If You Can't Pass This The Walking Dead Quiz You Just Might Be A Walker

The Walking Dead series premiered back in 2010 and has kept millions of followers on the edge of their seats ever since. In fact, TWD has taught us so much more than any undead movie ever could about what a real zombie apocalypse could mean. For example, have you ever considered what it'd be like to survive if the outbreak lasted more than just a couple days? What about groups that could form after the onset? Thanks to TWD we know that there can be good groups, bad groups, and in-between groups. There are all sorts of dangers besides just the living dead, after all.

Did anyone ever wonder before TWD premiered that the undead could be less dangerous than the other survivors? On The Walking Dead, there are so many communities trying to rebuild in one way or another. A lot of these groups are horrible! Then there are those characters that you feel like you know. It's the characters, places,  and things that are all parts of TWD that walkers would know nothing about. Who they are, where they've been, how they've survived, and especially what sort of people they are. Why? Because they're walkers, brainless zombies. They don't feel or think! Any fan of The Walking Dead should be able to ace this quiz, no problem. In fact, if you can't pass this TWD quiz you just might be a walker...

Question 1

Where did we first see The Walking Dead story?

The idea for TWD didn't just pop up into a producers mind. Much like most phenomenal shows and movies, TWD came from somewhere else first. In fact, there are several adaptions of the series including video games, comics, apps, and the show. They all vary in different ways. Any fan whose still got warm blood and a beating heart would know which of these variations of The Walking Dead came first. Did the idea for TWD TV series come from the comic, video game, app, or are we just fibbing and the show did come first?

Question 2

How long were Rick and Shane best friends?

Every friendship has its starting point. Unfortunately, we caught Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh's friendship just as it was about to end. It was obvious that they were close as partners, but Shane lied and told Lori that Rick was dead when he felt forced to leave his friend behind and evacuate his family for him. He also started a relationship with his best friend's wife, who at the time thought she was a widow. How long were Rick and Shane best friends?

Question 3

What was the last thing that Lori said to Rick on the morning before he was shot?

Before Rick was shot, he was telling Shane about the argument that he had with Lori that morning. Shane was full of jokes about women and how they don't cut off lights. Meanwhile, Rick was stressing over the last words that Lori had said to him before he left for work. What really bothered him was that Carl was there. Minutes later, they were involved in a high-speed chase that ended with a crash and gunfire. What were Lori's last words to Rick that morning?

Question 4

Besides, walkers, what is another term for zombies in TWD?

Before TWD, the animated dead were referred to as zombies, the undead, and the living dead. However, both the comic and the series steer clear of this label. The comics creator, Robert Kirkmen was adamant that the reanimated dead be unheard of in this post-apocalyptic world. Therefore, there had never been any Living Dead films or mentions of zombies to its characters and that they came up with their own term for the undead. What is another name for them on The Walking Dead?

Question 5

What was Andrea's sister's name?

It's almost easy to forget that Andrea had a little sister. She didn't make it long after the series began, but she was the one who was running the radio when Rick momentarily radioed in before finding Glenn and the others. Andrea was very protective of her and they shared stories about the differences between their fishing trips with their father with one another as they were fishing together in a boat at the camp. What was Andrea's little sister's name?

Question 6

What's Daryl's weapon of choice?

Specific weapons aren't an issue for most of the survivors on TWD. In most cases, what's important is having something that will effectively shoot, smash, or stab through the brains of the persistent animated dead. Or, hold back those who wish to take all that you own of course. Either way, there are only a couple characters that have specific weapons and Daryl is one of them. His weapon isn't something just anyone could pick up and use without a little training first. What is it?

Question 7

Who was the leader of the group that took Glenn?

There were men from a group that captured Glen when he made the trip back to Atlanta with Rick and Daryl to go back for Merle. They never found Merle, but what they did find was a group known as The Vatos. The Vatos consisted of gang members that had taken over an Atlanta nursing home after the apocalypse. Daryl captured one of the members and they offered to trade him for Glenn. However, they found out that the leader was a former janitor at the home and was just trying to protect the elderly. What was the leader's name?

