There's No Way Anyone Is Passing This Friends Season 1 Quiz

Friends is one of the most well-known shows in TV history. It’s a sitcom that began in the ’90s and has grown to be one of the most popular shows of all time. Airing for 10 years, it’s no wonder that it grew to be the TV giant that it is today. While it ended in 2004, the episodes still air regularly on TV and can be streamed online. For many, it’s an all-time favourite show - and for good reason! It follows the lives of 6 quirky friends living in New York as they navigate adulthood, relationships, and more.

Ross, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are well-loved characters, and each has their own unique personality that makes them a fan-favourite. The characters grow a lot over the course of 10 seasons, and we see them go through many life changes, difficulties, and relationships. In the first season, we are introduced to each character and get a feel for their personalities, and what hilarious antics are to come from future episodes. This quiz is for the ultimate Friends fans - those who binge-watch the series regularly, are Friends trivia masters and can quote the show by heart. Who knows the show the best? This season 1 quiz may stump even the biggest of Friends fans!

Question 1

How many episodes were in the first season?

The first season aired in the ’90s and quickly became a TV hit. There were so many iconic moments, and it set a new standard for TV comedy. The first season set the stage for the tone of the show. We got a feel for the different relationships, personality types, and what to expect from future episodes. It’s amazing to look back at the first season and see how much the characters have grown and changed. So, how many episodes were there in the very first season?

Question 2

What year did the first season air?

Since it launched in the '90's, Friends became one of the biggest TV show sitcoms of all time. Fans fell in love with the quirky characters, the comedy, and the shenanigans that the Friends gang gets up to as they navigate young adulthood. Set in New York City, many parts of the first season are very reminiscent of the time period. The fashion choices, the haircuts, the technology - it's all very 90's. What year specifically did the first season air?

Question 3

What was Rachel wearing in the first episode?

In the very first episode of Friends, we are introduced to each of the main characters. The episode begins with four friends sitting in their local coffee shop in New York City. We meet Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe. Ross, Monica's brother, soon joins them. They talk about relationship struggles, as Ross expresses how much he wants to be married again. Just as he says this, a woman enters the coffee shop. This woman is none other than Rachel green, the 6th member of the Friends cast. What crazy outfit was Rachel wearing?

Question 4

Why did Rachel leave her fiancé at the altar?

In the very first pilot episode of Friends, we meet Rachel. We learn that she very recently left her fiance. Not only did she leave him, but she ran away from her own wedding, leaving him at the altar. This set the tone of humour and unpredictable events that would become a very common theme in the show. It's this quirkiness that would make Friends one of the most popular shows in TV history. What explanation does she give for leaving her fiance at the altar?

Question 5

What was the name of Rachel's fiancé?

In the first episode of season 1, we meet Rachel and learn that she left her fiancé at the altar. Rachel walks into the same coffee shop in New York that Monica and her friends are at. It turns out that Rachel and Monica were friends in high school. Rachel explains why she called off the wedding, and vents to the friends. They help console her before going back to Monica's apartment. We know that Rachel left her fiancé, but what was his name?

Question 6

Fill in the blank: "Everyone always told me, 'you're a ____, Rachel"

In the first, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe are all at Monica’s apartment watching a soap opera. In the kitchen, Rachel is on the phone with her dad, explaining why she couldn't go through with the wedding and why she left her fiance. She says, “all my life, everyone has always told me, ‘you’re a ___, Rachel.’” when describing that she felt she had been living the way other people expected her to, instead of how she wanted. What article of clothing is she referring to here?

Question 7

When building furniture, what piece is Ross missing?

In the first season, Chandler and Joey are helping Ross build some new furniture at Ross's apartment. Ross recently found out that his ex is in a new relationship and is expecting his baby. He is very sad and upset, so Chandler and Joey try to cheer him up. While building some furniture, Ross realizes that he is missing a piece. Frustrated, Ross says "I'm supposed to attach a brackety thing to the side things, using a bunch of these little worm guys." What piece is he missing?

Question 8

What item of Paul the Wine Guy's does Monica break?

