There's No Way Anybody Can Get A Perfect Score On This Common Sense Quiz

Common sense.

It's one of those things that we all should have, but unfortunately, many people totally lack it. We all like to think that we have loads of common sense- can solve problems that require reasoning and skill and are able to whip out life hacks and skills at the drop of a hat. The real truth is that most of us lack basic common sense and reasoning skills, so much so, that we're willing to bet that nobody will be able to get a perfect score on this common sense quiz.

We've compiled a list of questions that range from standard life skills to reasoning riddles. They are all designed to test critical thinking skills and rationality. Only people who possess amazing common sense and reasoning abilities will be able to make it through this quiz! Who is up for the challenge? Who thinks that they have the common sense and reasoning smarts to be able to pass this logical minefield of brain teasers, life hacks and stuff that everyone should just know by now? Whoever thinks that they're a one in a million is invited to step up to the plate and take the challenge. Let's get started!

Question 1

A rooster laid an egg on a roof. Which way did it roll?

The joys of having a farm! The sun is up and it is time to get some farm-fresh eggs for breakfast. There's nothing like a big plate of eggs and bacon to get the day started off right, but there seems to be one tiny problem. The rooster has decided to lay an egg on the roof. Not only is it impossible to get to- it's also likely to roll to the ground and smash. Which way will the egg roll?

Question 2

True or False: A piece of bread in the cookie jar will keep the cookies fresh?

Who put the bread in the cookie jar? An old wives tale says that we ought to give them a high five for keeping the cookies fresh and delicious! The saying goes that a piece of bread in the cookie jar will stop our favorite chocolate chip and peanut butter shortbreads from going stale, but is it true? Who knows whether this culinary hack is fact or fiction? Show off some common sense smarts and answer correctly "yes" or "no".

Question 3

Which one of these is not a way to cook an egg?

Eggs are so versatile. In fact, if Reddit is to be believed, adding an egg to anything immediately puts it over the top. It definitely helps that there are just some many different ways to actually cook eggs. If Bubba from Forrest Gump had been as into eggs and he is into shrimp, the scene pretty much wouldn't have changed at all. Knowing how to cook eggs should also be in every good cook's wheelhouse since it's all pretty common sense.

Question 4

What kind of knives are safer?

Any kitchen aficionado knows that a good set of knives can mean the difference between getting those perfect cubes of carrot or sawing away at a stalk of celery for five hours. When it comes to creating great cuisine, good knives are the way to go... but which kind of knives can prevent an accident in the kitchen? Are sharper knives always better, or do duller ones do less to the hands? Does it even matter? Choose an answer below.

Question 5

Should we feed ducks?

Ducks are just about the cutest animals in the world aside from dogs and cats. Who doesn't love sitting next to a pond and tossing bits of stale bread in for them to eat? Ducks certainly love when people feed them. They gobble up all the bread as quickly as we can throw it in! The big question here is- is it healthy for the ducks? Should we be feeding them or letting them fend for themselves? Choose one below.

Question 6

If you're in a dark room with a candle, a match, and a fireplace, what do you light first?

This is a classic riddle and something everybody should think about at least once in their lives lest they find themselves trapped somewhere dark and spooky. The person in the room will be presented with three things: A match, a candle, and a fireplace. There's a very specific order in which these things need to be lit in order to maximize the use of fire and keep the place lit. Who can figure out what needs to be lit first in this situation?

Question 7

True or False: It's possible to unclog a sink with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is that delicious beverage that tastes so amazing on a bright sunny day, but can it actually do double duty in the kitchen? For years we've been hearing that old wives tale that Coca-Cola can actually work to unclog drains, but is it true? Will pouring a two-liter of the sugary soft drink down the drain help unclog the pipes and get things moving again? Who knows the right answer to this particular one? Choose "yes" or "no" below.

Question 8

Imagine that one is in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks. How does one survive?

It's the absolute most dire scenario. We're asking everyone to imagine that they are trapped all alone in the middle of the ocean. Not only is civilization hundreds of miles away, but the ocean's greatest predators are on the prowl and heading straight towards the spot where we're desperately treading for water. There is not much time to make a decision so think fast! Should one go limp? Out-swim the shark? Punch it in the nose? Choose the best option below.

