There's No Way Anyone Could Name 100% Of These TV Shows

It is no secret that television has become the number one most popular pastime out there. Sure we still love books and movies, but with so much television available to us now, it is only natural that we have all drifted more towards these series than anything else. With streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu around, there is no limit to the number of shows we can watch. Binging on series has basically become the new way to watch things. No more waiting around for new episodes, all 5 seasons are already there for us to enjoy! This quiz is for the true binge-watchers out there.

In this quiz, we will be listing 50 television series one by one. We will give a picture and a brief description of each series, and all everyone here has to do is name them each correctly. These shows come from all different kinds of different genres, so it is going to take a real TV expert to pass this one with 100%. Anyone who has been watching The Office on a constant loop may want to do some serious brushing up before starting this one. Get the remotes out, and take this ultimate TV quiz today!

Question 1

Pick out the right title

Just how far are people willing to go for their families? Michael Scofield is willing to go the distance, that is for sure. After his brother was arrested for a crime he did not commit, Michael knew he had to do something. Being the clever guy that he is, he designed an elaborate escape plan. The first step of this plan: get arrested himself. From within the walls of the same prison, Michael does whatever he can to get not only himself but his brother out. Does anyone here know which television series we are talking about in this question?

Question 2

Which title is correct?

This show is all about the drama. Whether we are following the doctors through their risky procedures, or watching them feud with each other over whos dating who, it seems that there is always something exciting happening within the walls of this specific hospital. Of course, the drama also follows them outside of the hospital, but since it is technically a medical show, it is not all that often that they actually leave. From the very first episode, this show has been a complete roller coaster ride of emotions. Can anyone here figure out which of these titles is right?

Question 3

Which of these titles is correct?

These days, families come in all different shapes and sizes. There are no two families out there that are alike, and that is perfectly fine! This larger than life family knows exactly what it is like to be untraditional. While the three separate branches of this family try handling their day to day lives on their own, every sunday night, they all get together for a family dinner. Of course by the time sunday night rolls around, there is plenty of drama for everyone to catch up on. Does anyone here know what series we are talking about in this question?

Question 4

Pick out the right answer

Here we have yet another unlikely pairing. Max basically raised herself out on the streets, so she has never known what it is like to have money. Caroline on the other hand, was basically raised by credit cards and nannies. While it seems that these girls have virtually nothing in common, they both actually need each other quite desperately. Caroline has lost all of her family money and has no idea how to survive, and Max wants to start her own cupcake business but needs caroline's hefty list of contacts to even stand a chance. What is the name of this comedy series?

Question 5

Name this television series

Lorelai did not exactly plan for the life she has had, but she isn't someone with a whole lot of regrets either. She was born into a very wealthy family, but the glass slippers just never seemed to fit her right. At the age of 16, Lorelai found out she was expecting a baby. Not wanting her baby to grow up the same way she did, she decided to leave everything behind and start fresh. She found a charming small town, where she raised her baby the way she wanted to. Honestly, we don't think there has never been a cooler mother-daughter duo on television!

Question 6

Which title is actually correct?

Here is one we are thinking many will be able to guess correctly. This show is shot like a documentary. It follows around the employees of a mid-range paper company branch. Business is never good, and their boss spends most of his time trying to boost office morale rather than crunching actual numbers. For the most part, his morale-boosting does not work, but from time to time he does manage to squeeze a laugh out of his workers. Is any of this ringing any bells? Looking at the given options, can anyone here pick out the correct title of this show?

Question 7

Pick out the right name

Four brainy friends all work together at the same institute. While they are all extraordinary geniuses, one of them stands out as the brightest of the bunch. This guy also happens to be the most annoying of the bunch. None of them have ever had much luck in their dating lives, but now that a new girl has just moved in nextdoor, maybe they will finally be able to learn how to properly interact with a woman. Of course they need to figure out how to approach her without coming off as weirdos first. Can anyone here name this series?

Question 8

Which of these titles is correct?

Here we have a series which is set in the 80s. 4 young boys are all best friends. They enjoy things like the AV club, science class, and of course playing Dungeons and Dragons. This may not make them the most popular kids around, but they have each other. That being said, when one of them mysteriously goes missing one evening, the boys know that they have to do whatever they can to get him back. While the sheriff and the boy's mother try finding him in traditional ways, the young men think their special approach may actually be the better option.

Question 9

What is the name of this series?

