The Ultimate Mary-Kate And Ashley Trivia Quiz


Even though twin sensations Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have all but fallen off the face of the earth since they became adults, they have made their presence known in other ways. It was almost as if they went straight from making in-your-face teeny-bopper videos all through their teens, to disappearing into obscurity- or, if you followed them closely enough- buying real estate in New York City, attending college, looking more and more like aliens as the years went by, and starting their own fashion empire. Their adult lives, it cannot be denied, are a far cry from the lives they once lived. The Olsen twins we grew up with were bubbly, perpetually happy little fashionistas. Now, at 31 years old, they are a darker version of the little girls we all once loved. But they are hard-working, successful, and living their lives privately in the way that they want to, and there is something to be said for that.

Still, there is always a shroud of mystery around these two, even for people who do not automatically think "twins are weird". We always want to seem to know more, and so why not a quiz to put to the test what we do know? And, you know, to revisit the past a little bit. So here we go: how well do you remember Hollywood's most famous twin sisters?

Question 1

Are Mary-Kate and Ashley fraternal or identical twins?

The answer to this question may not be as straightforward as it seems. Sure, Mary-Kate and Ashley have played the old switcheroo on us plenty of times in all their movies, and most people cannot tell them apart. But being fraternal does not necessarily mean twins look nothing alike. So this one is a toss-up, since at first glance, these famous twins do look very identical. And they very well may be. It all comes down to how closely you have paid attention to their physical differences, even the most miniscule ones, if there are any, at all.

Question 2

Which Pretty Little Liars actress grew up with the Olsen twins and even appeared in their movie "Billboard Dad"?

One of the actresses that would go one to play one of the main four besties in Pretty Little Liars actually grew up across the street from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Although they lost touch when the twins' family moved away, she still wound up being a part of their straight-to-video movie called "Billboard Dad". Now it seems as if the roles have reversed, as the PLL actress is more famous than the Olsen twins have been in quite awhile.

Question 3

When it comes to handwriting, the twins are...

Just because they are twins does not necessarily mean they are automatically both right-handed, both left-handed, or both ambidextrous. Their character of Michelle on Full House was ambidextrous, but why? It could be because two different people were portraying her, and those two people had differing dominant hands. It could be that Mary-Kate and Ashley are both ambidextrous, themselves. Or it could be that being ambidextrous was just an extra character quirk the writers threw in there to make Michelle that much more "Michelle".

Question 4

In which Scandinavian coutnry did the twins launch a fashion collection with retailer Bik Bok?

Mary-Kate and Ashley have been into fashion their entire lives, even on the set of Full House when designer clothing would be shrunk down to a child's size for them to be able to wear it. So it comes as no surprise that they travelled to Europe to launch a line with the local retailer Bik Bok. According to Daily Mail, "Drawing on the boho but masculine stylings of the local women, the pair have created a line full which includes bags, jewelry, dresses, pants and jackets... Using their own style as inspiration and what they call the 'Scandinavian It Girl' the twins have created three separate collections for the label for the fall season."

Question 5

Which twin is married to Olivier Sarkozy?

On November 27, 2015, the French banker and brother of the former President of France, Olivier Sarkozy, married an Olsen twin. He had bought her a stunning $81,000 vintage Cartier engagement ring, and when he married her, he also made her a stepmother to his two children from a previous marriage. There is a 17-year age gap between Sarkozy and his former child actress bride, whichever Olsen twin it is that he made his wife,. The two now live in New York City.

Question 6

What other siblings do the Olsen twins have?

If you remember back to Mary-Kate and Ashley's earliest videos, you will remember that their sibling/s were featured in their songs and stories every once in awhile. But that was a quarter of a century ago, so it would be quite impressive if you knew the answer to this question based on this information alone. It is more likely that you have heard more about him, her, or them since then. So who is/are these famous twins' brother/s and/or sister/s, not including any step-siblings?

Question 7

What is Ashley's middle name?

Mary-Kate is just Mary-Kate; she has no middle name. She technically has two first names, but no middle name. Ashley, on the other hand, has one first name and one middle name, although it does not have the same sort of ring to it as "Mary-Kate" does, which is perhaps why she decided to just stick with being Ashley. Her middle name is actually a family name from her mother's side, so it has familial significance, which is important even if it is not used, or even known, at all.