Question 9

True or False: Piling leftovers in a big heap will microwave them quicker

It's seven-o-clock and we are feeling hangry. Thankfully, there's some leftover noodles in the refrigerator but it is stone cold! We need to eat right away so we employ this little kitchen hack to get our food toasty in no time! Piling leftovers in a big heap will allow them to microwave quicker and give us our General Tso's Chicken fix in about half the time. Is this true or false? Who knows the correct answer? Choose an option below.

Question 10

What should people NOT do when going on a long vacation?

There is absolutely nothing better than a well deserved holiday. Most of us spend forty plus hours each week at our jobs wishing we were actually somewhere else, like maybe a lovely beach or an exotic new city. When the time finally comes to take that time off though, some people do wind up making some mistakes that can be costly. One of the things below is way too common even though it can lead to people actually targeting houses that are vacant.

Question 11

What gets wetter the more it dries?

Here's another trick question that tests logical capacity. Common sense is part life hack, part street smarts, and part logic. This question deals with the latter. We want to know what item- from the four listed below- gets wetter as it dries. While this might seem a little counterintuitive, just think outside the box and the answer is sure to come. Who knows the right answer to this logic trick question? Prove some common sense smarts by choosing correctly below.

Question 12

What goes up and down but stays still?

Are we ready for another little riddle that will challenge common sense and reasoning? This one is an oldie but a goodie and still has the capacity to stump 99 percent of people. Who is the 1 percent who can get this right? What goes up and down but stays still? We have four options included below but only one of them is the correct answer, so think hard and try to overcome this tough logic question. Choose one below.

Question 13

True or False: Sleeping in a cold room can help shed those extra pounds

Who doesn't want an awesome beach body for the summer (or really, for any season)? There might be a way to get it without going to the gym or cutting back on takeout and dessert! Sleeping in a chilly room can actually help us lose weight, according to some "scientists" who claim that colder sleepers are also slimmer people. Who knows if this is accurate or just some fantastical fiction? Choose the answer that makes the most common sense below.

Question 14

There are four oranges. I take away three. How many do I have?

Here is a simple math problem that might just not be all that simple. We need everyone to use some critical thinking skills are really get outside of the box on this one because the answer is not as easy as it might initially appear. If I am a greedy person who takes three of the four oranges, how many oranges do I have? Think hard and use logic for this question. Choose the correct answer from the two below.

Question 15

Is it okay to give a dog a chocolate treat?

Check out that adorable face in the accompanying picture. He certainly looks like he deserves a treat! Does this cute little pooch get a bone, or perhaps some bacon? Maybe he has a sweet tooth just like we do and wants a nice piece of chocolate? When it comes to giving our furry best friends a treat, is chocolate the way to go- or can it cause serious health complications for dogs? Who knows the answer? Choose the right option below.

Question 16

What should we toss in the dryer to get rid of wrinkles?

We've all been in this situation. We want to wear our favorite shirt but it is totally wrinkled beyond belief. Ironing would take forever, but fortunately, there is a life hack that can solve this particular problem! What should we toss in the dryer with our wrinkled shirt to ensure that it will come out crisp and wrinkle-free? Who knows the right answer? Show off some common sense smarts by opting for the right selection below. Choose one option now.

Question 17

True or False: Cats can drink milk

If there's anything that we learned from cartoons it's that cats love milk! All of our favorites always showed cute kitties like the one in this picture, who love to sip on some nice warm milk. The real question is- is it at all accurate? Do kitties love milk, or does it hurt their little kitten tummies? Who knows whether or not this one is true? Give us the correct answer from the two choices that we have listed below!

Question 18

What is heavier- a pound of cotton candy or a pound of lead?

Here's another trick question designed to make everyone think outside the box. We have put together a question that pairs two opposites- cotton candy and lead. If you have a pound of each, which one is heavier? Who has the common sense and logic smarts to be able to answer this trick question correctly? Choose the right answer from the three choices listed below and we'll reveal who is in the elite company of people who have common sense and logic!

Question 19

What's a good way to absorb stinky odors in a gym bag?

