The Ultimate Final Boss Quiz: What's Waiting At The End Of Your Favorite Games?


One of the best parts about video games is being able to showcase your skills, intelligence, and ability. When video games first started growing, it was all about achieving the highest score possible. Arcade machines were plastered with initials, showcasing just how good certain players were at a specific title.

As time prattled on and technology advanced, games began to take on new and exciting forms. It wasn't so much about achieving a high score anymore, but rather, conquering an epic quest. The introduction of elaborate story lines allowed developers to slip in a few ultra strong characters here and there, classifying them as bosses. These baddies were meant to truly test a players mettle and acted as a roadblock to keep them from progressing through a release.

In the modern era, gamers don't measure their success by how many virtual points they can put up. It's all about beating the "final boss." These powerful enemies act as an imposing blockade, keeping gamers from seeing the end of a hard fought journey. There have been some amazing and iconic final bosses throughout the years.

There have been some amazing and iconic final bosses throughout the years. This quiz will test just how well you remember them. Only a true video game conqueror will recognize these fearsome foes.

Question 1

Who is this Koopa King?

Let's start with an easy one. When it comes to iconic video game bosses, this spiky-shelled reptile is easily in the Top 10. He's a rude ruler with a penchant for kidnapping innocent princesses. He's usually the final boss in each Super Mario Bros. iteration (although in some titles he's not). Plans of ruling the Mushroom Kingdom and world domination are his M.O. In fact, he's even gone so far as to take over a galaxy. What's the name of this crude Koopa King?

Question 2

Who is this dastardly Doctor?

The Sonic The Hedgehog franchise has seen many changes and shifts over the years. It originally started as a fast-paced 2D side-scroller (ala Super Mario Bros) and has since evolved into a colorful 3D platformer. Enemies and motives have changed throughout the series but one particular baddie remains constant. He was the final boss for all of the original Sonic The Hedgehog games and is constantly creating mischief on his quest for world domination. He's a technological genius that uses his engineering skills to create evil robots.

Question 3

What's the name of this benevolent dark lord?

If you've ever played The Legend of Zelda series, then you'll be familiar with this iconic final boss. When the goddesses call upon Link to save the day, he usually finds himself fighting against this dark lord. Once a prominent Gerudan King, this power hungry villain spends all his time trying to take over the land of Hyrule. He holds the Triforce of Power and has even turned into powerful bull-like creature on occasion. Thankfully, Link is always right there to put an end to his madness.

Question 4

Which of these Batman villain's served as the final boss for Batman: Arkham Asylum?

In 2009, Batman: Arkham Asylum took the world by storm. Rocksteady's open-world Superhero saga created a villainous playground for Dark Knight fans, imagining alternate storylines, and struggles for everyone's favorite brooding detective. The events of Arkham Asylum are "controlled," with Batman moving through the large facility and dealing with an array of classic comic book villains along the way. However, one extra brutal baddie serves as the final boss for this stellar superhero release. Who does Batman fight on the roof of Arkham Asylum?

Question 5

What game series features King K. Rool?

King K. Rool (which is a punny play on the word cruel) is the leader of a mysterious band of reptilian brutes called Kremlings. This brutish villain is a strong crocodile with a rather curious hunger for bananas. The series he hails from sees him and his group of baddies stealing bananas and creating mischief for a popular gang of gorillas. When it really comes down to it, King K. Rool isn't exactly a "threat." He's usually pretty clumsy and easily defeated by platform hopping protagonists.

Question 6

Which game contains the massive boss, Malus?

In terms of final bosses, Malus towers above the competition. This insanely imposing creature stands at a staggering height. The only way to defeat him is to scale his massive body and attack a small weak spot. Even though he's strong enough to squish the main protagonist with his pinky finger, Malus doesn't actually do much. The main bulk of his attacks is a slow moving "energy blast." Making your way to his weak spot is the true challenge. Which cult classic is Malus part of?

Question 7

Which popualr game features Ansem, Seeker of Darkness?

Ansem is quite the persistent creature. He was born from Master Xehanort, who "created" the benevolent monster from the darkness within his heart. Ansem managed to separate his heart from his body when he was consumed by the darkness. This allowed him to retain all of his thoughts and intelligence, birthing a dark villain bent on chaos and destruction. He was the main focus of the first game in this particular franchise, which forced Sora and crew to put an end to his world destroying ways.

Question 8

Who is this science-driven A.I.?

