There's No Way Anybody Can Get Over 80% On This Impossible Trivia Quiz

We all like to think that we are the smartest people in the room. Who doesn't love the little thrill that we get from answering a question correctly and dominating in pub trivia? Well, we're about to take the trivia out of the pub- and trust us, there are not a whole lot of people who can even get 80% on this impossible trivia quiz, but everyone is welcome to try! We've compiled a list of some of the toughest trivia questions around- designed to test skill, brainpower, and memory and we are willing to bet that at least a few of these tricky questions will stump tons of people.

No matter how great you perform when you're around your friends- at the pub or playing trivia at home, this quiz will definitely make everyone want to quickly Google the answers- but try to avoid the temptation. We want everyone to play using only their own mental capacities- and see who really is a true genius! If you're prepared, feel free to take the plunge and test your mental might! This quick quiz will separate the wannabes from the true brainiacs for sure. Who is ready to get started? Let's go!

Question 1

Who sings “Girls Like You”

Ah- we know. Now that song is stuck in your head forever, right? We promise that was not our intention, but we have to admit that 2018's awesome hit "Girls Like You" is one of the catchiest tunes that we've heard in a really long time. Plus, it has such a sweet message. What's not to love? The big question is, which of the following artists actually sings this great song? Check out the pop superstars below and give us a guess.

Question 2

What pet animal does Jasmine have in Aladdin?

We all remember Aladdin. Who could forget the hilarious Genie or Aladdin himself who went from street boy to superstar over the course of one film? It's also a love story for the ages- with Aladdin going way out of his league to woo Jasmine. Jasmine was known for her fiery temper, independent streak, great sense of fashion and for having this unique animal as a pet. We wouldn't recommend that anyone get one of their own though. Choose below.

Question 3

What famous movie featured Keanu Reeves as Neo?

Let's stick with a few more pop culture questions before we get into the other categories. For this one, we need to go all the way back to the late 1990s and remember a movie that was really high-tech for its time- and that might actually have a shot of coming true if robots take over the world. Fingers crossed that they don't! In this movie, Keanu Reeves played the main character, Neo, whose job it was to save the world.

Question 4

What plant is useful for sunburns?

The plant pictured here is one of the most popular in the whole world. Sure it is really pretty and looks great in that cute pot, but it also has some amazing medicinal qualities as well. One of its best tricks is taking care of sunburn in a flash. Simply spread on some of the leaf extract and the sunburn will be soothed and heal up in no time. It's like magic- plant magic! What plant are talking about here?

Question 5

What is sushi wrapped in?

Who doesn't love sushi? It has everything- exotic flavors, fresh fish, delicious vegetables, healthy rice- and it comes with a bunch of great dipping sauces. We can dip our sushi in soy sauce, spice it up with some wasabi or even eat it with pickled ginger. The big question is- what keeps the sushi from falling apart? Specifically, what is it wrapped in? We eat it all the time, so we should probably know the answer to this food-related question.

Question 6

What stage name is this actress, Norma Jeane Mortenson, known as?

Check out the glamorous lady in the picture here. She certainly looks familiar-really Old Hollywood with all of the diamonds, great dresses and everything else that goes along with it. She is a superstar for the ages and has been remembered far after her untimely passing. Her birth name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, but most people know her by this new name. She chose it when she broke into stardom on the silver screen. What is she better known as?

Question 7

What is the sea creature pictured here?

These creatures are also known as the "dogs of the sea" and were popularized by the television show Flipper. They are friendly, curious and very kind to humans. Many of them will even swim right up to people! If you travel to the tropics, you might get a glimpse of one or two of them- or even get the chance to jump in the water and swim with them! Who knows the name of these friendly marine animals? Choose below.

Question 8

What animal did Alice follow into Wonderland?

Let's stick with the animal theme, shall we? In Alice in Wonderland the title character leaves her dreary life and follows a creature into the amazing land of Wonderland, where she encounters all sorts of fun adventures and meets completely absurd and amazing creatures. We all loved the movie growing up, so now it is time to wrack our brains and try to remember what kind of animal Alice followed into Wonderland. Choose the correct answer from the four below.

Question 9

What is another name for Aurora Borealis?

In this image, we can see a bunch of beautiful colors lighting up the night sky. Unfortunately, they only occur in latitudes close to the earth's poles- so we have to get really chilly in order to see this natural phenomenon for ourselves. The lights are called Aurora Borealis, but they also go by this more common name that should be known to most. Who knows what the common another name for Aurora Borealis is? Choose the right option below.

Question 10

Who was Jay Gatsby’s love interest?

A few years back, F. Scott Fitzgerald's epic romance "The Great Gatsby" debuted on the big screen. It was full of glamor, beautiful costumes, great music, amazing parties, and this love story between Jay Gatsby and a woman that he'd loved for years. We cheered when they were finally reunited, as is depicted in this picture, but unfortunately, the story did not end well for Jay Gatsby and his lady love. Who remembers what her name was? Choose an option below.

