The Flash: Can You Name All His Rogues?


The Flash has some of the zaniest villains in existence. His adversaries as individuals may not have the same name recognition as other super villains. Most of them are not particularly terrifying or smart on their own, and their powers are more silly than destructive. But as a collective, they have created a unique place for themselves in DC's mythos. They are commonly referred to as Flash's Rogues. This includes a society of Flash villains that actually call themselves the Rogues - because they dislike being called villains or criminals. The Rogues hold themselves to high standards and a code of conduct. They refrain from killing and drug usage. There is no greater aspiration to take over the world or destroy the city. Most of their crimes are petty robberies and just figuring out ways to annoy the Scarlet Speedster. In truth, they enjoy the friendship the group provides. The Rogues have made appearances in the Justice League Unlimited animated series as well as the CW's live action show. Then there are other villains of the various men who have been the Flash - Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen - that are a part of the hero's general rogues gallery. From the Silver Age to the Modern Age - can you name all of these Flash rogues?

Question 1

The ice-powered leader of the Rogues

One of the more recognizable Flash villains, he is the leader of the official group of Rogues, due to his mastery of strategy. Like most of the Rogues, he is not a meta-human with super powers. Instead, he wields a special gun that allows him to freeze objects and people instantly. The self-declared master of absolute zero can also create a cold field to slow down the Scarlet Speedster's movements. The parka and visor he dons protects him from the cold and flashes of gunfire.

Question 2

A hopeless pyromaniac

In a way, he is the opposite of Captain Cold - and the two have frequently clashed in the past. He has had an unhealthy obsession with fire since his youth, setting his own home on fire and watching it burn instead of getting help. He then ran away to the circus to be a fire eater before turning to crime. He wields a flamethrower the size of a handgun sized flamethrower, an asbestos suit to protects him from the fire, and a pipe that allows him to put out the flames.

Question 3

He has the power to go inside a mirror

This core member of the Rogues harnesses the power of mirrors to hypnotize his enemies, create holograms to throw off the Flash, and become invisible. He is also able to travel through a mirror to his own reflection, other dimensions, and trap others inside. He is one of the more powerful Flash villains. He has appeared in the movie Justice League: Doom and on the television shows Justice League, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and The Flash.

Question 4

He's got a lot of tricks up his sleeve

Dressed in his harlequin suit, this joker uses trick items to throw the Flash off. Including, but not limited to: itching powder, exploding rubber chickens, fake vomit, potato head bombs, and several other explosives. He also has shoes that allow him to walk on air or fly for up to 10 hours. Before he was causing chaos, he was a circus acrobat. He is more of a lovable villain than a true threat and has even gone straight a few times.

Question 5

Master of boomerangs from the Outback

The super villain and antihero grew up in poverty. He learned how to make and use boomerangs while living in Australia and got hired as a performer and promoter by a toy company. When he was mocked by the audience, he grew resentful and turned to crime. He uses his various trick boomerangs, some of which contain explosives, razor sharp edges, or cameras, to fight against the Scarlet Speedster. He also murdered the third Robin's (Tim Drake) father in the series Identity Crisis.

Question 6

He can control the weather

Mark Mardon, better known as the villain ___________, can control the weather with a device called the weather wand, which he created himself using his late brother's research. He also can manipulate magnets to a degree. With this power, he can harness the power of lightning to zap an opponent or hold an entire city in a natural disaster, such as a snow storm. He can also generate strong winds and tornadoes. Despite his strong powers, the Flash always defeats him.

Question 7

A stage magician from the future

He is originally from the 64th century. He dreams of being a stage magician. However, science has become so advanced in his time that it has surpassed magic and made it an obsolete practice. He travels back in time to the 21st century, bringing the advanced technology of the future with him, to live out his dream. When the audience does not appreciate him to his satisfaction, he starts to cause mayhem and attracts the attention of the Flash - who bests him every time.

