There's No Way Anyone Can Name These Disney Flicks From Their Secondary Characters

Do we have any Disney fans in the house today? Of course we do! By this point in time, it is rare for anyone not to be a fan of Disney. The company has released so many classic films over the years, that there is really something out there for everyone. Whether we watch for the stories, the characters, or the music, there is very little not to love about these classic films. Today we will be trying to figure out who the biggest fans of these films actually are.

In this quiz, we will be looking at some of the most lovable secondary characters ever. We will be taking one from each film, and and asking everyone to guess which movie they are actually from. We will give a photo of the character, as well as a brief description, but the rest will be up to everyone's memory. Does anyone here consider themselves a Disney expert? Well, it is time to prove it! While some of these may seem easy enough, to get a perfect score, one will have needed to have seen every film out of the Disney catalogue. Who is ready for this magic carpet ride?

Question 1


Maximus is not just any old horse. This guy is one of the world's best detectives. He works very closely with the local police force, and can often be seen with a soldier on his back. However, even after the human detectives call it a night, Maximus never ends his pursuit until it is finished. He cannot sleep knowing there are bad guys afoot, and he will stop at nothing to bring them to justice. One thing is for sure when it comes to Maximus, he is a force to be reckoned with! Which of these films does he belong to?

Question 2


Baymax is a robot. He was originally built for the purpose of caring for his owner. His entire design was created to ensure he could give the best possible care. However, after his owner's city fell under attack by bad guys, Baymax was re-wired to become a villain fighting machine. He along with some of his robot pals, all underwent this drastic change and wound up being the heroes their humans so desperately needed. Baymax really proved that a hero can be found inside of anyone! Does anyone here know which of these 4 films is actually the correct one?

Question 3


This little monkey may look adorable, but he is also all kinds of sneaky. Abu is the pet monkey of his film's main character. Abu follows him around just about everywhere, but he has been known to sneak off on his own from time to time. Abu is a master thief. He can sense food and jewels from miles away, and he could slip a watch right off of a man's wrist without him even noticing. Even though he is not 100% trustworthy, he has always been a very loyal companion to his owner. Can anyone guess the correct film?

Question 4


This fish is not exactly the bravest one in the sea. Flounder has found himself on many wild adventures throughout his life, but never once has the idea been his. He friends all seem to be a bit more courageous than he is, so he is often forced into attending these adventures. Even when Flounder decides there is absolutely no way that he will be following his friends, he almost always caves. Though he is not very brave, he worries constantly over the safety of his pals. All that being said, this fish is one of the very best friends anyone could ever have.

Question 5

Tai Lung

Now this guy was actually one of the villains of his film. Tai Lung was at one point in time just an average soldier trying his best to train. He always wanted to be the fiercest fighter in the land, but he was not born the big strong animal he is today. He had to work very hard to gain his strength and wisdom. However, once he began to feel his powers growing, he became obsessed with wanting more. His thirst for power drove him right over to the dark side. Can anyone remember which of these films was his?

Question 6


The world of Disney is full of beautiful and powerful women. In fact, it seems like there is one in almost all of their films. Meg may very well be one of the most powerful ladies out of the entire lot. While she is of course very beautiful, the thing that makes her stand out, is the fact that she was not looking for love when hers came around. While other Disney women spent their lives waiting to be swept off their feet, Meg was always content living life on her own. Of course, love tends to find us when we are not looking for it at all.

Question 7


Pumbaa is a warthog. He never felt very included while growing up with his fellow warthogs, so eventually when he was old enough he left his tribe to find another. Instead of finding a new group of similar animals, Pumbaa made friends with a few unlikely creatures. Pumbaa never cared that his friends were not pigs like him, because all Pumbaa really cares about is having a good time without any judgements. Pumbaa really taught us all that it does not matter what our friends look like. As long as we surround ourselves with people who care, we will be alright.

Question 8


This owl has some pretty awesome abilities. For starters, he is able to talk and communicate with humans very easily. If that was not already cool enough, he is also more educated than his human owner. While he cares for his owner very much, he will often point out his flaws. He simply cannot help it. This owl is all kinds of smart and he does not like the idea of wasting his talents. He is always happy to share his wisdom with anyone who needs it, but he will not thank anyone if they are to wake him up to early...

