There’s No Way Anyone Can Name All These Vampire Diaries Characters

Those who love supernatural drama TV shows and films will, without doubt, have seen The Vampire Diaries, a supernatural drama TV series that was developed by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. Quite a few enthralling shows are based on novel series’ and this TV series is no exception. It was based on a book series of the same name that was penned down by the skilled writer L. J. Smith.

It’s hard to believe that season one of this show came out exactly 10 years ago, all the way back in 2009. The final season – season eight - was released two years ago, in 2017. The show starred a great number of talented actors, including Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Steven R. McQueen, Candice King, Kat Graham, Matt Davis, and Joseph Morgan among others.

The plot of The Vampire Diaries focuses on a human girl named Elena Gilbert. Elena lives in a small town known as Mystic Falls which is where she meets a centuries-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore. Naturally, they both fall for one another but their love story is far from ordinary or straightforward. Things are further complicated when Stefan’s brother, Damon Salvatore, comes to town, and when a number of villainous characters make it their life’s mission to not only take Elena’s life but to also hurt all those that are close to her.

Question 1

Who can name the show's protagonist?

Let’s start off easy. This character is the show’s protagonist hence why pretty much everyone should get this question right. At the beginning of the series this character appeared to be a normal human girl. However, as the show progressed it was revealed that she was actually a Petrova doppelganger (which put her life at risk because the Original Hybrid wanted to sacrifice her in a special ritual). It was at the very start of season one of the show that this character fell for a centuries-old vampire. At the end of season three she herself was turned into a vampire, much to her dissatisfaction but was later reverted back to her human form.

Question 2

Who is this vampire?

This character is one of the two male protagonists of the show which is why everyone should ace this question. Indeed, this character made an appearance in all eight seasons of the series. He is a centuries-old vampire who was turned into an immortal against his will. As most fans are probably well aware, he has a complicated relationship with his older brother. Not only were they both once in love with the vampire that turned them, they were also both in love with the same human girl (the show’s female protagonist). Unlike most vampires, this character follows a bunny diet although he does sometimes fall off the wagon (for example, he was once known as the Ripper of Monterey according to The Vampire Diaries Wiki).

Question 3

Name this human-turned-vampire.

Let’s be honest - when we were first introduced to this character we thought that she was neurotic and annoying. However, with time we grew incredibly fond of her. This character is the female protagonist’s best friend. When we first met her she led a normal human life. However, she was turned into a vampire pretty early on in the show. While she had no desire to be turned into an immortal she found that being a vampire suited her. It made her not only stronger and more mature but also more responsible and protective. It’s no wonder that the Original Hybrid fell for her.

Question 4

Name this vampire hunter.

Who thinks that they can name this character? This character made an appearance in seven seasons of the show (basically in all seasons of The Vampire Diaries except for season seven). He is the female protagonist’s brother, or rather, adoptive brother. When we first met him in season one of the show he was a moody teenager who spent most of his time skipping school and taking illegal substances. His behavior was kind of justifiable however seeing how his parents had just passed away. However, over the course of the show he became more mature. He ended up becoming a vampire hunter and a member of The Five.

Question 5

Who knows the name of this vampire?

One of the two male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries, this character was deeply in love with the manipulative and cold-hearted vampire that turned him. However, she chose his younger brother over him, thus leaving him with an incurable heartache (and ill-feeling towards his brother). As such, it only makes sense that this character has a somewhat complicated relationship with his brother. Unlike his brother, this character does not follow a bunny diet. He enjoys feasting on humans and sees nothing wrong with taking the lives of innocent people. It is worth mentioning that at the end of the series the female protagonist chose this character and the two took the cure to vampirism.

Question 6

Who knows the name of this werewolf?

Recognize this character? If you consider yourself a loyal fan of the show then you should. We first met him in season one of the show and we can’t say that we liked him – he was arrogant, mean and aggressive. He attended Mystic Falls High School and he was on his school’s football team. His father was Mystic Falls’ Mayor and the carrier of the werewolf gene. While he never activated the gene he passed it down to his son who accidentally activated it and was turned into a werewolf. Later he was turned into a hybrid by the Original Hybrid but managed to break his sire bond.

Question 7

Who is this powerful witch?

This character is the female protagonist’s best friend. She is an incredibly powerful witch even though when we first met her in season one of the series she had no idea that she possessed any magical abilities. Luckily, her grandmother taught her how to control her powers before she passed away. This character is incredibly loyal, empathetic, compassionate and helpful. She is very selfless and has shown her friends time and time again that she is willing to sacrifice her own life to save them. Unfortunately, this character did not get the happily ever after that we all hoped she would.

Question 8

Name the Original Hybrid.

