There's No Way Anyone Can Pass This '10 Things I Hate About You' Quiz

We’ve all heard someone say to us that our school years are the best ones in life. A time when we are carefree and happy. Of course, being teens we can’t exactly see that at the time. We might feel that we are not free to do as we please (life is so unfair after all!) and in general, most of the time, we don’t know what we want (and that’s perfectly fine!).

We see all of that in pretty much every teen movie out there! Think of 10 Things I Hate About You! What a great movie! From its plot to its cast, 10 Things I Hate About You is a film that does everything right (well almost!).

The leads are talented and have great chemistry! Their schoolmates are funny and create a great environment in the film. The teachers are hilarious (and of course, we can’t forget about that amazingly weird guidance counselor!).

The style of the film is unforgettable as well! From the film’s soundtrack to the costumes that the characters wear and the cars they are driving! Everything is absolutely perfect!

So let’s see how many real 10 Things I Hate about You fans are out there! Answer these questions and let’s have some fun!

Question 1

Name this character

A high school girl that is all about doing what makes her happy and not what will make her popular. Charactour agrees by stating that this character is “smart, and snarky. She can come across as a know-it-all and a snob, but she has a kinder, more vulnerable side that people don’t often see. Above all, she is a nonconformist who is true to herself, and doesn’t care if that makes her unpopular.” We see all that right before our eyes as the plot progresses. A character that we either like or we don’t, there’s no middle ground. Remember this character’s name?

Question 2

Name this character

So let us continue! Sitting opposite (or beside!) Kat is a male protagonist. They’re definitely not friends in the beginning even if neither is into being popular etc. The male character according to Charactour “is a stranger to Padua High School’s culture. His ‘bad boy’ attitude may be a result of his lack of desire to fit in with the normal kids. But deep down, he’s just a sensitive soul who spent a year ‘watching Wheel of Fortune and making SpaghettiOs’ while taking care of his sick grandpa.” How can they not match right? Well it was a bumpy ride, but eventually they did! Remember his name?

Question 3

When did the movie premiere?

We have our protagonists, Kat and Patrick, and we are waiting to see what’s going to happen next. The film is a classic. It’s been many years since it premiered, but we still love it as if it came out just a few days ago! Talk about a universal story, it still lives on after many years! Interestingly enough “the screenplay, written by Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith, is a loose modernization of William Shakespeare's late-16th-century comedy The Taming of the Shrew, retold in a high school setting” according to Wikipedia, so the basis of the story has been around for some time now! Remember when this film premiered?

Question 4

Who plays Patrick's character?

Patrick Verona. A character to remember till the end of days. We all had such a guy in our class. That mysterious, edgy guy that wasn’t really interested in pretty much anything! He is the type of guy that we can’t get enough of (at least in the film!). Perhaps it all comes down to the actor’s performance. Everything he does from just walking to singing while trying to get away from the school’s guards is amazing. Many people thought so as well it seems. According to Wikipedia, “Geoff Andrew from Time Out” really enjoyed the actor playing the male lead and he said that he “is effortlessly charming" for instance! Remember who plays Patrick?

Question 5

How many sisters does Kat have?

We talked about Kat and her disregard about everything that limits her as far as her wants and decisions in life go. We might make the assumption in the beginning that she gets that attitude from her home. But, when we visit the Stratford household we see that that’s not the case. Kat’s family isn’t on board with her beliefs, but that doesn’t put her down! Her attitude has been characterized as “shrewish” by Wikipedia and it totally makes sense! After all, (as we’ve already said!) the film was inspired by Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew! Remember how many sisters Kat has?

Question 6

Who plays Kat's character?

What more is there to say about Kat really? She’s fabulously talented and very driven! She’s smart and caring, but she’s afraid of getting hurt. What’s incredible about the character is that we see all of this on our screens. Every moment we know exactly how she feels and what she’s thinking and that’s because of the excellent performance the actress playing her gave at the time of filming! Again Geoff Andrew from Time Out agrees with us! He said, according to Wikipedia, that she “grows into her character.” She truly becomes her! Remember who played the character of Kat Stratford?

