People Under 30 Can't Name All These Popular Cartoon Characters, But They Can Try!

Before the days of Netflix or the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people were running home after school to watch Pokemon and waking up at the crack of dawn on weekends to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons.

For some people, this tradition dates back to cartoons such as Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Ohwith their memories of  Ash and Yugi's many battles still vividly replaying in their heads. For others, it's the memories of tuning into the adventures of Charles Xavier and the X-Men as they battle to protect the world from mutant and human enemies alike. For current audiences, it's watching the newest episode of Dragon Ball Super or The Simpsons, eagerly anticipating the outcome of Goku's ongoing battle or simply waiting for a good laugh by Homer Simpson.

Of course, these cartoon shows only do as well as their characters allow for. If a character isn't funny or compelling, the show they're in will likely start declining in viewers. Luckily, it seems that modern-day cartoons are only getting better and funnier. But with all these cartoons shows on the air, keeping track of their many characters can be quite the challenge...ready for it?

1What's this cartoon character's name on the left?

Though this cartoon doesn't usually think up of crimes on her own, she still gives Batman quite a hard time through each scheme she participates in. She starts off working at Arkham Asylum as the doctor treating The Joker, but through each their passing sessions, he begins to win her affections. She eventually helps him escape and she takes on a villainous alter ego. When she's upset with the Joker, she'll temporarily leave him to team up with Poison Ivy. What's this character's name?

2What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon starts as Batman's first sidekick, first meeting when his parents pass away in a tragic accident. Bruce then adopts him and takes him to live at Wayne Manor, leading this character to stumble into the Batcave shortly after. After some persuasion, Bruce agrees to allow him to become his sidekick and they combat crime together for some time until the latter decides he works best alone. Nevertheless, he still occasionally does offer to help Batman. What's this character's name?

3What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is a recurring character in "Rugrats" that often defends Tommy and his friends from his mean-spirited cousin. Her family lives a few blocks down from The Pickles, so she's often over to visit. She's sweet, cheery, and is always the voice of reason. This makes Tommy's cousin extremely jealous of her three-year-old counterpart and is constantly thinking of ways to outdo her, none of which ever work. Just like most of the recurring characters in the show, she makes appearances in the spin-off "All Grown Up!." What's this character's name?

4What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon has been on the air for almost twenty years now and is one of TV’s most beloved moms. She is characterized by her loving nature towards her husband and sons but often neglects her daughter for being different from the rest of the family members. She has a close relationship with Brian, the family dog, and they often discuss how to address her family’s recurring problems. She tries to be the voice of reason for her husband, but he often ignores her. What’s this cartoon's name?

5What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon has been on the air for almost thirty years and is one of the funniest grandpas on TV. He always has some story to share with people, but often times fall asleep halfway through it. He and his son are always arguing, but deep down they love each other and prove it through their many escapades. Amongst his memorable moments are his marriage to Selma Bouvier, his multiple other marriages, and his time in the army. What’s this cartoon's name?

6What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is known best for one thing: wanting to end with Bart Simpson. He starts as Krusty The Clown’s assistant, but over the years he gets tired of his boss’s mistreatment and frames him for robbery as revenge. Bart Simpson, being Krusty’s number one fan, manages to find the evidence to clear his name and in turn has this character put in jail. Since then he's orchestrated countless unsuccessful schemes in order to get his payback on Bart. What’s this character’s name?

7What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the protagonist of the original "Yu-Gi-Oh" series and his signature catchphrase is "Believe in the heart of the cards." He shares a body with the Pharaoh's spirit after unleashing him by solving the Millenium Puzzle. Together, they duel against countless villains, winning several tournaments and being crowned The King of Games. After learning the Pharaoh's name during their time in Ancient Egypt, they separate bodies and face-off in a duel so the Pharaoh's soul can finally rest in peace. What's this cartoon's name?

8What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon comes from a post-apocalyptic future in the Dragon Ball Z Universe. In his time, Androids 17 and 18 have gotten rid of all the Z-Warriors and make sure every day is filled with chaos for mankind. The last surviving Saiyan trains him during his teenage years to survive against the Androids, and when the former falls at the hands of the two villains, he reaches his limit and finally transforms into a Super Saiyan. What's this cartoon's name?