Question 8

A demon-lord of Hell

He is one of the major demon-lords of Hell, also known as Wishweaver, the King of Hate, and the Lord of Lies. This makes him one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. He loves to make deals and attempts to trick and tempt humans whenever possible. He offers to bring back several heroes loved ones from the dead, such as Robin II for Batman and Barry Allen for Wally West. He is most known for tricking the Rogues into allowing him to come to Earth.

Question 9

A hyper intelligent ape

He hails from Gorilla City - a jungle of intelligent apes in Africa hidden from human's eyes. Among the intelligent species, he is one of the smartest of all and one of the strongest. He helped build the city itself and has created many other inventions. In addition to being extremely intelligent, he also has telepathic and mind control powers as a result from being exposed to radiation. He can also transfer his consciousness to others and take over their bodies.

Question 10

He wreaks havoc with the Philosopher’s Stone

A villain with dissociative identity disorder: giving him one good and one evil personality. He possesses the Philosopher's Stone, which once belonged to the great wizard Merlin, and uses it to commit crimes. Using the power of the Stone, he is able to turn one substance into any other substance - such as turning metal to rubber - and manipulate the molecular structure of the human body. He is also able to use telekinesis on the Stone and restore aspects of other timelines or worlds to a person.

Question 11

He slows down the Flash

There are two versions of this character. The first was a Golden Age opponent of the first Flash - Jay Garrick. After he faded into obscurity, another took his place to battle Barry Allen. The original returned once Wally West was the Flash, with the second as his partner. The villain wears an expandable body armor, project a protective forcefield, and has a ray gun that can cause people to move slower and mess with their optic nerve to make the world around them appear faster.

Question 12

Captain Cold's sister

The younger sister of Captain Cold was a figure skater. She secretly dated another Flash villain, who was also her coach. When her lover is killed after battling with the Flash, she swears revenge on the Scarlet Speedster and joins her brother in crime. She models her villainous persona after her figure skating career. She wears special skates that generate their own ice, allowing her to skate through the air. She is also equipped with several explosive and hypnotic devices disguised as jewels.

Question 13

He creates solid rainbows

He always wanted to be an artist when growing up. Alas, he was colorblind. His father attempted to cure his son's condition, but passed before he was able to. His father did manage to create a pair of goggles with the ability to generate solid, rainbow-colored beams of light. Failing in his career as an artist, he uses this gift to create rainbow slides through the air and commit a series of robberies on art galleries. He can also attack with the beams.

Question 14

Anthony Gambi, aka

Tony's uncle worked as a tailor and created many of the Rogues' costumes. The young boy grows close to the group of villains and they take him under his wing. The Rogues devise a plan to use futuristic technology and turn someone into a living weapon. Tony volunteers for the experiment. When he becomes a metahuman, he gains the power of all the villains' various weapons. He is also able to take the power of any weapon he is near. His villainous name is:

Question 15

He wields a hypnotic flute

His real name is Hartley Rathaway. He was born deaf and relied on hearing implants as a kid. He becomes fascinated with sound and sonic technology, which quickly turns into an unhealthy obsession. Funded by his wealthy family, Hartley discovers a way to hypnotize people through music, as well as create powerful vibrations. Since he is bored with his mundane life, he decides to use his discovery to commit crimes. Hartley frequently fights with Barry Allen, but is reformed during the time of Wally West.

Question 16

He can spin at great speeds

Small time crook Roscoe Dillon was fascinated by tops growing up, and somehow taught himself how to spin around like one. He creates a series of trick tops. His ability to spin at super speed also gives him heightened intelligence, mental powers, and the ability to induce vertigo in enemies. He was Golden Glider's figure skating coach and secret boyfriend. When his mental powers affect his brain cells, he accidentally dies when he is too close to the Flash's vibrations.

Question 17

She created a new group of Rogues

The villainous persona of Amunet Black. She runs an underground black market, called the Network, spanning Central and Keystone City. She gains superpowers from a special elixir she steals from her ex-husband: a former Green Lantern villain named Goldface. The elixir gives her the ability to reshape metal and to fuse it with flesh. She uses this power to cover her skin with an ebony metal. Utilizing the power and influence of the Network, she creates a short-lived new version of the Rogues.