Question 7

Name this character

Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger aren’t the only talents worth mentioning though! There is also the great and awesome Joseph Gordon-Levitt who has proven over the years that he can do everything he is tasked to do! As it has been stated at Screen Rant Joseph Gordon-Levitt has shown us that “he is a credible, talented actor whose versatility allows him to shine whether he’s playing an indie rom-com love interest, or a key part in a thriller filled with action.” We see that in his role in 10 Things I Hate About You too! Remember the name of the character he played?

Question 8

Why does Patrick ask Kat out?

The film begins and we see that even though Kat is not liked by her peers, Bianca is the ‘it’ girl (the one that every guy wants to date). While Bianca is at the spotlight, Kat is on the margins of society. She is an outcast, but she gets the attention of Patrick. As it is maintained in Global Shakespeare Essay “he and Kat share the same status of the outcast, which eventually brings them together.” Is this common denominator the reason they get together in the first place? Patrick makes the first move and he tries pursuing Kat. Remember why he asks her out?

Question 9

Name this character

The time has come to talk about Kat’s sister! We’ve already said that Kat’s family is very different from her. As it is stated in Global Shakespeare Essay, Kat’s sister “is the cookie-cutter all-American ‘cute’ girl of her time. She initially appears to be vapid, leading what Kat would call a ‘consumer-driven life’” but she “rises to her defense” and “eventually gains independence.” Well we couldn’t agree more because all this describes exactly what happened. It seems that the Stratford sisters learn from one another and become a better version of themselves in the process! Remember the name of Kat’s little sister?

Question 10

Who said: "That’s a touching story. It really is.... Not my problem?"

When we describe something as touching we mean that it is “making [us] feel sadness, [and] sympathy,” according to Cambridge Dictionary. In this case, a touching story refers to the fact that a character is sympathizing with another person. Or is he/she? Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that this quote is ironic! After all, the story we just heard is not really sad. For this reason, this character here doesn’t want to involve himself/herself into a scenario that doesn’t have any particular meaning or essence. Remember who said this quote? Was he or she on the right?

Question 11

What song does Patrick sing?

How big of a gesture is Patrick’s idea to sing publicly to Kat? Is it significant that the whole school can hear him and that he involved the school band as well? Well according to Prezi it is because “Patrick challenges the social hierarchy [by singing] in that the man embarrasses and puts himself on the line in order to gain the affection of the woman.” Well we totally agree because this is exactly what happened. Kat is totally moved by Patrick’s serenade and for this reason she gets him out of detention and basically agrees to go out with him! Remember the song Patrick sang?

Question 12

What's the title of Kat's poem?

Every main character in 10 Things I Hate About You goes through some change. Perhaps the one that changes the most is Kat. She begins as someone who doesn’t let people in and as it is asserted in Global Shakespeare Essay she eventually “learns to let her guard down and allow herself to depend on others” but without letting go of her independence. Perhaps the scene we mostly see that is when she reads aloud her poem assignment in her English class. She breaks into tears because she’s sharing her feelings (perhaps for the first time ever) in public. Remember the title of her poem?

Question 13

Who said: "Are you telling me I'm not a pretty guy?"

Pretty guys and their role in TV and films. This particular quote refers to a certain kind of pretty that TV Tropes has defined as “Pretty Boy.” To be more specific, “these guys are often slender or slight, with fine facial features. The Pretty Boy also isn't necessarily effeminate or weak. He may well be as strong or physically powerful as the other, more muscular guys, and as masculine as the more ruggedly handsome ones.” Well we can certainly think of many examples! Is there such a guy in 10 Things I Hate About You? Or better yet, remember who said this particular quote?

Question 14

What's "the belly?"

