There's No Chance Anyone Can Name 100% Of These Harry Potter Characters

Calling all muggles and wizards! While many of us are still eagerly awaiting our Hogwarts letter, that does not mean that we have accepted the fact that we may actually be muggles just yet. In any case, magical ability will not play a huge role in this quiz today. All it will take to pass this one is a vast knowledge of the most important story in Wizarding history. We are of course talking about the famous Harry Potter and everything he went through back in the day. Wands away, everyone! We just need our brains for this one!

In this magical quiz, we are going to be listing characters one by one. While some of them were certainly more important than others, each of them did play their own part in the story. We will be supplying a photo of each person, as well as a brief character description, but picking out the right name for each will be left to everyone here. This is not going to be an easy one, but if we wish to prove that we are the Harry Potter experts we claim to be, this is the only way. Time to see who the chosen ones really are!

Question 1

Name this character

Even though some considered this character to be a man of mystery, he certainly did hold a lot of answers in that brain of his. This was the only character throughout the entire series who really seemed to understand what was going on. Though he did claim that a lot of his knowledge was guess work, most fans tend to think he was just being modest. He may have made a few mistakes along the way, but without him, this magical story would have never played out the way it did. Can anyone here correctly name this important character? Take a guess!

Question 2

Which character is this?

Here we have a character that was chock full of bravery. When he was just a baby, his entire destiny was put into place. Growing up he assumed he was as ordinary, if not more so, than anybody else. However, at the age of 11, he realized this was not the case at all. Even though there were plenty of muggle-raised children who found out about their powers at this age, this character in particular had quite a roller coaster ride after getting the news. He was not only a wizard, but he was one of the most famous ones!

Question 3

Pick out the right name

This girl was known for her brilliance. At first, she was a little hard to like because of just how many answers she had, but once people realized that her answers could help them out, they warmed to her fairly quickly. During every crucial part of this story, this character found a way to help save the day. Even though we had hundreds of wizards fighting the good fight, this one was one of the most valuable. Considering she started risking her own life at age 11, we would says she was one tough cookie! Can anyone name this character?

Question 4

Does anyone remember this character?

Now here we have a really fierce character. She was younger than just about every other character involved in this story, yet she somehow became one of the best duelers and fighters in general. She was never spooked when face to face with danger. If anything, going head to head against the bad guys just made her perform her magic better. If this wasn't already impressive enough, she was also one of the very best Quidditch players Hogwarts had ever seen! Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible names, but only one of them matches to this character!

Question 5

Name this character

While some people consider him to be a villain, others tend to think of him more as misunderstood. This character did in fact align himself with the bad guys very early on, though how much can we blame those who simply follow in their parents footsteps? Towards the end of the series, we did see this character begin to waver from his bad guy roots, but there was never a huge heroic moment for him. Does anyone here know who we are talking about in this question? We have listed four possible names, though only one of them matches to this character!

Question 6

Who is this?

Even though there were tons of truly wicked characters in this story, this guy really was the main villain. He did not exactly look like this until the fourth installment, though we had seen him in various different forms in the first three films. The sight of him (regardless of his current appearance) was always enough to send shivers down our spines. He was a man who never understood love or friendship, but instead thought of power as the only thing worth living for. This turned out to be his greatest downfall. Can anyone here pick out the correct name?

Question 7

Match this character to their name

Originally, this guy was the grounds keeper of Hogwarts, though he was eventually hired to be a teacher at the school as well. He was born half-giant, but his magical powers were just as strong as any other wizard's. That being said, he never completed his magical education, due to having been framed for a crime he did not commit. The headmaster at the time knew he was innocent, so allowed him to stay at the school as an employee. This turned out to be quite a lucky break for the guy. Can anyone here name this large character? Take a guess!

Question 8

Pick out the right answer

Here we have a man who was somewhat of a villain, yet also somewhat of a hero. For years, this guy treated our lead character poorly and never even gave any reasons as to why. He claimed that the kid was over privileged and arrogant, though he showed very little proof to be able to back these claims. That being said, when the final film came along, we did learn that he had been secretly working for the good guys since the very beginning. Does this make up for how mean he had been? Which of these names is correct?

Question 9

Which answer is right?

There was never any questions over which side this guy fought for. He was with the good guys since before the war even started. He was married to a fellow member of the Order and most of his children grew up to also become members. He was never the richest man in terms of coin, but when it came down to love, he was richer than any other character in the story. We all know what they say about money not being able to buy happiness! Looking at these names, can anyone here match this character to the correct one?