This character is an Original Vampire but is also sometimes referred to as the Original Hybrid (which means that he is not only a vampire but also a werewolf). He was a bit of a psychopath but then again he did have a difficult childhood – his step-father was incredibly hard on him. Furthermore, when his werewolf side emerged it became obvious that his mother was disloyal to his step-father. She put a curse on this character and then abandoned him. As such, this character took his mother’s life and spent centuries trying to break the curse. Indeed, that’s why he was after the show's female protagonist in season two of the series – he believed that she was the final piece that he needed in order to break the spell.

Question 9

Who is this Original Vampire?

Know the name of this character? Then go ahead and choose it from the four options that are available above! This character is an Original Vampire and as such he is one of the most powerful and dangerous immortals out there. After all, he has been alive for centuries. Nonetheless, he is considerate and kind. Many would describe him as a true gentleman. He is a half-brother to the Original Hybrid and the two have a strong bond. Much like the two male protagonists of the show, this character and his half-brother were also once in love with the same woman. We first met this character in season two of the show – he was after the show’s female protagonist.

Question 10

Name this villain.

This character might look oddly familiar to you but don’t be fooled. She’s not the show’s protagonist but rather the show’s villain. She is a centuries-old vampire responsible for turning the two male protagonists of the show into immortals. Unlike the show’s female protagonist, this character is mean, manipulative and cold-hearted. Of course, like any vampire she once led a normal human life. Back in the 15th century she lived in her family home in Bulgaria but was disowned by her father because she got pregnant out of wedlock. She was sent to England where she met two Original Vampires. She was instantly smitten with them but they had ulterior motives and before long she had to go on the run.

Question 11

Name the female Original Vampire.

Here we have another Original Vampire. This character is Original Hybrid’s half-sister. The two have a somewhat complicated relationship. They once swore to remain together forever no matter what. However, in the 1920’s this character fell in love with one of the male protagonists of the show and decided to leave her half-brother behind. Obviously the Original Hybrid was furious and as such staked his half-sister. She was awoken in the 21st century and was beyond upset to find that the man whom she was willing to leave her brother for had already moved on. Even though this character seemed cold-hearted and manipulative she was actually very sensitive and tender.

Question 12

Who is this?

Remember this character? We were first introduced to him in season five of The Vampire Diaries. He was once held captive by the Augustines along with one of the male protagonists of the series. As most fans of the show are probably well aware, the Augustines were a secret society that experimented on vampires in the hopes of understanding their supernatural abilities. This character was supposed to make a break for it with his friend (the male protagonist of the show) but due to unforeseen circumstances his friend ended up leaving him behind. Naturally, when this character did finally escape the clutches of the Augustines he was itching to exact revenge on his so-called friend, hence his arrival to Mystic Falls.

Question 13

What is the name of this vampire hunter?

We were first introduced to this particular character in season one of The Vampire Diaries. When we first met him he posed as a history teacher at Mystic Falls High School. He was a good teacher – he even gave the female protagonist’s brother another chance even though he was clearly a slacker – but it was quickly revealed that he had a hidden agenda. He did not come to Mystic Falls to teach. Rather, he came there hoping to hunt down the vampire that he believed was responsible for taking the life of his wife. Eventually however it was revealed that his wife had asked the vampire to be turned into an immortal. Once she got what she wanted she took off, without informing her husband that she was fine.

Question 14

Who can name this blonde vampire?

This character was friends with one of the male protagonists of the show. Indeed, it was this character who taught her best friend (sometimes known as the Ripper of Monterey) how to exercise control when in the company of humans and how to feed on bunnies and other animals. She visited her best friend every year on his birthday hence why she came to Mystic Falls in season one of The Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately, her best friend’s brother took her life in the hopes of convincing the Town Council that she was the vampire responsible for “animal attacks” in town.

Question 15

Name this Siphoner.

We did not meet this particular character until season six of the show. He was one of the biggest villains of the series and as such, we didn’t really like him. He was mean and cold-hearted and he behaved like a true sociopath. His behaviour can probably be ascribed to his difficult childhood – he was only a teenager when he realized that he was a Siphoner (a witch who is not capable of generating his or her own magic but who can steal magic from other sources according to The Vampire Diaries Wiki). This revelation resulted in his family treating him rather poorly. At the end of season six this character not only took the life of his twin sister but also put the show’s female protagonist in deep slumber.

Question 16

Who is this human?

This character was once romantically involved with the show’s female protagonist. He was also once in a romantic relationship with the female protagonist’s best friend and had a brief fling with the Original Vampire. Unlike most major characters, this particular character was never turned into an immortal nor did he ever become a vampire hunter. Indeed, he tried to stay as far away as possible from all supernatural beings and those involved with them although he never turned his back to his friends completely. At one point during the series he became a Medium and at another point he was possessed by a Traveler. At the end of the show he became the sheriff of Mystic Falls.

