so and you risk getting a rash, bumps, redness and even blisters according to Women’s Health!

Question 13

Who knows the name of this makeup product?

Every makeup lover should have this makeup product in her makeup bag. This makeup product has become incredibly trendy as of late and there is good reason for its popularity. This unique makeup product makes our skin glow. Indeed, when most of us think of this makeup product we associate it with words such as “radiant”, “luminescent” and “glowing”. The makeup product that can be seen in the image above is by Givenchy but of course there are plenty more affordable options on the beauty market too. In addition, the product above comes in powder form. But it can also come in liquid, stick, and pot form too.

Question 14

Which of the below makeup products expires last?

To some, makeup product expiration dates are nothing but a hassle. To others, they are a blessing in disguise. The former greatly dislike the fact that they must now go out and purchase a new, perhaps almost identical, makeup product. The latter on the other hand see the situation as a way to experiment with new products and brands. While some makeup products expire incredibly quickly, most makeup products last for a very long time. Indeed, it is not unusual to keep a makeup product in one’s bag for a year or even two. Who knows which one of the below four makeup products expires last?

Question 15

What is the name of this makeup product?

Unlike makeup products such as foundation or blush which can be found in almost every girl’s makeup bag, the makeup product that can be seen above is certainly less popular. Indeed, you are unlikely to find it in every girl’s makeup bag and some might not even know what it is. As far as makeup products go, it is quite useful and can make quite a big difference to a specific facial feature. Nonetheless, not everyone is bothered to use this makeup product on a day to day basis. After all, using this product does extend the overall time that it takes to complete a makeup look.

Question 16

Who knows the name of this brush?

Those who dislike using makeup brushes are probably fed up with all the questions on makeup brushes on this quiz. Still, most people will probably agree that makeup brushes are incredibly convenient and often result in a more precise application of makeup products when compared to using one’s fingers. The makeup brush that can be seen in the image above is rather small. Still, it has a rather thick handle. Its synthetic, non-irritating bristles are relatively short. This makeup brush belongs to Erth’s minerals but of course almost every beauty brand and drugstore has this particular brush on offer. Who knows its name?

Question 17

Who is the founder of Fenty Beauty?

Fenty Beauty is a makeup and beauty brand that was launched only last year, in 2017. Even though it hasn’t been around for all that long, most of us trust this brand implicitly. Why? Partly because we admire the brand’s founder and partly because we have tried the beauty products and were impressed by their quality. Fenty Beauty is known for its inclusive products and branding. For example, the brand offers as many as 40 different shades of foundation and features models of all colors and sizes in its marketing campaigns. Most products are not limited edition and they are all of amazing quality (plus they come in lovely packaging). So, who was it that founded this revolutionary beauty brand?

Question 18

After the application of a lip plumping lip gloss, the tingling sensation should not last longer than...?

Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with large, plump lips. Those with thin lips sometimes feel left out, especially in today’s day and age when those with plump lips are seen as the epitome of beauty. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that we can rectify nature’s neglect. For example, we can opt for lip fillers. But what if we don’t want any permanent changes? In that case, we can give lip plumping lip glosses, such as Lip Injection Extreme by Too Faced or Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss by BUXOM, a go. Lip plumping lip glosses not only make your lips look fuller but also give them plenty of moisture too.

Question 19

What is the purpose of green concealer?

Like foundation, concealer is another one of those magical makeup products that manages to boost our confidence by hiding our imperfections. Concealer comes in various colors and the color that you might opt for will depend on the problem areas that you want to tackle. For example, some color correcting concealers target blue-toned spots whereas others neutralize purple shadows. Still others cancel out dark spots. Overall, there are quite a few color correcting concealers that you can choose from so make sure that you take your skin tone and skin issues into consideration. So, who knows why you’d choose a green concealer?

Question 20

Which of the below brushes should be used to sweep away eyeshadow fallout?

Imagine this: you’ve just applied eyeshadow and your eyes are looking gorgeous. In fact, this might just be the best eye look that you have ever achieved. You outdid yourself. But there’s one little thing: there’s eyeshadow fallout underneath your eyes. And it’s not just a speck or two. It’s quite a lot. What do you do? You could of course clean up the eyshadow fallout with your fingers or a few tissues. But that might create an even bigger mess. Indeed, it might even mess up your overall makeup look. As such, it is a good idea to play it safe and brush away the eyeshadow fallout with a brush.

