The Ultimate Super Mario Bros. Quiz


You know the Super Mario Brothers. They are cute little crusaders that want nothing more than to save Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Bowser for nothing more than the satisfaction of freeing the Mushroom Kingdom. They are noble Italians that apparently keep the plumbing up to par when they aren’t trying to save the kingdom from utter dismay as well. They also tap into things like leaves, stars, and flowers to get magical powers to aid them in their seemingly endless quests across multiple maps to save the day. If that isn’t what heroes are made of then I don’t know what is.

Mario has been around the block for many decades, he’s seen all the destruction the Mushroom Kingdom can handle, yet he still keeps coming back for more. Through all the games, many things have changed but many things have also stayed the same. Do you know all of the ins and outs of the Super Mario world? There is a lot of trivia that many people tend to skip over. The Super Mario games have quite a history behind them. Take our quiz to see if you’re a Super Mario master or if you’re just a fair weather fan.

Question 1

Which classic game did Super Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, originally design?

Shigeru Miyamoto was a real crusader for the video game world as he was the creator of the ever so famous Mario Brothers. These recognizable characters became a global phenomenon because of his brainpower and in the beginning days of the video game world they really stood out. How many plumber brothers were running around trying to save a princess from a bunch of dinosaur-looking fellas? Of course it drew in the masses, but before this game hit the big time Miyamoto was designing another big time game earlier on.

Question 2

What was Mario originally known as?

When the game was just starting off, Mario didn’t have the most interesting name and the crew behind the game knew it. Before he became Mario Segale (yeah, that’s his last name after their landlord), he had a much different name—one that really didn’t draw in the masses. The team knew they needed a better name, especially for the American release. In fact, the name they had really didn’t have much to do with the game at all, which made you wonder how they came up with it to begin with.

Question 3

What level is in every version of Super Mario Kart?

This level is so popular that Mario Kart 8 actually has two of them for crying out loud. This iconic level will never be stripped from the game because it is not only a fan favorite, but it’s the development team’s favorite too. Well, it has such a history with the game afterall you can’t just replace it with a newer and better model for lack of better words. This level has seen a lot of changes over the years, just think of the amount of time this game has been around!

Question 4

What was Bowser's original name?

Bower had a string of lives before he became the big man on campus, he actually had a totally different name and smaller turtle minions that would follow him around. His original name actually was closer to the Japanese translation rather than the Americanized version, which is why it was eventually changed to Bowser. The American crowd didn’t entirely get it. However, it is still brought up from time to time as a reminder of what he used to be as he still does hold the honor of fulfilling the role of what his name was.

Question 5

What was Mario's original job?

Mario is a busy man. He has held a few different jobs, but what did he start out as? It is a little known fact that Mario likes his Italian food (you can tell by his little belly), but has he ever been a chef? He has made an appearance as a doctor, but did he start out in the role? There are a ton of pipes in every Mario game, so is he a plumber? It’s hard to say since Mario has such a history, but Mario did have a job when he hit the scene.

Question 6

Why do Mario and Luigi have a mustaches?

Mario’s mustache almost has a fan base of its own it is so popular. No one would even recognize Mario (or Luigi for that matter) without it. But the mustache didn’t come with Mario without a reason, it actually made sense why the team decided to go with a scruffy face rather than the smooth look. Luckily, Mario and Luigi fans loved it and would likely storm the developer’s gates if they would ever remove that small patch of hair at this point.

Question 7

Besides the Super Mario games, what game did Mario make an appearance in?

In 1982, Mario actually made an appearance as an antagonist in a video game, which is surprising because he’s usually the all around, squeaky clean good guy. In this game, he’s trapped one of the protagonists leaving the main character to rescue him. There was also a major clue in this game to show that Mario was the bad guy, in the promotional material his mustache was especially curly letting the world know that he indeed was the main antagonist here.

Question 8

What animal was Bowser originally?