We get to the Stratford house and apart from the fact that Kat is very different from her family we notice something else as well. Kat and Bianca’s father has strict rules about his daughters going out at parties and especially going out with boys. This is a theme taken from Shakespeare’s play since as it is stated in Global Shakespeare Essay “just like in Shakespeare’s time, fathers are still trying to control their daughters, where in The Taming of the Shrew, Baptista would not let Bianca get married unless Katherina does, in 10 Things I Hate About You, Walter does not let Bianca date unless Kat does.” He connects everything to getting pregnant (his biggest worry). Remember what Walter calls the “belly?”

Question 15

Which character just moved to Seattle?

Transferring to a new school might be a bit difficult in the beginning. When 10 Things I Hate About You starts, we see that one of kids is new to the school. There are many tips out there to make sure that a child will be okay with this transition from “discussing the move with [the] child well in advance” to “being enthusiastic about the move” when the parent talks to the child according to Raising Children! We’re can’t know what happens to this character’s home prior to transferring, but he/she seems to be very well at adjusting! Remember who’s the new kid in 10 Things I Hate About You?

Question 16

When do Cameron and Bianca kiss for the first time?

When Michael gives Cameron his tour, Cameron notices Bianca for the first time and he experiences a moment of love at first sight! He expresses that to Michael by saying "I burn, I pine, I perish" which seems an odd way to express liking someone. Well this is because this line is "a tagline from The Taming of the Shrew" according to Wikipedia! As we know, Cameron pursues Bianca after this, but she doesn't see him like that. It takes some time, but eventually Bianca realizes that she likes Cameron too! Remember when do Cameron and Bianca kiss for the first time?

Question 17

What musical instrument does Kat play?

Kat is very open about her views on life, women and men. Her very opinions, however, have placed her in the outsider position in her school. As it is argued in Global Shakespeare Essay 10 Things I Hate About You shows us how “independent girls with the strong personalities and refusal to bow down to norms are thought of as crazy and unreasonable.” That’s exactly how Kat is perceived at school and at home. A character like that of course has an artistic inclination and we see that with Kat when she goes into a store with musical instruments. Remember what musical instrument Kat plays?

Question 18

Why is Kat angry with Patrick after Bogey's party?

Kat ends up going to Bogey’s house with Patrick even if she never actually said yes (well she didn’t say no either!). She drives there and the night seems to be going smoothly until a certain point. Now this isn’t a first date per se, but it could have some of its characteristics. One thing is for sure, by the end Kat is angry. So what went wrong? There are a lot of things that could go wrong on a first date. According to Bustle, it could be anything from “bragging too much” to “coming off as unapproachable.” Remember why Kat was angry at the end of the night?

Question 19

What school team has Kat joined?

Of course Kat’s general anger is not something that the writers of 10 Things I Hate About You thought of by themselves. She’s angry because her Shakespeare counterpart was. But the writers had to find a new way to express that anger in order to make it relatable to 20th and 21st century teenagers. According to Global Shakespeare Essay “to capture Katherina’s biting anger, an anger that, in the play, seems almost unreasonable at times, the writers made Kat into a feminist, perhaps implying that her anger at “the oppressive patriarchal values” that dictate her world, is somewhat unreasonable too.” So instead of being preoccupied with boys, Kat is reading books, playing music and joined a school sports team! Remember what sports team she joined?

Question 20

Where did Patrick live before he moved to the US?

As we get to know Patrick better, we learn that he moved to the US when he was around the age of 10! This takes Kat by surprise since she pointed out that Patrick has an accent to make himself more mysterious! Moving to a new country might turn out to be difficult, so there is a lot of advice out there to help us with adjusting to a new culture! According to Moving, for instance, in order to feel more at home when we move to a new country we can "eat a local delicacy" or "learn the language basics." Remember where Patrick lived before he moved to the US?

Question 21

Who's Kat's first boyfriend?

Kat’s character is created in a certain way, so that it’s clear she’s not really into the boyfriend and relationship kind of thing. While Bianca doesn’t like their father’s rules about dating, Kat has no problem with it whatsoever. Why is that? Can it be that Kat hasn’t had a boyfriend, or just that she doesn’t have one when the film begins? We can’t say for sure, so we can’t say if she’s experienced certain things about a first relationship. Elite Daily has listed some. For example, “love will make room for [us]” and that “love can surprise [us].” So, who is Kat’s first boyfriend?