Portal is a wild ride from start to finish. Without much warning, you're given a portal-creating device and sent through a series of strange puzzles by a mysterious (yet nagging) voice. As you progress past each increasingly difficult section, you begin to realize that your "helper" isn't what she seems. This A.I. is only focused on one thing, science, and will do anything to get results. To her, you're nothing more than a human guinea pig, and a rather replaceable one at that.

Question 9

Which Resident Evil adventure features Osmund Saddler?

Resident Evil is known for its terrifying story lines and zombie-filled adventures. Throughout the years we've seen some pretty dastardly villains, Some of them want ultimate power, while others seek revenge. One particular Resident Evil final boss was the leader of a Spain-based cult known as the Los Illuminados. Osmund Saddler is a resourceful yet creepy older man that craves world domination. It's up to Leon Kennedy to stop him from releasing a mind-controlling plague called Las Plagas on the world.

Question 10

Who is this evil Robotics genius?

One of the most popular series to ever grace the Nintendo Entertainment System was Mega Man. Sadly, we haven't seen any robot-based adventures in quite some time but this franchise will forever remain one of the best platformers to hit console gaming. The series revolved around a robotic hero named Mega Man on a quest to stop an evil villain from taking over the world with his custom created army. This balding baddie is a series icon, often appearing as the final boss in each release.

Question 11

What game is General Raam the final boss of?

General Raam is devious, resourceful, and rather durable. This isn't the type of general to simply command the battlefield. He often finds himself pushing the front lines and getting his hands dirty. The powerful Locust elite will send a shiver down the spine of any COG soldier. Facing him for the first time is quite the event. He can summon an array of flying Kryll, which feed on anything not protected by light. There is no denying that General Raam is a certified bruiser, but what game is he from?

Question 12

Which famous boxer serves as the final boss of Punch Out!!?

Back in 1987, Nintendo developed and published a boxing game for the NES. By today's standards, Punch-Out!! is an incredibly dated "sports title," Back then, it was the cream of the crop, developing a cult following and becoming an instant NES classic. When this simplistic boxing release found its way stateside it sported an updated name. The new title focused on a popular Heavyweight Champion who also served as the title's final boss. He often labeled as one of the hardest bosses in video game history.

Question 13

Which Final Fantasy features Sephiroth?

We won't sugar coat it, Sephiroth is a beast. He was once a rather famous combat specialist and regarded as the best "student" to ever come from the Shinra Electric Power Company's SOLDIER program. He's an incredibly skilled swordsman with amazing agility and strength. That said, he's a total jerk. Many fans fell in love with Sephiroth's mysterious and brooding demeanor. That all changed when he plunged his sword through a beloved character's (Aerith) back. Which Final Fantasy featured this one-winged angel?

Question 14

Which fighting game series is ruled by Shao Khan?

Many fighting game fanatics cringe at the thought of facing the almighty Shao Khan. This benevolent Outworlder is a force to be reckoned with. He's said to possess immense strength, with greater power than the Thunder God Raiden. Shao Khan is bent on domination, which would explain his constant attempts to conquer Earthrealm. Much to his dismay, Shao Khan often underestimates the human race. He's often quite difficult to beat, with a 2011 iteration that frustrated even the most skilled of fighters.

Question 15

What first-person shooter contains the shady final boss, Frank Fontaine?

Throughout your journey through the "utopia" of Rapture, you'll uncover a seedy story of struggle and civil war. Rapture's creator, Andrew Ryan, was locked firmly in a power struggle with a man named Frank Fontaine, who was partially responsible for the city's collapse. When you finally confront the power-hungry villain, you discover that he's hopped up on a DNA-altering substance and as a product, is more monster than human. Thankfully, with the help of a few small friends, you're able to topple the mutated man.

Question 16

Which game series has you battle against the Greek god, Zeus?

The beauty of video games is that they allow developers to tell truly elaborate stories. One such adventure sees a man lose his family and then set out for revenge against the gods themselves. His journey and long and perilous but he manages to strike down any who stand in his way. His reward is vengeance, which he gets when he tracks down the Greek God, Zeus. There are few video game series as monumentally epic (in terms of story) as this one.

Question 17

Who is this bumbling scientist?

What is it with mad scientists and world domination? The next individual on our list is short, impulsive, temperamental, and cliche. He spends most of his time plotting and scheming, to come up with ideas that are morally questionable, to say the least. This particular mad scientist made the mistake of creating his own nemesis. Crash Bandicoot was a product of the bumbling doctor's animal experiments. Each game follows this beloved character as he attempts to thwart the evil scientist from conquering everything.

