There’s No Way Anyone Can Match 100% Of These Logos To Their Brand

A noticeable, obvious logo is paramount to successful corporate marketing, and corporations like McDonald’s, Apple, and Amazon didn’t manage to grow so rapidly without the help of a well-designed insignia. Consumers are constantly bombarded with icons and slogans, and, in a world in which first impressions are key, a company’s logo really needs to stand out.

We often see dozens, sometimes hundreds of them a day, but it can often be difficult to correctly associate these image to their respective businesses. Sure, there are a few internationally recognizable ones, but some brands are a bit more subtle when it comes to their branding. Agencies like banks or investment firms, for instance, often opt for less-obtrusive logos that inattentive persons won’t be likely to retain.

Many logos simply bear the company’s name and nothing else. While keeping things simple is often a safe bet, a brand name that's not stylized is going to be tough to notice when compared to something with a bit more polish. If a company opts to take the complete opposite route and use a symbol with no text, they then run the risk of not being able to allow customers to associate that image with the brand. Large corporations can often get away with this—everyone knows what a gray apple with a chunk missing from its left side is intended to represent—but it isn’t something a mom and pop shop could get away with.

With all that said, how easy is it to match all of these logos with their respective businesses? Sure, we all know a few, but a full fifty? That’s something else!

Question 1

Know This Tech Giant?

Apple Logo

Founded in 1976 in California by businessmen Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, this organization was, is, and seemingly always will be at the forefront of computer innovation. They were around when home computing was a pipe-dream, and they were among the first to slip devices thousands of times more powerful than those from the 70’s into the palms of our hands. It’s difficult to imagine what the world might look like had this company not been able to truly get off the ground, though it’s certain that the tech industry would have developed in a remarkably different fashion.

Question 2

Familiar With This Fizzy Beverage?

Pepsi Logo

One of the two predominant carbonated beverage manufacturers in the United States, many NFL fans may recognize them as the sponsors of the Super Bowl halftime show. They have been around for more than a century at this point, and, though the product may have changed quite a bit over that time, the branding has stayed more or less consistent. Though this company holds dominion over a wide array of products, they are universally known for their eponymously-named brown, fizzy beverage. While the dentist probably wouldn’t recommend drinking too much of the stuff, it can sometimes be hard to get away from.

Question 3

Know This Coffee Chain From Seattle?

Starbucks Logo

Coffee is a weirdly regional product in the United States. Though the beans which brew the beverage are seldom discovered in the territory, people from the Pacific Northwest will have different tastes to those from New England, and that is reflected in their coffee chain preferences. Despite this, the green-and-white symbol of this brand is recognized just about anywhere, and, in terms of fast food, this logo stands beside some of the nations’ true greats. Though they sometimes have a reputation for charging a bit too much for a cup, few can resist the calming charms of some of their beverages.

Question 4

Know This Drive-thru Delight?

McDonalds Logo

Speaking of fast food, when it comes to a quick, convenient meal, there are none more ubiquitous than the golden arches. Founded in the mid-50’s, this brand has grown to become so recognizable that a film, appropriately titled The Founder, was made about the man who built this company. The chain caught some flack around a decade ago when a popular documentary followed the journey of a man who ate every one of his meals for a month off of their menu, and they have since shifted their focus to offer healthier options for the waistline-conscious. In the United States, nobody is ever all that far away from one of these restaurants.

Question 5

Recognize This Japanese Automobile Manufacturer?

Toyota Logo

Hailing from Japan, this symbol represents one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. While many car aficionados will attest to the designs of their European cars, there’s no denying the unquestionable accessibility of their products. Founded all the way back in 1937, this company produced vehicles exclusively for the Japanese military during the Second World War. After that, they struggled to survive the country’s intense postwar economic downturn. They managed to bounce back, though, and, in 2018, they were appraised as the sixth largest company in the world by revenue. It hasn’t been easy for this corporation, but they’ve managed to flourish on a global scale regardless.

Question 6

Which Is The World's Largest Online Retailer?