9What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon comes from a small place called Pallet Town and for years has vowed: "To Catch Them All!" He and Pikachu clash at first due to their stubborn personalities, but they become best friends after surviving an attack from a pack of wild Pokemon. Through their many journeys, they've made countless friends and seen hundreds of Pokemon; and they've also secured the unwanted attention of Team Rocket, who've made it their mission to capture Pikachu for their boss. What's this cartoon's name?

10What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon has a habit of showing up at random times and takes great offense if it's not the center of attention during its lullabies (of course, this is hard to do when its musical numbers put everyone to sleep). To teach its dormant audience a lesson, it paints all sorts of squiggles on their faces and storms off into the wilderness. At times, it actually saves the day when Team Rocket or some other villain is plotting a scheme involving taking Pokemon captive. What's this cartoon's name?

11What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is known for spewing foul language, insulting everyone around him, and being a total villain; and nevertheless, he's a fan favorite. Despite not really liking him, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny still let him hang out with their group at school. He and Kyle are usually bickering, with the latter pointing out some scheme he's up to. Though most of his classmates see through his bad intentions, Butters naively follows his lead sometimes only to get himself in trouble. What's this character's name?

12What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the main anti-hero in “X-Men: The Animated Series” and he’s best-known for his metal-wielding abilities. When he first meets Charles Xavier, they bond over being mutants and go around the world helping those in need. But as he develops more of a negative outlook on humanity, they begin drifting apart. This leads him to seek out other outcasts in order to bring peace to the world by conquering it. Despite their battles, he’ll occasionally join the X-Men in fighting for the greater good of mutants. What’s this cartoon’s name?

13What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon starts off having it pretty rough due to his really, really mean babysitter, Vickie. His parents hire Vickie to take care of him, but are so aloof that they don’t notice the way she mistreats him; she even manages to blame him for some of her misdoings. But his life changes for the best when he’s visited by two fairies who promise to grant him any wish he can think of—including payback on Vickie. What’s this cartoon’s name?

14What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is first seen in "Dragon Ball" and she becomes Goku’s first human friend. They collect the seven dragon balls time after time, sometimes for simple wishes and others to resurrect fallen friends. She is a genius in every sense of the word, being able to navigate the Z-Warriors throughout space and creating all sorts of gadgets to help them against powerful enemies. She is also one of the only people that can bring out Vegeta’s softer side. What’s this cartoon’s name?

15What's this cartoon character's name?

This character has been through many ordeals throughout his time on “The Simpsons.” Homer and Bart discover him outside a racetrack on Christmas Eve after his owner disowns him. Heartbroken, Bart begs for Homer to let him bring him home for Christmas. From that point forward, he becomes the family’s beloved pet and also the reason for many headaches; he goes from obedience school, surgery, to starting a family, all at the expense of the Simpsons’ tight budget. What’s this cartoon’s name?

16What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is Goku's best friend from "Dragon Ball" through "Dragon Ball Super." They meet when Goku goes to train with Master Roshi for his first World Martial Arts Tournament, and though they bump heads at first, they end up best friends. As he's gotten older, he's put training to the side to dedicate himself to his wife and daughter, but he'll enter World Martial Arts Tournaments or face major enemies when the time calls for it. What's this cartoon's name?

17What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is Griffin's family dog on "Family Guy." He's the voice of reason for the whole family (probably its smartest member) and he's the only character that can speak to Stewie. As such, he's Stewie's best friend and often tries to talk him out of some harebrained scheme he has against his family. He's also Lois's confidant during her times of need, but they'll bump heads when she feels he's taking the attention away from her family. What's this cartoon's name?

18What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is one of Spongebob Squarepants best friends. She is known for her peppy personality, her karate skills, and for always having uplifting advice for Spongebob and the rest of their friends. But she's not to be underestimated; when she's mad she'll put her karate skills to good use (usually to defend her friends). She's overall very talented, conducting all sorts of science experiments inside her bubble-shaped home and when she's really happy, she'll burst into song. What's this cartoon's name?

19What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is introduced later in Dragon Ball Z when Gohan starts attending Orange Star High Schoo. She grows up living in the shadow of her father, the World Champ, but nevertheless, she trains daily so she can protect her city against criminals. When she meets Gohan, she starts wondering if there's a connection between him and The Golden Fighter who helped foil a group of thieves. After their rough start, she and Gohan end up getting married! What's this character's name?