Question 8

Who saved Andrea for the second time when the group got swarmed by walkers on the highway?

The first place that Rick choose to lead the Atlanta group was to the Center for Disease Control, but all they found was one remaining person, Dr. Edwin Jenner. He wasn't able to do much for the group other than getting them a nice meal, hot showers, and a good nights sleep, plus a near-death experience. Andrea wanted to stay and get blown up, but someone stopped her. The same person saved her later on when the group was overrun by walkers. Who was there to hand her a screwdriver through the sunroof of the RV?

Question 9

How did Morgan's son Duane die?

Rick came across a man named Morgan and his son Duane before he understood what had happened during his coma. Initially, Duane attempted to kill Rick thinking that he was a walker, but Morgan took him in and explained what the world had become. He was also the first to call the living dead "walkers". Rick wanted them both to come along to find his family. However, Morgan needed to stay behind because his reanimated wife was still among the walkers. Duane died before Morgan left town. How did he die?

Question 10

How did Merle escape from the rooftop?

Merle wasn't the easiest person to get along with from the Atlanta group of survivors, but could anyone truly deserve to be left behind the way he was? It'd be one thing if they had sent him packing on his own. However, Merle was left handcuffed on the rooftop of a building that was being overtaken by walkers. That didn't even leave him an opportunity to fight for himself. Then again, he was being a total jerk. Merle did escape the rooftop, but how did he manage to get out of those handcuffs?

Question 11

Who taught Morgan a new way to survive against the living without violence?

There was a time that Morgan didn't hesitate to fight against both walkers and the living. However, all of that changed sometime between when Rick found him back at the town the second time and when he caught back up to Rick in Alexandria. He was captured and locked up by someone who thought that there was a better way to survive rather than just killing everyone who crossed him. He also taught Morgan how to fight using Aikido. What was his name?

Question 12

What was Beth keeping track of at the prison?

Things became a little more stable for a while once everyone made it to the prison. This was after the first attempted invasion by The Governor's people. Rick was growing a garden while trying to get Carl to be a kid again. The group was taking in survivors too and Beth had found herself a new boyfriend. The only thing that was risky was the scavenging trips that groups made to nearby towns. Unfortunately, her new boyfriend was lost in one of these trips. Beth had taken to keeping track of something in those days. What was it?

Question 13

How did Glenn know so many shortcuts around Atlanta?

When the group was still close to the city of Atlanta, Glenn was the go-to guy of the group for getting around the city. This was mostly because he knew all sorts of shortcuts to get through the city without being seen, or to find a way out when everyone became trapped. He was also small and moved fast. Daryl once asked Glenn what he did before the apocalypse while insinuating that it was because of his traveling skills. Why did Glenn know his way around Atlanta?

Question 14

How many times has Carl been shot?

Carl Grimes has been a very lucky boy growing up in such conditions. He was taught to shoot and kill both walkers and bad people while instead, he still should've been playing on playgrounds. Carl's had to fight to live since he was young. He's also suffered at the hands of other people with guns more than he's had close run-ins with walkers. Despite all of this, he's managed to grow from an innocent child to an okay teen. How many times has Carl been shot on TWD?

Question 15

What did Shane say happened to Otis when he got back to Hershel's farm alone?

After Carl was shot, Shane and Otis made an emergency run to town in order to get medical supplies. They got the supplies but were overrun by a horde of walkers while trying to get out. As they were running Shane turned and shot Otis' leg so he could get a head start as the walkers stopped to eat Otis. Shane returned to Hershel's farm alone with the supplies. There was a funeral for Otis and his wife wanted to know what happened. What did Shane say?

Question 16

Who was the first person to know about Lori's pregnancy?