We've all been there. The workout is done and it is time to pack away our gym clothes, but there seems to be an unsavory odor coming from the gym bag. Surprise! The bag is stinky and sweaty from all of our hard work at yoga class. No worries- there is a simple trick to fix this problem in a flash! All we need is this common ingredient and the bag will smell as fresh as new. What is it?

Question 20

What can help a phone charge last longer?

Here's a scenario. We are about to board a plane and we only have ten percent battery left on the phone. This is going to be a long flight. Let's say we're going from Montreal to Sydney with no stops in between (okay so maybe that doesn't exist, but oh well). We need to figure out a way to make that charge really last! There are actually surefire ways to help a phone hold on to that little bit of life though.

Question 21

Which of these is true of escalators?

Escalator etiquette is a hotly contested topic and we want to leap right into the fray with this question about whether or not the escalator is a free-for-all or if there are certain rules that we need to abide by when riding the moving stairs. Who considers escalators to be a place where anyone can walk, stand, sit, or do whatever? Who thinks that there are certain guidelines for riding the escalator? This question test some street smarts so choose wisely!

Question 22

How many times can we subtract 5 from 20?

Here's another brain teaser to make everyone think with logic! This simple math problem is not so simple when we start to really think about it- so don't just jump to the first obvious conclusion. Twenty is the magic number in this question and we are subtracting five from it. How many additional times can we subtract five from twenty? Think hard and give us a very best guess. Warning- it is not as easy as it seems at first!

Question 23

The saying for opening a jar is.....

Sometimes we get those stubborn jars that absolutely do not want to open. No matter what we do, the lid just will not unscrew! Fortunately, there is a simple saying that can get the jar open in no time. As long as we remember what it is, we'll be enjoying those dill pickles in a matter of seconds. The question is- what is the common saying that will magically open just about any jar? Choose the best answer from the two below.

Question 24

What's a great way to cool down drinks without watering them down?

Many people like to have their drinks nice and cool, especially in the summer. We bet everybody is imagining a cool glass of lemonade right now. So refreshing! A problem arises though when the ice starts to water down the drink and then we lose that delicious flavor of juice or iced coffee or whatever we're craving at the moment. However, there is a handy kitchen hack that can really help out with this very particular drink problem. Who knows what it is?

Question 25

How can we stop a pot from boiling over?

They say that a watched pot never boils over, but that does not seem to be the case! Pots boil over all of the time. Sometimes our pasta water is just a little too high. Sometimes our soup didn't boil down enough. Whatever the reason, overflowing pots are the bane of every cook all over the globe. Fortunately, there is an easy way to stop this kitchen headache from happening! What should we do to stop a pot from boiling over?

Question 26

If we feel better we can stop taking our antibiotics.

We've all had those bad sicknesses where over the counter medication just won't do. We need a dose of the strong stuff. We need antibiotics to get us feeling right again. The big question is- when we feel better can we stop taking our antibiotics? Clearly, they have done their job, right? When the flu seems to be subsiding and the sinuses are clearing up, is it okay to ditch the antibiotics- or are they still working their magic on the body?

Question 27

What's the best way to put out a grease fire?

Nobody likes fires, but they are sometimes we have to deal with from time to time. Grease fires are absolutely annoying and can wreak havoc if not dealt with properly. Fortunately, there is a sure-fire way to deal with any grease fire. All we have to do is douse those flames with some water and the fire will be gone! Who knows if water is really the best way to deal with a grease fire? Choose the right answer below.

Question 28

How can we watch solar eclipses?

Solar eclipses only happen once in a great while, so it makes total sense that we would love to catch a glimpse of them. Some people will say that nobody should look at the sun during a solar eclipse, but is this really sound advice or just a suggestion from a worry wart? What if we squint while staring up at the solar eclipse? That should do the trick, right? Choose the proper answer from the three listed here below.

Question 29

When it comes to asprin, dollar store brands are just as good.

It can be tough to know what aspirin is going to get rid of that nagging headache or those sore muscles when we really need it. Too often we reach for the name brand because we think, it must work better! Does it actually work better than the generic or dollar store brands? Are the dollar store brands totally ineffective, or are they just as good as the name brand stuff? Who knows this money and life hack? Choose below.

Question 30

How do we absorb yucky food juices in the bin?