Amazon Logo

Started in 1994, company founder Jeff Bezos could scarcely imagine how large his creation would become over the next quarter of a century. Initially, this online-only retailer sold nothing but books. Though they would soon diversify their services, they would maintain a reputation as a book retailer for much of their lifespan. Everyone seems to believe that many brick-and-mortar business will be out of business in the not-too-distant future, and that’s primarily thanks to this company and their world-changing services. Just about everyone’s order something from their website at some point in time, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

Question 7

Recognize This Luxury Watch Brand?

Rolex Crown

While watches used to be a primarily practical accessory, this luxury brand has been more about showing off since it opened for business more than a century ago. Since very few people wear watches for anything other than style given the total ubiquity of smartphones, these things make a powerful statement. In fact, when it comes to wrist-wear, these are about as fancy as they come—these are to watches as Ferrari is to automobiles. Though they definitely offer a few less-expensive options, people buying watches from this manufacturer are usually in it for the prestige.

Question 8

Know This Credit Card Company?

Mastercard Logo

Currency used to be an inherently physical idea; if one didn’t have it in one’s hand, how might one prove that they ever had it to begin with? Things have changed drastically in recent years, though, and non-paper transactions are now more commonplace than ever. In fact, many find carrying actual cash around with them to be a bit of a burden. With that in mind, credit card companies have gained a considerable amount of control over everyone’s lives, and some likely hold a grudge against this symbol. That said, it’s a fairly recognizable one as it belongs to one of the largest financial corporations in the United States.

Question 9

Recognize This Famous Swish?

Nike Logo

This famous sporting apparel company found itself in hot water not too long ago after airing a controversial ad campaign featuring a recently-ousted San Francisco 49ers quarterback. Though the ad itself wasn’t all that well received, the company's sales surged following its debut. Regardless of people's interests, ideology or sporting interest, most people are at least casually familiar with this major retailer. Their logo can be found on clothing of all sorts, and it’s likely that people who haven’t ever set foot inside a gym know what this famous swish is supposed to represent. Here’s a hint, the name has something to do with Greek mythology.

Question 10

Which Company Did Bill Gates Help To Create?

Microsoft Logo Resized

Odds are that a good amount of those reading through this quiz right now are doing so on one of this company’s products. Founded in 1975, this corporation could be thought of as one which shaped the modern world. When it first started, computing technology was nowhere near what it is today, and the idea of a home computer was something of a fantasy. Though their first few operating systems were unbearably clunky and required a high degree of specific knowledge to operate, subsequent versions became so user-friendly that, alongside another tech giant, they ushered in a new age of computing. If this company wasn't able to get off the ground, we may still be living in the stone ages.

Question 11

Which Are Dr. Dre's Signature Headphones?

Beats By Dre Logo

Formed of a partnership between music mogul Jimmy Iovine and artist Dr. Dre, this uber-famous and instantly recognizable brand of headphones first debuted in 2008 as a mid-tier, consumer-grade brand of audio gear. More famous for their unique style than their overall quality, these headphones quickly became more of a fashion statement than an audiophile’s dream. That’s not to discount the strengths of the product, though the sound and style haven’t changed much over the past decade. For the price point, it’s tough to beat Dre’s headphones, and they can serve as worthy alternatives for those interested in shelling out hundreds of dollars of dollars for top-of-the-line audio gear.

Question 12

Know This News Media Staple?

NBC Logo

In an era during which news media has become more contentious and scrutinized than ever, this famous peacock-esque logo stands as one of the most divisive in the television broadcasting sphere. Founded in New York City in 1926, this broadcasting platform actually predates the invention of the TV. No matter what people think today, this organization was responsible in part for the success of the new visual medium in the early 1950’s and helped to create the broadcast atmosphere with which we are familiar today. Often contested by a number of rivals, it would be difficult to match the overall prowess of this nearly century-old studio.

Question 13

Use This Image Sharing Platform?

Pinterest Logo

This network was something of a latecomer to the social media sphere. Originally introduced in 2010, this image-driven platform was revolutionary at the time. This was about a year before the introduction of everyone’s current favorite photo-centric digital social space, and it was unheard of to shift the emphasis from text to photography. Needless to say, it caught the attention of amateur photographers everywhere, and it in part gave rise to the enhanced quality of phone cameras. What’s more, while digital cameras had remained successful at the time, their inability to connect directly to this app may have contributed in some way to their downfall.

Question 14

Recognize This Famous Sports Logo?