Question 18

Which platforming title features the Mother Brain?

The fight against the Mother Brain is nothing short of incredible. To those who didn't grow up in the SNES era, this final boss battle won't seem like much. Those of us who guided Samus to the end of this epic quest were greeted with one of the most iconic battles in video game history. The battle starts with you leaping over projectiles and dodging attacks while shooting at an encased brain. It's reminiscent of the first title in this series but takes a shocking turn when you discover that the brain is connected to a Sci-Fi Horror abomination.

Question 19

Can you name this powerful final boss from the original Resident Evil?

The original Resident Evil was a horror survival masterpiece. It hasn't aged well at all, but in its prime, it helped to lay the ground work for the horror survival genre. In the original release, you play as Jill Valentine, sent to investigate a mysterious mansion. From that moment on, you're tossed into a world of creepy music, classic jump scares, and eerie camera angles. Throughout your journey, you'll fight a variety of zombified creatures, but nothing will quite prepare you for a fast-paced final battle. This incredibly strong mutant can make quick work of an inexperienced player.

Question 20

Can you name Bloodborne's final boss?

Bloodborne is filled to the brim with crazy boss fights, epic creatures, and incredibly surreal moments. Perhaps that is why the final boss in this wild ride seems so out of place. The "first hunter" is rather normal, looking similar to the title's protagonist (it's a doppelganger-like battle). One minute you're cleaving through demons and the next you're face to face with a worthy adversary that knows all of your moves. The epic battle is made even better by the setting. It's a true duel of the hunters, taking place in a field of white flowers.

Question 21

Which turn-based RPG features Giygas?

A lot of Japanese RPGs are downright surreal. Developers do a fantastic job of crafting experiences and story lines that push the boundaries of our imaginations. The epic finale against the alien Giygas is no exception. This fight is long, difficult, and supremely creepy. The boss is nothing more than a haunting blood-red background, but he's loaded with an array of attacks that can instantly destroy your entire team if you're not careful. Do you remember which quirky JRPG Giygas comes from?

Question 22

Which game series features an epic battle against Liquid Snake

We'll be frank. There are a lot of incredible boss fights from this beloved video game franchise, so it was incredibly difficult to just pick one. When it came down to it, we decided to go with the final fight that started it all. Throughout this third-person action game, you're tormented by your genetically enhanced sibling, Liquid Snake. For the first part of this fight he pilots an immensely powerful mechanized machine but bringing down the metal monstrosity is only the beginning. By the end of this epic finale, you'll engage in a fist fight and escape an exploding facility.

Question 23

Which of these Pokémon titles featured a secret fight against Champion Red?

This one is a little wonky because it's not technically a final boss. It's a final boss after you've already beaten the "final boss." Think of it as the Cherubi on top of this iconic series sundae. This fight is perhaps the best in the Pokémon franchise so far. Champion Red has an incredibly well-balanced team of level 80+ Pokémon that will stomp you if you're unprepared. What makes this fight even more interesting is that you're technically fighting yourself. Champion Red is the personification of who you played as during your first ever Pokémon adventure (Red & Blue).

Question 24

What's the name of this deceiving villain from Kirby's Return to Dream Land?

Franchises come and go but some characters are so iconic that seem to pop-up everywhere. This is the case for Kirby, everyone's favorite pink puff ball. While other series continue to crank out the same game (with a different skin) Kirby is constantly re-inventing himself. Whether it's through yarn, pinball, or in this case, multiplayer. Kirby's Return to Dream Land was a sleeper hit on the Nintendo Wii, allowing friends to cooperatively tackle an exciting new story line. What's shocking, is that you're secretly helping the villain as you complete your quest You won't know the terrible mistake you've made until it's too late.

Question 25

Which Final Fantasy release features a lengthy final battle against Kefka?

Traditional turn-based (or active time battle) RPGs usually contain final boss fights that see you throwing a mass of attacks at a powerful entity with an insanely large health pool. This was especially true back in the 1990's when RPG's were starting to flourish. Fast forward to the modern age and some final battles are as visually epic as they are challenging. Still, even with all of this technological advancement, one of the best RPG boss battles of all time featured on SNES. The fight against Kefka is filled with hidden meanings and challenging gameplay. You'll have to defeat four separate versions of Kefka to finally bring him down.

Question 26

Which Super Mario Bros. adventure has a final battle against Wart?