Lori was pretty secretive about her pregnancy. She didn't reveal the information to anyone up front. Not only was there the question of who the father was, but there was also the issue of bringing a child into the world that they were currently living in. Aside from all of that, Lori hadn't decided to discuss the full nature of her relationship with Shane to Rick just yet. Still at least one person found out because they helped Lori to get some items from the drug store. Who was it?

Question 17

Was it Maggie or Glenn who initiated their first hook-up?

Maggie and Glenn's relationship turned out to be the biggest love story within TWD. Although, it wasn't originally meant to be a relationship at all. On one side you had a young woman who was secluded on her father's farm with nobody except relatives and workers for who knows how long. On the other hand, you had Glen who was surrounded by strangers that were either married, older, younger, or simply not his type. A hookup was bound to happen, but who initiated it?

Question 18

Who looked for Carol's daughter, Sophia the longest before they found out she was one of the walkers in Hershel's barn?

Before the Atlanta survivors had got detoured to Hershel's farm they had been looking for Carol's daughter, Sophia. She was chased by walkers into the woods back at the highway and had disappeared when Rick lead the walkers away from her. Once they got to Hershel's farm, most of the survivors had given up hope. However, Carol wasn't ready to give up hope because there hadn't been any signs that Sophia was dead. There was only one person who continued the search. Who was it?

Question 19

Why was Hershel keeping walkers in his barn?

Hershel wasn't too keen on Rick's group staying around once Carl recovered, but Rick talked him into allowing them some time. However, one of Hershel's biggest demands was that everybody stayed clear of the barn. It isn't likely that the survivors would've found out about the walkers in the barn had it not been for Glenn's attempt to meet Maggie there in secret. All hell broke loose once it was revealed that he captured and kept walkers in the barn. Why was he doing this?

Question 20

How did Shane die?

There was a lot of tension between Shane and Rick after Rick took over the group. To make matters worse, Shane was upset about losing his relationship with Lori once Rick returned. There were a couple people who voiced their concerns over Shane's behavior, including Lori who had put him off about her pregnancy and the possibility of the baby being his. Eventually, Shane set Rick up so that he could kill him. However, Shane ended up dead instead. How did Shane die?

Question 21

Who were the walkers that Michonne had used as protection?

Michonne came onto TWD looking like a bad-ass with a katana and two walkers with their jaws and arms cut off. They seemed to be of some importance to her as if she'd known them from before, although, Michonne was able to slice their heads off without a second thought when The Governor questioned her feelings on keeping them around. However, they were people that she knew, or cared deeply about before they made a mistake which cost her sons life. Who were they?

Question 22

How did Andrea and Michonne end up being "guests" of Woodbury?

Andrea was rescued by Michonne after Hershel's farm was overrun by walkers and everyone got separated in the chaos. Andrea was the only original survivor who was left behind, but a mysterious hooded figure came and snatched her up. Later, Andrea was seen again with Michonne as they had been on the move together. They came across a crash scene but ended up as "guests" of The Governor in Woodbury. Andrea and Michonne's weapons were taken, yet they were told that they were free to go at any time. How did they get to Woodbury?

Question 23

Who helped Lori give birth?

By the time Rick's group made it to the prison, Lori was already pretty far along in her pregnancy. Carol began practicing cesarian sections on female walkers in order to help Lori give birth since Hershel wouldn't be able to. However, the prison was rushed by a horde of walkers after one of the prisoners tripped the alarm. Carol got locked in a closet and wasn't able to get to Lori, who went into labor during the chaos. Carl was there, but who else helped Lori give birth?

Question 24

What was Daryl's nickname for Judith?

Rick lost it after Lori died giving birth to Judith, although, Judith didn't have a name yet because Rick had locked himself in the boiler room. Meanwhile, everyone else was taking care of the baby without naming her. Carl had wanted to wait to name her until Rick got himself together. Rick eventually came to his senses and Carl recommended that they name his new sister Judith after one of his teachers, but beforehand Daryl had a nickname for her. What was it?