MLB Logo

While most of the world enjoys nothing more in the sporting world than a simple game of soccer (or football, as it’s more commonly known), the United States considers baseball to be its national pastime. Established just after the conclusion of the Civil War in 1869, this organization was founded to regulate the game and host competitions between competing teams. Today, this symbol represents one of the most renowned sporting institutions in the world. Every kid at least briefly aspires to play in this league at some point, and it’s incredibly extensive history makes it one of the most storied organizations in the history of sports.

Question 15

Want One Of These Luxury Vehicles?

Ferrari Logo

Established in 1939 and a subset of Alfa Romeo’s racing division, this notorious Italian automobile manufacturer produced its first vehicle in 1940. They soon developed a reputation for luxury and performance, and it wasn’t long until consumers became willing to pay exorbitant prices to get behind the wheel of one of these famous cars. They still produce some of the world’s fastest race cars in the modern era, though they are now primarily known for their top-of-the-line, ultra-fashionable sports cars. With some of their productions costing millions of dollars to own, these machines are about as coveted as automobiles can possibly be.

Question 16

Know This Clothing Brand?

Tommy Hilgifer Logo

Born in the United States in 1951, this fashion designer made his a household name when he officially launched his brand in 1985. Initially responsible for a small line of miscellaneous stores by the name of People’s Place, this businessman moved on for greener horizons when the company ultimately went under in 1977. His eponymous-titled clothing company has since reached international acclaim and is recognized as one of the most successful and ubiquitous in the industry. Though it doesn’t quite carry the appeal of some of the more preppy stores, this logo has adorned more articles of clothing than anyone could possibly count.

Question 17

Recognize This Internet Browser?

Firefox Logo

Founded in 1998, Mozilla is a non-profit tech organization dedicated to the creation and distribution of software and other digital materials. While some of their works have revolutionized certain sectors, they are most well known for this internet browser. Unlike just about every other major browser available for download, this one isn’t linked to any for-profit company. Those behind the brand pride themselves on the open availability of their software and usually encourage others to modify it to best fit their needs. While it likely isn’t quite as ubiquitous as Google’s Chrome browser or Apple’s Safari, it has been downloaded millions upon millions of times.

Question 18

Familiar With Women's Fashion?

Chanel Logo

Originating in France and established in 1909, this women’s fashion organization is primarily known for its lengthy and coveted line of fragrances and perfumes. In fact, when it comes to women’s fashion, there are few comparable companies, and the prestige and allure of this brand is difficult to compete against. Though they endured a downturn following the end of the Second World War, they enjoyed a resurgence in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Fashionistas will no doubt remember that this company was actually named after its founder, a notorious female French socialite. Today, the brand’s reputation precedes itself, and few are unfamiliar with the glitz and glamour associated with the logo.

Question 19

Familiar With This Crucial Piece of Tech?

Bluetooth Logo

Integrated into just about every piece of tech released since 2012, this handy tool allows devices to communicate with each other without the use of a wire. What used to be an incredibly complex process is now much easier, and it can be used with everything from headsets to speakers to car stereos. Though it can be a pain to explain to someone who doesn’t quite keep track of modern tech trends, nobody can deny that it’s easier to rely on this than it is to fish out a cable or scour the internet for some other means of hooking up a device. Managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, here’s hoping that this technology is further refined and perfected.

Question 20

Ever Pass By This Logo On The Road?

Wendy's Logo

The go to fast food restaurant for those not in range of a McDonald’s, this United States institution was established in the late 1960’s by Dave Thomas. Today, this massive corporation boasts over 6,500 locations and is currently headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. In constant competition with Burger King’s Whopper and McDonald’s Big Mac, this chain offers a few different classic burgers which have gained fame over the years. Their most classic dish, however, has to be their iconic Frosty. A take on the milkshake, the Frosty lies somewhere between that and melted ice cream. It’s delicious, of course, and totally unavailable at any other restaurant.

Question 21

Familiar With This Online Music Marketplace?

ITunes Logo Reversed

When this service was first launched in 2001, the music industry was in a very different place. Digital piracy was rampant thanks to the accessibility and ease-of-use of programs like Napster, and the RCAA was desperate to come up with a solution for what could have been a marketing-ending scenario. Fortunately, Apple helped to re-invigorate the industry by producing a successful service which made paying for music fashionable again. This line of software was extremely popular in the late 2000’s, and, while it still attracts millions of users, it faces some stiff competition in the form of music streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music.

