The Twilight Saga Character Quiz That Not Even Twihards Can Pass

The Twilight Saga fanbase was so massive by the time the 5-film series finished, that the films had made billions in theaters alone. The fandom was so huge that the fans were given the name Twihards. Not to be mistaken for your average fans, Twihards waited loyally outside of theaters for midnight releases. They read all of the novels, invaded Comic-Con, and wrote their own fanfictions. Above all else, they believe that they know all about the Twilight Saga and its charactersAre you a Twihard, or a fan of Twilight at all? Have you watched the movies, read the books, and think you know everything there is to know about Twilight Saga and it's characters?

If so, then here's your chance to prove it! You will be quizzed on both the Twilight Saga's primary and it's secondary characters. There will be questions about the all of the families, covens, and couples. The Swan's, Cullen's, the Volturi, and the Quileute tribe. Everyone knows all about Bella, Edward, and Jacob, but how much do you think you know about the rest of the characters. They all played a role in making the Twilight Saga a hit. This quiz is meant to put even the most loyal Twihards knowledge to the test. This is the Twilight Saga character quiz that not even Twihards can pass. Can you?

Question 1

Why did Bella move to Forks?

Bella had lived with her mom since her parents divorced when she was three. They had moved to California first and later to Phoenix, Arizona. The original arrangement was that Bella visited her father, Charlie for a month each summer in Forks. However, Bella found as a young teenager, that she didn't enjoy the weather in Forks and Charlie began meeting her in California during the summer. Who wouldn't prefer sunny warm days to clouds and rain, right? So, why did Bella move to Forks?

Question 2

Where is Edward Cullen from?

Even the vampires from the Twilight Saga had backgrounds. They weren't always vampires after all. There wasn't too much information about Edward's past in the films, other than how he was turned and that he was 17 at the time. There was a time that Edward was a human who badly wanted to join the army. His father made sure he was well educated, while he was the center of his mother's world. Not even a Twihard would know where his life began. Where was Edward born?

Question 3

What was Alice's first vision as a vampire?

Alice began getting her premonitions as a small child, but she didn't run around bragging about it to everyone. She did attempt to warn friends or family members when she saw something bad, although she wasn't believed. Plus, she was blamed later when the unfortunate things actually took place. This made her teenage years awkward and she was often called a witch. Her premonitions only intensified when she became a vampire. Her visions of the future didn't always turn out to be true. What was Alice's first vision as a vampire?

Question 4

How old was Jacob when Bella moved to Fork's?

It was implied that Jacob Black already had a crush on Bella from the time she stepped foot in Forks. His father, Billy Black pretty much said as much when he told her that Jacob had been waiting for her arrival. Bella had mentioned that she'd expected him to go to school with her, although, Jacob had to remind her that he would be going to school on the reservation as he was a part of the Quileute tribe. They were around the same age. How old was Jacob Black?

Question 5

Which member of the Cullen family grew up hunting werewolves, witches, and vampires as a human?

This member of the Cullen family was born sometime in the 1640's. He was raised by his father after his mother died while giving birth to him. His father was an Anglican pastor who led raids with the purpose of seeking out vampires, werewolves, and witches in order to destroy them. However, they weren't always right about the people who they tracked and sometimes killed innocent people. Eventually, the Cullen took over the raids for his father only to get bitten and become a vampire himself. Which Cullen was it?

Question 6

Besides Bella, there are only two vampires in the Cullen clan who Carlisle didn't change. Who are they?

In a lot of ways, Carlisle is more than just an adoptive father to the younger Cullen's. Carlisle not only showed them how to live without feeding on humans, but he also fathered most of them as a vampire. In fact, he turned all of them except Bella and two others. As a Twihard, you already know that Edward changed Bella. The other two came to Carlisle as vampires. One of them had seen the Cullen's lifestyle in a vision. The other tagged along. Who are they?

Question 7

Which member of the Volturi guard morphed the pain they felt while being burned alive into their special gift as a vampire?

This member of the Volturi guard is high-ranked mainly because of the power of their gift. The vampire was already gifted as a human. Bad things happened to people who wronged the child or good things to those who were kind. The people of the village concluded that the child was a witch and decided the adolescent should be burned at the stake. Aro saved the adolescent and the youth's gift morphed to make others feel the intense pain they felt while burning at the stake. Whose gift is this?