Paul The Wine Guy was the first man that we saw Monica date on the show. He appeared in the first episode of season 1, though the Friends already refer to him as "Paul The Wine Guy" so we understand that she was seeing him before. We learn that he tricked Monica into feeling sorry for him. While we never find out quite why he’s called Paul The Wine Guy, after learning that he tricked her, Monica breaks something of his. What does she break?

Question 9

What baby name do Susan and Carol suggest when getting a sonogram?

In episode 2, "The One With The Sonogram At The End," Ross goes to the Sonogram appointment with his ex Carol, who is expecting his baby. Susan also attends. Ross awkwardly tries to make small talk, where it becomes obvious he is very uncomfortable. He says he wants to know how their arrangement is going to work, as he would like to be involved with important questions, such as what they will name the baby. What name does Carol first suggest for the baby?

Question 10

Where was Rachel supposed to go on her honeymoon?

In the first episode, we learn that Rachel ran away from her wedding and left her fiancé. Understandably, she didn't go on the honeymoon that she was supposed to with him. We find out that her fiancé still went on the honeymoon. Rachel then finds out that he didn’t go on the honeymoon alone. He went on their honeymoon with someone else - someone he is now engaged to. What was the destination of the honeymoon they were supposed to go on together?

Question 11

Where does Phoebe find a thumb?

In episode 3, "The One With The Thumb," Phoebe realizes that her bank has accidentally put $500 in her account in error. She tells her bank, but instead of taking the money out, they give her another $500. Always giving and caring for others in her quirky way, Phoebe tried to help a friend by giving the money to them. The friend is grateful and gives Phoebe a gift. This sparks the chain of events that leads Phoebe to find a human thumb. Where does she find it?

Question 12

What gift does the bank give to Phoebe?

In the same episode with the thumb, Phoebe is upset with her bank when they accidentally deposit $500 into her account. She feels guilty about this, and doesn't feel right about using the money. She informs the bank of their error, and they give her a gift as an apology. Then, instead of removing the $500, they give her another $500. Still feeling guilty, she gives the money and the item to a friend in need. What item did the bank give her?

Question 13

What was Rachel’s first job in the show?

A main theme throughout the early seasons of the show is the gang trying to help Rachel adjust to adulthood and independence. In the first episode, Rachel is looking for a job. This is somewhat new to her, as she is used to being able to use her dad's credit card. She ends up going on a shopping spree, so the friends convince her to cut up her dad's credit card. Now needing to support herself, she had to find a job. What is her first job in season 1?

Question 14

What sports game did Ross attend, where he broke his nose?

In episode 4, Ross goes through a hard time following an anniversary with his ex. Joey and Chandler say that they have 3 tickets to a sports game, and that they are bringing Ross as a birthday present. Ross doesn't believe them, as his birthday was months ago. We learn that they had 3 tickets, but couldn't decide which one should bring a date. They take Ross instead, hoping to cheer him up. At the game, Ross is hit in the face and breaks his nose. What type of sports game did they take him to?

Question 15

Which friend fell into an open grave?

In episode 8, Ross and Monica experience a loss in their family. The friends attend the funeral of Ross and Monica's nana. Several funny things happen in this episode. Rachel’s foot gets stuck in the mud, causing her to stumble. Joey watches a football game on a small portable TV. The friends are discussing the beautiful day despite the sad circumstances. It’s a nice, sentimental moment when suddenly one of the friends falls into an open grave. Which friend fell into a grave?

Question 16

Which girlfriend was Chandler trying to leave?

In episode 5, while Monica is on a double date posing as Joey’s girlfriend, Chandler is dealing with some major stress. At the coffee house, he watches Phoebe amicably part ways with her boyfriend. He wants to leave his girlfriend at the time, and is so nervous that he ends up drinking way too much espresso. When his girlfriend meets him there, he gets even more nervous. Things get worse from there, where he accidentally hits her in the eye. Which girlfriend was he trying to leave?

Question 17

Who was Joey a double for?

In episode 6 we see the friends attend Joey's musical. While the play wasn't great, Joey ends up getting the business card of a talent agent. He is an aspiring film actor, and very excited about this. Joey's new agent manages to get him a role in a new movie, as a double for a certain part of the main actor in a shower scene. Unfortunately Joey ends up overacting and losing the role. Which actor was he supposed to be a double for?