Question 9


In terms of snowmen, Olaf has to be one of the cutest ever built. When he was originally constructed, his maker did not realize that he would come to life. After he was left, something happened and he sprung into action. Now that he is alive and breathing, he wants to take it all in. He is fascinated by just about everything, and he has become a very chatty snowman. He has stated that his greatest dream is to experiences the hot rays of summer on his snowy face. Clearly he is not aware of what would happen to him if this dream were to come true...

Question 10

Thomas O'Malley

Here we have one of the jazziest characters ever written into a Disney film. Thomas O'Malley is a street cat who knows how to boogie. He has never envied cats who live indoors. In fact, he feels as though they are missing out on all the best parts of life. Thomas loves his freedom to roam around and nap whenever he pleases. He also has a group of alley cat buddies. These cats can often be found playing jazz music in abandoned areas through the late hours of the night. Can anyone pick out the correct film title for this question?

Question 11

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

We will be talking about three secondary characters in this question, simply because these three fairies are never seen apart from each other. Years ago, these three were entrusted with the responsibility of raising the kingdom's princess. A villain had threatened her safety, so the king and queen sent her away to live with these three. Having no experience in baby raising at all, these three still managed to do a pretty alright job. The most important thing was that they cared for the princess deeply and they told her so all of the time. Pick out the right movie!

Question 12


Terk is an excellent sister and friend. She acts as a big sister to her adopted brother and she is the very best friend of an elephant that lives close by. The three of them are often out on fun adventures, but Terk tends to take the lead on most of them. While she is not necessarily the strongest inhabitant of the jungle, she acts as though she is. This ape is truly fearless. When times are tough, Terk will always do whatever she can to help out her family and friends. Does anyone remember which film Terk is from?

Question 13


This little dragon is a great sidekick. He talks extremely fast and believes all of his words to be very important, but he does do his best to keep his people safe. He was once a guardian spirit for a prominent family, but he was demoted after he was unable to protect one of the family members. Mushu has been obsessed with trying to win back the respect he lost, but it has not been easy. Luckily, he has just made friends with someone who may be his last hope at redemption. Can anyone figure out the correct movie title?

Question 14


Meeko is a raccoon. Like other raccoons, Meeko's main goal in life is to locate snacks. He does not have the ability to talk, but he is still very close with his human friend. Apart from his human, this raccoon is also close allies with a hummingbird. The two are unlikely friends, but they manage to make it work. When ever Meeko is not out adventuring with his buddies, he can be found scavenging for treats. He is deffinteily happiest when he has a mouth full of crackers. Is this ringing any bells? Which of these movies is the correct one?

Question 15


It is possible that there has never been a more loyal dog than Dante. Dante is not the smartest pooch around town, nor does he have the ability of speech, but he will go to great lengths to keep his human owner safe and happy. Dante is not only connected to his owner, but to his owner's entire family. He can tell when one of them is in danger and will stop at nothing to save them. By the end of his film, it was revealed that Dante is actually a spirit guide. Can anyone figure out the correct movie?

Question 16


Here is one that most Disney experts should be able to guess quite quickly. Cogsworth is very clearly a clock. While a simple clock would make for a rather dull character, Cogsworth is no ordinary time piece. Cogsworth was once a human, but he was cursed into the body of a clock. He remains hopeful that one day he will be able to return to his original state, but it has been years since he has lived as a human. Luckily, he has a few other enchanted object friends who keep him well distracted. Can anyone pick out the right title?

Question 17


Doug is a rather interesting character. While some of the Disney dogs are gifted the ability of speech and others are not, Doug was given a special machine which can translate his thoughts to english. It is funny since Disney animals with speech often tend to act more human like that anything else. That being said, Doug is very much a dog. His thoughts are almost always on food or on fetching, but having them translated into english just makes them hilariously realistic. Keeping true to his dog personality, Doug is also very loyal. Does anyone know which of these films he belongs to?

