Prove You Belong In The Fellowship By Getting 100% On This Lord Of The Rings Quiz

Tolkien’s mythical world of Middle Earth has been a global phenomenon for over 60 years now, passed from generation to generation via the books, and subsequently the recent series of films. The Lord of the Rings films were a massive success for Warner Bros. both financially and critically, and they cemented many of the actors involved in the projects are certified household names. This quiz will cover certain segments of the books not shown in the films, but with a pretty healthy knowledge of the films, there should be no real problem passing this quiz. It’s going to take a real Tolkien know-it-all to answer all of these questions, which range from simple to deceiving.

These books have permeated the cultural landscape (at least in America) so much so that college classes are actually taught that revolve around the religious, symbolic, and societal themes discussed throughout the series. And the series itself is still so massively popular that Amazon actually recently bought the rights to the filmed material, in order to make their own television show based off the popular books. Time will only tell if they’re able to stand-up to the quality of the films. So test your overall knowledge of Middle Earth and prove you belong in the Fellowship.

1Where Do The Hobbits Live?

It’s going to be easy for even a seasoned veteran to assume that the answer to this question is, “the shire” but this question is asking for something a little more specific. The Shire is the area in which this small village is located, and it’s actually centrally located in The Shire. This village was actually created in New Zealand for the team to film, and the Lord of the Rings tours that New Zealand is famous for actually allow visitors to visit this pristine and picturesque little village.

2How Many Rings Were Given To The Race Of Men?

If you can remember (and it’s hard to forget) Cate Blanchett’s incredible narration in the first film in the series, The Fellowship of the Ring, you will recall her mentioning the disbursement of the rings of power. These rings were actually created by Sauron, or the elves that were under his tutelage at the time. Many of the races ended up either hiding their rings or abandoning them, but the race of men were corrupted by the pursuit of power. After they used the rings, they fell under Sauron’s control, and became the Nazgul, his ghoulish slaves.

3Who Did Bilbo Steal The Ring Of Power From?

The story of this character in question is without-a-doubt the epic tragedy of the Lord of the Rings saga. Many people end up falling under the control of Sauron, but this character actually falls prey to the object of his power, rather than the villain himself. And throughout the story it’s easy to see moments in which many of our protagonists could have fallen prey in the same way, and they could have lost themselves in their own obsession. And this poor character has the ring stolen right from under his nose.

4What Race Are Often Referred To As, ”Durin’s Folk?”

This question is definitely going to be for the book readers. These humble hoarders play an important part throughout Tolkien’s Middle Earth series, including (and especially) The Hobbit. They originally aid Bilbo in The Hobbit, and later, one of them can even be seen amongst the fellowship. One could be forgiven for mistaking these short and burly men (and women) for mere miners, but they are actually fierce warriors, and it’s hard to find someone willing to go toe-to-toe with an army of these treasure protectors.

5Which Of These Isn’t An Inn In Middle Earth?

The Inn’s of Middle Earth are generally where people either hide from danger, or drink enough to forget it’s out there. Whenever we see our character’s staying at an inn, it seems as though danger is waiting right outside for them. The most notorious inn scene happens in the first book, when the ring wraiths decide to hunt down the fellowship, but instead of stabbing our height deficient heroes, they end up brutally murdering a wonderful bed spread. You’ve got to feel bad for the person that changes the sheets.

6What Was Aragorn Referred To As, As A Child?

Aragorn goes by many names throughout the series of books, and he deserves every one that is bestowed upon him. These names generally refer to his strength of character, or his mastery with a blade, and this nickname is no different. It’s crazy to think that his family was able to see the noble intentions that Aragorn had, even as an infant, and his bravery and strong will were clearly apparent early on, and those characteristics were only strengthened as time went on.

7What Was Aragorn Referred To As When The Hobbits First Met Him In The Prancing Pony?

Aragorn goes from mysterious, terrifying drifter to noble hero pretty darn quick in The Lord of the Rings, as it seems that Tolkien was in quite a hurry to get to the heart of this incredible character (can’t blame him for that). He singlehandedly saves the group of young Hobbits on multiple accounts, and he ensures that their magical journey wouldn’t be stopped short by some short sighted planning, and ill-advised drinking. It’s a good thing he was there to save the day, because instead of three books, we might have only gotten several chapters.

8What Are Morgul-Wounds?

Frodo was at one point in pretty serious danger, and was close to becoming an enemy himself. The very worst possible scenario would be that Frodo would come under the possession of Sauron, because then it would only be a matter of time before the ring made it back to it’s original owners possession. These wounds are not only dangerous because of their deadly sting, but because they actually have the power to turn the victim into a nightmarish slave of Sauron himself.