Question 10

Which character is this?

She may not have been the main villain, but this character was as wicked as they come. Before our story even began, she had already sworn herself to the dark side. While she did show quite a bit of loyalty to her family, we know she would have gladly turned any one of them in if it meant helping the cause. She never gave a good reason to defend why she had aligned herself with the villains, though it seems like her family had a long history of being truly wicked. Can anyone here correctly name this character? Take a guess!

Question 11

Match this character to their name

We lost a lot of characters during the 8 films of this series, and this guy was one of them. He had put his name down to be a participant in the Triwizard Tournament, but we do not think he ever really thought this competition would end the way it did. He was brave and smart throughout each challenge of the tournament, but just like the rest of the world, he had no idea that the final challenge had been rigged. It is hard to say, but maybe he would still be alive had he not entered in the first place.

Question 12

Does anyone recognize this character?

Here we have a man who had been working as the Charms Professor at Hogwarts during the time of our story. It is true that he was a very small man, but when the final battle arrived at Hogwarts, he was one of the first to put his powers into action. He set up many charms throughout the school and its grounds, just hoping that one of them would delay the villains getting in. It is very possible that his hard work saved many lives on that fateful night. Can anyone here pick out the only right name from the options?

Question 13

Name this character

This character may have been a Ravenclaw, but she did show quite a bit of bravery when the time came to fight. She had once been the love interest of Cedric Diggory, though after he passed away, her attentions switched over to our leading man. They had a brief romance, but her grief over losing Cedric really prevented them from blossoming as a couple. Many have voiced their dislike for her over her involvement in Dumbledore's Army getting busted, but she had been under the influence of a truth syrom at that time. Does anyone know who we are talking about?

Question 14

Which of these names is right?

This man once held a ton of power in the Wizarding World. He was the Minister of Magic for many years, but many always thought the job would have been better suited to Albus Dumbledore. That being said, this man did manage to keep the peace for sometime. His ultimate downfall was his resistance to believe that Lord Voldemort had once again risen. His ignorance lead to many lives lost, and eventually got him booted from his gig at the Ministry. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four names, but only one of them is the right match!

Question 15

Can anyone name this character?

This character may not have been one with a ton of screen time, but we are sure the biggest fans will recognize him! This guy was a Gryffindor in the same year as Harry and Ron. This meant that they all shared a room together. He was born a half-blood, and this wound up being a huge problem for him once the war broke out. While many students stuck around Hogwarts during this uncertain time, this kid made a run for it. He knew he would have been be a target if he were to return to the school. Name this character!

Question 16

Pick out the right answer

She may not have technically been the main villain of this film series, but man did this woman give the actual guy a run for his money. She became a main character in the fifth film, when she decided to take on a job as a professor at Hogwarts. Since she was first and foremost a Ministry official, she slowly began changing the ways of the school from the inside. She would punish students in the most wicked of ways imaginable, but she certainly got hers when a group of centaurs picked her up! Can anyone here name this character?

Question 17

Select the right name

This man was another player for the dark side. While some of the other bad guys were very upfront about their position, this guy did a great job at staying hidden. We are certain that if he had not been caught, he would have been awarded greatly by his master. This character successfully pretended to be a completely different man for an entire film. Even Albus Dumbledore could not see through his charade. That being said, secrets always have a way of coming to light! Looking at these four possible names, is anyone here able to pick out the correct one?

Question 18

Name this character

This character came around in the 6th installment. We learned that he had once been a professor at Hogwarts, but also that he had quit years ago. Dumbledore very much wanted him to return, and figured Harry would be the perfect bait to use. This man enjoyed teaching kids he thought would one day become famous, and seeing as how Harry was already famous, it was definitely hard for him to resist the offer. He did come back to Hogwarts, though once the bad guys showed up, he probably considered leaving a couple times. Can anyone here name this character?

Question 19

Which character is this?

Even though this man was an employee for the Ministry of Magic, he always fell in line with the good guys. He was an Auror by trade, so he was very skilled at knowing who to trust and who not to trust. When it came time to reform the Order of the Phoenix, he was one of the first to join the ranks. What was even better, was the fact that he kept his position with the Ministry, allowing the good guys to gain valuable information from the inside. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the correct name!

Question 20

Does anyone recognize this character?