Question 25

Who really called Rick in the prison boiler room after Lori died?

After the walkers were cleared from the prison a second time, Rick found out that Lori had died giving birth. Let's just say that he didn't take the news very well. He locked himself in the prison boiler room and mourned. Before long, Rick began receiving calls on a phone in the boiler room. The only problem was that the voices he heard were all of the people who had already died. Who really called Rick on the phone in the boiler room?

Question 26

Why did Maggie tell The Governor about the prison?

Maggie and Glenn were captured by The Governor's right-hand man, Merle while scavaging for supplies and formula. Merle tortured and threatened Glenn while The Governor interrogated Maggie. The Governor had Maggie take off her shirt and threatened to rape her. Both interrogators also threatened to take the lives of the other, but nothing worked. Eventually, Maggie caved and gave up the rest of the group's whereabouts and size. What was it that finally made Maggie give the rest of the group up to The Governor?

Question 27

What happened to Penny's mother?

You might recall that The Governor had a daughter named Penny who had died and reanimated. He kept her tied up in a secret room where he would occasionally let her out and try to get through to the little girl that he thought was still in there. She was eventually slain by Michonne, who discovered her when she had come back to kill The Governor. Penny's mother died 18 months before the outbreak began. How did Penny's mother die?

Question 28

What did Tyrese and Sasha offer The Governor in return for letting them stay in Woodbury?

Tyrese and Sasha once had a group of their own. It was only made up of 4 people, but they were looking to join Rick's group at the prison. The only problem was that Rick was still out of sorts and wasn't in a very welcoming mood. Glenn told the group that it was best they didn't stay. Their next stop was Woodbury where The Governor was hatching a plan to take over the prison and get back at Michonne. What did Tyrese and Sasha offer The Governor so they could stay?

Question 29

What did Carl want to get from the cafe in his hometown?

Part of Rick's plan to prepare his group to protect the prison included going back to his hometown to stock up on weapons. It was Rick, Carl, and Michonne who made the trip back. While there, Rick ran into his friend Morgan who'd lost his mind over the loss of his son Duane. Rick stayed with Morgan while Michonne and Carl scavenged for supplies. One of their stops was a cafe that was overrun by walkers, but Carl was insistent on getting something. What was it?

Question 30

How did Hershel Greene die?

Hershel Greene started out being the most questionable character at the farm when it was discovered that he was keeping a horde of walkers in his barn. However, he became one of the most valuable assets to the group and a beloved character. Plus, he was the only family that Maggie and Beth had left. This made his death one of the worst in the early seasons. Hershel ran into several situations that could've killed him, but didn't. Do you remember which one did?

Question 31

Whose idea was it to trade Michonne to The Governor?

At first Rick was reluctant to let Michonne stay at the prison, but she proved her loyalty by helping them retrieve Maggie and Glenn. Besides, she'sd also bonded with Carl during the trip to King County. This made things difficult when The Governor agreed to leave the prison alone if they would turn Michonne over to him for payback. What they didn't know was that The Governor was planning to take on the prison regardless. The people that Rick confided in were Hershel, Daryl, and Merle. Merle ended up taking Michonne on his own, but who made the initial decision?

Question 32

How did Merle die?

Merle was always the risk taker of the Atlanta group of survivors. He didn't care what anyone else thought and he certainly didn't take any crap from the others. It was his attitude that got him left on the roof in Atlanta, to begin with, but it was also what gave him the guts to do what had to be done when Rick explained that The Governor wanted him to trade Michonne. Once Rick told him the plan he jumped on it without the okay. How did he die?

Question 33

Who killed Karen and David?

A lot of people died during the flu epidemic. Hershel did his best to save as many people as he could, but they didn't know that it was coming from the pigs. People were dying and turning left and right, so someone took matters into their own hands and began burning the sick. All that was discovered were two charred bodies outside of the prison walls. The bodies belonged to Karen and David. Who killed and burned Karen and David?