Question 18

Where did Chandler get stuck during the blackout?

In episode 7, "The One With The Blackout," a blackout causes a major power outage throughout most of the city. While Monica and the gang wait it out at their apartment, sharing personal stories. Chandler finds himself stuck somewhere with Jill Goodacre, a famous model. A series of funny events occur, when she offers Chandler to use her cell phone. He ends up choking on some gum, and she saves him. When the power comes back, the model even kisses him. Where did they get stuck?

Question 19

What do they eat for Thanksgiving?

In episode 9, "The One Where Underdog Gets Away," Monica and Ross plan to have a small thanksgiving evening at her apartment. Over the course of the night, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel end up joining them. Rachel's holiday plans fall through, Joey ends up not spending the holiday with his parents, and Phoebe decides to celebrate twice. However, they don’t end up eating the thanksgiving meal that Monica had planned, as they end up getting locked out of the apartment. What do they eat for dinner?

Question 20

Which friend hates Thanksgiving?

In this episode, we learn that one of the friends isn’t the biggest fan of Thanksgiving. In fact, this friend avoids thanksgiving food at all costs. This friend had many bad experiences with Thanksgiving growing up, that now the holiday reminds them too much of their parents marriage ending. This friend boycotts thanksgiving and any holidays like it, and is happy when they aren't able to eat the dinner Monica had planned. So which friend hates Thanksgiving so much?

Question 21

What is Ross's monkey’s name?

In Episode 10, "The One With The Monkey," the holidays are fast approaching. Ross decides that he is tired of living alone. While he doesn’t to live alone anymore, he also doesn't want a roommate. Instead, he decides to adopt a monkey. This monkey became an iconic (and hilarious) character of the show, even bringing the monkey as his date to Monica's party. Unfortunately, Ross doesn't realize at first that he is not legally allowed to have an exotic pet. What was the monkey’s name?

Question 22

Who did Chandler’s mom kiss?

In Episode 11, "The One With Mrs. Bing," we meet Chandler’s mom, Nora, when she comes to visit. Mrs. Bing is a best-selling author, and has an appearance on The Tonight Show. Chandler doesn't want to watch, because she tends to make some embarrassing comments. While visiting, she takes the gang out for dinner. At one point in the evening, one friend has a bit too much to drink, and ends up kissing Mrs. Bing. Which friend did she kiss?

Question 23

Which aunt did Monica make the lasagnas for?

In Episode 12, "The One With The Dozen Lasagnas", Monica makes 12 lasagnas for an aunt. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize the lasagnas are supposed to be vegetarian. Monica ends up getting stuck with all 12 lasagnas, as they have meat in them. At the same time, Rachel ends her relationship with Paolo. Even though Monica is mad at Paolo, she gives him a lasagna in an attempt to get rid of them. Which aunt did Monica make the lasagnas for?

Question 24

Why did Rachel end her relationship with Paolo?

In Episode 12, “The One With The Dozen Lasagnas,” we learn that Rachel has ended her relationship with Paolo. Paolo is a charming Italian man that she met while searching for a cat. Paolo lived in the same apartment building as Monica and Rachel. They have a bit of a language barrier, but they end up dating. However, this doesn’t last very long. Their relationship ends, and Monica tries to get rid of her 12 lasagnas by giving him one. So why did Rachel end her relationship with him?

Question 25

Phoebe dated a psychologist for a short while, what was his name?

In episode 13, we learn that Phoebe has a new boyfriend. He’s a psychiatrist, and at first the friends aren’t sure what to think of him. He finds the friends to be quirky and amusing, but soon he begins to frustrate them. He ends up using his psychology expertise in a negative way, and he seems to enjoy analyzing people to point out unpleasant things about them. This causes the friends to dislike him, and they tell Phoebe how they fell. What was this boyfriend's name?

Question 26

Who was Chandler’s blind double date with Joey?

In Episode 14, "The One With The Candy Hearts," Valentine's Day is here. Ross has a date for Valentine’s Day, but he unexpectedly ends up at the same restaurant as Carol. Meanwhile, Joey convinces Chandler to come with him on a blind date. Chandler has no clue who his date will be, and never imaged the person he would be dining with. To Chandler’s surprise, his blind date ends up being somebody he already knows. Who was his blind date?