Question 17

What is the name of this werewolf?

This one is somewhat tough. We were first introduced to this character in season four of The Vampire Diaries. This character did not get that much screen time. Indeed, she only made an appearance in eight episodes in total. As loyal fans of the show should have no trouble recalling, this character was a werewolf. She was friends with another werewolf on the show. Indeed, the only reason she came to Mystic Falls in season four of the series was to see her werewolf friend. It was then that she slept with the Original Hybrid. Later it was revealed that she fell pregnant with his child. That’s the last we heard of her.

Question 18

Name this character.

This character was the female protagonist’s and her adoptive brother’s maternal aunt. She came to Mystic Falls to look after them after her sister (and her husband) passed away in a car crash, leaving their kids orphans. With time she became their guardian but found the task of looking after teenagers rather challenging. Nonetheless, she did her very best. At one point during the show she fell for a vampire hunter. He was not indifferent to her either and tried to protect her from all things supernatural. Unfortunately, at the end of season two this character was turned into a vampire and was sacrificed in the Original Hybrid’s curse-breaking ritual.

Question 19

Who is this?

We first met this character in season one of The Vampire Diaries. She was the older sister of a major character. Unlike her brother she was immature and spent most of her time partying and taking drugs. She was one of the first few Mystic Falls residents to be turned into a vampire. She was turned by one of the male protagonists of the show. His brother then showed her how to control her urges and told her about his bunny diet. Unfortunately, she could not control herself and as such she had to be staked before she became a threat. This character re-appeared in season eight of the show but was eliminated before she could do much harm.

Question 20

What is the name of the female protagonist's biological dad?

Here we have another tough question. Still, avid fans of the series should have no trouble naming this particular character. This character first made an appearance in season one of The Vampire Diaries. His last appearance was in season two of the show (although he was mentioned by other characters in later seasons). He appeared in 14 episodes in total. As most fans can probably recall, he was the biological father of the female protagonist and the brother of the female protagonist’s adoptive father. For one reason or another we did not particularly like this character although we can’t dispute that he was a good father – he sacrificed his own life so as to save that of his daughter’s.

Question 21

Name this siren.

Only those who have watched The Vampire Diaries to the very end stand a chance in getting this one right. This character was sometimes referred to as The Armory's Monster. We first met her at the end of season seven. She was the main villain of season eight of The Vampire Diaries. She was neither a vampire nor a werewolf. She was not a witch either. Indeed, she was actually a siren, a supernatural being who was once a psychic. The Devil gave her immortality but in exchange for this gift she had to supply him with the souls of the wicked. In addition, she had to feast on human flesh so as to remain young and beautiful.

Question 22

What is the name of this siren?

We first met this character at the start of season eight. Indeed, she was one of the antagonists of the final season of The Vampire Diaries. Like the character above, this character was also a siren. In fact, she was the other siren’s older adoptive sister. She led a normal human life before 750 B.C. but was banished from her village when it became apparent that she was a psychic. She met her adoptive sister on an abandoned island and tricked her into eating human flesh so as to survive (her sister believed that she was consuming animal meat). In season eight of the show this character posed as a nanny to the children of two major characters.

Question 23

Name the creator of hell.

Here we have another character whom we first met in season eight of The Vampire Diaries. Once again, only those who have watched the show to the very end stand a chance in naming this character. This particular character was the world’s first psychic and the creator of hell (and as such, the Devil). Back when he was a human he was compassionate and empathetic. However, his personality underwent a drastic change after he was burned at the stake. He was in control of the two sirens that made an appearance in season eight. However, to our surprise, at the very end of the season it was revealed that he too was controlled by someone else!

Question 24

Who knows the name of this witch?

Who thinks that they know the name of this character? This character was the maternal grandmother of one of the main characters on the show. She was a powerful witch who had a great dislike for vampires. She taught her granddaughter how to control her magical powers. She also helped her granddaughter open an ancient tomb that contained countless centuries-old vampires. However, the spell left her weak and she ended up passing away at the end of season one, much to the dismay of her granddaughter. Nonetheless, that was not the last time that we saw her. She made an appearance in later seasons of the show in her ghost form.

Question 25

Who is the sheriff of Mystic Falls?

This character was the mother of one major character on the show. She was also the sheriff of Mystic Falls and a member of the Town Council. She was preoccupied with eliminating all vampires from town, not realizing that her best friend was an immortal himself. Naturally, this character was incredibly upset when she learned that her own daughter was a vampire. Initially she didn’t want anything to do with her but with time she learned to accept her daughter for who she was. At the end of season six this character passed away from cancer, causing her daughter to switch off her humanity.

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