The Simpsons: Can You Identify These 35 Famous Places In Springfield?


Have you ever wanted to be a Springfieldianite? Then surely you know all the names of the stupendous locations around The Simpsons' town of Springfield.  The town of Springfield is a mid-size representation of a typical town in the United States. As a long-running joke, the show has purposely contradicted itself with several misleading clues about its State of origin. The town of Springfield has a sizeable population of 30,720 and was first established in 1796. After misinterpreting a passage in the Bible, Jebediah Springfield led a group after leaving Maryland in order to find “New Sodom.” The result was the creation of Springfield.

Springfield is a town in The Simpsons animated-television show but also has been replicated at Universal Studios Hollywood. Additionally in July 2007, several 7-Eleven convenience stores across North America were converted into replicas of Kwik-E-Marts as part of a promotion for The Simpsons Movie.

The locations you find within this quiz may stump even the biggest The Simpsons fans. Each location in Springfield has an attached story that makes them significant. Many locations have been seen numerous times throughout The Simpsons’ over 600 episodes. The Simpsons has so far completed 28 seasons and is set to renew by Fox for seasons 29 and 30. Below you will find a quiz of 35 questions testing you as a Springfieldian..

Question 1


At 742 Evergreen Terrace you will find the home of the star characters of The Simpsons. This is the family we grew to love because of how they remind us of ourselves. This family includes a mom, dad, two children, and a baby. They own a dog named Santa’s Little Helper and a cat named Snowball. In early episodes of the show a grandpa also lived in the house. We love this family because of their ability to poke fun of everyday problems that are present in our daily lives.

Question 2

Come On I'll Bake You A Nice Pizza

This is a popular restaurant that serves a variety of Italian food. The restaurant owner is a stereotypical Italian immigrant. The Simpsons is well known for finding cliché stereotypes to base many of their characters on. This place is located in Little Italy and is a popular hangout for Fat Tony and other gang members in the Springfield mafia. In addition to Italian cuisine they also have lobster which can be selected from a lobster tank. The owner may be an illegal immigrant.

Question 3

Thank you, come again

Sideshow Bob robbed this store in an attempt to frame Krusty the Clown. This convenience store is owned by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. It serves a variety of different items including Squishees, Buzz Cola, Krusty-O’s, Sprinkilicious donuts, magazines, hot dogs, and ice bags. The mart has been criticized for selling expired food for cheap prices. The head clerk can be heard saying, “thank you, come again”, as people are leaving the store. James Woods the actor was a clerk at this location for one episode.

Question 4

Hi-diddly-ho Neighborino

It is possibly one of the greatest ideas ever, (at least for left-handed people). The idea is a store for left-handed people! This store is run by Ned Flanders who came up with the idea when he was tired of getting ink smeared while writing, having to use a standard transmission and other reasons. The store almost went out of business until Homer told a bunch of people about the store, after initially having kept quiet about the existence of the store.

Question 5


It is one of the schools within Springfield. The principal is Principal Skinner and there are many other staff members who regularly appear in episodes. These characters include Edna Krabappel, Elizabeth Hoover, Dewey Largo, Tress MacNeille, Coach Krupt, Lunchlady Doris and Groundskeeper Willie. Regularly Superintendent Chalmers will visit at a moment where a school prank or other mishaps are occurring. Due to the Superintendent always seeing the school when it is at its worst he has a large amount of frustration for Principal Skinner.

Question 6

Duff Beer

This factory produces an alcoholic beverage that is famous throughout the show. Replicas of the beer have been made in real life. Their mascot is a caped man who is named after the product. This building provides tours which explore the lot and give a brief history lesson. They have three different types of beer: Duff, Duff Lite and Duff Dry; but they are all the same beer with different packaging. Their slogan displayed on the front of the building is “Can’t Get Enough Of That Wonderful Duff.”

Question 7

Am I really that ugly?

The barkeeper in this building receives a large number of pranks calls from Bart Simpson and friends. The most popular drink served is Duff Beer. The popularity of the bar is low and has the same few guests including Homer, Lenny, Barney, Carl, Sam and Larry. As you enter this building it will seem like an ordinary bar. As a running joke there have been illegal activities going on in the back rooms such as rat milk production and mob activity.