Jessica Day is the most chipper girl around town. She wears bright colours, sings songs, bakes cookies, and is really just all around a very pleasant person. However, she has just found out that her boyfriend has been lying to her for quite some time. Needing a new place to live, Jess went looking in the classifieds. She came across an ad which looked too good to be true. After seeing the apartment for herself, she knew she wanted in. Although, while the apartment was beautiful, living there also meant living with three rowdy boys. What is a girl to do?

Question 10

Pick out the right title

In a different universe, all of our beloved fairytale characters are real. Snow White, Prince Charming, Pinocchio and all of the others live in a place called The Enchanted Forest. While this seems like a dream spot, we must keep in mind that while all of our favorite heroes live there, so do all of the villains. One of these villains just happens to be planning a wicked curse for the kingdom and all of its inhabitants. She plans on sending everyone to our world, where there is no such thing as magic ... What TV show are we talking about?

Question 11

Name this series

Here we have a rather popular animated series.The leading man of this series is a father of three. He and his wife own and operate a restaurant located under their apartment, and they have their kids help out with the business as well. Of course most of the time their overly active children wind up driving away the paying customers, but kids will be kids! No matter how annoyed he may get with them, at the end of the day, he wouldn't trade his family for anything. Looking at the given options, can anyone here pick out the correct title?

Question 12

Pick out the right answer

These three guys all attend the same high school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Almost every student at this school is there because of how incredibly wealthy their families are. While this may sound like a great set up, these kids have all sorts of problems to deal with. They are pretty much free to do as they please for the most part, but the drama that surrounds their lives is everlasting. No matter where they turn, a new rumour is bound to pop up. Does any of this sound familiar? Trying pick out the right title from the four given options.

Question 13

What show is this?

Walter White has been a good man his entire life. He married a woman he loved, they had children, and he worked hard to ensure they had everything they could ever need. However, after finding out that his time is more limited than he had thought, Walter is feeling like he is done with the whole good guy thing. He knows he needs to make a lot of cash if he wants to leave enough behind for his family to survive off of, but his teaching job doesn't pay that well. Needless to say, Walter is planning something a little different to earn the cash he needs.

Question 14

Match this series to the right title

Here we have another long-running animated series. Peter may not be the smartest guy in Rhode Island, but he does have a beautiful family (or a least a regular family anyways). His wife Lois stays home to care for their youngest, who is most often plotting ways to bring an end to his mother. His two eldest attend high school, but neither of them is bringing too much to the table. And they even have a family dog. Of course the dog is smarter than most of the family members, but that is neither here nor there. Name this popular series!

Question 15

What show are we talking about?

Now this one we are thinking most will get fairly quickly. This HBO hit is about a land called Westeros. Westeros is made up of seven kingdoms. All of these kingdoms are ruled by one single person. There are a handful of noble families, and all of them are trying to be the one in charge. These familias have started wars over who gets to sit in the iron throne, but their time is running out quick. As a separate threat approaches their land, these families either have to band together or risk losing everything they have ever known. Name this series!

Question 16

Name this show

Elena has just gone through the toughest year of her life. She lost both of her parents to the same accident and now she and her brother are living with their aunt. Elena loves her aunt very much, but she can't help but wish things had gone differently. She is about to restart school and she is very much looking forward to things going back to normal. However, after meeting the new guy in town, nothing is ever normal for Elena again. Is this ringing any bells? Looking at the four given options, try picking out the only correct title.

Question 17

Pick out the right answer

Jax Teller is not a bad guy. He may run with a tough crowd, but he is a single-father who does his best every day. While it is is true that he is a leading member of his town's most notorious biker gang, he and his crew actually do a lot of good for their community. Sure they can get up to some illegal trouble from time to time when they need cash, but they also do their best to ensure major criminals stay far away from their home. Not exactly as selfless as Robin Hood, but Jax is no villain either.

Question 18

Name this television series

DJ Tanner never thought that she would wind up living in the same home she and her sisters were raised in. However, she never planned on being a widow either. Now that she is raising her kids on her own, she has decided to move back into her family house. Her sister and her lifelong best friend are also moving in with her. It is going to be a packed house, but the love will be overflowing. Is any of this ringing any bells? Try picking out the correct title from the four given options. Only one of them is correct!

Question 19

What is the name of this animated series?

Here we have our final animated series for this quiz. Growing up comes along with a whole bunch of drama. However, no matter who we are or where we are from, a lot of this drama is the same for all of us. Puberty hits, and it seems like everything we once knew is completely different. There is hair where there shouldn't be, pimples are popping up left and right, and for the first time ever, our fellow classmates are starting to look particularly attractive. It may not be easy going through puberty, but at least we are all in it together ...