Bowser was originally sketched as an entirely different animal than he is today—which is a turtle not a dragon that many people think. The original drawings that were done by Miyamoto were completely different than how Bowser looks today, but they were misinterpreted by animator Yoichi Kotabe to be a turtle. Although it wasn’t even close to what Bowser was supposed to be, Miyamoto ran with it, worked together with Kotabe, and made Bowser what he is today—which is completely terrifying.

Question 9

What game did Wario first appear in?

The designer that created this cartoony bad boy was Hiroji Kiyotake, who also created Samus Aran, the heroine of the Metroid series. Wario was created to spice things up in the Super Mario series, you know since Mario and Luigi were such goody two shoes and all. The name Wario actually blends the name Mario and the Japanese adjective “warui,” which means evil, and evil he sure was. However, the crowds went wild over him. Although they still liked Bowser, it was refreshing to see a new baddie step up to the plate in the game.

Question 10

Which game was the Warp Whistle borrowed from?

Many players would leap with joy when they would get the Warp Whistle from Toad; it was the only way to win Super Mario Bros 3 in one sitting. But it wasn’t original to the Super Mario Bros games. It was in a different game first. It was also borrowed from another highly fictional game that involved a lot of questing and saving. As a matter of a fact, the distinct musical notes were even the same when you listen to them side by side! How funny is that?

Question 11

What was Princess Peach's original name?

In Japan, her name was always Princess Peach, but in America her name was very different just like Bowser. It was Super Mario 64 that made way for her new name change to Princess Peach, which stuck moving forward. But if you remember, she was briefly called Princess Peach in Yoshi’s Safari, which wasn’t a very memorable game. That’s likely why the name didn’t stick at that point. However, Princess Peach is the name that many people associate her character with rather than her older name.

Question 12

What does the P-Wing stand for in the games?

Many people were always confused by the level-skipping item known as a P-Wing. The developers have explained that this tool is used to bypass some of the harder levels if the tool has been earned by killing off certain bad guys. This makes things a little easier for when you’re about to throw your controller through the screen after playing the same stupid level on repeat all afternoon. Sure, it’s a bit of a cheat, but who the heck cares at that point anyway.

Question 13

What are the mushroom shaped bad guys called?

Once upon a time this bad guy used to be part of the Mushroom Kingdom living happily among the resident of the kingdom. It was a happy place, until Bowser came along leaving a ton of chaos in his wake. These little guys decided to betray the Mushroom Kingdom and join Bowser’s squad of bad guys. In Japanese, they are called “kuriboh,” with “kuri” meaning “chestnut.” They are designed to look like shiitake mushrooms because, duh, it’s the Mushroom Kingdom.

Question 14

Why was Princess Peach captured in the first Super Mario game?

Over the years, Bowser had many reasons for kidnapping Princess Peach, but the first game was for a very different reason. Think about it, Bowser is all about destroying the Mushroom Kingdom for some unknown reason and she holds the keys to the kingdom so getting her means getting the kingdom, right? Well, there’s a little more to it than that according to this gigantic turtle. Was Princess Peach a thorn in his side, was he looking for wedding bells, did she have magic, or could she undo all of his hard work? You be the judge.

Question 15

What was the fastest time a person beat Super Mario Bros?

Yes, Super Mario Bros has been beat in under six minutes if you can believe it. There is actually a video on YouTube that shows how it was done. It took a lot of secrets and a lot of questionable escapes from bad guys to make it happen, but apparently it’s in the books. Could you imagine how many times this guy had to practice in order to make this possible? It probably consumed his life for at least a year! Oh the things people will do to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Question 16

Which six players have always been available to play in Mario Kart?

These six players should be known as the Super Mario classic six because they have been together for such a long time. All of these character still remain to be the most popular despite the rotating list of characters that continue to rotate in and out of the game over the years. Of course Mario and Luigi make the list, that’s obvious, but who makes the remainder of the list? Seems like there are a bunch of classic characters that could make the cut, but there are only four more that round out the list.