Question 8

How old were the twins when they won the role of Michelle Tanner on Full House?

The year was 1987 when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen won the role of youngest Tanner daughter Michelle on Full House. Like most television shows and movies that require a baby, the producers wanted to use a set of multiples to play one part in case one or the other was being uncooperative, and also due to child labor laws. They won the part of Michelle against 20 other candidates because they were the only ones to not cry during the auditions. Three months after they got the part, they began actually filming.

Question 9

Which twin likes to run around her house naked in heels?

According to a 2007 interview with Harper's Bazaar, one of the twins enjoys running around her house (be it penthouse, loft, actual house, whatever) in nothing but high heels and her birthday suit. To each her own. Knowing what we do about the twins' individual personalities, do you think this twin is more likely to be the funny twin, Mary-Kate, or the more quiet and serious twin, Ashley? I could see it going either way, so unless you read the interview, this one is a real toss-up.

Question 10

In 2010, the twins sold their never-lived-in Manhattan penthouse apartment for ___?

In 2010, Mary-Kate and Ashley "finally" got rid of their penthouse in New York City. It was a 5700-square-foot, five-bedroom condo in the Far West Village of Manhattan at 1 Morton Square. The duo had owned it since 2005, but had never even used the place. The asking price was a cool $11.995 million when they first tried to sell it, but of course the price went down. If it boggles your mind that this NYC castle went unused for five years, it may put your mind at ease to know that it was at least rented out.. The twins ended up selling it for $300,000 more than they paid for it.

Question 11

Who was known for changing their diapers on-set?

I am sure all of the Full House stars helped out with diaper changes during the long hours of filming, but one of the babies' co-stars really stepped up to the plate, as if he/she were not only a parental figure on the show, but in real life as well. John Stamos especially was known to be very close to the twins as they grew up on set, but really the entire cast was like family. Which actor/actress changed the most of the Olsen twins' diapers?

Question 12

Which twin suffers from ADD?

The twin that suffers from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is also the twin that is a self-described is an aestethe, or a person who has a special appreciation of art and beauty. She says she can't physically leave the house if she doesn't like what she is wearing, and that she cannot stand looking like everyone else. She is an equestrian, enjoys reading the star signs, and collects ashtrays. Her beauty icon is Lauren Hutton and she has been drinking coffee since she was 10 years old. Name that twin!

Question 13

In which country did the twins promote McDonald's Happy Meals?

When the twins were 18 years old in 2004, they promoted McDonald's Happy Meals at the chain's 1,035 restaurants in one particular country. The Happy Meals came with a choice of a photo album with their photo, or a denim bag or crayon box, both of which were personalized with their names. The twins had previously spent time in this country filming one of their several films made around the globe when they were teenagers, and in fact, this film even had a scene where McDonald's was consumed.

Question 14

Which twin can't stand the sound of people eating bananas?

This may sound like a strange quirk, but when you picture the sound of squishy bananas between people's teeth (and the image of it), maybe the distaste is not so hard to understand. This twin is the taller twin by one inch. She describes herself as socially awkward and a hippie girl. She does yoga and boxing, and collects crystals. She is all about female empowerment, and loves wine, ice-cream, sushi, hummus, cheese and crackers, and raw vegetables. Name that twin!

Question 15

In how many episodes of Full House did the twins appear together?

There are a total of 192 episodes of Full House. It aired from September 22, 1987 until May 23, 1995 for eight seasons. Michelle Tanner was an integral part of the cast for the entire run of the show, and thus, so were both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But in all that time, they very rarely appeared together- as in, side by side- in the same episode. The one people remember most readily was when one twin played Greek cousin Melina Katsopolis and wore a black wig in the episode "Greek Week" in season four. But was that the only time?

Question 16

In which year did the twins officially quit acting?

While Mary-Kate took on roles longer than Ashley did, in such television series like Weeds, and movies like Beastly, they both eventually gave up their livelihood at one point to focus on school and their careers in fashion, which have been quite lucrative. They now run two clothing lines, called The Row, and Elizabeth and James. Fashion has always been their passion, and even back in 2001 they had a fashion line in Wal-Mart for pre-teen girls. But there is one year that is considered the official end of both twins' acting careers.