Question 8

Besides Aro, who are the other two leaders of the Volturi?

At the start of The Twilight Saga, the Volturi had already ruled the vampire world for 25 centuries. It was Aro and two others who co-founded the coven along with one of their wives. The Volturi overtook all of the other large and powerful covens, then created their rules to keep vampires a secret. They spent centuries finding the vampires with the most powerful gifts to build the Volturi Guard. Aro makes most of the final decisions, making him well-known by fans, but who are the other two leaders of the Volturi?

Question 9

This vampire tracked Bella from Forks, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona. Who was it?

This vampire caught a whiff of Bella's blood in the wind at the Cullen's baseball game. His special ability was tracking sense, which allowed him to instinctively track and predict the next location of something, or someone that he is searching for. He also enjoyed the game involved in tracking his prey. Seeing how protective Edward was of Bella only made it more fun for him to attempt to catch her. His instincts led him straight to where Bella's mom lived in Phoenix, Arizona. Which vampire was this?

Question 10

Which member of the Cullen clan is the oldest in human years?

The Twilight Saga vampires don't seem to sweat their human ages much. However, a vampires age when they were changed should be a huge deal. Even, if you're going to be that age forever. Take Carlisle and Esme for example. They seem awfully young to have adopted a bunch of teenagers. Plus, it'd really suck to have to repeat high school as often as the Cullen kids do. Aside from Carlisle being the town doctor, and Esme playing mom, you can hardly tell who's oldest. Who is the eldest Cullen, anyway?

Question 11

What is Rosalie's special gift?

Not all vampires are blessed with special gifts once they are changed. Usually, the gift comes from something that the individual already had as a human, yet it increases when they become vampires. These special abilities can come from something that the human was simply good at, as with James' tracking abilities, or from an actual power like Alice's premonitions. Much like most of the other Cullen's, Rosalie had something special as a human, that was increased when she was turned. What was it?

Question 12

Who gave Bella her red truck?

Bella's red truck almost became a character of its own in the Twilight Saga films. In the books, it was described as being an old faded red/orange pickup truck from the 50's or 60's. In the films, a 1963 Chevy StepSide C-10 pickup was used. Bella loved the old truck and it got her from point A to B for the most part. Although, Edward did disable it the time that Jacob was angry and Bella wanted to follow him. Who gave Bella the truck?

Question 13

Which Twilight vampire was supposed to be Edward's mate?

Edward's family had been concerned about him finding a mate for a very long time. He'd never shown interest in anyone as a vampire until Bella. This makes it hard to imagine Edward with anyone else. However, Carlisle had made an attempt at finding him a mate once. It was after Carlisle had found and turned Esme, who'd eventually become his own mate. Of course, Carlisle wanted Edward to be happy like he was. That was partly why he turned a young woman who'd nearly been beaten to death. Who was she?

Question 14

What was Bella's scent like to Edward?

Edward acted as though he couldn't stand Bella when he first met her. He'd look at her as if he hated her, even worse, it was as if she smelled rotten. Bella couldn't pass a fan in a classroom without Edward making a face which appeared to show total disgust for her. He later explained how intoxicating the smell of her blood was for him. He described it in great detail as he claimed that "The lion fell in love with the lamb". What did Edward tell Bella her blood was like to him?

Question 15

Which member of the Volturi's special ability is Relationship Identification?

Aro surrounds himself by gifted and powerful vampires. Each of these vampires plays a role in keeping the Volturi members loyal, destroying vampires who break the Volturi's laws, or on the rare occasions when a battle arises. One of the Volturi's most gifted vampires is able to identify relationships. This vampire is able to gauge how close the ties are of covens and mates. They can sense those who will die to save one another vs those who can be broken to turn alliances. Which member of the Volturi has this gift?

Question 16

There were only 2 people who escaped being killed by James. Bella was the second. Who was the first?

There was one member of the Cullen coven who had already been tracked by James in the past. In fact, the vampire in question wasn't even a vampire, yet. After the murder of their mother, this person had been dumped into a mental asylum by their father and stepmother. James had caught the person's scent at the institution. Thanks to a premonition and a vampire who worked at the asylum, the person was changed before James could get to them. Who was the first person to get away from James?

Question 17

Who asked Carlisle to change Emmett?