Question 17

What were all the bricks supposed to be in Super Mario Bros?

No one ever really read the instruction manual given to them when buying Super Mario bros since the game was so intuitive. However, if you did, you learned tidbits like what the bricks were in the levels. Turns out these seemingly insignificant bricks were actually pretty darn significant after all. Who would have thought? After all those years of playing they were so vastly overlooked. At least now you can look at these bricks an entirely different way if you bust out your game console anytime soon.

Question 18

Who was Mario modeled after?

Mario actually does have a hero that he is modeled after and it is a pretty unlikely candidate in all honesty. His game was actually supposed to be a different concept altogether, but then the developers came up with the whole Mr. Video Game/Jumpman situation thus Mario was born. When you think about it, Mario really went through a lot of transformation before he hit the big time and thank goodness he did because he wouldn’t be the same epic character he is without it.

Question 19

What does Mario break bricks with?

Many people think they know how Mario breaks bricks, but you kind of have to look closely and freeze the frame to see how he actually breaks them. You’d actually be kind of surprised. Sure he uses his feet to stomp on all the bad guys and that’s easy to see, but the blocks are a different story. Mario actually jumps up to grab items like mushrooms and stars in the same way too. There’s a method to this guy’s madness that’s just way too quick to see.

Question 20

Which character is not a Koopaling?

The Koopalings were all named after rock stars in their own right, but one of these names doesn’t fit the bill. Remember the days when Bowser, or King Koopa, had a bunch of minions that used to do his bidding for him? Yeah, they used to be bosses in their own respected castle and boy were they little brats. Back in the day though, you had to fight through all of them before getting to Bowser rather than fighting Bowser multiple times.

Question 21

What's the name of Luigi's doppelganger?

As if Super Mario needed any more bad guys. Well, here’s another one. This bad guy who sports purple and is claimed to be Luigi’s doppelganger makes his most noticeable appearances in the Mario Kart games starting in 2003 during the game Mario Kart: Double Dash. This character has really been raked over the coals though as fans have said that he really doesn’t bring anything new to the table besides being another evil twin like a lesser version of Wario.

Question 22

How many worlds are there in Super Mario Bros 3?

We all know that there are a bunch of different maps for Super Mario bros 3, but how many are there? Well, everyone who has played the game knows that you start out in the grasslands, the bushes dance and it seems like a relatively happy place—minus all the goombas and koopa troopas. Bleh. Anyway, beyond that it becomes a world wind with all the other…well, worlds you go to. Regardless, this games still seems to fly by despite the amount of worlds and levels you are visiting while you play.

Question 23

What is the name of the main Super Mario theme song?

The main theme song in the Super Mario Brothers games is one of the most recognizable pieces of music within a game that’s ever been recorded. In fact, the song remained on the Billboard ringtone charts for 125 weeks and was even performed in concert by live orchestras it has made that much of an impact. The composer behind this epic song is Koji Kondo, and boy did he put together one of the most classic songs known to man.

Question 24

How many copies did the first Super Mario Brother sell?

The very first Super Mario Bros game really took off running from the time it hit the stores. However, that number seemed to be skewed by the fact that it was bundled with the Nintendo Entertainment System console. Despite that, it was the best selling game of all time until recently when it was pushed into second because of Wii Sports selling 41.65 million units. Super Mario Bros really has had a strong fan base since it hit the store shelves, and fans just can’t get enough of those Italian brothers.

Question 25

Why was Super Mario Bros 2 such a departure from the other games?

Super Mario Bros 2 was a great game, but many wonder why it was such a far departure from all the other games. Where was the Mushroom Kingdom? Why was Princess Toadstool a player rather than captured? Who the heck was that thing that spits out eggs, and why could everyone fly when they jumped all of a sudden? It didn’t make much sense. Well, there was a distinct reason why these characters did odd things like pluck vegetables in this game and never did so ever again. The thing was, this game was much more challenging that the first game, so the fans actually liked it.

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