20What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the protagonist of a classic 90's show on Nickelodeon. He lives in the fictional town of Hillwood with his grandparents, Phil and Gertrude, and a host of other eccentric tenants that room in their board house. He's best remembered for his 'football-shaped head', a trait one particular character tends to make fun of him for. Amongst his other character traits are his kindness, friendliness, and willingness to help anyone during their time of need. What's this cartoon's name?

21What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon has been on PBS for over twenty years now, making him the longest standing cartoon on the network. He lives in the fictional town of Elmwood with his parents and younger sisters, D.W and Kate. His daily adventures include his time at Elmwood Elementary, his afterschool hangouts at the ice cream parlor and library, and roaming through the city with his group of friends. His two best friends are Buster and his pet dog, Pal. What's this cartoon's name?

22What are these cartoon characters names on the ouside?

These two cartoon characters serve as the creators of magic on "The Fairly Oddparents." They appear in the pilot episode to shed hope on the main character's existence at the hands of Vickie, his mean-spirited babysitter. Since then, they've granted countless wishes that include teaching Vickie a lesson, but sometimes, their wish making also lands the boy in more trouble than he started in. In recent seasons, they added a new member to their family named Poof. What are the names of these cartoons?

23What's this cartoon character's name?

This character is first introduced in "Dragon Ball" as the offspring of a fallen villain. He battles against Goku in The World Arts Tournament and comes very close to winning. Initially, he plans to avenge his father but with the passing of the years and greater enemies threatening the planet, he develops a more heroic mentality. He has a complete change of heart after training Gohan for a year and experiencing friendship for the first time. What's this cartoon's name?

24What's this cartoon character's name?

This character is the eldest child of the Griffins in "Family Guy." From all her family members, she definitely has the roughest time getting by. Her classmates tease her, her family neglect her and sometimes poke fun at her as well, and she's usually on a bad luck streak with accidents happening to her constantly. But she does find some comfort in her friendship with the family dog who often advises her against some self-defeating plan. What's this cartoon's name?

25What's this cartoon character's name?

This character is the creative mastermind behind the Red Ribbon Army's creations. In his quest to end with Goku, he creates a series of Androids with this one mission. When he realizes how powerful his creations are turning out, he decides to make several alterations to his own body to become a capable fighter. He meets his end when he activates Android 17 and the latter decides he's tired of being bossed around, ending with his creator without hesitation. What's this cartoon's name?

26What's this cartoon character's name?

This character is the arch nemesis of the main character in "Yu-Gi-Oh" and is best-known for his love of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards. He has a tragic backstory, becoming an orphan at a young age and having to outsmart several people to secure his and his younger brother's future. This turns him into a ruthless businessman and duelist with losing never being an option for him. Nevertheless, he'll fight alongside his arch nemesis when saving his company or younger brother is involved. What's this cartoon's name?

27What's this cartoon character's name?

This character is introduced earlier on in "Dragon Ball" when he engages Goku in desert battle, proving to be his fighting equal at the time. He initially joins Goku in finding the dragon balls so he can make his own wish, but eventually dismisses this plan when he falls for someone in their group. He's fought against several villains in the series, but usually loses fast into the battle and has to be saved by one of the Z-Warriors. What's this cartoon's name?

28What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is one of the mightiest beings in the Dragon Ball Z Universe and he's trained countless warriors. When Goku ends up in the Otherworld after his battle with Raditz, he travels down Snakeway just so he can train with him. But this character enjoys one thing more than anything else: having a good laugh. His one condition for Goku is that he makes him laugh before training him. Though he never takes part in the battlefield, he telepathically instructs Goku during his major duels. What's this cartoon's name?

29What's this cartoon character's name on the left?

This cartoon is best-known for his unbreakable loyalty to Mr.Burns (who ironically is responsible for the early passing of his father). He's been his personal assistant for what seems like his entire life and they've plotted against Springfield countless times. Sadly, Mr. Burns views him as a disposable employee and he's even replaced him on occasions. Underneath, he's actually a good guy and he's previously helped The Simpsons during their times of need, admiring Lisa's intelligence. What's this cartoon's name?

30What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is first introduced in Dragon Ball and he's the owner of Capsule Corp. His inventions have helped the Z-Warriors throughout several missions, such as Goku using one of his ships to train in 100 times Earth’s gravity, Vegeta doing the same during his training to become a Super Saiyan, and his knowledge of the Red Ribbon Army helping immensely against Cell. His wife’s name is Panchy, his daughter’s name is Bulma, and he’s never seen without his black cat. What's this cartoon's name?