Question 22

Why does Joey pursue Bianca?

Joey is a model. His portrayal, therefore, relies a lot on stereotypical views on male models. As it is stated in Vice, for instance, male models “are not that intelligent” or “they don’t have a sense of humor.” Even if these characteristics aren’t necessarily true for every male model out there, they actually (and unfortunately) are for Joey. Regardless, in the beginning of 10 Things I Hate About You, Bianca really likes him. So when he starts showing interest in her, she’s very pleased. As time passes by, she realizes that Joey isn’t the kind of guy she wants to date after all. Remember why Joey starts pursuing Bianca in the first place?

Question 23

Bianca is a...?

Every country has its own way of structuring their education system. In the US, for instance, "the first eight are solely referred to by numbers" but "upon entering high school, grades 9 through 12 (high school) also have alternate names for students, namely freshman, sophomore, junior and senior" according to Wikipedia. This type of structure is very familiar to us since it is included in all the teen movies and TV series we have watched throughout the years! 10 Things I Hate About You has that exact structure! We know that Kat is a senior, but what class is Bianca in?

Question 24

Who said: “You don’t always have to be who they want you to be, you know?"

This particular quote is basically referring to peer pressure or what the Cambridge Dictionary has defined as “the strong influence of a group, especially of children, on members of that group to behave as everyone else does.” 10 Things I Hate About You is a teen film after all and it shows us life from the perspective of teenagers. We see how even Kat who supports the idea of acting according to one’s wants and needs has behaved in accordance to peer pressure (now or perhaps in the past). This is a great message overall and it runs throughout the film! Remember who said this particular quote?

Question 25

Why did Kat decide to go to the prom?

So it’s prom night (well of course there’s a prom night, it’s a teen movie!). Bianca can’t go unless Kat goes. Kat doesn’t want to go even if everyone (her best friend, Patrick, and her sister) beg her to go. And this is what she’s meant to do according to her personality. But, as the Global Shakespeare Essay claims, Kat “often contradicts herself over the course of the movie” as when “she goes to the prom despite her very vocal dislike of it.” She puts on a great blue electric dress and she comes down the stairs (not in the usual transformative way at least). Remember why she eventually decides to go to the prom?

Question 26

How does Cameron try to approach Bianca?

Cameron is the guy that (at least in the beginning) knows what he wants and he pursues it without a second thought. His attitude is indicative of confidence since as Psychology Today states, “confidence can be described as a belief in one's self and one's ability to succeed.” Cameron sees something in Bianca that Michael doesn’t, and he feels sure of himself in pursuing her. At some point in the movie he loses that confidence, but it eventually resurfaces. A smiling confident Cameron is a character we really enjoy and love! Remember how Cameron first approaches Bianca?

Question 27

Who takes Bianca to prom?

We’ve said that Bianca is a sophomore. That means that she can’t go to prom. Which prom though? Junior or Senior? It turns out that according to Wikipedia, there’s only one prom it’s just that “high school juniors attending the prom may call it ‘junior prom’ while high-school seniors may call it ‘senior prom.’ In practice, this event may be a combined junior/senior dance.” Well, Bianca is able to go to the prom even if she’s a sophomore because her date is older than her! He asks out, and by agreeing to go with him, Bianca has fulfilled one of her biggest dreams! Remember who asked Bianca to the prom?

Question 28

When do Patrick and Kat kiss for the first time?

We know that Patrick is paid to take Kat out from the get go, but we’re not exactly seeing the bad side of this plan because this is a teen movie after all (we know that eventually Patrick will fall in love with Kat). But before we get there we have an idea of who Patrick is. Patrick according to Global Shakespeare Essay, “is looked up to as a model of masculinity and correct manhood, admired for his ability to tame the shrew, or at least make her fall in love with him.” He does make Kat fall in love with him and the other students respect him for that. Remember when do Patrick and Kat kiss for the first time?