Question 34

Why did Daryl and Beth burn down the cabin where they got drunk?

Daryl and Beth began to bond over the time that they spent together after everyone was forced to flee the prison. Beth was mulling over the idea that she hadn't ever had an opportunity to drink because Hershel wouldn't allow it. She was mostly concerned that she'd die before getting the chance. The pair came to a country club and looted it for some peach schnapps which they took to a cabin. They decided to burn the cabin down after their night of drinking and talking about their pasts. Why did they do it?

Question 35

Which sister killed the other? Was it Lizzie, or Mika?

There were a set of two young sisters that Carol took under her wing following the death of their father. Their names were Mika and Lizzie. They were close in age but had very different views when it came to walkers. One thought of them more as pets and the other understands how dangerous they are. The one who didn't think they were dangerous was feeding them mice through the prison gate and even killed her sister to make her a walker. She was going to kill Judith too, although Carol and Tyrese stopped her. Which sister was it?

Question 36

Why didn't the trade for Beth work out at the hospital?

Everyone thought that Beth was gone when she was kidnapped by the car with the white crosses. However, this is TWD and nobody stays gone until you either see them die or as a walker. Daryl and Carol were able to track her down, but Carol gets herself caught too. Rick and some of the group get there in time to catch two of the officers from the hospital and Rick negotiates a trade with Dawn, but Beth was killed anyway. Why didn't the trade work?

Question 37

Why did everyone think that Eugene was so important?

In the beginning, Eugene was a likable character. He was being protected by Abraham and Rosita, as they embarked on a journey to get him to Washington D.C. He was very intelligent but wasn't great socially. Then, there was the mullet. However, little did anyone in the group know that he was lying about his importance, or if there was really anything to get to in Washington. What lie did Eugene tell everyone to get them to believe that he was so important?

Question 38

What did Rick and the others find at Terminus?

Everyone in the group was split up after The Governor's second attack on the prison. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob were all looking for Glenn. Glenn and Tara came across Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. Carol and Tyrese were with Mika, Lizzie, and Judith. Meanwhile, Rick, Michonne, and Carl were together. They all were looking for Terminus, which they had heard broadcasts about and had seen signs leading to it offering sanctuary. They all found Terminus, but it wasn't what they thought. What did they find there?

Question 39

How did Rick's group escape from Terminus?

By the time the group is all back together and they catch on to what the people of Terminus are, they are captured. The people of Terminus are setting them up to be slaughtered when they manage to escape. The only problem was that they were tied up with their hands behind their backs and heads over a trough with no way out. The ones that weren't inside yet were still locked inside a boxcar. How did Rick's group manage to escape Terminus?

Question 40

What sin was Father Gabriel so guilty and secretive about?

After the group escaped Terminus they came across Father Gabriel. He had a church which provided a nice safe haven, but it wasn't long before they realized that Father Gabriel had a secret that he felt really guilty about. They didn't feel safe around him at first, but he eventually became a part of the group, although, he did try to betray them on a couple of different occasions. He eventually confessed his sin. What was Father Gabriel being so secretive about?

Question 41

What odd thing was Rick's group asked to do when they arrived at Alexandria?

Rick and his group finally found a safe haven in Alexandria. They were lead there by a man named Aaron who sought them out, but at first, Rick didn't want to go because he had become wary after seeing places like Woodbury and Terminus. However, they had been traveling for a long time and were practically starving. The others pushed Rick into at least giving it a shot. Once in Alexandria, they were greeted by Deanna who asked them to do something odd. What was it?

Question 42

Which son shot Carl in the eye?

There were a lot of people who weren't happy about the power that Deanna gave Rick in Alexandria. Plus, there was a lot of uproar over how Rick handled the situation with Jessie's husband, Pete, who was abusing her and her sons. He started off with warnings, but eventually, they fought in the middle of town and Rick almost killed him. Meanwhile, Deanna's decision was to exile him. The other major disputes were with Deanna's son who wasn't happy about the group being there. Which son shot Carl in the eye?