31What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is often referred to as “Seventh Hokage.” When he’s born, his father seals away the spirit of a powerful nine-tails Fox inside him to protect their village costing him his life in the process. While hosting the nine-tails gives him great power, it also causes him to be the target of several enemies bent on world domination. Nevertheless, his bravery earns him the respect and loyalty of his teacher, Iruka, and fighting rival, Sasuke. What’s this cartoon’s name?

32What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is introduced early in Pokemon and it's the sixth Pokemon caught by the protagonist. He’s initially part of a renegade squad of Pokémon that go around town stealing and causing trouble for newcomers. When it first encounters the show’s heroes, they get off on the wrong foot with it making a deal with Team Rocket to capture Pikachu. It ultimately sees through Team Rocket’s agenda and helps save Pikachu from their clutches, shortly after joining the heroes on their journey. What’s this cartoon’s name?

33What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the son of a popular anime character. Unlike his father who didn’t have it easy growing up, he's born into the spotlight. But instead of embracing his role as a descendant of a Hokage, he resents his father due to the time his post takes away from their family. Also unlike his father, his skills are sharper from a young age and things come by much easier for him, whether in school or his friendships. As a result, he tends to behave boastfully and sometimes takes things for granted. What’s this cartoon’s name?

34What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the first major villain Goku faces in Dragon Ball Z. For centuries, he goes around the galaxy with his henchmen conquering entire planets and populations. When he starts sensing the Saiyans might be his undoing, he proceeds to get rid of them immediately. During his time on Namek, he taunts the Namekians into giving him the dragon balls, promising to spare them in return. He finally meets his match when he pushes Goku to go Super Saiyan for the first time. What’s this cartoon’s name?

35What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is a from a classic 1960’s show and goes by the nickname “Twinkletoes” amongst his bowling buddies. He works for Slate and Company alongside his best friend, Barney Rubble. When he’s not working, he spends his time at the bowling alley with Barney, getting into trouble due to his impulsive personality, and trying to find some way to become rich. At one point, he makes friends with an alien named Gazoo that only he can see. What’s this cartoon’s name?

36What's this cartoon character's name on the right?

This cartoon is a scientist who is trying to making amends with estranged family. Despite being a total genius, he also has many character flaws such as a lack of common courtesy, bad table manners, and a habit of talking down to people. Though his son-in-law and even his daughter are hesitant about his influence on the family, his grandchildren take an immediate liking to him. Along with his grandson, he goes on multiple adventures throughout alternate universes. What’s this character’s name?

37What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the protagonist to a popular Disney Channel Show. She battles alongside her best friend, Ron Possible, and with the help of tech-whiz Wade, they foil the plans of villains such as Monkey Fist, Dr. Dementor, Shego, and arch-nemesis Dr. Drakken. When she’s not combating these villains, she’s busy trying to lead a semi-normal teenage life which includes her cheerleading responsibilities, studying for some big exam, and dealing with the animosity from her cheerleading rival, Bonnie. What’s this cartoon’s name?

38What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the main character of the “Proud Family.” She tends to lead a normal teenage life, with a loving family and the usual responsibilities of someone her age. But sometimes, she also feels like she has all the problems in the world, from an overprotective father, trying to pass her driver’s exam, or trying to get permission to go to a party. Nevertheless, she always makes the right choice when she’s confronted by bad influences. What’s this cartoon’s name?

39What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon starts off as a loveable Pokemon rescued by the protagonist early in the series. In his first form, it’s obedient towards its trainer, but this completely changes when it evolves. By its final evolution, it’s completely incorrigible, refusing to battle whenever it’s summoned or turning on its trainer mid-combat (when it does battle, it’s usually because its ego is on the line). It eventually comes around in later seasons and becomes its trainer’s most handy Pokemon. What’s this cartoon's name?

40What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the patriarch in “The Proud Family.” He runs a business called Proud Snacks, and despite the amount of money he spends trying to promote them, they aren’t very a tasty product nor popular product. He’s loving towards his family but his overprotective nature causes his oldest daughter to go behind his back to get her way. He also has a bittersweet relationship with his mother, Sugamama, who he often argues with over any little thing. What’s this cartoon’s name?