All bins have a bad tendency of collecting a pool of yucky food juices at the bottom. No matter how meticulous we might be, no matter how hard we try to be neat, those pesky food juices seem to find their way in. We don't have to deal with a soggy-bottomed bin anymore! This simple hack absorbs food juices and keeps the bin as clean as can be. Who knows what it is? Choose the right answer from the four below.

Question 31

True or False: Ponies are just baby horses

When we were kids, we probably all wanted a pony at one time or another. Who could resist those tiny creatures with the big doe eyes and the soft coats? Most of us probably learned that a pony was actually an adorable little baby horse. Is that true, or just a childhood assumption? Who knows the answer to this one? Is a pony a cute little baby horse, or is it it's own species? If ponies aren't horses, what's the proper name for a baby horse?

Question 32

Is our air 100% oxygen?

We know that we need oxygen to live- and we know that our air provides us with ample amounts of this necessary gas, but do we know how much oxygen is actually in our air? Think about it this way- trees and plants produce oxygen all of the time, so it would make sense that there is more oxygen, not less, in the air that we breathe. Who knows if our air is actually 100 percent oxygen, or if it is comprised of other elements?

Question 33

Eating snow is more hydrating than drinking water.

Eating snow is something that every kid did- and it was perfectly fine as long as we avoided the yellow stuff! In addition to snow angels, forts and snow caves, many of us also ate a ton of the cold stuff during the winters. We probably thought that it was a great (and more fun) substitute for water. How hydrating is snow really? Is it better than drinking water? The same? Is it not as good? Choose the correct answer below.

Question 34

How far can a deer run into the woods?

We've all seen deer appear by the side of the road and then simply melt away into the woods. If we chased the deer, how far could we (and the deer) run into the woods? This simple logic question has a deceptively easy answer once we think about it. How far can a deer run into the woods? Give us the best guess from the two options listed below and we'll reveal whether or not the common sense is strong!

Question 35

What freezer staple works in a pinch when we don’t have an ice pack?

Who hasn't stubbed their toe so hard that they need to put ice on it? We don't always have ice packs lying around for every little bump and scrape, but when we need a cool release in a pinch, it's time to turn to the freezer. Will a stubbed toe feel better by piling scoops of frozen ice cream on it, or will a bag of rock solid, cold peas do the trick instead? Choose the best answer from the two below.

Question 36

What's a good way to cut many cherry tomatoes at once?

Anyone who has ever tried to cut a tomato knows that they can be a little difficult. The skin is tough and once we get to the insides, they tend to splatter and smush all over the place. Tomatoes are so tasty but cutting them is no fun at all! There is an expert cooking hack though, that can help up out in a pinch. Everybody has these things at home too, so it really should be a life saver!

Question 37

It’s always better to take the dark shortcut instead of the long way.

It's late and we want to go home. The most well-lit way is also the longest way and it will take forever to get into sweatpants and our Netflix queue. Is there a way to bypass the usual route? There is a dark shortcut that will cut the time in half but it looks a little bit spooky. Is it worth the risk? Who has the common sense street smarts to get this tough one right? Choose one option below.

Question 38

Can I restore closed tabs on the computer?

We have all done it. We try to open up a new tab and accidentally close all of our work! Sometimes this amounts to several tabs of information that we have to find again. This time consuming and annoying inconvenience can be resolved simply- or can it? Can we restore closed tabs on a computer or are we simply out of luck? Check out the four answers below and give us a very best guess to answer this important question.

Question 39

What is better? One large pizza or two mediums?

It's time to place an order! We have a bunch of hungry people to feed and we certainly do not want to waste any money. When it comes to the best bang for the buck, is a large pizza the better deal- or should we go with two medium sized pizzas? Sure, we can get fancy and creative with the toppings if we opt for the mediums, but speaking in terms of pure economics, what will give us the best deal?

Question 40

True or False: If we sign up for a free trial, we're roped into a membership.

We all know that premium services are where it's at. We avoid any ads, get more perks and benefits and are able to have the entire service at our feet... for a cost. Most memberships require us to put in our credit card information to even sign up for a free trial. Sure, they promise not to bill right away, but is a free trial really free? are we roped into a membership because we put in our credit card details?