Question 27

What is Phoebe’s twin’s name?

Episode 23 is the first of a two-part episode of the season. In this episode, "The One With Two Parts," we find out that Phoebe actually has a twin sister. This sister appeared on another sitcom, Mad About You. Phoebe grew up with this sister for years, and they lost touch as they got older. Phoebe says that her sister was often mean to her, and that the loss of their mother and difficulties with their father caused them to go separate ways. What is her twin’s name?

Question 28

What is Ross's monkey's favourite song?

In episode 18, the guys are trying to teach poker to the girls. The girls lose, so they ask Monica's aunt Iris for help. Monica's aunt is a professional poker player, and she gives them some tips. We were previously introduced to Ross's monkey, who quickly became a favourite character. Chandler and Joey tease Ross about having feelings for Rachel. The monkey begins acting up, playing with the stereo where we learn he has a favourite song. What is his favourite song?

Question 29

Which friend loses Ross's monkey?

In episode 19, "The One Where The Monkey Gets Away, " Ross asks one of the friends to watch the monkey, Marcel. Unfortunately, the friend accidentally leaves the door open and Marcel escapes. The friend panics, and asks the rest of the gang to help find Marcel before Ross finds out. To make things worse, animal control finds out and Ross is worried because monkeys are not a legal pet in New York. They race to find Marcel before animal control does. Which friend lost Marcel?

Question 30

What fake name did Monica give when she met the woman who stole her identity?

In Episode 21, "The One With The Fake Monica," Monica discovers that her credit card has been stolen. She finds out that the thief has registered for a dance class. She gets jealous that the person who stole her credit card seems to be living a more fun and exciting lifestyle than her. She takes Phoebe and Rachel to the same class the thief is supposed to be at, and pretends to be someone else. What fake name does she give?

Question 31

Where did Phoebe find Rachel’s engagement ring?

In episode 2, Rachel needs to find her engagement ring to return to her ex-fiancé. Monica and Ross's parents are coming to visit, so Monica begins to frantically clean the house to avoid judgement from her parents. In this episode we get a good look at Monica's relationship with her parents, and Rachel's personality in a very funny way. While looking for the ring, Rachel realizes it is lost in a very unfortunate place. Phoebe ends up finding the ring - but where does she find it?

Question 32

Which character did this actress play?

This actress plays a very memorable character throughout the show. She dates Chandler in the first season and makes appearances in later episodes as well. Her and Chandler date on and off. She is well known for her nasally laugh and unforgettable voice. A recurring theme of the show is that Chandler wants to break up with her, but every time he tries she begins to cry, making him feel so guilty that he continues the relationship. What character does this actress play?

Question 33

While Carol is giving birth, where do Ross, Susan, and Phoebe get trapped?

In Episode 23, "The One With The Birth," The friends are at the hospital with Carol, where they are less than helpful. Carol is in labour, and Ross and Susan begin arguing about Carol while Rachel is crushing on the doctor. Carol Ross and Susan out of her hospital room, where they continue their bickering. To try to stop them from arguing, Phoebe takes them to the side and manages to get them all trapped somewhere. Where do they get trapped?

Question 34

At the end of Season 1, where is Ross travelling to for work?

Episode 24, "The One Where Rachel Finds Out," is the season 1 finale. Carol had her baby, Ben. The friends are preparing to have a birthday barbecue for Rachel. Chandler and Joey know how Ross feels about Rachel, but don't think anything will happen between them. Ross gets the opportunity to travel somewhere, so he stops by the guys' apartment to tell them he will be leaving for a week. He decides to leave Rachel's birthday present with them to give to her. Where is he travelling to?

Question 35

In the season 1 finale, what gift does Ross leave for Rachel's birthday?

In the season 1 finale episode Ross travels to China for a week for work. At the same time, the friends are gathering to celebrate Rachel's birthday. By this point, we are very familiar with Ross's past feelings for Rachel, however, Rachel doesn't know. Ross leaves her birthday present with Joey and Chandler, and then leaves for China. At her birthday barbecue, Rachel decides to open her presents before dinner. She is very surprised when she opens the gift from Ross. What gift did Ross get her?

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