The Phoebe Quiz That None Of The FRIENDS Would Pass

The sitcom Friends tells the story of six young people living in New York City. There is the handsome and charming but dim-witted actor Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc. His awkward but lovable roommate Chandler Bing is portrayed by Matthew Perry. Across the hall lives neat freak Monica Geller, played by Courteney Cox, and fashionista Rachel Green, played Jennifer Aniston. Monica's brother Ross Geller is a paleontologist played by David Schwimmer.

Perhaps the most unique friend of them all is Phoebe Buffay. She is eccentric, a little ditsy and childlike but ultimately a kind and caring person. She is also tough and street smart, since she was out on the streets at age 14. The self-taught musician performs her zany songs at Central Perk, the coffee shop the friends all hang out in.

Lisa Kudrow's portrayal of the character earned her a Golden Globe nomination and won her a Primetime Emmy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Satellite Award, and an American Comedy Award.

Phoebe has lived quite a life...and many past lives that were just as wild. How well do you remember the quirky character? Here is your chance to find out! Try your hand at The Phoebe Quiz That None Of The FRIENDS Would Pass.

Question 1

What is her twin sister’s name?

In addition to her starring role on Friends, Lisa Kudrow had a minor role in the sitcom Mad About You. In the latter, she plays a ditzy waitress. The writers decided to have the character cross over into the Friends universe as Phoebe's twin sister. The sisters do not get along. Phoebe's twin is considerably less kind and caring than she is. She briefly dates Joey and then quickly dumps him. Do you remember what Phoebe's twin sister's name is?

Question 2

What food does she crave during her pregnancy?

During the fourth season, Phoebe is pregnant with triplets. She is acting as a surrogate for her half brother and sister in law. The pregnancy is difficult and affects her in many ways. She is often moody, physically uncomfortable and left out of many events. But perhaps the most annoying symptom of all is the craving she begins to have. She starts to crave eating a food that she normally would never, ever eat - but the craving is too strong to resist,

Question 3

Why does she break up with David (the first time)?

David the scientist guy first appears in the tenth episode of season one. He is a physicist with an awkward but charming personality, and Phoebe is immediately smitten. Their relationship seems perfect, like they were soulmates. Sadly, it abruptly ends between them. David briefly returns for an episode in season seven. He comes back in season nine and resumes his relationship with Phoebe, but she ultimately ends up with Mike Hannigan. Why do the two break up (the first time)?

Question 4

Why does she move out of Monica’s apartment?

The sixth episode of season three is a flashback. It goes back three years in the past to a time before Rachel was a part of the gang, Joey had just moved in with Chandler, and Ross is still married to Carol. And Central Perk was a bar instead of a coffeehouse. Phoebe had been living with Monica up to this point, but began slowly moving her furniture to her grandmother's place. She had to move out of Monica's apartment because of...?

Question 5

What is the name of the cop she dates?

Phoebe finds a wallet with an NYPD badge at the coffeehouse. Rather than return it like a normal person, she decides to use it to defend nature from people. She uses it to make a woman apologize to a tree after putting out a cigarette on it. But the game ends when Phoebe tries to use the badge on the cop it belongs to. He is charmed by her and they date for a while, but it does not work out.

Question 6

Which song does she shoot a music video for?

Phoebe has a number of memorable songs from the show. She has given us lyrics like "Your love is like a giant pigeon crapping on my heart." But one of them is perhaps the most famous of them all. She even professionally records it as a potential single and shoots a music video for it. After watching the music video, Phoebe later realizes that her singing voice has been replaced by another woman's who does not have the studio's desired look.

Question 7

Why won’t she go to the dentist?

In the eighth episode of season three, Phoebe has a serious tooth ache. It is causing her great pain, but she will not make a dental appointment. She says that she has a dentist, but that she cannot see him. What reason does she give? Does she have a big crush on her dentist? Does she think every time she goes to the dentist, someone dies? Or that every time she goes, someone gets horrible news? Or does she think that dentists are mean?

Question 8

Who was her first husband?

In season two, we learn that Phoebe has been married for the last six years. She married her gay friend named Duncan from Canada who needed a green card. He returns to tell her that he has realized that he is not really gay and needs a divorce to marry another woman. Phoebe is devastated but ultimately happy for him. Duncan's profession is mentioned several times - what is it? Was he her old songwriting partner, a firefighter, a kindergarten teacher, or an ice dancer?

Question 9

Why doesn't Rachel want to run with her?

In season six, Phoebe and Rachel are living together. They try to go jogging in the park together as a fun bonding activity. After the first time they run together, Rachel decides she can never run with Phoebe again. She lies and tells Phoebe that Monica hurt her ankle. What is the real reason Rachel does not want to run with Phoebe? Is it because she runs like an elephant? Is she too slow or too fast? Or is she too competitive?

Question 10

What is her birth mother’s name?

At the end of season three, Phoebe tracks down a woman who knew her parents in hopes that she will be able to find her father. The woman does not know where her father is, but gives Phoebe some surprising news - she is her real birth mother and was in a threesome relationship with her parents. When she got pregnant with twins, she got scared and left Phoebe and her sister with the woman they believed to be their birth mother.

