Prove You Belong In The Fellowship By Getting 100% On This Lord Of The Rings Quiz

Tolkien’s mythical world of Middle Earth has been a global phenomenon for over 60 years now, passed from generation to generation via the books, and subsequently the recent series of films. The Lord of the Rings films were a massive success for Warner Bros. both financially and critically, and they cemented many of the actors involved in the projects are certified household names. This quiz will cover certain segments of the books not shown in the films, but with a pretty healthy knowledge of the films, there should be no real problem passing this quiz. It’s going to take a real Tolkien know-it-all to answer all of these questions, which range from simple to deceiving.

These books have permeated the cultural landscape (at least in America) so much so that college classes are actually taught that revolve around the religious, symbolic, and societal themes discussed throughout the series. And the series itself is still so massively popular that Amazon actually recently bought the rights to the filmed material, in order to make their own television show based off the popular books. Time will only tell if they’re able to stand-up to the quality of the films. So test your overall knowledge of Middle Earth and prove you belong in the Fellowship.

1Where Do The Hobbits Live?

It’s going to be easy for even a seasoned veteran to assume that the answer to this question is, “the shire” but this question is asking for something a little more specific. The Shire is the area in which this small village is located, and it’s actually centrally located in The Shire. This village was actually created in New Zealand for the team to film, and the Lord of the Rings tours that New Zealand is famous for actually allow visitors to visit this pristine and picturesque little village.

2How Many Rings Were Given To The Race Of Men?

If you can remember (and it’s hard to forget) Cate Blanchett’s incredible narration in the first film in the series, The Fellowship of the Ring, you will recall her mentioning the disbursement of the rings of power. These rings were actually created by Sauron, or the elves that were under his tutelage at the time. Many of the races ended up either hiding their rings or abandoning them, but the race of men were corrupted by the pursuit of power. After they used the rings, they fell under Sauron’s control, and became the Nazgul, his ghoulish slaves.

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