You Can Only Pass This The Big Bang Theory Quiz If You're As Smart As Sheldon

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you know that no one is as smart as Sheldon... at least, that's what Sheldon thinks, anyway!

Of course, the theoretical physicist is legitimately a genius, although his brain doesn't quite balance out his personality all the time. Thankfully, his friends love him (or at least tolerate him) anyway. And while Sheldon would be a pain to actually live with, he's one of the best parts of The Big Bang Theory, with all his quirks and his unique approach to life. He's arrogant, abrasive, annoying... and we wouldn't have it any other way!

But even if you love Sheldon, and The Big Bang Theory - how well do you know it, really? Sheldon has a photographic memory, so he wouldn't forget a single detail of the show, no matter what... but how would you fare against his genius mind? Can you remember all the little things, like where their apartment is, and what Leonard's middle name is? (Hint - it's hilarious!) Or would you fall apart when faced with questions a little bit tougher than the very basic trivia about the show? Maybe you've only come to The Big Bang Theory recently, so some of the earlier seasons aren't your forte, or maybe you consider yourself the geeky sitcom's biggest fan, and know that you could go head to head against Sheldon at the Physics Bowl of TBBT... take our quiz and find out!

Question 1

Where do the guys in TBBT work?

The four main characters of The Big Bang Theory all work together - although in different departments (engineering, physics, and astrophysics). They often combine forces on various projects and papers as well (although that usually leads to trouble, especially when dealing with Sheldon's... quirks). At various points they have also worked elsewhere - like when Howard went on a mission for NASA, or when they took on a contract for the US government, but where is it that they work most of the time?

Question 2

Where is the gang's apartment?

While some of the Big Bang Theory gang live elsewhere (like Raj, or Howard and Bernadette), the main characters and most of the action in the show takes place in one building, where Sheldon and Leonard live. The show started when Penny moved in across the hall, and while the various characters have switched up living arrangements several times since the first season, these two apartments have always been central to the show. But which part of California do they live in?

Question 3

Where did Howard go to school?

Howard is one of the only scientists in the series who doesn't have a PhD, simply because it's not something that engineers usually have. Despite the fact that he is top of his field without it, the rest of the gang (especially Sheldon) love to poke fun at Howard - especially when Bernadette got her doctorate, making them Mr and Dr! It drives Howard crazy, and he always points out that he has a Masters in Engineering... but where is his degree from?

Question 4

How did Sheldon and Amy meet?

Sheldon and Amy, aka Shamy, are one of the cutest couples on The Big Bang Theory. Amy is the only one who truly appreciates everything about Sheldon, and finds his mannerisms and quirks not only tolerable, but actually sexy! She's blown away by his brain, and while she occasionally gets frustrated with him, Amy loves Sheldon completely - and he feels the same about her. They are the perfect couple, there's no doubt about it. How did these two first meet, though?

Question 5

How did Howard and Bernadette meet?

When fans first met Howard, it was hard to believe that he would ever end up in a real relationship - he was cheesy, horny, and constantly begging every woman he could find to date him. However, when he met Bernadette, he met his true love - and the two are even married with a baby by now, living in their own house! But how was it that he met the diminutive (and brilliant) love of his life in the first place?

Question 6

What does Stuart do for a living?

Stuart didn't start off as main cast member, but over the years, he has become a regular part of the gang. Unlike the four scientists, however, Stuart doesn't work at Caltech, and knows them through their nerdy hobbies instead. He's often depressed, usually extremely single, and although he is a fantastic artist, he's also flat broke most of the time, and has been known to mooch off his friends (especially Howard ans Bernadette). What is it that he does for a living?

Question 7

Which magazine was Raj in?

Raj is usually the shyest member of the group, finding it difficult (and initially, impossible) to talk to women, and is often quite unassuming... unless he starts to drink! But in the second season of The Big Bang Theory, Raj gets to appear in a magazine as part of a 30 Under 30 To Watch list, and it goes straight to his head. He starts throwing his weight around, wearing expensive suits and showing off, and no one is impressed by it...

Question 8

Where was Penny a waitress?