Question 8


This house belongs to the principal of Springfield Elementary School. At one time Nelson Muntz played a prank on the principal by leaving something unpleasant in his bird bath. The owner of this house lives with his mother to which he claims she lives with him. The person who owns this house was revealed to be a fraud and not the person he claimed to be. He adopted the identity of the actual owner of the house and son of the mother.

Question 9

There’s no emoticon for what I’m feeling

If you are looking for collectables and comic books in Springfield this is your best option. This shop sells expensive antique comic books which are on display in a glass case. Comic Book Guy will take out antique items to show to customers but will not let them touch them. Comic Book Guy has a sarcastic attitude and is extremely obese. The shop’s most popular comic book is “Radioactive Man.” An actual comic book series was created and named “Radioactive Man” and takes part of its story from The Simpsons television show.

Question 10

Release the hounds

This mansion made its first appearance in the episode “There’s No Disgrace Like Home”. It is occupying 1000 Mammon Avenue. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful exterior of this mansion. It is protected by an electrified fence and a pack of ten vicious dogs. The interior is filled with traps and abnormalities. There is a bottomless pit, a human chess board and a room containing a thousand monkeys writing at a thousand typewriters. The basement is very unlike the rest of the mansion as it is comically small and ordinary compared to the rest of the rooms.

Question 11

Hi, Dr. Nick

It’s the hospital within Springfield. It is also known as the Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital. The most respected doctor at this hospital is Doctor Hibbert who has been involved in many of the major medical operations of The Simpsons. There is also the other doctor named Dr. Nick Riviera whose credentials have been put to question as he went to dubious medical schools. He also offers discount operations in side businesses. His most recognized catchphrase is said every time he enters a room. He says “Hi, everybody.” at which point everyone in the room responds, “Hi, Dr. Nick.”

Question 12

Pin Pals

This is a very normal bowling alley. Homer Simpson loves to bowl and many of the episodes in the series have involved this bowling alley. In one episode Homer formed a team of friends to bowl. After numerous names were suggested the team was named the Pin Pals. This team was composed of Homer, Moe, Apu and Otto. To pay for the team Homer borrowed money from Mr. Burns who mistook him for the Pillsbury Doughboy. Later Mr. Burns asked to join the team and was reluctantly accepted. Later Mr. Burns selfishly took the winning trophy for himself.

Question 13

Who Lives Here?

At 744 Evergreen Terrace you will find a home directly bedside the Simpson’s home. Living in this home is another family of four. This family has been characterized as being super religious and following the Christianity faith. They are practically the opposite of the Simpsons in almost every way. For this reason the Simpsons, (especially Homer), envy them. The two young boys within this house are abnormally well behaved and don’t ever swear, get into trouble, or forget to say they’re prayers before bed.

Question 14


This is the building in which most of town's major decisions are made. All the townspeople will gather within this building to vote on issues. The building was the birthplace of the idea for the monorail and many other ideas. At one meeting the Simpsons family was voted to be kicked out of Springfield. Often the person who heads these gatherings is Mayor Quimby. The reverend’s wife, during a meeting, once screamed “won’t someone please think of the children?” when everyone was arguing.

Question 15

Name This Hangout

Many of the young people from the town can be seen frequenting this location. These children include Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and a video game expert named Howard. Homer saw Howard playing a round of Super Slugfest with a record of 200 fights. In attempt to beat Bart at Super Slugfest, which Bart was previously undefeated at, Homer asks Howard for lessons on how to get better. Howard says he’ll do it if Homer barks like a dog. Later after the lesson, Howard’s mom drags Howard away and then criticizes Homer for playing with children.

Question 16

No dig up stupid

There are only three officers on the force in this police department but there have been guest officers such as Marge Simpson. The three recurring officers are Chief Wiggum, Lou and Eddie. Chief Wiggum is one of the worst policemen ever to exist. He is fat, sleeps on the job, lazy and is bad at catching criminals. Lou had yellow skin to begin with but was later made dark-skinned to represent an African American. Eddie says a few short lines but is usually quiet.