Question 17

In which country did the twins NOT film a direct-to-video movie in their teens?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had it made during their teen years- they were rich, famous, and doing what they loved to do: act! And they got to do it all together, all while traveling the globe and usually meeting cute boys in their movies. Besides some of the locations listed below, they also made movies in London, New York, the Bahamas, and Mexico. And of course, they have done plenty of traveling in and around the United States for various other movies during their lifetimes, as well.

Question 18

Why did they ditch their high school prom?

A girl's high school prom is something that only comes around once or twice (depending on the school or situation) in a lifetime, so to miss it is a pretty big deal. But both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen missed their proms, hopefully with good reason. All of the options below would classify as pretty good reasons, but which is the real one? In the end, the twins did end up getting their own sort of "prom", when the people responsible for their absence made it up to them with an impromptu prom thrown just for them.

Question 19

True or False: They were the first twins to share a single star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley were recognized for their contributions to the television world and they received a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. But were they the first-ever twins to receive the honor and share the star? They are hardly the only famous twins in Hollywood, so it could be that they were, in fact, not the first. Either way, it sure took Hollywood long enough, since Mary-Kate and Ashley had been acting since infancy, and in 2004 they turned 17 years old.

Question 20

Both of their first on-screen kisses were in the movie ___.

In 1999 at the age of 13, Mary-Kate and Ashley filmed the first of their globe-trotting teen adventure straight-to-video movies. In this film, they also both had their very first on-screen kisses, which is a pretty big milestone for a young girl. The kisses were with two young actors, Brocker Way and Ethan Peck, who played the girls' love interests in the movie. Did this milestone moment happen in Our Lips Are Sealed, Passport to Paris, When in Rome, or Holiday in the Sun?

Question 21

What was their very first film?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in their very first movie when they were just five years old. Of course, by then, they were well-versed in the world of acting, having been on Full House their entire lives at that point. This movie came out in 1992, and told the story of a set of mischievous twins who had an exciting adventure in spite of the kooky villains they encountered along the way. And this movie even starred some pretty big names, like Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman.

Question 22

Who is the older twin?

Twins are known for being the exact same age. But when you get down to it, it is of course impossible for them to be the EXACT same age. Twins can be born seconds, minutes, even hours apart in certain situations. Some twins are even born in different years! Of course we know those babies are the New Year's Eve/New Year's Day babies, but still. When it comes to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, one sister has the bragging rights of being the older twin- by two minutes. Who is it?

Question 23

Who saved Ashley Olsen's job on Full House around season six?

By season six of Full House, the producers of the show felt that the twins were starting to look too different from each other to continue to play one character. Mary-Kate usually played Michelle for the lighter, funnier scenes, while Ashley took on the more serious moments. Producers had decided to keep Mary-Kate as the full-time Michelle, until one cast member close to the twins stood up for them and changed their minds. Perhaps he/she was making up for the time he/she got them "fired" in season one for crying too much.

Question 24

Who is Mary-Kate's style inspiration?

There are plenty of great style icons to choose from in today's fashion world, and Mary-Kate has many. Her favorite, however, is one of the ladies below. Being a style icon in her own right, the woman she admires for her fashion sense should feel honored to be that revered by a true fashionista like Mary-Kate Olsen. Mary-Kate told Miss Vogue U.K. of her style icon that, "Whether she's on the carpet or the street, she always looks effortless and cool."

Question 25

Which of their teen movies did Megan Fox appear in?

Can you believe that sex symbol Megan Fox appeared in a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie? It is hard to picture, but it is true. The year was 2001 when both the twins and Megan were 15. Somewhere on the planet, the twins were making another teeny-bopper destination movie, and their characters were suffering the wrath of the bratty Brianna (played by Megan), who has her eyes set on the same resort worker as Mary-Kate's character Madison. Megan was pretty good at playing the bad girl even then.

Question 26

Which twin was in more episodes of Full House than her sister?

As babies, particularly in the first season of Full House, the babies were still quite young (not even one year old!), and naturally, there were times that they were very whiny, fussy, and needy, like any other baby. But with the twins, there was a noticeable difference between Mary-Kate and Ashley, namely that one twin was much less fussy than her sister, and therefore this "easier" twin to work with appeared in more episodes overall. So which twin was it?