Question 18

He can become solid steel

Anthony Woodward caused a riot at the steel plant he worked at and got thrown into a vat of molten steel. In this accident, he was inadvertently exposed to technology from S.T.A.R. Labs. He emerged from the vat as a super villain made of living iron, nearly invulnerable and equipped with super strength. He can turn his body into solid steel and cause a great deal of destruction. He joined the Rogues under Blacksmith's leadership. He has one weakness: his body rusts.

Question 19

An ex girlfriend of Wally West

Frances Kelly grew up as friends with Wally West. She started to gain magnetic powers that she had little to no control over. Wally helps her learn how to control them, and the two begin to fall for each other. She even serves as a hero with the Teen Titans for a while. After a while, she breaks up with Wally and disappears. She never wanted her powers and saw them as more of a nuisance. When she returns, she has a much darker persona and temporarily joins the Rogues.

Question 20

Armed with a lubrilon-coated suit

Lubrilon is an experimental chemical polymer. It is resistant to friction and a thousand times more slippery than teflon. This villain is armed with a suit made completely out of the material, which deflects all force thrown his way. He also has disks made out of lubrilon that can cut through anything and gloves covered with spikes that give him a strong grip. He is a criminal for hire. His real name is unknown. He is only known as the villainous -

Question 21

His mouth is sewn shut

Michael Christian Amar used to be a widely respected surgeon, but he began to hear voices in his head pushing him to commit murders. The police and the Flash track him down and stop his killing spree. He incriminates himself and is sentenced to death. However, his blood is so rare that lethal injection does not work on him. He is thrown in prison, where he cuts out his tongue and sews his mouth shut so that he will never incriminate himself again. He becomes the villain:

Question 22

A Cold War pilot turned super villain

The pilot was testing a supersonic fighter jet when it was struck by lightning at top speed. After this, he gained the ability to move at super speed, to steal speed from moving objects, protect himself in a force field, and accelerated healing. He became obsessed with his new powers and renamed himself after the Hindu god of motion. His own self-obsession attracted followers to him, and eventually formed a cult. He was trapped in the speed force by Max Mercury.

Question 23

He's from an alternate reality in a mirror world

The Rogues find an alternate dimension in one of Mirror Master's mirror worlds that is a warped version of their world. While there, they find this villain and bring him into their reality to create chaos. He is the mirror world version of Detective Jared Morillo - a respected policeman in Keystone City. The complete opposite of Morillo, this villain is a mercenary. He starts out by attempting a few kills for money, but it thwarted by the Flash. He returns as a member of the Rogues.

Question 24

He manipulates shadows

Richard Swift has been a villain of the Golden Age and Silver Age versions of the Flash. Pre-Crisis, he wielded a cane that could manipulate shadows. In post zero hour continuity, he was retconned as a meta-human from the Victorian era. He can channel the power of the Darklands, which is a semi-sentient, extra-dimensional mass of malleable darkness. He has the ability to control darkness, travel long distances quickly, and create solid objects out of shadows. The shadows also give him immortality.

Question 25

A living heap of asphalt

He is the younger brother of the drug lord Jack "The Candyman" Monteleone. Rather than following his family in the drug business, he turned to petty crime. He was caught during an armed robbery and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. While there, he discovered the he had the power to astrally project himself into inanimate objects and bring them to life. He tries a few different objects until he becomes stuck in a heap of asphalt. His body remains in a coma in prison.