9What Event Began The Third Age Of Middle Earth?

The different periods of time in Middle Earth are dictated by specific large-scale events. Events that not only change some of the geography of the land, but ones that also shift the territory owned by specific factions and races. Middle Earth is pretty cut and dry when it comes to the types of creatures that inhabit the specific lands spread throughout it. Of course the dwarves occupy the areas under the mountains, the hobbits (being the good natures souls they are) inhabit the most beautiful countryside, and Sauron and his nasty army inhabit the worst and most inhospitable area in all of Middle Earth, Mordor.

10What Creatures Does Farmer Maggot Use To Keep Intruders Off His Land?

Farmer Maggot is a hardworking farmer that really gets the brunt end of it in the books and the films. Not only does he have the worst name in the entire series, but he’s constantly getting his crops stolen out from under his nose, and it’s generally Mary and Pippin that are solely responsible for his misfortune. The two pranksters and juveniles tend to get food wherever they can get it, and with their massive appetites (they do smoke a lot) it generally takes a lot of nourishment for them to finally appease their stomachs.

11How Many Rings Of Power Were Forged?

The rings of power were distributed by Sauron during the second age, in hopes that he would be able to control the users of the ring with his all powerful ring. The idea that he would give them gifts that would later became their own downfall is incredibly diabolical, and it completely sums up everything that’s great about Sauron. Luckily, the races aside from men were wise enough to not trust Sauron, and they either hid their rings away, or used them without succumbing to his rule.

12What Gift Does Galadriel Bestow Upon Gimli?

This is a very sweet, tender moment in the books that was thankfully left out of the theatrical cut of the film it was featured in. The scene that was filmed between Gimli and Galadriel was very odd, and it came off as far more creepy and unnatural than it was originally planned to be. Of course it doesn’t seem like this moment would be an easy one to film, because it’s a pretty odd think to receive in the first place. Most of the items that were bestowed upon the fellowship were for survival, guidance, or both, but this was just a small token.

13What Birthday Is Bilbo Celebrating In The Fellowship Of The Ring?

Bilbo is old. Almost all of the elder characters in the Lord of the Rings are incredibly old (and by that, we mean they are older than any human could possibly live). Of course many of the other elderly characters are much older than Bilbo, like Galadriel and Gandalf. Galadriel is an elf, which means she has immortal life, and wizards live thousands of years (it is assumed by Tolkien’s writing). And the only reason Bilbo lives for so long, is because of his unnatural life force granted by the ring, his obsession keeps him alive.

14What Is The Name Of The Ferry The Hobbits Take To Escape The Ring Wraiths?

The Hobbits end up getting themselves into a pretty sticky situation when a ring wraith gets within an arms reach of them alongside the road out of Hobbiton. They attempt to make their way over to the Prancing Pony (off advice from Gandalf) and they have to make a pretty quick escape when the black riders eventually catch up with them before the river. At the last moment, Frodo decides to ask Merry how they could go about crossing the river to get away, and Merry ends up suggesting this means of transportation.

15What Real Life Location Served As The Setting For The Lord Of The Rings Films?

This gorgeous locale was used throughout the entire trilogy of films, and it served as the backdrop for all of the mythical and gorgeous locations and setting thought up by Tolkien. Of course some CGI and miniature work was used to create some of the larger settings like statues or cities, but Jackson used these techniques sparingly, and it paid off in spades. And this beautiful country didn’t need much touch up when it came to the landscape shots (which make up about 50% of these movies), and it’s a pretty decent location when you have to walk across an entire mythical world to destroy a ring of power.

16Which Member Of The Fellowship Gets Left Behind When They Exit The Mines Of Moria?

This is going to be a pretty easy answer for fans of the films or books, but the wound from this loss is still pretty fresh for most fans (even if it gets resolved shortly afterwards). It’s hard to keep a character like this down, so of course he ends up coming back later on in the series. While battling the legendary Balrog, this character ends up perishing after he is dragged down by the falling beast. He does eventually defeat it, but his loss is felt immensely by the other members of the fellowship, because this character acted as their mentor and guide.

17What King Is Freed From Saruman’s Spell By Gandalf?

This king is possessed when we are originally introduced to him in the series, and that’s after being told of his wisdom and his bravery beforehand. When we meet him though, he appears to be a coward, and he offers no assistance to our heroes in their time of need. Gandalf recognizes that he’s being controlled by an outside influence, and it doesn’t take him long to narrow it down to Saruman, and Gandalf uses his great powers to rid him of this spell, and to change this mighty king into his normal, strong self.