Question 43

What was the name of the group that hit Alexandria before The Saviors?

Alexandria was once a very prosperous town. Well, about as any town could get following the walker outbreak, anyway. Of course, this meant that there were bound to be attacks against the town. Now, it's pretty much gone after walkers invaded it. Plus, there were attacks by two different groups. The first group came along with the walker horde but weren't successful in taking the town. Carol did a lot of the slaying. Meanwhile, Morgan was trying to capture and jail the group's members. What was the name of this group?

Question 44

The first time they met, Jesus attempted to steal Rick and Daryl's truck. True, or false?

Jesus turned out to be one of the best newcomers from the Hilltop Community. Although, he didn't always appear to be so nice and generous. In fact, when they first met he was brought back to Alexandria by force after several attempts to steal the truck and vending machine that Daryl and Rick were taking back to Alexandria. Once there, they left him tied up to figure out what to do with him, but he mysteriously "appeared" in front of the bed that Michonne and Rick were sleeping in. True, or false?

Question 45

Why did Negan say that Glenn had to die?

Negan originally said that he was only going to kill one of Rick's people in retaliation for the group taking out his station. The first to go was Abraham, who Negan selected by playing a sick children's game. Then, something happened that caused him to use Lucille on Glen too. This wasn't supposed to happen as Negan had said that he was only going to take one of Rick's people. What caused him to kill Glenn after he had already killed Abraham?

Question 46

How did the people of Alexandria convince Negan that Maggie was dead too?

After the deaths of Glenn and Abraham, Sasha convinced Rick and the others that she'd get Maggie to Hilltop. Once there they mourned for Abraham and Glenn together. Meanwhile, Negan and his men came to Alexandria for their first pickup and Negan was asking about Maggie. They didn't want Negan to know about Maggie because he'd shown an interest in her. Plus, they didn't want him to know that they were working with Hilltop. How did they convince Negan that Maggie was dead?

Question 47

How did Sasha die on the way back from Negan's main post to Alexandria?

Rosita and Sasha weren't very close. Mostly because Rosita had been hooking up with Abraham since before they had joined up with Rick's group. Abraham had never had serious feelings for Rosita, although, she'd loved him for some time. However, once Negan killed Abraham they had a common goal. They got together and headed to Negan's base with the intention of killing him, but Sasha locked Rosita out and got captured. Negan wanted to use Sasha to get to Rick, but she died in the coffin on the way there. What killed her?

Question 48

What is the name of the group that betrayed Rick and the others against Negan?

While Sasha was busy trying to kill Negan on her own, Rick was busy trying to build up weapons and an army. He comes across a group of people that are really weird. They speak their own language, which includes clucking their tongues and they talk weird in general. The leader's name is Jadis and she's taken a liking to Rick, despite trying to kill him on more than one occasion. They also betrayed Rick over a better deal that they made with Negan. Who are they?

Question 49

Which of the following groups did Negan have control over?

Rick, Morgan, and Tara all found out about more communities that Negan had control over besides their own. It turned out that he had taken over every community that his group had come across. Some he just terrorized and took supplies from, while others he actually almost wiped out. It was usually the more prosperous ones that he kept afloat. There were at least two known communities that he'd taken. What were the names of all of the communities that Negan had control over?

Question 50

Which character's fate was recently sealed by a walker bite to the stomach?

There was a lot of commotion during the first part of season eight. The communities were gathering to ambush Negan. While Rick is being held captive by Jadis and her community, the others had hatched a plan to lead walkers into The Sanctuary of Negans operation. Meanwhile, the other attacking communities take aim at Negan's outposts. Things got worse when Negan and what was left his group was able to escape the walker horde set up at The Sanctuary. Alexandria was left pretty much toasted. Who got bitten by a walker in the chaos?

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