Here we have one of the most innocent characters of the whole lot, though that is not to say she wasn't also one of the fiercest. When we first met this girl, she was known for being a bit strange. It wasn't until Harry began feeling like an outcast himself, that he really bonded with this character. The two of them had an understanding of each other, which in turn created quite a beautiful friendship. She also eventually became one of the most active members of Dumbledore's Army. Can anyone here figure out which character we are talking about in this question?

Question 21

Match this character to their name

Even though this man was a villain through and through, we would not exactly call him one of the most wicked. Sure he committed his fair share of wrongdoings, but when Lord Voldemort came back to life, this guy ran faster than anyone. He liked the idea of being a bad guy, and he did have the looks to pull it off, but deep down he was very cowardly. Obviously, we all know what happened to the bad guys who did not return to Voldemort's side when he called. Can anyone here correctly name this character? Try taking a guess!

Question 22

Pick out the right answer

This blonde lady was also a Gryffindor during the same years as our main characters. She first started off as a quiet figure, but once she found Divination and began dating Ron Weasley, her character began to develop. Ron had always been in love with Hermione, so this poor girl kind of got caught in a love triangle she was not aware of. When Ron called for Hermione from his sickbed, this character understandably did not take it very well at all. That being said, she was a brave as anyone else when it came time to fight in the final battle!

Question 23

Which of these names is right?

Here we have a fan favorite for everyone to name. Hogwarts had no shortage of excellent teachers (except when it came to Defense Against the Dark Arts). However, this Professor of Transfiguration really did stand out amongst the rest. She was always fiercely loyal to Headmaster Dumbledore, even when he was not forthcoming with information and details. She always believed in him and in her students. She was a strict teacher for sure, but when her students left her class, they were always better prepared for the real world than they had been upon entering. Can anyone name this character?

Question 24

Name this character

Here we have a villain who enjoyed to hide behind his vast amounts of money. Before Voldemort had returned, this character liked to parade around as if he was still running with the Dark Lord. He tossed money at all of his problems, and expected the world to bow down to him. That being said, when Lord Voldemort did return, this guy was more worried than anyone else. Even though he remained loyal, he was not ready to say goodbye to the comfortable life he had been living. Can anyone here name this wicked character? Trying giving it a guess!

Question 25

Select the correct answer

There was only one thing on this guy's mind during his time in the series. We are talking Quidditch of course! Even when the rest of the school was facing all kinds of spooky realities, this guy kept his mind focused on his priorities. Honestly, he did not care who survived, as long as his top players were all safe. To be fair, when the real battle did begin during the last film, this guy showed up to fight alongside the good guys! Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the only correct name of this character! Any guesses?

Question 26

Match this character to their name

It took a while for this kid to break out of his shell, but once he did, his bravery was very valuable indeed. We did get to see a glimpse of his bravery all the way back in the first film when he tried to stop our main characters from sneaking out and getting in trouble, but his true claim to fame came around in the finale when he brought an end to Voldemort's pet snake. The really funny thing about this character, is that he could have very well been the main character if only Voldemort had pursued him as a baby instead of Harry.

Question 27

Does anyone recognize this character?

This character was only ever part of the second film. We did hear stories about where he had ended up, but his screen time was limited to the second installment. This man had taken on the risky job of Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Many considered this position to be cursed, so he was thought to be quite brave back then. However, once it was discovered that he had built his reputation off of the impressive things other wizards had done, he pretty much fell into oblivion. Not too many have been missing him a whole lot since then.

Question 28

Which of these answers is right?

This character was not the bravest, nor the smartest, but when it came time to use both bravery and brains, he did try his best every single time. During the brief times when the world was not in danger, this character proved that he was one of the funny-guys of the series. While there was not a whole lot to joke about, this character did seem able to find humor where others could not. We won't pretend that he belongs to any other family, so for this question, we need to know which member of the Weasley clan this is. Take a guess!

Question 29

Pick out the right name

Here we have the motherly character our story so desperately needed. While it is true that Harry had a ton of fans and people who wanted to be his friend, loving family members was something he did not have at all. When this lady first met Harry, she knew already what he had been through. Being a mother herself, she could not imagine being without any of her babies. This is what drove her to become so protective and nurturing towards the orphaned boy. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible names, but only one is correct!

Question 30

Select the correct answer

There were numerous reasons why certain wizards decided to align themselves with the bad guys, but this guy's only motive was self-preservation. While he had once been a member of the Order of the Phoenix himself, almost as soon as he thought his side was losing, he turned his back on all of his friends. This man only ever cared about himself and his own safety, but in the end, his betrayal did not end up saving him. Does anyone know which character we are talking about in this question? There are four names listed, but only one is right!