Question 27

What was a somewhat creepy milestone in their lives?

The twins have always been popular and their fame followed them even after they quit acting and long after Full House stopped airing. Still, even through all their teeny bopper movies fans around the world were awaiting a particular event. You could even say it was one of the first "internet" breaking events, as fans had set up websites, message boards, and even alerts to track the momentous occasion. Unfortunately for the twins, as much as they might have wanted to skip the fanfare, it was inevitable. What was the event?

Question 28

What was the first movie produced by their company, Dualstar?

At just seven years old in 1993, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became producers when they started their own production company, called Dualstar. It produced movies, TV shows, magazines, video games, and everything else you could think of having to do with America's most famous twins. After bombing with New York Minute in 2004, the company was revived in 2013 for a series of fragrances. But going back to its very beginnings, which of the twins' movies was the very first to be produced by Dualstar?

Question 29

What was the name of the 1998 sitcom that the twins starred in?

When Mary-Kate and Ashley were 12 years old, they starred in a sitcom about twin sisters living with their single father. The scheming pre-teens and their science professor father find Carrie, a woman who becomes the girls' caretaker. The twins are complete opposites- a tomboy and a boy-crazy girly-girl, so combining all of the above, the plot of their show unfolded, along with a little romance between the nanny and the dad. Sadly, the show was short-lived and only lasted for one season.

Question 30

What college did both twins attend?

Since Mary-Kate and Ashley had, for their whole lives, been inseparable, many people wondered what would happen once it was time for college- would they go at all? If so, would they split up or go to the same school? Would they continue to act? As it turned out, the sisters stayed near and dear to each other. They both put acting on the back burner, and purchased a four-bedroom apartment. Both said they wanted to focus on their academic careers for the next few years and put their other activities on hold.

Question 31

Which twin entered a treatmeant center for a "health-related disorder"?

Many people will remember this time around the twins' 18th birthday when one of the twins was forced by her father (before she turned 18 and he legally still could force her) into a treatment facility. Most surmised that this "health-related disorder" was in fact an eating disorder. It is no secret that both sisters are very thin, but at that time, one twin in particular had been looking positively skeletal. She was released from the facility in July of that year, reportedly six pounds heavier. Which twin was it?

Question 32

Which twin had Lyme disease?

At the age of 28, one of the Olsen twins was struggling with a debilitating case of Lyme disease. Through exercise and physical therapy, she fought the disease that caused her a lot of pain and exhaustion. Lyme disease causes its victims to feel pain like pins ands needles or burning, as well as brain fog and forgetfulness. The twin had contracted the nasty disease, which is incurable, several years prior to the height of her symptoms in 2015. Back then, an insider said, "She’s really struggling, and it comes out in anger — she’s at the point where she’s having a hard time dealing."

Question 33

What is the twins' birthday?

Mary-Kate and Ashley were born on the same day as Chris Evans, Tim Allen, Steve O., Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kat Dennings, and Ally Sheedy. On this day in 1888, the United States Congress created the Department of Labor. In 1920, the Post Office declared that children could not be sent by parcel post. In 1930, the first nudist colony opened. In 1932, Great Britain and France signed a peace treaty. And on June 13 of one of the following years, twin starlets were born.

Question 34

Mary-Kate and Ashley starred in several straight-to-video movies as ______.

Along with these iconic 90's videos (and of course Full House), Mary-Kate and Ashley had an array of other projects going on when they were kids, such as the "You're Invited" videos in which they would throw various parties like Hawaiian, Mall, and Ballet parties. There were also specials like for Mother's Day, and they appeared on various talk shows and guest-starred on other sitcoms like Hangin' With Mr. Cooper. In The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, the girls played what?

Question 35

The Mattel Mary-Kate and Ashley Dolls were outsold only by _______.

The Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls were made by Mattel in 1999 and sold as a boxed set. Additional versions of the dolls were made to correspond with their movies, and the outfits they wore in their movies. Outfits and playsets were sold separately. There was also a lot of other Mary-Kate and Ashley merchandise you probably forgot about, like the Michelle Tanner doll, their cosmetics, their magazine, board game, tooth paste, video games, boom box, party supplies, books, and more. These girls were everywhere!

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