Question 11

Why doesn’t she go to London for Ross’ wedding?

Ross begins to date his boss' niece, Emily Waltham, in season four. Their relationship starts off as a two week fling, but quickly advances. They decide to get married after seeing each other for a mere six weeks. Their wedding is in London. All of their friends and family are invited. Rachel decides not to attend at first. (She later realizes that she is still in love with Ross and goes to stop the wedding). Phoebe also stays behind because...?

Question 12

What language does she speak?

She may not have attended high school or college, but Phoebe has a plethora of skills. She is fluent in a foreign language, which she learned while living on the streets. She would meet a small group behind a dumpster and they would practice together. She tries to teach Joey a little bit of the language for an audition he has, but he fails miserably at even the simplest of phrases. Which language does Phoebe speak? Spanish, Latin, Polish or French?

Question 13

What is her profession?

Since she cannot support herself on her terrible music, Phoebe has a day job. She first mentions what she does for a living in season one. While she has a couple of hiccups along the way and temporarily takes other side jobs, she is consistently employed throughout the show. What is her profession? Is she a waitress at a high end restaurant? Is she a receptionist for an office? Is she a masseuse? Or does she work as a personal assistant?

Question 14

What business does she start with Monica?

Monica had some tough luck with her career the first few seasons. She was fired from her job in season two after just getting promoted for unknowingly breaking a corporate policy. She is then forced to take an embarrassing job at a diner where has has to dress up in a blonde wig, fake breasts, and wear roller skates. In season four, she and Phoebe decide to start a business together. They work well together, but their business is short lived.

Question 15

What are the names of the triplets?

Phoebe gives birth to her nieces and nephew in season four. Frank Jr. and Alice each name one of the triplets. He names one of the boys, she names one of the girls, and they allow Phoebe to name the other boy. After she gives birth, they realize the baby Phoebe named is actually a girl. However, they keep the masculine name that Phoebe originally chose. What are the triplets' names? Hint: Phoebe chooses between Joey and Chandler for the name.

Question 16

What is her roommate's name?

Phoebe apparently has a roommate. No one else realized she had one until the sixth season, when Rachel needs a new place to live after Chandler moves in with Monica. Phoebe says Rachel can't move in with her because she already has a roommate. This roommate is only mentioned a couple of times and is never seen. There is actually a debate among fans on whether this roommate is real or if Phoebe made her up. What is this supposed roommate's name?

Question 17

What family heirloom does she inherit?

Phoebe receives a family heirloom from her birth mother. At first, she is very excited that she has heirlooms considering she grew up without a family most of her life. But she is horrified once she realizes what the heirloom is. It is something that goes against her core beliefs. She contemplates burning the heirloom, but ends up liking it. Eventually, the guilt of keeping it drives her crazy and she gives the gift away to a random person on the street.

Question 18

Which TV network does she hate?

Phoebe hates a certain television network so much that the fourth episode of season five is named "The One Where Phoebe Hates ___." Joey gets a job on the network. He believes that he is a telethon host, but he is really just a phone operator. Phoebe says she hates the network because after her mother had killed herself and she was in a really bad place, she tried writing to a show on the network. No one wrote her back and they just sent her a key chain.

Question 19

What nickname does she try out for Joey?

Phoebe and Joey have a rather interesting relationship. They have kissed more than once and are flirty but, unlike the other friends, they have never attempted to actually go out with each other. (Fun fact: Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow pitched the idea that Phoebe and Joey had been secretly hooking up the entire series, but it was not picked up by the writers). In the season seven episode "The One With All The Cheesecakes," Phoebe tries calling Joey by the nickname...?

Question 20

What disappointing news does she get on her 30th birthday?

Rachel turns thirty in the fourteenth episode of season seven. She is depressed about getting older, which causes the other friends to reminisce about their own thirtieth birthdays. Some handle the occasion much better than others. Phoebe has a great time on her big first. She completes all the items on her bucket list that she wanted to complete before reaching the milestone. But later in the day, she gets some disappointing news that almost ruins her entire day.

Question 21

Why does she keep a stray cat?

In "The One With The Cat," a cat crawls into Phoebe's guitar case. At first she shoos it away, but suddenly feels a very strong connection to the creature and decides to keep it. Ross discovers that the cat actually belongs to a little girl who is putting up missing posters all over town. The other friends are reluctant to tell Phoebe she needs to return the cat because she has bonded with it so much. Why does she want to keep the cat?

Question 22

What alias does she frequently use?

Whenever Phoebe needs to make up a fake name, she always chooses the same one. The first time she uses the name is when she is trying to get in contact with Ross in London when he is getting married to Emily and warns him that Rachel is coming to ruin the nuptial. She uses the name again when the gang visits Vegas and several more times. She even makes a French version of the name. What is Phoebe's alias?

Question 23

Which European city did she live in?

Phoebe had a wild life before she settled down. Her stories often shock her friends. She claims that she lived with an albino man who washed windows outside Port Authority and a guy named Sidney who talked to his hand. She also says that she once stabbed a cop who stabbed her first and that she spent her sweet sixteen being chased by an escaped mental patient who wanted to kill her. She also said that she lived in what European city?