18What Is Merry And Pippin’s Punishment For Stealing Gandalf’s Fireworks?

These two troublesome brothers were mentioned earlier in this quiz because of their meddling ways, and this entry won’t contradict those characteristics. When Gandalf first arrives in town (in tremendous style) he is chased down by the children of Hobbiton, because they know the wise old wizard would be bringing entertainment and fun with him. It doesn’t take long for him to use some of his trademark magic to dazzle them with fireworks and spells. And during the celebration, Gandalf decides to break out some fireworks, but he finds out that they were already set off by the two troublemakers.

19Which Book/Film Saw Sam Handling Sting To Kill Some Orcs?

Samwise Gamgee is perhaps the greatest hero of The Lord of the Rings. He’s brave, steadfast, and true, and without him, Frodo wouldn’t have made it very far past the Shire, let alone all the way to Mount Doom. He’s at times the unsung hero of the series, but Frodo makes sure to remind Sam (especially at the end of it all) that Sam was crucial in getting the ring to the end. Sam eventually takes up Frodo’s famous sword (after Frodo drops it from battle) and he uses it to rescue his friend and to save him from a group of orcs that are holding him for Sauron.

20What Is The Name Of The Book Bilbo Is Writing?

Bilbo is quite the well-rounded Hobbit. He was an adventurer in his youth, and a novelist in his old age, and a certified grouch throughout. We see Bilbo penning his story multiple times throughout the Lord of the Rings sage, and it’s understood that he’s writing about his adventures from The Hobbit. The Hobbit was picked up by many, but it was originally intended as a children’s story, with The Lord of the Rings being a series made specifically for adults.

21Who’s Tomb Do They Visit In The Mines Of Moria?

hen they are traversing through the mountains to get to the Mines of Moria, Gimli informs the group that his cousin will give them, “a royal welcome,” knowing that Gimli is amongst them. Of course things take a dark turn when the fellowship eventually enters the tomb to find nothing but corpses left from a major battle. They soon realize that they’ve stumbled into a trap, and the are forced to fight their way out against orcs and a cave troll to escape the dreaded mines.

22What Insect Does Gandalf Use To Gather Help When He’s Held Prisoner By Saruman?

Gandalf is a friend of all living creatures, he’s kind, noble, and he always makes sure to do what he believes is right. That’s why it’s easy for him to communicate with all forms of life (also he’s a wizard, that helps too). When he is being held prisoner by Saruman, after getting thrown around his chamber hall for a while, Gandalf is stranded, and it seems as though there will be no way out. Luckily, Gandalf notices this small creature, who he decides to ask for assistance.

23What Plant Does Aragorn Use To Slow Down Frodo’s Passing To The Shadow World?

Being stabbed by ring wraiths is never a fun affair. And after Frodo is notoriously stabbed by one, shortly following him putting on the ring of power, Aragorn manages to send them away (because he’s a badass). As they’re escaping, Aragorn slows for a minute to attempt to gather an herb that will help Frodo, by slowing down the poison. Frodo was stabbed by a Morgul blade, which meant it was only a matter of time before he slipped away for good.

24How Many Times Does Frodo Slip On The Ring Of Power In The Films?

This question is going to demand quite a bit of thinking to deduce. You’re going to have to go through the films in your head in order to figure out just when Frodo had to put on the ring to avoid danger, or because he was seduced by the ring’s power. Frodo is generally pretty strong throughout the series, and he doesn’t generally slip up (even though he’s wearing the most powerful object in Middle Earth around his tiny neck). But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t run into trouble, or that he doesn’t slip up from time to time either.

25To Whom Does Aragorn’s Heart Belong?

Aragorn is without-a-doubt the coolest character in both the film and original versions of The Lord of the Rings. So it’s no surprise that he ends up being quite the ladies’ man too throughout the films, as he captures the attention of two pretty high-ranking, and justifiably badass women. Of course when it comes down to it, Aragorn longs for just one, his true love. But his love is marred by a variety of problems, and with her father’s disapproval, it’s hard for him to truly be with her.

26Besides Sting, What Other Item Does Bilbo Bestow To Frodo?

Bilbo may be a crotchety old man, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t share a genuine bond with Frodo. He loves his “first or second cousin once removed,” and the two of them share more of a uncle/nephew relationship, anyway. When Frodo is leaving for his perilous journey, Bilbo meets up with him to not only bestow knowledge and advice, but to also give him some truly spectacular items. This is where Frodo acquires the mystical sword, Sting, and this item that eventually saves his life on multiple occasions.