Question 18

Captain B. McCrea

Captain B. McCrea is very clearly a human. Even though he is a human himself, most of his colleagues are actually robots. During The Captain's film, Earth was not a livable planet. This meant that everyone was out living in spaceships. The Captain, like most other humans at this time, was quite large. He would spend most of his time in a hover chair as to avoid having to move much at all. After meeting a robot from Earth, The Captain became quite interested in the strange planet. It actually became his hobby to learn and collect things from planet Earth.

Question 19


Just look at that menacing smile! While this picture may make it seem like Bruce is a villain, that is not exactly the case. Bruce is a shark, so naturally his instincts are fairly predator-like. However, Bruce does not like this about himself. He actively tries to live a peaceful life, and even goes as far as trying to eat strictly vegetarian meals. It is true that his instincts often get the best of him, but can he really be blamed? Sometimes it really is the thought that counts, right? Can anyone select the correct movie title for this question?

Question 20

Little John

Little John is a bear of many faces. While he and his buddy are out on a mission, Little John will often be sporting some form of disguise. Some may assume that such a large bear would have trouble hiding his true features, that does not seem to be the case. Little John can transform himself from a fortune teller to a prince if the job requires. He is also known for his archery skills and he laid back behaviours. Little John is the kind of guy most will turn to when they are in serious need of some advice.

Question 21

Colette Tatou

Colette Tatou is a very talented, very proud chef. She has worked extremely hard her entire life to make it to where she is now, but she remains cautious even to this day. She does not trust people easily, as she prefers to only depend on herself. After spending the majority of her life fighting to be respected in kitchens, it only makes sense that she does not want to jeopardize her standing by partnering up with another. That being said, Colette does has a soft spot for people in need. Can anyone pick out the correct movie title for this question?

Question 22


Bagheera is known for his level head. Even though he is technically a predator, he does not go out of his way to harm others. In fact, for the majority of time during his film, he can be seen actively trying to protect those weaker than he is. While he prides himself on his loyalty, there are a few things that Bagheer simply cannot stand. He has no patience for nonsense or tomfoolery at all. He does not play games, nor does he encourage riddles. If Bagheera knows that everyone around is safe, he will happily leave to spend time alone.

Question 23


Hank is a very unique octopus. He only has seven tentacles, but this fact has never hindered his ability to move around. He is known as a master escape artist. He can camouflage his entire body to match his surroundings, he can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, and he is extremely quick on land and in water. Even though we saw him go out of his way to help others escape during his film, he stated on more than one occasion that he did not want any friends or company at all. This octopus chooses to work alone. Name the film!

Question 24


This is no typo. The brooms seen in this photo are actually voiceless characters in a Disney film. They are knowns for their above average dance abilities and for their talents in cleaning. They do not play the most important role in their film, but who hasn't found themselves looking for a broom at some point in their lives? When these guys are not sweeping up dirt, they can be found choreographing outrageous dance routines. They very clearly have magic coursing through their wooden handles. Is this ringing any bells for anyone? Who here can pick out the correct film title for this question?

Question 25

Gus and Jaq

Many Disney films feature mice characters. These two are some of the more popular ones of the bunch. Jaq is known as being a leader. His fellow mice respect and listen to him, as he is very skilled at leading them away from danger. Gus on the other hand, is the new guy. Jaq discovered him running away from a cat, and decided to take him under his wing. Gus is a very loving mouse and he will be forever grateful to anyone who gives him a little nibble of food. Can anyone here figure out which movie they are from?

Question 26


While Dopey is not an animal character, he still was not given a voice. Instead of communicating through words, Dopey is very skilled at facial expressions and hand motions. His buddies are often able to translate for him, as they are used to figuring out what is on his mind. Dopey is known for being an extremely lovable guy. He would never hurt a fly and he is possibly one of the most innocent characters ever written into a Disney film. Is this ringing any bells for anyone here? Out of these four films, can anyone guess which one is the right choice?

Question 27

Edna Mode

Edna is a very sassy character indeed. She is a famous fashion designer. While she has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, her true passion lies in her secret projects. Instead of fussing over things as ordinary as Fashion Week, Edna uses her time and talents to create incredible clothing which can protect heroes and even help them fight off bad guys. The world needs more designer like Edna, even though she enjoys being the one everyone calls when they are need of a supersuit. Can anyone here remember which of these films she was from?