Question 24

What precognitive power does she claim to have?

Phoebe believes in many supernatural and spiritual phenomenon...though she does not believe scientific facts like gravity and evolution. She claims to have a certain ability that allows her to predict the future. She uses this ability to predict that she is going to meet the man of her dreams soon, which leads her to meeting Parker (played by Alec Baldwin) in season eight. What precognitive ability does she claim to have? Reading tarot cards, palms, or tea leaves? Or does she get visions of the future?

Question 25

Who did she declare her love for during Thanksgiving?

Episode nine of season six is named "The One Where Ross Got High." Monica is hosting Thanksgiving at her place and has invited her parents over. Chandler wants to win them over but is having trouble due to a lie Ross had told them years ago. Meanwhile, Joey wants to leave as soon as he can to go to his hot roommate's Thanksgiving party. The tension leads to the friends yelling out their secrets to everyone in the apartment. Phoebe yells that she loves...?

Question 26

What is her costume in "The One With The Halloween Party"?

Monica and Chandler host a costume party for Halloween in the sixth episode of the eighth season. The episode features several amusing costumes, such as Chandler dressed as a pink bunny. Ross comes as a Russian satellite Sputnik crossed with a potato and calls it Spud-nik. Chandler makes a comment about Ross' girlfriend Mona's slutty nurse costume, but she informs him that she is just a regular nurse. Do you remember what Phoebe decided to dress up as for the party?

Question 27

What animal does she compare Ross and Rachel to?

Ross and Rachel are on again and off again throughout the show's ten seasons. In the season two episode "The One With The Prom Video," Ross is worried that he has blown it with Rachel. Phoebe assures him that they will end up together. She compares the couple to a certain animal that is known to mate for life. Sure enough, they get together by the end of the episode. What animal does she compare them to? Penguins? Lobsters? Beavers? Or wolves?

Question 28

When does she finally find her father?

When Phoebe and her sister were just infants, their father walked out on their family and left them with their mother. Phoebe attempts to track him down several times in the series. In the process, she discovers that her father had another family that he walked out on and that she has a half brother named Frank Jr. Frank Buffay Sr. does eventually appear in the show, but only for a single episode. When is Phoebe finally reunited with the father that abandoned her?

Question 29

What business does she start with her brother?

When Frank and Alice learn that they are having triplets, Frank says that he will have to quit refrigerator college and get a job to support them. Phoebe does not want him to give up his dream, so she tries to come up with a way to make extra money. After a few failures, she comes up with a business idea: an on the go massage service with Frank driving and her providing the clients massages. What is this endeavor called?

Question 30

Which Friend did she mug as a teen?

The fifth episode of season nine is named "The One With The Mugging." We learn that Phoebe had crossed paths with one of the friends before they all officially knew each other. Back when she was living on the streets, she sometimes resorted to mugging to survive. It turns out that one of her victims was a member of the gang. Who did Phoebe mug as a teen? Was it Rachel? Or maybe it was Monica? Was it Ross? Or was it Chandler?

Question 31

How does she meet Mike?

We are first introduced to Mike Hannigan, played by Paul Rudd, in the third episode of season nine. Though he only appears in the final two seasons of the show, he quickly became a fan favorite and Phoebe's eventual husband.. Do you remember how Phoebe first met Mike? Did Joey randomly set them up? Did they meet at the coffeehouse? Was he one of her clients at work? Or was he a piano player at a karaoke bar she visited?

Question 32

While she is working as a telemarketer, what does a caller tell her?

In the thirteenth episode of season seven, titled "The One Where Rosita Dies," Phoebe gets a side job selling toner over the phone. She is given a script to follow and it seems like an easy gig. But on her very first sales call, she is connected to an office manager named Earl - played by Seinfeld's Jason Alexander. He rejects her offer for toner. When she asks him why, he says something so concerning that she runs out of the office.

Question 33

What does she change her name to?

Mike and Phoebe get married in season ten. After they wed, Phoebe goes to get her last name legally changed to Hannigan. But when the government employee informs her that she can change her full name to anything she wants, she chooses a more...unique name. The name she chooses is so ridiculous that, in retaliation, says that he will change his name to Crap Bag unless she changes it back. She eventually caves and changes her name to Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan.

Question 34

How does she delay Rachel’s flight in the finale?

In the last couple of episodes, Rachel is preparing to move to Paris for a new job. As she is getting on her plane, Ross realizes that he cannot let her go and needs to stop her. Phoebe drives him to the airport in her cab at a terrifying speed. They are running out of time, so Phoebe calls Rachel and tries to make her leave the plane. Instead, Phoebe ends up delaying the entire flight. How does she do this?

Question 35

True or false: she has kissed every other friend

The show may be called Friends, but there is a lot of romance that happens between the characters. Nearly all of them have had moments with each other. Even Ross and Monica made out once (accidentally). Phoebe is one of the biggest flirts in the group and, other than Joey, has the most relationships among them. But is it true that she kissed every single person in the main cast - Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, and Joey - at some point in the show?

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