Question 21

Where should one check foundation before purchasing it?

There is no denying that foundation is an amazing makeup product and one that can seriously transform not only the way that we look but also the way that we feel! However, as most girls are probably well aware, choosing the ideal foundation shade is incredibly hard. There are so many shades available that it can feel close to impossible to find the shade that best matches our skin tone. The fact that most of us feel self-conscious trying out foundation samples in drugstores and makeup stores doesn’t help either. Of course, there are certain tips and tricks that might help us find our ideal foundation shade.

Question 22

What makeup product is applied with this brush?

The makeup brush that can be seen in the image above stands out from other makeup brushes in that its head is slightly angled. The slanted shape offers greater precision application and ensures that one achieves a gorgeous, sculpted look. As is probably quite obvious, this brush is rather big. It has a thick handle and long bristles. Many girls consider this particular brush to be an essential makeup brush. After all, the product that one applies with it could not be applied in any other way (some might argue that one can use one’s fingers to apply this product but the fact of the matter is that you simply won’t get the same precision).

Question 23

Who is this eyeshadow palette by?

Only those who are true Sephora junkies have a chance of answering this question correctly! The stunning eyeshadow palette above is incredibly compact which means that it won’t take up much space in your makeup bag. Indeed, you can even throw it into your bag when you are on your travels! This eyeshadow palette contains shades that are perfect both for daytime and nighttime looks. All of the eyeshadows in this palette are creamy. You can choose between nine different palette colors – Warm Brown, Mauve, Smokey, Coral, Amethyst, Topaz, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire (Sephora). So, who thinks that they know the name of this eyeshadow palette?

Question 24

True or False – Tinted moisturizer can be used instead of foundation

Foundation is amazing but at times it can feel too heavy on our skin, especially if we are going for a “no makeup” makeup look. Over the years beauty gurus and experts have come up with numerous ingenious ways of making foundation lighter and more natural looking. For example, some suggest mixing foundation with a few drops of water. Others claim that adding a few drops of argan oil will make all the difference in the world. Not a fan of either idea? Then you might want to simply stick to BB creams or CC creams. But who knows whether tinted moisturizers can also be used instead of foundation?

Question 25

Those with thin lips should avoid...?

We’ve already mentioned earlier on in this quiz that not everyone has been blessed with large, plump limps. And while our lip size does not define us it can nonetheless feel disheartening to see countless of influencers and celebrities pouting perfectly into the camera. Of course, there are numerous ways that we can make our own lips look plumper too. For example, lip injections have been very popular as of late but what if you don’t want to go that far? What if you don’t even want to fall into the trap of purchasing lip plumping lip glosses? Luckily for us, there are plenty of other ways that we can trick the eye into thinking that we have large lips. At the same time however there are also certain things that those with thin lips should avoid!

Question 26

Does Too Faced test on animals?

More and more people are choosing to become vegan every single day. They claim that animals are our friends and that they too deserve a life that does not end with them displayed on our kitchen table. But being vegan is not only just about not eating animals. It is also about making other, conscious choices too, such as avoiding makeup products that test on animals. And you don’t necessarily have to be a vegan to not want to purchase from brands that use furry creatures as test objects. Nowadays more and more brands are choosing to stop testing on animals. Who knows whether Too Faced is one such brand?

Question 27

According to dermatologists, makeup brushes should be cleaned...?

Those who dislike using makeup brushes often claim that they are hotspots for bacteria. And of course, they are not wrong. Makeup brushes can get dirty incredibly fast and as such they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. We all know this. And yet we also know how much of a hassle cleaning one’s brushes really is. Sure, it doesn’t take all that long but it still requires plenty of effort. As such, most of us try to avoid cleaning our brushes for as long as possible. When we do finally set out to clean them we are taken aback by the dirt and the oil that clings to them. Most of us don’t clean our brushes nearly as often as we should.

Question 28

What do the letters “BB” in BB cream stand for?