Question 29

Who is Kat's date to the prom?

Kat is a senior, we know that! But even if we didn’t realize that throughout the whole film, there’s one tip that makes it clear. She wears a long dress that is suited for black tie events. According to Leaf Group, “Senior proms are usually a black-tie affair, therefore making formal wear a requirement. Young women can take this opportunity to get dressed up like a red-carpet celebrity at the Oscars.” Perhaps this is one of the reasons Kat didn’t want to go to prom in the first place, but being an older sister came first! Did Kat have a date for prom? If yes, remember who that was?

Question 30

How does Kat find out that Patrick's been paid to date her?

When Patrick keeps asking Kat to go to the prom with him, she eventually asks what's his motive. "What does he get out of this." What Kat is essentially saying is that going to prom is a sort of transaction or what the English Oxford Dictionaries have defined it as "an instance of buying or selling something." Although Kat's question works on a metaphorical level, it also works on a literal level in this case (Patrick has been paid by Joey to take Kat to prom). As it is to be expected, Kat eventually finds out. Remember how she found out?

Question 31

Where was Patrick the previous year?

One of the ways we see that Patrick has fallen for Kat is his willingness to open up to her. For instance, Patrick was away the previous year and everyone has his or her opinion on where Patrick was (like we said, Patrick has a mysterious guy thing going for him!). It turns out Patrick was living with his grandfather the previous year to help him out. From this, we get that Patrick has a very close relationship with his grandfather! According to Very Well Family a grandchild's closeness with a grandparent has to do with many things from "frequency of contact" to "emotional bonding." Remember where Patrick's grandfather lives?

Question 32

Patrick uses the money that Joey gave him to buy...?

After Kat finds out that Patrick went out with her because Joey paid her, she stopped talking to Patrick. That is until she reads her poem aloud in their English class through which she admits that she loves him. Since Patrick has fallen for her too, he decides to make a gesture and apologize. Patrick's willingness to apologize is somewhat rare in men since according According to Psychology Today "men tend to view apologies as a loss of face." Patrick decides to use the money Joey gave him to buy something for Kat. Remember what he bought for Kat?

Question 33

Where will Kat go to college?

One of the many ways we witness Kat’s independence and her need to find out about the world on her own is her decision to go to college far away from her home (against her father’s wishes). We know that Walter is not a big fan of his daughters doing things out of their own volition. So, we like it that Kat finds the courage to do what she wants. But we’re not sure she’ll make it there (after all her father will pay for tuition). Finally, “Kat is only able to go to [the college she wants] at the end of the movie because her father finally allows her to” according to Global Shakespeare Essay and we can’t say that we don’t agree. Remember where Kat will go to college?

Question 34

What song is playing during the last scene?

We’re at the end. Kat just made us feel every sort of feeling that exists by reading her poem and we want to see what’s next. She goes to her car and she sees a guitar. Patrick bought her the guitar. Now that is a very sweet gesture, but it raises a few questions. Global Shakespeare Essay, for instance, asserts that Kat “forgives Patrick after finding out that he was paid to take her out after he buys her a guitar, thus letting materialism and the kind of consumer-driven tendencies she has been staunch about claiming to dislike win her over.” In doing so, she contradicts her beliefs once again. Regardless, the ending scene is sweet! Remember what song was playing during that last scene?

Question 35

Who said: “Don’t let anyone, ever, make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want?"

As the film's plot progresses, one of the characters expresses thoughts of not being good enough. Sources like the Positivity Blog list things to make one feel better from "celebrating all wins" to "not listening to that inner voice" that keeps telling us that we're not good enough. This particular quote basically expresses all of that! He or she tells to his/her friend to go for what he/she wants because all of us are good enough (we just have to believe in ourselves!). A genuine and very sweet inspirational speech that also has a great effect to its listener! Remember who said this quote?

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