Question 22

Know This Communications Company?

Motorolla Logo Wide

This global communications company was established in 1928 and now plays a major role in the development of smartphones and related accessories and services. They are most well-known for developing parts associated with consumer and industrial grade broadband systems such as set-top boxes and modems. In 2011, following an extremely underwhelming few years stemming from the 2008 economic collapse, this company was split into two separate divisions, one of which was subsequently acquired by Google and sold to Lenovo. Though they don’t quite boast the industry prowess they once had, this business is still vital to our closely connected world.

Question 23

Know The Hidden Meaning Behind This Logo?

Baskin Robbins BR Logo

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact invention of ice cream as the frozen treat was noted to have appeared in many places throughout the middle ages. Of course, few really care about the history of ice cream—what really matters is the flavor. With our modern fixation on fast food and feal-good confections, it’s no wonder why this dairy delight is so popular. This company, famous for boasting a logo with a not-so hidden message, has proudly served 31 unique flavors since their inception in the mid-1940’s. Though mostly a regional establishment, there are tons of people out there who rely on this organization to get their ice cream fix, yet only a dedicated few could possibly name each original flavor on offer.

Question 24

Know This German Car Auto Manufacturer?

Volkswagen Logo

Though they are one of the most widely-beloved automobile manufacturers in the world today, the origins of this German company couldn’t be more controversial. Originally created to aid in the production of military vehicles for the German army during the second World War, they survived the country’s major postwar economic collapse and lived up to their name, which, literally translated, means “people’s car.” Though not typically lumped in with Audi or Porsche in terms of quality or luxury, this manufacturer was famous for designing the iconic beetle of the 1960’s and continues to produce affordable vehicles worldwide in the 21st century.

Question 25

Know This Currency Sharing Service?

Paypal Logo

Today, Elon Musk is famous for launching rockets into space, boring a system of tunnels beneath Los Angeles, and weirding people out on twitter. However, around the turn of the century, he was a much less visible character known more for his contributions to this internet upstart. When it was first launched, this service was revolutionary in that users no longer had to rely on banks or wire transfers to spend or move their savings. Today, it’s become a ubiquitous tool accepted by many and used globally. Musk may be too busy launching cars into space to worry about such things these days, but it’s important to recognize how influential he’s been in the world of digital currency distribution.

Question 26

Remember This Classic Gaming Console?

Nintendo 64 Logo

Anyone who grew up in the late 90’s should instantly be able to recognize this multi-colored, three-dimensional glyph. At the time, technology was advancing at an insanely rapid pace, and video games had gone from fist-sized pixels batting around a cube to full-on 3D environments. Though Nintendo, the famous Japanese company credited with re-energizing the video game market in North America with the NES in 1985, had dabbled in 3D-rendered titles in the past, this was their first real leap across the Z access. This rotating logo would show up before the system would load many of the console’s games, and it’s been burned into the minds of many who played it incessantly.

Question 27

Recognize This Oil Tycoon?

Shell Oil Company Logo White

A major player in the oil industry headquartered in Houston, Texas, this crude giant has been around for more than a century and is one of the most recognizable and reputable providers of fossil fuels. With refineries stationed all over the world and a laundry list of subsidiaries, there’s a relatively high chance that every U.S. motorist at some time has done business with this company. That said, few oil companies of this magnitude have been able to elude major legal trouble, and some have questioned if they could be doing more to ensure environmental safety. Their most memorable controversy occurred from 1978 to 1995 and involved incidents involving corrosive pipes.

Question 28

Know This Electronics Manufacturer?

LG Logo

Originally a Korean plastics company founded in 1947 under the name Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp, the company would eventually merge with electronics manufacturer Goldstar to become Lucky-Goldstar in 1983. Twelve years later, they would simplify the company name to the two letters with which we are familiar today. While their products and policies were much clearer earlier on, they have expanded to encompass many different industries and markets. Primarily known for their electronics, this brand has produced everything from tablets to computer monitor and industrial kitchen equipment. Though not quite as well-recognized as some other tech brands, there’s a major chance that most tech-savvy consumers have used an LG product at some point in their lives.