Question 17


This shed is a storage facility for the equipment used to upkeep the school’s grounds. The caretaker is an abnormally muscular Scottish man with wild red hair. “Ach! They call this a soccer riot? Come on, boys, let's take 'em to school!” This Scottish man lives in the shed as well. He is something of a protector for the children of Springfield Elementary. He once fought a wolf and easily beat him. “Ah, don't feel too bad for losin'! I was wrestling wolves when you were at your mother's teat!” said the groundskeeper.

Question 18


This mall has hundreds of stores, restaurants, clinics and other services. In one episode Bart is looking for an ear piercing store. The camera pans on the stores as he walks by them through the mall. The first is a Starbucks, the second is The Jerky Hut, the third is a Starbucks, the fourth is a coming soon Starbucks and then finally he reaches the ear piercing store. Bart gets his ear pierced but they had to “make it quick” because the store was being converted into a Starbucks! It’s a joke about there being too many Starbucks.

Question 19

mmmmm donuts

Policeman, including Chief Wiggum, will frequently come here for a bite to eat when they are not on duty. This store is quite famous for having deliciously large donuts. The best way to spot this location is to observe its eight meter tall mascot of a young boy proudly holding a giant donut. In the “Treehouse of Horror VI”, Homer steals the giant donut from the statue. Shortly after, the statue comes to life and summons an army of giant statues to retrieve the giant donut and wreak havoc on the town.

Question 20

One Beautiful Summer

This magnificent rocky formation is not naturally occurring. Lenny once said while passing it on bus that he and another carved it during one beautiful summer. The mountain itself is not often occurring within The Simpsons episodes but also exists in the mobile game “The Simpsons: Tapped Out.” The person it is carved to resemble is Homer and Lenny’s friend. He has a stronger relationship with Lenny and it is not known if they are homosexual. It hasn’t been said if they are homosexual but it has been indirectly implied.

Question 21

All You Can Eat... Sort Of

This restaurant is owned by the ship captain in The Simpsons. His actual name is barely used but it is Captain McCallister. This fishy restaurant serves food including lobsters, shrimp and other fish related foods. On the front of the building you can see an “All You Can Eat” sign. Homer was the first person to be thrown out of the restaurant because he continued to eat past closing time. The amount of food he consumed was so large that the captain believed he was not human.

Question 22

Homer The Vigilante

To buy guns and other heavy duty weaponry you will need to visit this shop. The owner is a crazed, one-armed military veteran who has strong knowledge in military tactics. He once took Chief Wiggum and Snake hostage inside the shop. In an early episode of The Simpsons, Bart got into a huge battle with Nelson Muntz. With the help of his grandpa, friends and the owner of this shop they won the battle by tactfully bombarding them with water balloons.

Question 23

Abraham Simpson

This place is known for housing senior citizens of Springfield. As a building within Springfield it is one which operates more normal compared to every other place. The old people can be very grouchy when they don’t get what they want. There are tough rules enforced for its residents. Once while giving a tour, Abe Simpson said “That’s the activity room. We’re not allowed in there. That’s the library. Not allowed in there either. And don’t even think about going in the game room.”

Question 24

Home of the Ribwich

This fast-food chain restaurant is named after a famous television character. It serves burgers and fries and has been compared to McDonalds in the show. The server is usually a nerdy, skinny teenager with acne. He has a crackling voice. The fast-food restaurant has different promotions which is cause for Homer and his family to go eat there. These promotional burgers include the Ribwich and the Mother Nature Burger. Homer becomes addicted to the fast food served here whenever there’s a promotion.

Question 25


This mansion houses one of the richest members of Springfield. The character was once forced to move out of the home due to tax fraud. Often a nice sports car can be seen outside the home. Bart and Lisa once went inside this mansion. There is a swimming pool but it is only used to discard pounds of shrimp tails. The house was featured on the fictional show Padz which is a television show that showcases the interior of celebrities’ homes.