One of the Cullen's came across Emmett after he'd been mauled by a bear in Tennessee. He was nearly dead from the attack, but the vampire saved him by carrying him over 100 miles to Carlisle. The vampire who found him didn't try to turn him because they were scared that they wouldn't have enough control to not kill him during the exchange. The vampire asked Carlisle to save Emmett by turning him. Who took Emmett to Carlisle, asking him to turn Emmett?

Question 18

How did Jacob's dad end up in a wheelchair?

Jacob's father Billy Black had already been getting around in a wheelchair long before Bella came to Forks. It was his truck that was given to her by Charlie as a homecoming gift. He'd bought it in the 80's but didn't have a need for it once he ended up in the wheelchair. Jacob was Billy's main caretaker after his older sisters left. His mother had died when he was only nine. What caused Billy to be handicapped happened shortly after. Why was Bily in a wheelchair?

Question 19

What is Alec's gift?

Alec was burned at the stake as a witch along with his twin sister Jane. Aro had already been watching the twins because they possessed supernatural talents as humans. He arrived in time to change them. While burning, Jane focused on the intense pain of burning. This left her with the power of pain illusion. Meanwhile, Alec focused on escaping the pain and his power mimics that escape. Alec's gift is one of the only mental powers that can be seen while he's using it through a black mist. What is his gift?

Question 20

What did the Quileute legends say that Jacob and his ancestors were descendants of?

Jacob wasn't a believer of his tribal legends when he first told Bella about them. The legends spoke about Jacob's ancestors who changed from their human form to protect humans from the cold ones. The treaty was made with the leader of the Olympic Coven of vampires, Carlisle Cullen stating that the shapeshifters wouldn't hunt his coven as long as they remained vegetarian. Jacob's ancestors were said to be descendants of something which could fight the cold ones. What are Jacob's and his ancestors the descendants of?

Question 21

What power does Jasper have?

Jasper was in the Confederate Army when he met a vampire named Maria. She changed him in hopes of using his army skills to build a newborn army to claim back her territory, which had recently been lost to another coven. He was very helpful with this because as it turned out he was able to do something that helped to control the newborns. His gift was also used to help lift Bella's spirits for her birthday. What was Jasper Hale's gift?

Question 22

Why did Rosalie wear a wedding dress to kill her attacker?

To say that Rosalie Hale is a bit dramatic would be a huge downplay on her character. Rosalie was the only Cullen to protest Bella and Edward's relationship. Partly because she was worried about it bringing the family down. Also, she was a bit upset that Bella would give up the life that was taken from her. She wanted to marry and have babies. However, she was beaten to the point of death, but Carlisle turned her. She tracked down her attackers and even wore a bridal gown to kill the last of them. Why did she do this?

Question 23

What special ability do the shapeshifters have?

The Quileute shapeshifter descendants aren't your average werewolves. They were shapeshifters who only changed when the scent of vampires, aka the cold ones, was present. Much like the vampires from the Twilight Saga, the shapeshifters had special abilities. Their abilities helped the pack stay in tune amongst themselves and with their Alpha. Jacob had this ability while in Sam Uley's pack, although, his ability was severed from the Uley pack and switched to his own. What ability do the shapeshifters have?

Question 24

Which Twilight Saga vampire has the gift of tactile telepathy?

There is one Twilight Saga vampire who has a special gift called tactile telepathy. Unlike a regular telepath, this gift only works through touch, meaning that the vampire has to actually touch the person who they want to read. However, the ability is much stronger than regular telepathy because they can see every thought, memory, or feeling that their subject has ever had. This gift is very useful in knowing where other vampires or people stand, what they are thinking, and who they are in general. Who has this gift?

Question 25

What's the deal with Leah and Sam Uley?

It was rather obvious that Leah Clearwater and Sam Uley had a complicated relationship after the werewolves were introduced in the Twilight Saga. They didn't speak much and it was always awkward when they did. Plus, there was that excuse that Leah gave Jacob for wanting to join his pack when he broke off from being one of Uley's betas to being his own Alpha. She didn't want to be stuck in Uley's pack, always hanging around him. What was the big deal between Leah Clearwater and Sam Uley anyway?

Question 26

Who did Charlie start dating in Breaking Dawn?

Sometime after Bella and Edward's wedding, her dad, Charlie began dating a member of the Quileute council. She is the widow of one of his friends and the mother of Leah and Seth Clearwater. She also becomes very helpful to Charlie after Jacob lets Charlie know that there are supernatural things going on around him. Her son and daughter both phased, so she understands the supernatural side of things. In the movies, she looks after him while Bella is away and "sick". Who is she?