Question 26

He was born with the unique condition triple-jointedness

Peter Merkel's condition gives him extra extendable ligaments and tendons. He worked as a contortionist and dancer in a small carnival until it fell on hard times. Out of work, he gets the idea to hide among the toys being loaded into a department store and rob it after closing. He conceals himself in the suit of a large doll and keeps it on while robbing the store. He continues to commit crimes while wearing the suit and becomes known as:

Question 27

He carries a cursed deck of cards

Jeremy Tell began his criminal career as a small time con man and gambler. When he looses all of his money in a game, he angrily kills the winner. The winner was in possession of a cursed deck of cards. After his murder, his deck bonded to Tell. Most of his flesh was taken off and replaced by cards that bonded to his skin. Tell can detach and control the cards from his body at will and use them like knives.

Question 28

The brains behind many villains

After he failed as a lawyer, he noticed how many super villains were all brawn and no brain. He became the mastermind behind several small time villains. In addition to his intelligence, he also has technologically powered telekinesis, mind control, binary intelligence and can integrate into and control electronics systems. His invention, the thinking cap, allows him to project mental force. He was defeated by Jay Garrick, and clashed with the hero several times. He was also a member of the Injustice Society.

Question 29

He gained powers after being struck by lightning

David Hersch was filled with guilt after murdering his wife. When he was struck by lightning, he had a vision. After his vision, he concluded that he was chosen to live forever and will bring his wife back to life. He steals the life force from other people to extend his lifespan, living from the twentieth century to the present. A cult forms and prepares for the day he will resurrect his wife. He begins to target the people the Flash saved, because they would have died anyway without the hero.

Question 30

An ex nuclear physicist for the army

He served the army during the 1940s, but was discharged due to his psychotic obsession with creating explosions. After he left the army, he went off the deep end and built a battle suit powered by atomic energy. He then committed a series of crimes in Keystone City until he was stopped by Jay Garrick. He spent his time in jail working on new weapons and planning his revenge on the Flash. When he was released, he went after Barry Allen and later after Wally West.

Question 31

Barry Allen's evil twin

Two pregnant women arrived to a hospital. One was Nora Allen and the other was Charlene Thawne. Charlene's child died in birth because the doctor was too intoxicated to save him while Nora gave birth to twin boys. The doctor gave one of the twins to the Thawne family. Nora kept Barry Allen - who grew up to be the Flash. The Thawnes named their son Malcolm. The Thawnes are a family of con artists. When Malcolm discovered the truth of his origins, he became enraged and turned to crime as:

Question 32

The king of another dimension

His dimension made him their king, but he wanted to be an artist instead of a ruler. Wally West, who was then Kid Flash, advised him to make his own path. He agrees and gives his kingdom to his brother, but is forced to take it back when his brother becomes a tyrant. He blames Wally for the destruction of his kingdom and becomes even angrier when he finds out that Wally takes the mantle of the Flash from his mentor instead of making his own path.

Question 33

A descendant of the Thawne family

A descendant of the Thawne family, who raised Cobalt Blue. He is the president of Earthgov in the 30th century. He aspires to rule the entire galaxy. His daughter, Meloni, marries into the Allen family despite the longstanding rivalry between the two families. He arranges the death of Don and Dawn Allen. Before his death, Don has a son with Meloni: Bart Allen, who eventually becomes Kid Flash and later the Flash. The president tries to end the Allen line by killing Bart.

Question 34

A clone of Bart Allen

Bart Allen's aunt saves him from President Thawne by taking him to the past where Wally West can look after him. After failing to kill the young speedster, Thawne devises another plan. He takes Bart's DNA and creates a clone. He raises and trains this clone to one day replace Bart and officially end the Allen line. The clone becomes a common adversary of the young speedster. He leads the mission to kill Bart Allen when he becomes the Flash.

Question 35

And finally, the Flash's archenemy

Eobard Thawne is the archenemy of Barry Allen. As his name suggests, he is a descendant of Malcolm Thawne. A certified genius, he recreated the accident that gave Allen his powers. He then creates a corrupted version of the Speed Force. In addition to the powers of a speedster - superhuman speed faster than light, running on water, delivering powerful blows, creating vacuums and speed mirages, and vibrating his molecules through solid objects - he can also travel through time and manipulate history.

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