Question 20

What show is this?

Can anyone here imagine a better job than opening a business with your best friends? These four friends have been inseparable since high school. Of course this mainly due to the fact that nobody else can stand them, but hey, friends are friends, right? They have all decided to open up a bar together, thinking it would be the ultimate job. While they could put in some effort and really make the place a go-to destination, they instead spend most of their days drinking their profits. Does anyone here know what series we are talking about in this question? Try picking out the correct title from the given options!

Question 21

Which of these titles is correct?

Jim Gordon has just returned to his hometown. It has been years since he has been back, but now that he is ready to start working as a detective, he thought home would be the best place to do it. However, now that he is back, he is realizing things are quite a bit different than how he remembered them. It seems that the city is now completely run by criminals. While other detectives at his precinct may be fine with turning a blind eye, Jim does not operate that way. He fully intends to return his town to its former glory.

Question 22

Pick out the right answer

Leslie Knope may just be the most dedicated worker in the universe. She works for her local government and to say that she takes her job seriously, would have to be the understatement of the year. While her colleagues all feel that there is no point wasting time actually trying to improve their town, Leslie feels a little differently. She truly believes that her office has the power to do some good, she just needs to figure out how. Is any of this ringing any bells? Looking at the four listed options, can anyone here figure out which title is correct?

Question 23

Name this television series

After the planet was rendered unlivable due to nuclear weapons, the remaining humans all took to space. They created large ships which were meant to orbit the Earth until they could think of a new plan. A few generations have passed, and the survivors are starting to run low on supplies. In an attempt to see if the planet was safe for habitation yet, they decided to send down a group of delinquent teens to check things out. Of course, these kids have never known life outside of space, so the freedom may be a bit hard for them to handle.

Question 24

Name this series

In the beginning of this series, we met a war vet who was returning home after retirement. Not having a family, he was on the lookout for a new place to live. After finding an advertisement for a roommate in the paper, he decided to check it out. Upon arriving, he encountered his soon-to-be new roommate, and the two were almost immediately tossed into a world of mysteries. These guys certainly have their differences, but sticking together is for the greater good. Looking at the four given answers, is anyone here able to pick out the correct title of this show?

Question 25

Name this television series

When it comes to corporate lawyers, nobody is better than Harvey Specter. He works at a fancy law firm in Manhattan, and while he is not exactly the boss, he does tend to get his way on most things. Afterall, who is going to say no to their top earner, right? Harvey was told that it was time for him to find a new associate to work alongside of him. That is when he found young Mike. Mike did not technically have a license to practice law, but he was smart enough to do so without one. That being said, if he is caught, both of their jobs will be on the line ...

Question 26

What show is this?

How well can we really ever trust the people around us? To the outside eye, Joe looked like the most average guy around town. He managed a local book shop, took care of the kid who lived next door, and went out of his way to make friendly interactions with strangers. However, once he developed an obsession for one of his customers, a whole new side of Joe was revealed. Just how far is this guy willing to go to ensure he wins the girl? Does anyone know what show we are talking about? Trying picking out the correct title!

Question 27

Name this series

Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother when they were just children. Their father was there to explain to them that what had happened, was not as simple as they may have thought. It turns out that there are tons of wicked villains walking among us, and these brothers were pretty much born to hunt them down. We are not talking everyday criminals here, but otherworldly demons and other such things. While they may not be able to bring their mom back, they sure plan on keeping the rest of us as safe as possible! Can anyone name this show?

Question 28

Pick out the right answer

Does everyone remember the old Archie comics? Well, the gang's back together, but things are a little different than they were previously. Archie is struggling to choose between football and music, Veronica in the new girl at school and she already has people talking, Betty seems innocent but at times she also seems like a loose cannon, and Jughead is way too distracted with his family issues to care much about burgers these days. The times may have changed quite a bit, but if they stick together, they should be okay! Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this show?

Question 29

Pick out the right answer

Being born into a ton of responsibility is not exactly a fun way to grow up. Princess Bean has had enough of her family telling her how to live her life, and she is doing her best to rebel against them. However, seeing as though her father rules over the entire kingdom, the whole rebellious thing is a bit difficult. Whenever possible, Bean sneaks out of her castle and tries to find some fun. Of course, she never does any of this without her trusty friends Luci and Elfo. Does anyone here know what television series we are talking about in this question?

Question 30

What show is this?