Question 28

Jiminy Cricket

Here is one we are certain most will be familiar with. Jiminy Cricket is one of the wisest characters ever. This is mainly due to that fact that he is technically a conscience. He was given the duty of keeping the film's main character in line. Anytime he considered giving into temptation or going off on his own, Jiminy would be there to ensure he always made the right and honest decision. This was not always an easy job for Jiminy, but it was a job he knew he must complete. Who here can pick out the correct movie title?

Question 29

White Rabbit

While this character's name is quite simple, he is a rather complex rabbit. At the beginning of his film he seems rather impatient and stressed out. He comes off as a little rude, but it is later discovered that he was only following orders. It seems that the queen of his land had threatened to take his head if he were disobey her orders. Clearly anyone in such a circumstance would naturally be a little impatient and stressed. He may not be the nicest rabbit, but he is certainly not a bad guy. Which of these four films is correct?

Question 30

Victor, Hugo, and Laverne

Once again we will be discussing three characters at once, because these guys are kind of a package deal. They are all stone gargoyles, but they can move around and talk as they please. Hugo is the chatty one. He is constantly cracking jokes and looking for a good time. Victor is known for his wise words. He is constantly giving out advice, even when he has not been asked for any. Finally, we have Laverne. Laverne is known for her motherly attitude. She goes out of her way to care for others and guide them through life the best she can.

Question 31


Louis may look scary on the outside, but inside he is full of love. Louis dislikes the fact that humans fear him. He understands that he is large and his teeth are sharp, but he wishes no bad fortune upon the humans at all. In fact, he wishes to be one of them one day. Louis is a very skilled trumpet player. His greatest dream in life, is to play his jazz music in front of hundreds of humans without scaring them away. It is not the most likely situation, but we are all free to dream as we please!

Question 32


Tito is very clearly a chihuahua. Staying true to his breed's behaviour, Tito often forgets about his size. He is constantly on the lookout for a fight, even if it means going up against a dog much larger than he is. It seems as though there is nothing that this little dog is scared of at all. Even though he can be quite rambunctious, he is a loyal friend. Most of his pals are larger than him, so it can be assumed that when he is out picking fights, he believes that they will come to his aid if needed. Any guesses?

Question 33

Major Dr. David Q. Dawson

Here we have yet another mouse character. Dr. David Q. Dawson may come across as not being the brightest, but his history can be used to prove that the opposite is in fact true. He was once employed a surgeon in the military, and he did a full tour of duty through Afghanistan. When he did finally return home to London, he was almost immediately thrown into a new adventure. These days he does more detective work that surgeon work, but he is still always looking to help whoever is in need. Out of these four titles, can anyone guess which is right?

Question 34

Vanellope von Schweetz

Vanellope von Schweetz is a very misunderstood girl. She is adorable, kind, and a great racer. However, her peers find her odd and tend to pick on her whenever the opportunity arises. Vanellope is great at not letting people under her skin though. She is a tough cookie to say the least. All she has ever wanted is to win a race, but the organizers of the sport never let her join in. She never stops dreaming though, because she knows deep down she is the fastest one out there. Who here knows which movie Vanellope von Schweetz is from?

Question 35


Nani is the older sister of her film's main character. She is not only her sister, but she is also her main guardian. Before the two siblings lost their parents, Nani was a great friend to her sister. However, these days most of her time goes into working long hours to ensure she can support the two of them. She is still an amazing sister and it truly hurts knowing that her sister is lonely most of the time. That is in fact the reason why Nani bought her little sister a dog. Is this ringing any bells for anyone?

Question 36

Princess Atta

Some people were born knowing they will make great rulers. Princess Atta on the other hand, has always feared the day she would be crowned queen of her colony. While she understands that being queen is a great honor, she worries that she will somehow mess it up. Having the lives of so many ants in her hands, is a very stressful notion. However, when times are tough, Princess Atta is always able to make the right decision. Honestly, what could be more important in a ruler? Does anyone recognize this character? Pick out the right film from the listed options!