41What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the wife of a popular 1960’s character. She is skilled at many things, such as cooking, helping her husband through any work-related or personal problems, and she occasionally volunteers for charitable organizations. As the series progresses, she becomes a worldly character through the famous people she meets. When she’s not busy tending to her household, she goes on adventures with her next-door neighbor and best friend, Betty, sometimes getting themselves into unexpected predicaments. What’s this cartoon’s name?

42What's this cartoon character's name on the left?

This cartoon is the owner of a popular 1960’s animated Great Dane. Together, they solve countless mysteries with their group of friends riding in “The Mystery Machine.” Ironically, he's not a fan of ghouls or any sort of supernatural creatures, all of which are the subjects of their investigations. Fortunately for him, the rest of the team has a knack for deciphering clues, finding evidence, and always unmasking the bad guy. He’s best-known for his favorite pastime: eating. What’s this cartoon’s name?

43What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the brother to one of the main characters on “Yu-Gi-Oh!” He first introduced when he sets off to duel against the series protagonist as revenge for beating his brother. When Pegasus notices him running around his island, he recaptures him to use him in his plans in taking over his brother’s company. He’s extremely supportive of his brother’s endeavors, serving as a commissioner during The Battle City Tournament and The KC Grand Prix. What’s this cartoon’s name?

44What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is initially an anti-hero in “Yu-Gi-Oh!” using cheating tactics to win starships throughout the Duelist Kingdom tournament. After the show’s heroes uncover her dishonest strategies, she continues on in the competition using her own skills. She makes a reappearance during the Battle City Tournament, this time around approaching the heroes as a friend. Things take a bad turn for her when she duels Marik and he uses The Winged Dragon of Ra against her, leading to dire consequences. What’s this cartoon’s name?

45What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the protagonist of a popular mid-90’s Cartoon Network show. He is a kid-genius who is skilled at inventing all sorts of gadgets and potions in his secret laboratory, except it’s not so secret to his sister, Dede. She always manages to find a way to bypass all his security measures and meddle during his inventions. Yet, she also of incredible assistance against his arch nemesis, Mandark, who’s always trying to prove himself the superior genius. What’s this cartoon’s name?

46What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is the protagonist to a Nickelodeon show from the early 2000s. He’s also a boy genius, except his inventions tend to get out of hand pretty quickly, usually wrecking something within his home or a neighbor’s property. His lab is also no secret, as its location varies from his kitchen, bedroom, and to his garage. He has two best friends named Carl and Jimmy who often spectate his inventions in action—and their eventual downfall. What’s this character’s name?

47What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is one of the main characters in the first couple of seasons of Pokemon. She meets the series titular character during the pilot episode after he takes away her bike to outrun a pack of wild Pokemon. The chase ends with him and Pikachu outrunning the pack, but the bike is rendered useless. As collateral, she tells him she's going to tag along with him until he pays her back. She’s a skilled trainer herself and has a variety of water-based Pokemon including Staryu, Psyduck, and Goldeen. What’s this cartoon’s name?

48What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is introduced at the beginning of Dragon Balls Z. When he first arrives on earth, he expects to see the planet conquered by his younger brother, Goku. To his surprise, he discovers that the opposite happened and out of anger, he takes Gohan and gives Goku an ultimatum: end with the lives of 100 humans in exchange for his son. When he’s taken down by Goku and Piccolo, he intercepts their story about the dragon balls to Vegeta and Nappa as revenge. What’s this cartoon’s name?

49What's this cartoon character's name on the left?

This cartoon is one of the main characters in Rugrats. He's known for always trying to stop Tommy and the rest of the babies from doing something that might land them in trouble, and from all of them, he's the one that always falls for Angelica's lies. On the retrospective, he's extremely loyal to Tommy and he'll stick by his side through all of his plans...even when they sound like a bad idea. This changes when his dad gets married and he gets an adopted sister, prompting him to develop his leadership skills to protect her. What's this cartoon's name?

50What's this cartoon character's name?

This cartoon is from a classic 1960's show, best-remembered for her signature catchphrase "Jinkies!". She's the brains to her group of mystery-solvers and together they unmask villain after villain. She's very receptive when it comes to picking up clues, especially when the group finds themselves in some unknown location. By the end of each episode, she's the one that gives a detailed account of how each villain went about pulling off their disguise, and how she was able to see through them. What's this cartoon's name?

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