27Which Character Hands Theoden His Sword After He’s Released From Saruman’s Spell?

This is a crucial scene in both the books and the films, and it quite the beautiful scene at that. It speaks not only to the will and determination of men, but also to Gandalf’s immeasurable power, that he’s able to rid Saruman’s curse from the beloved king’s body. Of course, after Theoden is freed from the curse, he is pretty pissed off at being a puppet for all that time, and he seems to want vengeance against those who had wronged him. But being the insightful and merciful king he is, he merely goes about his business, and lets Wormtongue escape.

28What Food Does Galadriel Give To The Fellowship?

Galadriel bestows only what she knows the fellowship will undoubtedly need, and this food is no exception. It’s nothing flashy, but it wont grow stale as fast as normal bread, and just a bite is enough to restore their bodies to fighting shape (unless you’re Merry or Pippin apparently). This food is all that keeps Sam and Frodo alive on their long trip to Mordor, and without it they would have certainly perished. This food is literally a life saver in the world of Middle Earth.

29Which Character Ends Up Finishing Bilbo’s Book?

Now this one is going to be pretty easy for anyone with a vast of knowledge of Tolkien’s material, but it’s going to be pretty tough for a casual fan to guess this one (because it’s easy to mess up). Of course after Bilbo goes off to Valinor (the undying lands) he entrusts his book to someone he trust and values very much. Bilbo ends up going across the sea with many other beloved characters (all ring-bearers, hint*) and they intend to remain in those lands until the end of their days. It’s a beautiful, if not somber note to end a series, but it’s Tolkien’s way of saying the adventure never truly ends.

30What Is The Name Of The Large Statues Guarding Along The Alduin River?

This great river is pretty darn essential in The Lord of the Rings, because it allows the fellowhip to travel vast distances much faster than if they traversed them on foot. One of the most mesmerizing parts of the films was seeing these grand and illustrious statues brought to life, that tower over the fellowship as they traverse right by them on the river. Peter Jackson was a master of scale, and that is shown in spades in this scene, as it appears the entire world of Middle Earth is telling the fellowship to turn around now before things get worse.

31Who Does Merry Ride To War With?

This is a touching scene in the books, and especially in the movies, as we see Merry accepting his personal lot in life, and going off to fight in one of the greatest wars in the series (a.k.a one of the greatest wars in recorded history). He is brave and steadfast in his decision, and he does quite a bit of decent fighting himself against Sauron’s army, but it’s his war companion that ends up doing the most damage against the army, and one notable Nazgul in particular.

32In What Book Does Boromir Die?

This is another trick question, so it’s going to take an extensive knowledge of the books in order to answer it. Boromir was a treasured and brave member of the fellowship, who fell because of his obsession and weak-will in the face of the ring of power. He attempts to take the ring from Frodo, but he comes up empty handed as Frodo slips on the ring to escape. Of course Boromir does end up regretting his decision immediately, and he redeems himself by making a sacrifice to save the young hobbits.

33Who Actually Ends Up Destroying The Ring?

An answer that would take three full novels to answer, but an important one nonetheless. Of course at the end of The Lord of the Rings, the ring of power is eventually destroyed, and Sauron’s power is vanquished from the land once and for all. But this was no easy task, and it is certainly easier said than done, because it took an emotional, mental, and physical toll out on every member of the Fellowship, and the lands of Middle Earth as well. But who was it that actually ended up throwing the ring into the fires of Mount Doom?

34Who Crafted The Doors Of Durin?

This character is someone very important to the lore of The Lord of the Rings. This is the character that not only went on to craft the doors of Durin, but who also forged the rings of power for Sauron. Of course he was tricked by Sauron into forging these rings, believing that they would be a peace offering to the other realms and races, but they, of course, ended up being a trap for Sauron to ensnare and entrap everyone that was wearing them. Luckily some of the other races were wise to this deception, but the race of men are easily corrupted.

35How Many Years Did The Ring Of Power Lie In Wait At The Bottom Of The River Before Smeagol Found It?

The Ring of power has a funny way of being found, and as the narration in the beginning of the films tells us, it’s generally by the most unlikely of creatures. Of course Smeagol found the ring of power while fishing with his cousin Deagol. Deagol was the first to discover the ring, and he asked if he could keep it for his birthday. Smeagol refused, and he choked his cousin until he died, and hid his body which was never found. It haunted Smeagol, and drove him deeper and deeper into madness before he became Gollum.

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