When you think of Super Mario Bros. final battles, you're immediately reminded of Bowser. For the most part, Bowser has always been Mario's end game challenge. There are, however, some sneaky instances in which developers swapped the Koopa King for something different. Take, for example, Wart. This mysterious cloaked frog attempts to onslaught you with a barrage of deadly bubbles. The only way to defeat him is to catch some nearby vegetables and toss them in his mouth when he attacks. This is truly one of the stranger bosses in the Super Mario Bros. universe.

Question 27

Can you name Dante's brother from Devil May Cry?

Dante isn't your average Demon Hunter. He was born to a human mother (Eva) and a demonic father (Sparda). The first two Devil May Cry titles saw Dante on a quest to eradicate evil demons and benevolent spirits. Following the death of his mother (to the very creatures he hunts) Dante became a voice for good. In Devil May Cry 3, he ends up facing a rather familiar foe. His older brother has been corrupted by evil and ends up clashing with Dante in an epic final battle. What is Dante's brother named?

Question 28

Which Super Mario Bros. game features this iteration of Bowser?

Bowser is such a legendary final boss that we had to feature him on this list twice. Mario and Luigi are in a constant state of struggle with this persistent Koopa, often going to great lengths to stop his nefarious plots. In the beginning, taking down Bowser was as easy as hopping on an ax, but he became more difficult with each subsequent release. That is until one particular iteration of Bowser made us remember how much of a pushover he once was. This boss fight sees you hitting a few switches until Bowser's "green water-filled hot tub breaks apart." Which game features this final battle?

Question 29

Which game features this insane flower?

It's hard to imagine a flower being sinister. Sure, roses have thorns, which can hurt if you handle them incorrectly, but we rarely see flowers intentionally causing harm. Flowey set out to prove that flowers can be every bit as ruthless and cunning as most super villains. This miniature maniac serves as the final boss for the neutral run of a rather popular indie game. The entire game itself is a bit strange but Flowey's true form is a truly unique spectacle.

Question 30

Which Metal Gear Solid story line features a depressing battle against The Boss?

Hideo Kojima is a creative mastermind. His Metal Gear Solid story arcs are imaginative and beautifully written. It's hard to pick a final boss battle that is better than all the rest but the fight against The Boss is too good not to mention. This is perhaps one of the most bittersweet and depressing fights in all of video game history. You'll have to use tactics and cunning to bring down The Boss. The final fight features an emotional musical score and is set in a field of

Question 31

What's the name of Portal 2's final boss?

Your second trip through the Portal universe has you once against battling against the rogue A.I. known as GLaDOS. This time around you have a little help from a strange little robot. Things completely change once you make it to GLaDOS. Your tiny new friend ends up in control and goes on a rampant power trip. You and GLaDOS (who's become a potato) are then forced to work together in order to stop this new antagonist from completely obliterating everything in its path. What is this little robot's name?

Question 32

Which popular FPS features this final boss?

A lot of enemies and villains do some pretty terrible things. We're used to seeing powerful creatures and sinister individuals harm others and create chaos. The next person on this list has done something especially dastardly. He took credit for work that other people did. We kid, but Handsome Jack is actually quite the cunning antagonist. He managed to take over the Hyperion Corporation and appoint himself as the ruler of Pandora. It's up to you to take this narcissistic "leader" down.

Question 33

Which Horror Survival game showcases this powerful final boss?

Ruben Victoriano, also known as Ruvik, serves as the main antagonist for an unsettling survival horror game. He was born to a wealthy family and considered a prodigal child, although it was later discovered that he suffered from mental issues. He made great advancements in the fields of science at a young age. Unfortunately, he was also a victim of a heinous crime in which he was badly burned. This hooded villain seems otherworldly, possessing teleportation, inhuman strength, and super speed.

Question 34

Can you name this final boss from the indie hit Cave Story?

A lot of this list features triple-A releases but we want to show a little bit of love to some of the more popular Indie games out there. One such romp is Cave Story, a fantastic frantic shooter (and platformer) from developer Pixel. This colorful adventure sees the hero Quote, on a quest to say the Mimiga race. These adorable little bunny people go into a frenzy if they ingest a local red flower. The final boss for this adventure is the creator of the Demon Crown and has four different forms.

Question 35

Which game is this notoriously easy final boss from?

We figured we'd have a little fun and feature Lucien on this list. This boss has found his way onto many Top 10 lists but for all the wrong reasons. Usually, final bosses are strong and imposing. When you spend hours treading through a lengthy game, you want nothing more than to cap it off with one final challenging battle. If you ever faced Lucien, you were definitely disappointed. This final foe goes down incredibly quickly, with a single shot to the head. Which game is he from?

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