Question 27

Why did Victoria want to kill Bella so badly?

The one vampire who really had it in for Bella was Victoria. She showed up without really being seen at Bella's prom to spy on her. She tracked her through New Moon and Eclipse. Victoria was so set on killing Bella that she even broke the Volturi laws and made a newborn army to distract the Cullen's so she could get to Bella. Needless to say, she wanted Bella dead bad. Why did Victoria want to kill Bella so badly?

Question 28

What gift did Bella gain as a vampire?

Bella already had a little something similar to an ability as a human, and no it wasn't her clumsiness. She was somehow immune to the powers of vampires. Edward couldn't read her mind, Jane couldn't make her feel her illusion of pain, and Alec could take away her senses. The only powers that did seem to work with Bella were that Alice could still see visions about Bella and Jasper could lighten her mood. What did this gift morph into when she was changed?

Question 29

Which coven was Irina from?

Irina made a couple of appearances in last two installments of the Twilight Saga. First, she appeared at Edward and Bella's wedding, along with her sisters where she was noticeably upset about Laurent's death. She couldn't believe that he'd attempted to kill Bella as he had been her mate and had claimed that he wanted to live a vegetarian lifestyle. She was also the vampire who saw Renesmee from a distance. Thinking Renesmee was an immortal child, she reported the Cullen's to the Volturi. They killed her in front of her coven for false reporting. What coven was she in?

Question 30

Who did Sam Uley imprint on?

Sam Uley broke Leah's heart after he phased into a wolf for the first time. He changed just after the Cullen's moved back to Forks. Since there wasn't anyone to help him through the phase, it took him a week to change back to human form. Once he returned he imprinted on Leah's cousin, making things even more complicated. His mate was seen at his home with a large scar on her face from where he'd lost control of his anger once. Who did Sam Uley imprint on?

Question 31

Which Twilight Saga vampire lost a baby as a human?

Renesmee was a welcome sight for the Cullen's. Especially, for the female vampires who lost the opportunity to have babies of their own. There was one female Cullen in particular, who probably enjoyed Renesmee's company more. She actually had a baby but lost the child to lung fever. As a result, she attempted suicide. She wasn't successful, although, she nearly died later and Carlisle changed her while she was on her deathbed. Afterward, she was able to use her nurturing skills as a mother for the Cullen teens and later Renesmee. Who was this?

Question 32

What was Renesmee's great-grandmother's name?

Renesmee never got to meet her great-grandmother, although, she did play a tiny part in her mother, Bella's history with Edward. Bella once had a dream where she'd initially thought that she'd seen her grandmother, yet her grandmother turned out to be her as an old woman. Aside from that, Bella was given a comb by Charlie for her something old to get married. It was mentioned by Bella's parents that the comb belonged to her grandmother. Who was Renesmee's great-grandmother?

Question 33

What is Caius' special ability?

In the Twilight Saga films, you never got to see Caius use his special ability. In fact, he's the only Volturi leader who doesn't use his power. Although, he did appear to be the cruelest of the three. He was often ready for a fight or to kill, whereas Aro wanted to recruit. After Alice and Bella stopped Edward from exposing himself in Volterra, Cauis was the one to call for Bella's death because she knew too much. What power does Caius have?

Question 34

What did Jacob nickname Renesmee?

Bella was furious when she found out that Jacob had imprinted on her newborn daughter. WHo wouldn't be, right? Although, I guess the idea with imprinting is that he'd be sort of like her protector until she grows up. Either way, Bella was not hearing it at first and Edward was enjoying her vampiric wrath. Bella almost seemed equally upset by Jacob's nickname for Renesmee, which reminded her of a certain sea monster. As in the Lochness Monster. What did Jacob nickname Renesmee?

Question 35

What is Renesmee's special ability?

It only seems natural that a hybrid born from two very talented vampires would also have great talent. Even if Bella was human during her pregnancy and Renesmee's birth. There was something that she was shown doing on a couple occasions. The first time was when Bella saw Resnessme for the first time. She also used it again for all of the Cullen's alliances and later Aro. This was a part of the Cullen's proof that she wasn't an immortal child. What ability did Renesmee use to do this?

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