Question 29

Know This Swiss Treat?

Toblerone Logo Cropped

Originally created in Switzerland in 1908, this creatively-designed chocolate confection was named after its creator Theodor Tobler. Manufactured in the modern era by a U.S.-based company known as Mondelez, it isn’t hard to differentiate this candy from the rest of the run-of-the-mill chocolate brands. Contained in a triangular box and notable for its uniquely geometric design, it can sometimes be more fun to look at these treats than to actually eat them. Typically larger than a normal chocolate bar, chocoholics can usually get a bit more mileage out of this product compared to the competition.

Question 30

Recognize This Iconic Automobile Logo?

Audi logo

Named after the latin translation of the German word for “listen,” this automobile manufacturer was established in 1909 in Germany. Founded slightly before motor vehicle would become a commercial success, this company would eventually become famous for their precise, expertly-designed products. German engineering has long been considered exemplary, particularly in the field of automobile production,l and motorheads the world over seem to prefer cars hailing from Bavaria and surrounding territories. While they aren’t the absolute be-all-end-all in terms of luxury, this manufacturer offers quality and style for a price that many would find much more affordable.

Question 31

Recognize This Industrial Product Producer?

GE Logo

Appraised as the eighteenth-highest grossing corporation in the United States in 2018, this company has a hand in just about every economically-viable industry from healthcare to home appliances. Founded over a decade before the onset of the twentieth century, they’ve been in business for quite a long time. As their name might imply, much of their business revolves around the generation of electric power, though they also have a stake in the oil industry. In more modern times the company ventured into computing and contributed in some form to the development of the modern home PC. In fact, it would almost be able to list the economic niches in which they aren’t involved.

Question 32

Might Know Their Products, But What Do The Letters Stand For?

HP Logo

Like all great tech companies, this one can trace its origins to a small shed behind the house of an otherwise irrelevant midwestern house. The name is an amalgamation of the names of the two founders who first established the company in 1935. They made it big in the 1950’s with the release of their precision audio oscillator, and would eventually go on to be known as one of the founding companies in Silicon Valley in the 1960s. Today, they have a hand in the development of everything from microwaves to microprocessors, and they continue to push for advancements in consumer-grade technology. That’s an impressive feat for an unlikely upstart formed in the midst of the Great Depression.

Question 33

Familiar With This Line of Athletic Wear?


Founded in Washington, D.C. in 1996, this athletic apparel distributor is a relative newcomer to the market. With more established brands tracing their origins to earlier than the 1950’s, it’s surprising to think that this brand has managed to establish itself in such a small amount of time. Athletic wear has become much more ubiquitous and in-demand over the past few decades, of course, so their success does make some sense. A logo undoubtedly familiar to anyone in the realm of athletics, this brand sells clothing alongside all manner of sporting accessories. They may not be the very first brand some jump to when thinking of sporting apparel, but they certainly hold a considerable share of the market.

Question 34

Familiar With Farm Equipment?

John Deere Logo

Founded in 1837, this heavy-duty equipment manufacturer is among some of the oldest publicly-owned companies in operation today. With their iconic logo on everything from lawnmowers to combine harvesters, they’ve got the market cornered on landscape and farming equipment. Agriculture isn’t their only focus, however, as they also boast a long line of construction-related products, and their logo can be found on just about every vehicle necessary for an architectural jobsite. Coming from very humble beginnings, it’s amazing to think that this organization has managed to so successfully stand the test of time, and many are excited to see what sort of revolutionary equipment they might develop in the future.

Question 35

Seen This Luxury Car Logo Before?

Lexus Logo Wider

Japan may be more well-known for more affordable cars, but Toyota isn’t to be out done when it comes to luxury. Their premium vehicle brand was established in the early 1980’s and debuted their first car, which was code-named the F1, in 1983. Since then they have produced a long line of luxury vehicles which motorheads and work-a-day A to B drivers alike pine over. Akin to exclusive brands like Jaguar, Porsche, or BMW, this logo is definitely a head-turner when adorning the hood of a car. Sure, it may be a step or two removed from the ultra-expensive brands like Bugatti or Lamborghini, but few would refuse one of these cars if offered one.

Question 36

Know This Sports Beverage?