Question 11

Who is Shrek’s wife?

Moving on to a bit of a happier story- let's talk about everyone's favorite ogre, Shrek! Shrek might have come from the swamp, but he was able to gain the interest of a ruler with his bravery and heart. There are several sequels to the original Shrek that detail the romance between these two lovebirds. Who remembers the name of Shrek's wife? We have four options below but only one of them is correct, so choose wisely! Pick one now.

Question 12

What US State is the Statue of Liberty located in?

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments in the entire world. It has been known by many names and people flock from all over the globe to see it. It is a major tourist attraction, but you need to take a boat to get out to it as it's located smack dab in the middle of a famous harbor. What state with a harbor is home to the famous Statue of Liberty? Choose one of four.

Question 13

What is another word for pie with ice cream?

What's delicious? Pie! What's delicious? Ice cream! What's most delicious? Pie and ice cream together! This combo has been delighting people for centuries and is especially good if the pie is warm and the ice cream is frosty cold. The contrast between the two is totally amazing! Many people enjoy this combination together, but how many of them know what it is actually called? There is a special name for this very special treat. Tell us what it is below.

Question 14

Which is not a Hogwarts House?

Anyone who grew up in the age of Harry Potter couldn't wait to get their own letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There were so many cool wizards to meet, so much magic to learn and of course- a brand new house to be sorted into. New wizards and witches that entered the hallowed halls of Hogwarts all got to be sorted into a specific house. Of the four options listed below, which is NOT a Hogwarts house?

Question 15

Who is known as the Roman goddess of love?

The Romans and the Greeks certainly had their fair share of gods and goddesses. There were gods and goddesses for just about everything under the sun- and also even the sun! It should come as no surprise that they had specific goddesses for love and romance, like this Roman goddess who is still popular today. We've included a picture of her to give everyone a little hint, so look closely and then choose the right answer from the four below.

Question 16

How many continents are on our planet?

As we all (should!) know, we live on planet Earth. It is mostly covered in water, but there are some pretty big land masses also. These land masses are better known as "continents" and they make up the vast majority of land where people live! There are many continents on the planet in both the northern and southern hemispheres. The big question is- exactly how many continents are there in total? Who remembers their geography? Choose the correct answer below.

Question 17

What is the dessert pictured here?

These tasty little cookies are famous in France, but they have since become even more popular in other parts of the world. It is really easy to see why. They have everything- flaky outsides, creamy insides, amazing taste! Since they're so small, it is easy to try one in every flavor that we can think of, like Lavender Honey, Espresso or Vanilla Orange. Chances are, everyone has sampled one of these delicious cookies at one time or another. What are they called?

Question 18

What is the food pictured here?

Let's stay on the food questions, shall we? This type of food is a little bit like it's cousin sushi, but slightly different. Once only for those who really wanted to get exotic and creative with their meals, it is now available at almost every Japanese restaurant across the world. It is made of fresh fish, generally rice, and dipped in a delicious sauce. The portions are small so you can try a bunch of different pieces. What is it?

Question 19

What planet did Superman come from?

Superman is everyone's favorite hero. What's not to love? During the day he is a mild-mannered guy just going about his business- until trouble strikes and he needs to change into the superhero that we have all adored since childhood. It is pretty common knowledge that Superman didn't come from Earth, but who knows where this gallant extraterrestrial actually came from? There are four options below but only one of them is correct, so tell us which it is!

Question 20

What is the largest US state?

Pictured here, this largest US state has tons of beautiful coastline, gorgeous mountains and some of the best places to see wild animals in their natural habitats in the entire world. It is known for its fishing, great outdoor exploring and quirky people who love to live off the land! It's also located the furthest north of any US state. Do you know the answer yet? Show off some smarts and give us the correct option from the four below.

Question 21

Who played Hermione in Harry Potter?

Let's get back to the Harry Potter questions because we love them so much! Hermione was the brainy friend of Harry Potter who always knew the right answer to questions in class, was able to conjure up magic out of nowhere, and had the utmost loyalty to her friends. In short, she was absolutely the best character in the whole series, right? In the movies, Hermione is played by a famous actress who since has starred in many other movies.

Question 22

What Peruvian rainforest is home to 10% of the world’s species?

Anyone can find the birds pictured here in this fantastic rainforest which is known sometimes as the "lungs of the Earth". Not only will you find birds, but many other animals as well including monkeys, pink dolphins and all sorts of type of wild cats. Don't worry- they are pretty skittish around people and generally do not approach visitors. Anyone can visit this natural wonder, but only if they know which one we're talking about. What is the name of this rainforest?

Question 23

What organs are used for breathing in the human body?

Our bodies are pretty amazing when we think about it. They're able to process complicated thoughts, move through the world at ease, sense and respond to trouble and perform all sorts of basic but extraordinary functions- like breathing. We don't have to tell our bodies to breathe- they just do it all on their own with the help of these very special organs that keep the flow of oxygen steady in our bloodstream all of the time. What organs are we talking about?