A high school girl is having trouble adjusting to her new found destiny. She has acquired supernatural strength, and she is being told it is her duty to get rid of all forms of vampires and demons. It seems that in this universe, there are quite a few "big bads" walking among us every day. To put the full responsibility of the problem on the shoulders of a single girl seems a little unfair, but what choice does she really have? Not only is she constantly trying to keep herself and her friends safe, but the entire world is also depending on her.

Question 31

Pick out the right name of this show

This show is all about family. In this series, we get to take a look at both the past and the present of one specific family. In the past, we see Jack and Rebecca falling in love and preparing for triplets. We see them with the children at different ages, and get to follow them through many milestones. However, in the present day scenes, Jack is no longer around and Rebecca is re-married. The kids have all handled things differently and even though they each have their own issues, we continuously see them banding together as a family. Name this series!

Question 32

Which of these titles is correct?

Barry Allen is no ordinary guy. When he was just a child, a mysterious force broke into his home and took his mother from him. His father was wrongly accused of the crime and locked away. Barry saw what happened though, he knew there was something otherworldly going on in his town, but he also knew nobody was going to believe the ramblings of a kid in shock. Once Barry was old enough, he went after a job as a crime scene investigator. With an education in the right field and a few other tools at his disposal, he is thinking he may be able to solve his mother's case on his own now.

Question 33

What TV show is this?

Back in the 60s, if there was a product that needed to be advertised, Don Draper was the man to call. He was the king of the ad business, which basically made him one of the most powerful men in town. That being said, nothing good can ever last forever, right? With all the new products coming out, and so many men looking for a piece of the action, Don Draper has started to feel the heat. He is willing to do just about anything to ensure he keeps his place at the top of the advertisement ladder. Name this series!

Question 34

Name this show

This show allows us to take a sneak peak into the not so distant future. A few years ahead of actual time, religious fanatics have completely taken over control. There is no more government and a handful of "righteous men" are now fully in charge. Women are no longer carrying babies to term, so in the interest of keeping humanity alive, the men in power have decided that all fertile women must be tagged and sent to live with "important families". These women are to carry babies for the few chosen people, and they are not to ask a single question.

Question 35

Pick out the right answer

For a lot of us, keeping our optimism through adulthood has not been easy. In the case of this girl however, nothing has ever come more naturally. This woman is the happiest, most optimistic person that has ever lived. She literally spent 15 years locked in a bunker, and she still sees the world as a bright shiny place full of possibility. She is done thinking about the time she lost, and she is purely focused on enjoying every day she has got left! Looking at the four given options, can anyone here pick out the correct title of this series?

Question 36

Which title is correct?

Sometimes it takes something huge to change our perspective. John Nolan has just gone through a life-altering event. While he came out of it alright, he has since decided to go after his dreams. He has always wanted to become a cop, so now he is finally going to do it! While this sounds very inspiring and all, being the oldest new guy on the squad is not exactly going to be fun. Not only is he learning how to do an entirely new job, but he is learning how to fit in as well. Can anyone here pick out the correct title?

Question 37

Match this series to the correct title

Here we have a heart pumping series, based around one very impulsive detective. This guy has seen just how bad humans can really be, and after so many years, it has really started to affect him. These days he cares less about being the good guy, and more about bring an end to the bad guys by whatever means necessary. He has even gone as far as breaking the law himself, just as long as it means catching the criminal. Is this ringing any bells for anyone? Looking at the four given options, try naming this television show correctly!

Question 38

Pick out the right title

These guys may look like the perfect pairing, but they are actually quite a bit different. They both work hard solving all kinds of criminal cases, but while she is obsessed with scientific facts, he is more concerned about hearing all sides of the story. While they both may take their own approach to the cases they are given, there is not a crime out there that they cannot solve. Not only have they managed to make their differences work for them professionally, but it really was only a matter of time before they realized their differences made them perfect for each other on a romantic level as well!

Question 39

What television series is this?

Being a child genius doesn't sound all that bad, but imagine trying to fit in during high school when you weren't supposed to be old enough to attend for another 4 years. This show tells the story of a young man, who is brighter than just about everyone else in his life. He can outsmart his parents, his siblings and even his teachers. However, his cleverness has started to go to his head a bit. He feels the need to correct absolutely everyone, all of the time. Not exactly everyone's favorite classmate, that is for sure ... What's the name of this show?

Question 40

Name this show

These two women have known each other for longer than either of them would have liked to. Their husbands are business partners, so naturally they have been forced to spend quite a bit of time together. While neither of them is the others favorite person in the world, after their husbands announced they were divorcing them to be together, what choice did they have except to become friends? No one else in the universe knows what they are going through, so it looks like they only have each other to rely on now. Can anyone here name this show correctly?