Question 41

True or False: Cut out blue cheese to cut back on strange dreams.

Sometimes vivid dreams can be amazing- like when we're sailing on a pirate ship with Prince to lands unknown, or visiting Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Sometimes they can just be plain weird. Sometimes they can even be a little bit on the nightmarish side! There are certain foods that trigger vivid and strange dreams. Cutting them out will ensure a restful nights' sleep- or will it? Is this advice an old wives tale or should we nix the blue cheese before bed?

Question 42

True or False: Cats love to nibble on lilies. Give them lilies every day!

Here's another question that deals with our feline friends! We love cats. Many of us have cats as pets, and we want to make sure we give them all the love that we can. That means- an ample amount of goodies for them to feast on! We know that cats love to nibble on grass, but how do they feel about flowers? Lilies are one of the most fragrant flowers in the world. Are they good to feed to our cats?

Question 43

Does the car's rear-view mirror have a night mode?

Anyone who drives a car knows that nighttime vision can leave something to be desired. It is tough to see in the dark, especially when other cars are shining their high-beams, or there is bad weather. Fortunately, most cars these days come with a night mode on the rear-view mirror. The night mode helps us see in the dark and is specifically tailored to nighttime vision! Are night mode rear-view mirrors a reality, or are they just a dream for now?

Question 44

Can you blur a house on Google Street View?

We all know that in the age of the internet very few things are private- but what if we want to make our personal home unsearchable? Google Street View shows houses, roads, apartments, and landmarks in real time. Is it unavoidable that our personal home shows up in this search? Is there any way we can ask Google to blur the image? Who knows a quick and easy hack around having a personal home appear on Google Street View? Choose below.

Question 45

Are baby carrots different than big carrots?

Let's stick with the kitchen theme, shall we? This one pertains to everyone's favorite little snack. Whether dipped in hummus, ranch dressing or simply snacked on all by themselves, baby carrots are a definite go-to snack. They sure outshine their "normal" sized carrot counterparts, right? The big question here is- are baby carrots any different than big carrots? If so, how are they different? Check out the four options below and give us a very best guess. Pick one now.

Question 46

Spreadsheets, like Microsoft Excel, will spellcheck themselves.

We have all been there. We've worked hard on a project- really burned the midnight oil to turn in something really special, only to realize that it is riddled with spelling errors. How could we forget to run spellcheck on such an important project? Fortunately, spreadsheets have a built-in mechanism that automatically spellchecks all of the work so we can rest easy, or can we? Do spreadsheets spellcheck themselves, or is it up to us to do it all manually?

Question 47

What’s the best place to count money?

Let's say that we have a big stack of cash- either from the ATM, a loan from a friend, or any other possible reason. We're itching to count it to make sure that it's correct, but the question is- where is the best place to count our money? Should we do it right outside of the ATM, or on the subway? How about while we're waiting in line at the grocery store? Or is the best place to count money in private?

Question 48

Someone pressed all of the buttons on the elevator! How do we avoid stopping at every floor?

There's always one- that person who thinks it is just hilarious to press all of the elevator buttons. Whether it is a small child who just got too excited and pressed them all or a grown-up who should have known better but wants to take out his bad morning on the rest of society, we've all been in a situation where the elevator stops on every. Single. Floor. Fortunately, there is a hack to get around this! What is it?

Question 49

Should we throw away the cotton ball in our pill bottles?

That mysterious cotton ball stuffed into the top of the pill bottle. We've all seen it, but does anyone know what it actually does? Does it stop the pills from rattling around in transportation? Does it keep them dry? The mystery of the pill bottle cotton ball might never be solved, but one thing is for certain and that's that we should never throw it away. Or should we? Who knows the correct answer to this one? Pick an option below.

Question 50

Does a phone attach GPS data to our pictures?

Not to be too paranoid here, but there is some concern that our phones might be attaching GPS data to our pictures without our knowing it! Is it possible that this urban myth is true? Who knows if our pictures are being secretly geo-tagged? Who thinks that it is a bunch of paranoid bologna? Check out the two options below and choose the one that seems the most intelligent. Is the phone attaching GPS data to the pictures, or is it not tracking anything?

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