Gatorade Logo Black Wider

Though it’s now distributed by Pepsi and only associated with sporting events thanks to a clever and prolonged marketing campaign, this sugary beverage used to bear a genuine association with athletics. Originally developed by a team of researchers in 1965, it was intended to help refresh the Florida Gators on the practice field, hence the name. Since then, it has evolved from an obscure Floridian recipe to a worldwide phenomenon. It’s gotten so big that most restaurants carrying Pepsi products will also carry at least one flavor of this drink. While some have complained about the brand’s various offshoots, the original product is still well regarded.

Question 37

Keen Eye For Luxury Cars?


This company arose as the result of a dispute between Henry Ford and his investors. He would eventually leave and go on to found his own eponymously-named automobile brand, while this start up would go on to become an entity owned by General Motors. Responsible for some of the very earliest motor vehicles, the company first produced motorized carriages in 1902. At that time more of a novelty than a legitimate mode of transportation, they have transformed into a vehicle manufacturing titan in their more than century-long history. The company very nearly went under during the 2008 economic downturn, but they managed to survive both that and the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

Question 38

Recognize This Search Engine?

Yahoo Wider

Originally started in 1994 with the laughably memory-defying name “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web,” the site was subsequently renamed to something much more pleasing to the ear. A stock market dynamo during the so-called dot-com boom of the late 1990’s, this search engine and domain hosting service has since been bested by many of its competitors. Now owned by Verizon, it’s safe to say that they have yet to win any awards for the quality of their search engine service. While some question how they could still be in business, this little purple logo has been helping users to access the internet for a quarter of a century.

Question 39

Use This Cloud Storage Service?

Google Drive Logo

When it first started in April of 2012, the concept of a cloud storage medium seemed a little far-fetched and difficult to understand for a less tech-savvy crowd. While computer data had for years been sent and received via physical means, it could now be saved and stored through nothing save for an internet connection. Some users are wary about the service because they don’t have physical access to the drives on which their files are stored, but the system can act as a tremendously-useful backup in case something should go wrong on the user’s end. Albeit not a perfect system, this cloud storage service is competitively priced and can help to alleviate quite a few tech-related headaches.

Question 40

Use This To Speak With Friends and Foes?

Discord Logo

Ironically derived from a term meaning “a disagreement,” this gaming-centric voice-chat service has taken the world by storm and grown significantly since it was first launched in 2015. Before then, those wishing to chat with their friends online either had to rely on a game’s often-shoddy in-game chat or slog through the eye-rolling obtrusive process of downloading, updating, or signing on to Microsoft’s Skype video-chatting platform. As of 2018, this service has started acting as a digital games retailer in addition to their oft-praised voice chat system. While it isn’t quite a perfect service, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of most of its competition.

Question 41

Recognize This Retro Gaming Titan?

Atari Logo Larger Again

Arcades became commonplace in the United States in the mid to late 1970’s and early 1980’s, and allowed a little-known electronics company to excel to the top of the market. Though they were viewed by many as nothing more than a children’s fad at the time, this company is widely considered to have been the first to develop and a successful home video game console. Their primitive gaming machine, dubbed the 2600, brought the action of the arcades into the living room, which, at the time, was revolutionary. Though many of the games were little more than crude clones of the arcade machines, that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying what would come to be known as the progenitor of all video game consoles.

Question 42

Recognize This Apparel Retailer?

Abercrombie and Fitch Logo

Described as a clothing outfitter specializing in upscale urban wear, the company got its start in New York City all the way back in 1892. At that time, the retailer was focused on gear and clothing for outdoorsmen. That remained the focus of the outfitter until they nearly went out of business in the mid-1970’s. At that point, the company shifted to focus on more trendy, typical, fiscally-beneficial fashion. Today, the store has almost nothing to do with the outdoor lifestyle and everything to do with preppy wear for people in their early 20’s. While their profile has been reduced since their jump in popularity around 2010, they are certainly still in business.

Question 43

Familiar With This Oil Company?

Exxon Mobil Red Pegasus Logo Larger Again

Though technically established in 1999, this oil company has been doing business for well over a century. In fact, they are recognized as the largest remaining descendant of the Standard Oil Company established by John D. Rockefeller. An international business with a huge number of subsidiaries, this organization is associated with many names and linked to many different logos. While it isn’t exactly a common sight today, they were at one time represented by this red Pegasus logo. The 2008 financial crisis significantly threatened their business as the price of natural gas skyrocketed, but they have since bounced back in a major way.