Pretty much everyone knows what a BB cream is. Indeed, quite a few girls have this magical makeup-skin care hybrid product in their makeup bags. But what is a BB cream? A BB cream is basically a makeup product that also boasts plenty of skin care benefits. Depending on the type of BB cream that you go for, it might moisturize your skin or it might color correct your skin tone. Most girls reach for a BB cream when they are in a rush and don’t have enough time to perform a multiple-step skin care and makeup routine. In short, BB creams are amazing products for those who are always on the go.

Question 29

What is this eye technique known as?

Proper eyeshadow application takes quite some time which is why most girls opt to skip this step in their makeup routines, at least on a day to day basis. However, there is nothing like a gorgeous eye look to transform one’s face for a special occasion. Of course, most eye looks take plenty of time and plenty of practice to master but with a little bit of effort pretty much everyone can stun those around them with an eye look such as the one that can be seen above. But who thinks that they know the name of this unique eye technique?

Question 30

Who is this eyeshadow palette by?

Who knows the brand that released this stunning eyeshadow palette? This eyeshadow palette is known as a “Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette”. It consists of 14 beautiful shades that are suitable both for day and night looks. Some of the shades are ultra-matte whereas others are duo chrome. Still others stand out due to their metallic finish. Every shade is fully-pigmented. According to Sephora, some of the shades that can be found in this palette include Orange Soda (which is pastel peach in color), Fairy (which is light gold), Sienna (which is of earthy brown color) and Cypress Umber (which is the color of dark coffee).

Question 31

How often should lipstick be replaced?

Lipstick is an amazing makeup product. We might not wear it every single day but we always go for it when we feel like our makeup look is lacking a little something. There are so many lipstick shades to choose from – and they are all so gorgeous – that we tend to buy way more lipsticks than we actually need. Of course, like most makeup products, lipsticks also have an expiration date which means that they do not last forever. This is both good and bad. It’s good in that it means that we can keep trying new shades of lipstick. And it’s bad in that it means that we might have to chuck away the lipstick, or lipsticks, that we have grown accustomed to.

Question 32

According to makeup pros, which should be applied first: foundation or concealer?

This one is a tough one. Makeup junkies have been debating this question for years now. As most girls will probably agree, both foundation and concealer are incredibly important makeup products. Indeed, both products can be found in pretty much every girl’s makeup bag. They are both revolutionary in that they can help us hide our imperfections and create the illusion of perfect – or near-perfect – skin. But which product do you apply first – foundation or concealer? While in theory the two products can be applied in any order, makeup pros tend to apply the two products in a very specific order. Who knows what it is?

Question 33

What is the best way to avoid an oily looking face at the end of the day?

No matter how carefully we apply our makeup in the morning and no matter how much setting powder and setting spray we use, we are bound to end up with an oily looking face at the end of the day. That is only natural. After all, no makeup can last the whole day without smudging. We all sweat and we all subconsciously touch our face. Of course, no one wants their makeup to slide off their face at the end of the day and luckily for us, there are plenty of ways that we can avoid smudged foundation. Which of the below four options is the best way to avoid an oily looking face?

Question 34

What is this makeup brush called?

This is the last time that we’ll ask you a question about makeup brushes on this quiz, we promise! Although if you’re a lover of makeup brushes, you probably enjoyed all of the questions that we asked you previously on this quiz. This makeup brush is quite distinctive in that it is much smaller than other brushes that had been featured on this quiz. The handle of this brush is thin and as is probably quite obvious from the image above, the bristles are also very thin (and there are not that many of them either!) This brush gives one precise, firm strokes and is used on a specific facial feature.

Question 35

True or False – Foundation should be applied to one's ears too

The one product you are bound to find in every girl’s makeup bag is foundation. We’ve already mentioned numerous times as to why foundation is a revolutionary makeup product so we won’t repeat ourselves here. Still, while most girls can’t imagine their makeup routines without foundation, finding the exact shade match is by no means easy. And even when the exact shade is found, it is worth reading up on how to apply foundation properly. Apply too little and you won’t hide all the blemishes and scars. Apply too much and you will are bound to look like a clown. Skip the neck area and it will only be too obvious that you are wearing foundation.

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