Question 41

Match this series to the right name

Is everyone familiar with the whole "the grass isn't always greener" saying? Well, this show brings a whole new meaning to it. These three girls live in the most beautiful area of California. Their small town is reserved for only the most beautiful and the most successful. On the outside, each of their lives looks idyllic. However, once we start taking a closer look at them all individually, it becomes clear that even the rich and powerful are not immune to the struggles of life. Is this ringing any bells? Is anyone here able to pick out the right title?

Question 42

Match this series to the right title

Our 20s can be a confusing time for a lot of us, but then again, a lot of us were not crowned a queen at this age ... This show follows around a young Elizabeth, as she begins her reign. She never planned on taking the job at such a young age, but after her father passed, she had very little in the way of options. While she was determined to do right by her father, she was still just a 25 year old after all. Love interests and other types of drama simply could not be avoided. Name this popular series!

Question 43

Match this series to the correct title

Times were tough back in 1919. The Great War had just ended, and while people were happy about the news, the streets seemed to be filled with more crime and gang members than ever before. There was one gang, in particular, that was causing all kinds of mayhem. They were lead by a man named Thomas Shelby. While Thomas was making great money running the streets, he had bigger dreams for his future. He wanted to make a name for himself as a legitimate businessman. Needless to say, making a switch like that is not exactly easy to do ...

Question 44

What show is this?

Midge was a woman living in the 50s. She had just about everything she had ever wanted. A loving husband who worked to supply for them, a beautiful apartment on the Upper West Side, and two amazing children. There was not a thing left for her to ask for, but still she felt as though something was missing. One day, she accidently found out that she had a real knack for comedy. This discovery instantly changed her entire life around. Imagine trying to make it big in stand-up as a woman in the 50s? Impossible! Can anyone here name this series?

Question 45

Which of these titles is correct?

Shaun Murphy is an excellent surgeon. Sure he is way younger than anyone else working in his hospital, but age is really just a number, right? Shaun was always an advanced child. While his brain has always been great at absorbing technical knowledge, he has always had an issue dealing with people. He was diagnosed with autism when he was young, but the only thing it has held him back from is human connections. He can cure just about any patient, but he can't seem to figure out how to comfort them. Does anyone here know which title is correct?

Question 46

Match this series to the correct name

Claire Randall was enjoying a holiday through Scotland with her husband. The war had just ended and they were feeling like they needed a getaway to reconnect. While out exploring on her own one afternoon, Claire came across a set of stones. All she did was gently touch one of them, when all of a sudden, she was transported through time. She is now in the year 1743, and she has absolutely no idea how or why. All she knows for sure, is that she needs to think quick on her feet if she is going to be able to survive in this new world.

Question 47

Which title is correct?

Jeff Winger has just been busted for faking his way through law school. While he had been working as a high-paid lawyer for a while, his dishonest past has finally caught up with him. A judge has informed him that he must return to community college if he ever wishes to work as a lawyer again. Jeff was clearly planning on doing the bare minimum to get back to the top, but his new school friends all have a different take on the matter. Does anyone here know what series we are talking about in this question? Take a guess!

Question 48

Which of these answers is correct?

Starting fresh is never an easy thing to do. However, for 40 year old single-mom Liza, it seems almost impossible. She is finding it extremely difficult to find a new job at her age, so she needs to come up with a solution. After being told that she looks closer to her 20s than to her 40s, she decides there is nothing wrong with fibbing a little when it comes to employers asking her age. While she has managed to snag herself a great job, she has to make sure nobody figures out the truth. Can anyone name this series?

Question 49

Pick out the right name

Has anyone here ever wondered where all of this new technology is going to take us in a few years? It seems like every day there is a new fancy gadget being released, that everyone simply has to have. Well, this series takes special look into how things may play out if we are not careful about how much trust we put into technology. While this show is completely fiction, it does paint an interesting picture of what our world can become. Every episode is stand-alone, with new characters and new actors. Can anyone here guess which title is correct?

Question 50

Which title is correct?

This show takes place in a world that is very similar to our own, yet somehow very different all at the same time. Our two leading characters were both looking for something to help them get by. They signed up for a clinical trial, thinking they could make some money and find out a few things about themselves in the process. During the trial, they were put into a deep sleep where their dreams were monitored. The individual subjects were not supposed to encounter one another in their dreams, but our two leads couldn't seem to stay away from each other. Name this Netflix series!

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