Question 44

Recognize This Computing Giant?

IBM Old Logo

One of the oldest information technology companies in operation, this organization got its start in the 1880's alongside the invention of the electric tabulating machine and the punch card time clock. From there, the company further developed its technological resources and eventually became one of the first brands to deliver personal computers to homes across the United States. Recognized today as a leader in both technology and industry, they are particularly famous for Watson, a supercomputer developed to be a leading resource in the field of machine learning. It’s hard to say where tech will be in the coming decades, but IBM will still likely be leading the way.

Question 45

Noticed This Organization's Logo Before?

WWF Logo

Established in 1961, this global non-government organization is dedicated to the preservation of the world’s environment and the reduction of humanity’s ecological footprint. The charity’s logo, that of a panda bear, was adopted in reverence for a bear named Chi Chi which was transferred to the London Zoo shortly before the WWF was founded. At that time, it was the only creature of its kind in the western hemisphere. Today, the organization has thirteen principles on which it is focused, these ranging from the Amazon to the preservation of the unique beauty of the Himalayas. While there are dozens of similar institutes worldwide, none have quite as memorable of a logo.

Question 46

Familiar With This eSports Hit?

Overwatch Logo

This symbol should be instantly recognizable to any gaming enthusiast, and it’s a mainstay in many eSports arenas. Developed by Blizzard and released in mid-2016, this title has been recognized as one of the most important video game phenomena to release in the past several years. Described as a hero shooter much in the Valve’s seminal Team Fortress series, this title puts a major emphasis on teamwork and cooperative involvement. Unlike its competitors, the majority of which receive annual installments, this title has managed to stay relevant years after its initial release. In the extremely crowded triple-A video game development space, that’s more impressive than it may sound.

Question 47

Know This All-digital PC Gaming Retailer?

Steam Logo

Following the success of their video game mega-hit Half Life in 1998, game development studio Valve sought to entertain the masses while simultaneously consolidating the fractured PC gaming space. In 2004, the company introduced Steam, a platform which offered users a way to keep track of which games they owned and had installed on their hard drives. Though they initially only offered their own titles for sale on the digital service, this program has expanded so vastly and has received so much praise that most refuse to use any competitor’s services. Things have gone so well for Valve that their platform has helped to make digital distribution so viable that optical drives are virtually a thing of the past.

Question 48

Recognize This Domain Name Provider?

Godaddy Logo Wide

Founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1997, this domain name provider was revolutionary in that it allowed ordinary people to develop and maintain their own web page. While that’s nothing out of the ordinary in 2019, web hosting was a foreign and illustrious field over twenty years ago. They are primarily remembered for their affiliation with ex-Nascar elite Danica Patrick who appeared in several of their ads. However, in recent years, they have faced stiff competition in the form of other, competitively-priced domain hosting services. Now that the internet is more accessible and more readily understood, they have lost some of their allure.

Question 49

Recognize This Google Competitor?


While still relatively obscure, this up-and-coming search engine has been making waves among those eager to keep their private data hidden from prying eyes. Google, the internet’s long-standing search titan, has often been under fire for not being able to secure the sensitive info of its users. In response, this search engine sprang up and offered users a safer, more secure alternative to the web-searching giant. Some have been apprehensive because of the service’s association with Tor, a deep web browser. That said, while it shouldn’t be used as a method to conduct illicit activities online, it can be a great alternative for those tired of Google’s command over the internet.

Question 50

Familiar With This Fashionable Brand?

Vinyard Vines Logo

Founded in 1998 in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, this apparel retailer has grown to be recognized as one of the more sophisticated clothing brands in the United States. Grown from humble beginnings, this company now competes with brand names like Hollister and Polo and shows the potential to one day eclipse them. Specializing in fashionable, trendy wear for both men and women, clothing produced and sold by this retailer is often considered to be preppy. Priced to match that mindset, products sold by this company don’t often come cheap unless found at an aftermarket retailer. After the decline of apparel stores like Abercrombie & Fitch in the early 2010’s, this whale logo has come to take their crown.

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