Question 24

What is this animal pictured here?

Look at this cute animal! Doesn't it just look like an adorable stuffed animal that anyone could pick up at the toy store? Watch out- this creature might be cute but it is still a wild animal. Found all over parts of Asia, this animal is known for its unique markings and for its love of eucalyptus leaves. In fact, it snacks on them all day long. Who knows the name of the animal we have pictured here? Choose below.

Question 25

What is a baby cow known as?

Animals are fun, so how about another question about them? This little animal is a baby cow. Just like regular cows it grazes and lives right alongside the rest of the herd, but it has a very special name that distinguishes it from the rest of the adults. Chances are, everyone has heard this name before at one point or another, so dig deep into your memory and try to remember what this adorable baby cow is also known as.

Question 26

Where is the Sphinx located?

The Sphinx is probably one of the most famous artifacts of the ancient world. It is a perfectly carved head with the body of a wild cat and it sits in the desert near the pyramids. There is an old legend that the Sphinx would give travelers a riddle and if they solved it- the Sphinx would let them pass unharmed. If they didn't... well the traveler was not so lucky! Who knows where you can find this ancient wonder?

Question 27

What is the name of this Arctic bear?

From the desert sands to the northern latitudes. We are traveling up to a land of ice and snow to find this wintery bear that lives on the Arctic ice. It is bigger than most other bears and does not generally come down to the lower latitudes- which is a really good thing because it can be slightly aggressive. Still, it is an amazing creature and people travel for hundreds of miles to photograph it in the wild. What's its name?

Question 28

What do some oysters have inside of them?

Oysters are known for being delicious delicacies that are eaten raw, prepared with butter, sauteed or otherwise enjoyed all over the world. They also have a little secret inside them. Not all oysters- but plenty- contain a gorgeous natural element that we love to wear as jewelry. They create these items themselves, through years of sucking in sand. If you're lucky enough to find an oyster with one of these in it, make sure that you treasure it! What are we talking about?

Question 29

What is the name of the melted rock that comes out of volcanos?

Let's go from oysters to volcanos! We've all seen pictures of massive volcanic eruptions where these huge mountains of rock spew out a substance that would burn just about anything to a crisp. Pictured here, this substance is beautiful to behold but very dangerous to get near. A few times a year, volcanoes will erupt and cause problems all over the world. Who knows what the name of the orange melted rock that comes out of volcanoes is called? Choose below.

Question 30

What kind of product is yogurt considered?

Who isn't getting hungry looking at this lovely bowl of yogurt, honey, and fruit? Yogurt is one of the most popular foods in the world and has been used as the base for both savory and sweet foods. It is endlessly versatile and can be made into sauces, stirred into stews, or used as the basis for a balanced breakfast. We all know that yogurt is delicious and good for us, but do we know what kind of product it is considered?

Question 31

Who invented the telephone?

The telephone is one of the greatest inventions of the last two centuries- and it has certainly revolutionized the way that we communicate. Long before we had smartphones, telephones were stuck to the wall and only accessible by a cord. Even so, this incarnation of the telephone would have looked positively space-aged to its creator, who surely never imagined that his invention would be so portable or accessible to everyone. Who invented the telephone? Give us the best guess below.

Question 32

What was Rachel’s last name on Friends?

"Friends" is one of those great television shows that just keeps getting better with age. We love to check out the antics of Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and of course- Rachel. Rachel was the ultimate girl next door in the series- with the amazing wardrobe and the great hair who turned out to be surprisingly good at football. Rachel was one of a kind, and usually known by only her first name. Who remembers what Rachel's last name was?

Question 33

What color are McDonald’s Arches?

There are some who might read this question and think, "of course I know what color McDonald's' arches are. What an easy question!" Don't be so easily fooled. Of course, everyone remembers the color scheme of McDonald's- and Ronald McDonald, pictured here, but when it comes to determining the exact hue of those arches, it might be a little more difficult than it seems at first. Check out the four options below and give us the best guess. Pick now.

Question 34

What insects become butterflies?

We all know and love beautiful butterflies, but who knew that these pretty colorful animals are actually insects in disguise. That's right! The beautiful butterflies that we love to have land on us are actually just giant winged insects- but even so, they look so amazing and photogenic. We suppose that some insects can be actually quite cute. The big question is, what kind of insects were butterflies before they were- butterflies? Choose the correct answer from the four below.

Question 35

What is the fruit pictured here?

Finally, let's end on a sweet note. The fruit pictured here is one of the most popular across the world. Noted for its bright green hue and sugary, tropical flavor, this fruit goes well in smoothies, over yogurt, or just eaten plain all on its own. It is also known as a superfood- so it is incredibly nutritious for people who eat it on a regular basis. Who can identify this beautiful green fruit? Choose the correct answer from the four below.

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