Question 31

Name this character

Here we have a truly misunderstood individual. While he was not judged by his friends or family, the rest of the world treated him like a bad guy even though he was not even close to being one. As a young boy, this man was bitten by a werewolf. This obviously leads to him becoming a werewolf himself, though he never let his wolf side change who he was as a man. He went to great lengths trying to protect everyone from the wolf he had within, and when his time came, he left this world fighting for those he loved.

Question 32

Does anyone recognize this character?

Even though this character had the perfect look of a villain, he was, in fact, a pretty good guy. Before retiring, he had been one of the most famous Aurors of his generation. He had put countless bad guys behind bars, and even after giving up his job, he continued to stay vigilant of any wrongdoings. When the Order was reformed, this guy naturally joined ranks right away. He did not survive to see the good side win, though he was always so sure that they would in the end. Can anyone here name this character? Try taking a guess!

Question 33

Match this character to their name

It is true that this woman was one of the most beautiful out of the entire story, but she also proved that beauty does not stand in the way of being brave. Back in the fourth film, this character signed up to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. This alone takes tremendous guts, but when it came time to fight the real battle, this girl was also right there on the front lines. She definitely turned out to be one of the more surprising character of the bunch. Looking at the given names, can anyone pick out the only right one?

Question 34

Pick out the right answer

Here we have a rather comical character. She was the Professor of Divination, but she never really knew of all the powers she had. She loved to claim that she had premonitions and could see the future, but on the rare occasions when she actually did have a vision, she woke up from it not having any clue of what had just happened. This fact basically confirmed that everything she was predicting, was a lie. Does anyone here know who we are talking about in this question? We have listed four possible names, but only one of them is right!

Question 35

Which name is right?

Not only was this guy one of the fierce competitors of the Triwizard Tournament, but he was also one of the youngest pro-Quidditch players ever. He had played for the Bulgarian team in the World Cup, and even though his team lost, he was still able to showcase his immense talents. When he arrived at Hogwarts for the tournament, he also showed quite a liking for our girl Hermione Granger. Clearly, this meant that he was not one of Ron's favorite students that year. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this character? Try taking a guess at it!

Question 36

Which character is this?

Here we have the father of one of our Hogwarts students. His role in the series was not a big one, though it was still a very important one. Some fans have come out and said that this man was nothing more than a coward, but when his daughter was taken by bad guys, what choice did he really have but to turn over our lead characters? This was how he explained his decision anyway. He was no villain, but he did cause quite a bit of drama for Harry and his friends. Can anyone here pick out the only right name?

Question 37

Name this character

This man had one of the more difficult storylines. Not only had he lost his best friend and godson on the same evening, but then he was locked away for the crime! He spent 13 years in Azkaban for something he did not do. This injustice is what allowed him to survive all those years, and to eventually escape. It had never been done before, but when this guy saw the true criminal in a newspaper post, he knew he had to do the impossible to catch him and clear his own name. Can anyone pick out the right answer?

Question 38

Pick out the right name

Here we have a character who each fan seems to view a bit differently. While he did eventually become an active member of Dumbledore's Army and fight in the final battle, he did go through a phase where he simply did not believe a word Harry or Dumbledore said. He went as far as to start arguments with Harry over his claims, but Ron was usually around to squash the beef peacefully. Does anyone here know which character we are talking about in this question? Try picking out the correct name from the four listed answers. Anyone get it right?

Question 39

Which of these names is right?

His face may look very serious, but at the time this photo was taken, he was under quite a bit of pressure and stress. This was the man who took over as Minister of Magic during the time when Lord Voldemort was trying to bring down the Ministry all together. Clearly this made his job a very difficult one. That being said, instead of putting trust in Harry, he instead tried to use him as a tool to make himself seem more important and powerful. Nice try buddy! Does anyone here know who we are talking about in this question?

Question 40

Pick out the right answer

She is not a villain, yet she is certainly no hero either. This character once worked as a reporter for the Daily Prophet. Instead of doing her job and digging for facts and truth, she went out of her way to change stories to make them juicier or more entertaining for the readers. While she was not the first writer to ever do this, because her writing was influencing many to believe Harry and Dumbledore were both liars, she wound up putting many lives in jeopardy. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this character? Take a guess!

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