Question 26


This is the most visited music store in Springfield by the Simpsons family. It sells premium musical instruments and can be quite pricey. Homer bought Lisa’s first saxophone from this store. The saxophone’s inscription is “TO LISA: NEVER FORGET YOUR DADDY LOVES D’OH!” because he dropped the saxophone while saying what to inscribe. Her second saxophone was given from Bleeding Gums Murphy, a talented musician. Its first appearance was in the episode “Lisa’s Pony.” The manager of this store is Jer.

Question 27

Offshore Oil Rig

Without this location Homer, Bart, Ned Flanders and Rod Flanders would have likely drowned to death due to being stranded in the middle of the ocean. After pulling out a map Homer realized that there was an offshore oil rig in which they could find salvage. The platform is a restaurant in the middle of the ocean and it is an “unmanned oil rig” so the restaurant’s only customers were Homer, Bart, Ned Flanders and Rod Flanders. The whole concept is so ridiculous that it’s funny.

Question 28

Channel 6

The television clown who frequently appears in The Simpsons episodes is named after this location. The location is not only the recording place of the clowns popular television show but also is a place where movies are made. It is also where Kent Brockman’s news segment is recorded. It is modeled after many of the filming locations seen in Hollywood. This compound is directly across the street from the Box Factory. The Box Factory is where Millhouse’s dad works. The location is in homage to Desilu Studios, where “I Love Lucy” was recorded.

Question 29

Who Shot Mr. Burns?

This company is owned by a resident of Springfield. The slanted shape is due to the fact it extracts oil from the side of the oil well. Its purpose is to steal oil from the actual people who are planning to extract the oil from the top of the well. This plot is unethical and is pure greedy. This project was what lead to a shooting of one of the major characters in The Simpsons and was included in a continued story spanning two episodes.

Question 30

Yep, got a taillight out.

A police officer of Springfield lives here with his wife and son. In the officer’s closet you will find many private police items. The owner was so relieved to see his son Ralph playing with Bart that he encouraged them to play with the riot gear so they could have fun. Immediately after, Bart discovered the “key to the city.” In real life the key to the city is symbolic but this key actually opens every single door in town. Including the toy store, bakery and the abandoned prison.

Question 31

He said it was for the good of the nation

People living here have only been former presidents of the United States of America. The only residents of this home have been former presidents of the United States of America. The first owner got into a huge dispute with Homer and Bart which was first caused by shredded memoirs. As a result of the shredded memoirs, Bart was spanked. Homer did not agree with the spanking and immediately sought an apology. This apology was not received and the situation escalated further. After a series of pranks, the owner moved out. The second owner, also a former president, now currently resides there.

Question 32

Name This Location

Not only does this club have a golf course but is also the place where Marge found a group of snobby rich friends. After Marge bought a highly marked down Chanel Dress she appeared to be a wealthy person. Due to this change in appearance the Simpsons family was invited to this exclusive club. Mr. Burns and Homer became good friends after their family joined the club and they played golf with each other. It was later discovered Mr. Burns’ assistant, Mr. Smithers, had been cheating for Mr. Burns by moving golf balls.

Question 33

Three Questions

This central office is the headquarters of a particular convenience store. It is located in the Himalayas on top of a tall, tall mountain. Homer once said “this isn’t very convenient.” The president of this convenience store can only be asked three questions. The president is a guru who sits crossed legged and has long white hair and a long white beard. This location only made an appearance in one episode. The building is unlike other buildings within the company and sells pots and papers.

Question 34

Brown House

This home is directly to the right of the Simpson family’s home if your viewpoint was from the street. People who have lived in this home include Ruth and Laura Powers, Sideshow Bob disguised as Walt Warren and Mr. and Mrs. Winefield. The home is two doors down from the Flander’s home. Bart had a huge crush on Laura Powers but she was too old for him. Ruth Powers is a friend of Marge and their hangouts are always filled with danger.

Question 35

Who Lives Here?

This is the address where one of the families of Springfield lives. The house was sprayed by potato bugs at one point. Bart and his friends later borrowed the tent surrounding the house to make a ceremony where Bart performed healing acts. The house itself is very ordinary and quite clean inside. It is pink in color and is within walking distance from the Simpsons family house. The house’s first appearance was in the episode “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge.”

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