We Bet You Can't Answer These Simple Vampire Diaries Questions

When it comes to popular television shows, few have wound up being as loved as The Vampire Diaries. Not only was this show a phenomenon in its own right, but it wound up spawning a number of sequels that had success in their own right. Being able to build a universe on the small screen is no easy feat, but the quality of writing on this series made it easier to pull off than other shows in the past. Even though it ended a few years back, new fans are emerging every day after watching the pilot episode of this series, and it will continue to have a large following for years to come.

Today, we want to see who the true fans are by offering up the ultimate trivia quiz about The Vampire Diaries!

Question 1

Where Does Vampire Diaries Take Place?

Question 2

Is Enzo In This Photo?

Question 3

Name This Character

Question 4

Is Elena A Werewolf?

Question 5

How Many Brothers Does Elena Have?

Question 6

Does Elena Marry Damon?

Question 7

What Is Stefan's Last Name?

Question 8

Is Stefan Related To Bonnie?

Question 9

How Old Was Stefan When He Became A Vampire?

Question 10

Are Elena And Katherine Sisters?

Question 11

Name This Character

Question 12

What Did Bonnie Use To Show Elena She Was A Witch?

Question 13

Was Jenna Ever A Vampire?

Question 14

Did Matt Date Elena?

Question 15

Is Elena Older Than Jeremy?

Question 16

What Is Sheila's Nickname?

Question 17

Where Did Vicki Work?

Question 18

What Type Of Supernatural Creature Was Hayley In The Vampire Diaries?

Question 19

Does Jeremy Marry Bonnie?

Question 20

Is Caroline The Sister Of Stefan?

Question 21

Does Georgie Have Any Children?

Question 22

Which Sport Did Tyler Play?

Question 23

Name This Character

Question 24

True Or False? Stefan's Ring Allows Him To Resist Compulsion.

Question 25

Which Brotherhood Is Jeremy Part Of?

Question 26

Did Katherine Turn Elena Into A Vampire?

Question 27

Does Matt Have A Sister Named Tilda?

Question 28

Is Elena Originally From Miami?

Question 29

What Is Alaric's Last Name?

Question 30

Did Bonnie Ever Date Damon?

Question 31

Is Mystic Falls Located In Virginia?

Question 32

Did Jeremy's Parents Adopt Katherine?

Question 33

Was Damon Turned By Katherine?

Question 34

Is Tyler A Werewolf?

Question 35

Was Mason The First Werewolf Featured On The Series?

Question 36

Name This Character

Question 37

Is Rebekah Related To Katherine?

Question 38

Who Is This Character?

Question 39

Has Alaric Ever Used The Gilbert Ring?

Question 40

Name This Character

Question 41

Who Is This Character?

Question 42

How Many Children Does Lillian Have?

Question 43

What Is Enzo's Last Name?

Question 44

Was Stefan Turned Before Damon?

Question 45

Is Bonnie Able To Take Down Vampires?

Question 46

Is Damon Older Than Stefan?

Question 47

After She's Turned, Does Elena Become Human Again?

Question 48

Does Elena Appear In Every Episode Of The Series?

Question 49

Which Of These Took Damon Out?

Question 50

Does Damon Marry Caroline?

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