Question 37


Trixie is a triceratops toy. Even though she was designed to be a play thing, she has many different kinds of talents. She enjoys playing with her human when she is around, but when left alone, Trixie is a computer wizard. She can get to the bottom of almost any mystery if she has access to a computer. She is also known for having many friends online. She is chatty in real life, but even more so when typing away to her online buddies. Does this triceratops look familiar to anyone? Only one of the four film titles listed is correct!

Question 38

Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie has a long history of being a bad guy. Honestly, we could have probably known this just by his name. His body is pretty much just a large burlap sack, which is filled to the brim with bugs and snakes. He was once a powerful inhabitant of Halloweentown, but after committing too many villainous acts, he was banished to the outskirts of town. Being exiled has done nothing to stop Boogies wicked plans. In fact, it has just seemed to encourage him further. If there is one weakness this guy has, it would have to be his gambling problem.

Question 39

Mr. Smee

Mr. Smee is a classic henchmen. He is not exactly bright, large, or scary, but he is very obedient. He will do just about anything his captain tells him to, even when the task at hand could be potentially dangerous. Even though he has partnered up with some really bad guys, over all Mr. Smee is actually pretty kind-hearted. He likes the idea of fitting in with a rougher crowd, but when it comes down to it, he is just a big old softy. Still, we must always keep an eye on those who wish to be bad... Name the movie!

Question 40

Sgt. Tibbs

Sgt. Tibbs may not be the biggest cat around town, but he is certainly one of the bravest. He takes his title of Sergeant very seriously, and he will obey any order handed down to him by a higher ranking officer. On more than one occasion he has put his own life on the line to save others. While he has always managed to keep himself alive, he would gladly give his life if it meant saving a civilian. They simply do not make cats like this one anymore. Can anyone here figure out which film they saw him in?

Question 41

Rutt and Tuke

Here we have a couple of fairly happy moose. Rutt and Tuke are extremely close, even though they tend to bicker more than anything else. They are always seen by each other's side and they have occasionally picked up an extra friend or two. They are experts at avoiding hunters, though they try their best not to have to use these skills whenever possible. They do not always go out of their way to keep others safe, but they have done so from time to time. Is this ringing any bells? Who here can pick out the correct movie title?

Question 42


Is this not one of the cutest pigs ever? Pua is a pig and a pet. When interacting with his best friend/owner, he comes across as having more of a dog's personality than a pig's. He is extremely loyal, will fetch for sticks, and even enjoys a good belly scratch from time to time. Pua was at one time very brave, but after experiencing a close call in the ocean, Pua tends to stick on land whenever possible. He can often be found hanging with his chicken friend as well. Can anyone here pick out the correct film for this question?

Question 43


Pacha is a classic family man. He lives a simple life with his wife and children, and he believes in having strong morals. He does his best to teach his kids right from wrong, as he believes in always doing the right thing. Even when he was approached by someone very undeserving of his help, he went out of his way to lend them aid anyways. While it is not always easy to do the right thing, Pacha knows that he will always sleep better at night if he has done so. Does anyone know which of these titles is correct?

Question 44


Here we have another dinosaur toy, except this one is a tyrannosaurus rex. While his dinosaur counterpart is known for being one of the firecrest creatures to ever walk the planet, Rex is not exactly the same. Rex is known for being cowardly. He enjoys staying home where it is warm and safe, and he does his best to keep everyone around him in a good mood. If there is one thing Rex cannot stand, it is arguing. He believes that confrontation leads to nothing but danger. Is this ringing any bells? Who here knows which Disney film Rex is from?

Question 45

Timothy Q Mouse

For our final question, we will be looking at yet another Disney mouse. Timothy is not known for being the kindest mouse ever, but when it comes to his best friend, there is very little he would not do for him. Timothy is from Brooklyn, so his attitude can be fairly fierce. However, he has made it his life's duty to ensure his best friend remains as happy as possible. While honesty is always the best route, sometimes Timothy has a way of being too honest. Can anyone remember which Disney film this mouse is from? Only one of these answers is correct!

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