At this point, Penny has left her days of being an aspiring (and terrible) actress behind her, and has found a successful new career in pharmaceutical sales. Now, she's earning well and totally happy, but when the show started, she was struggling to balance auditions with waitressing... and she was almost as bad a waitress as she was an actress! Eventually, she also took on a few bartending shifts at the same restaurant, even though she hated the uniform and hated the menu...

Question 9

Where did Penny and Leonard get married?

Penny and Leonard finally got married fairly recently, but it was a long road for these two to get to the altar! From the moment Penny moved in, Leonard knew that she was the girl for him - but she wanted to date a very different kind of guy. Over the years, they have been on again and off again more times than we can count, but eventually love won out and they tied the knot... where did they do it?

Question 10

What is the name of their geologist friend?

We've met several of the other Caltech scientists over the years that The Big Bang Theory has been on the air. Some of them are largely hated by the gang, but most of them are considered friends... even when they are geologists. While the gang tends to look down on geology (even more than engineering!), there's one awkward, bearded geologist who has wormed his way into their hearts - or at least, has won their pity, and been invited to a few things! What's his name?

Question 11

What was the name of Kripke's robot?

One of the (many, many) nerdy hobbies that the Big Bang boys have is building fighting robots for competitions - specifically, for the Southern California Robot Fighting League Round Robin Invitational. The guys have built something that they think is amazing, but they have a rival within the workplace - Barry Kripke, who has built his own killer robot. When their trash talking gets out of hand, they end up in a one-on-one battle with his machine - which had a great name.

Question 12

How did Sheldon meet Wil Wheaton?

The Big Bang Theory is known for having all kinds of nerd icons as guest stars, but one in particular has become a regular face on the series: Wil Wheaton. Known for his role on Star Trek, Wheaton is occasionally Sheldon's nemesis, and more often his friend these days - although Sheldon still regularly finds reasons to be upset with the actor. When the two first met, however, Sheldon absolutely hated Wil, because he had canceled a signing Sheldon wanted to go to as a child.

Question 13

How does Sheldon know he's not crazy?

Sheldon is by far the strangest of the four nerds (and all of their friends) on the show, and his quirks often mean that he seems a little bit nuts to the casual observer. Whether it is a refusal to deviate from his schedule, dressing up as a Vulcan to go to a Renaissance Fair, or one of his other hundreds of unique ways of approaching the world, he's often asked if he's a little... y'know... But he knows he isn't, and the reason why has become a catchphrase of the series!

Question 14

What is the name of Sheldon's webseries?

Amy and Sheldon on Fun with Flags

While Sheldon might have his quirks, there is no denying that he is also an incredibly intelligent man - and he has absolutely no problem sharing his knowledge with others (even if he can get very, very impatient with them when they don't pick things up quickly enough!). So what better way to share some specific, niche knowledge than with his own webseries? While Sheldon is in earnest, the series has actually built a fanbase who find his personality hilarious - what is the show called?

Question 15

What was the name of Raj's dermatologist girlfriend?

Despite the fact that Raj is often seen as terrible with women (and literally could not talk to them at first), he's actually managed quite a few intimate encounters and relationships since the first season of the show. One of his most important relationships was with a dermatologist, who found him on a dating site and became his girlfriend for quite a while. However, the two didn't end up working out, as Raj broke it off to ask out someone else... who turned him down.

Question 16

What is the name of Raj's dog?

Raj started to get lonely when all his friends got together with their respective girlfriends, and even though he's managed a few relationships of his own, he decided that he needed someone to keep him company... so he got a little dog! This adorable little critter appears in several episodes, and Raj may even be a bit too affectionate with her - and certainly spoils her all the time. Still, she's such a cutie that who can blame him, really?

Question 17

What year did the show first air?

It feels like there's always been The Big Bang Theory - it's been on the air for so long that it's even got a new spin off about Sheldon's childhood (Young Sheldon). Over the years, we've seen all the characters grow and change - Sheldon has a girlfriend, Howard is married, a father, and an astronaut, Raj can talk to women (even if he's still single most of the time), and Leonard and Penny are finally married. When did it all begin?

Question 18

How did they break the elevator?

A running gag in the show is the fact that the elevator doesn't work, and while they only live a couple floors up, it's now been broken for over a decade... despite the fact that a group of brilliant scientists (including a NASA engineer) could presumably fix it pretty quickly! Fans learned the secret of the broken elevator in season three, when Leonard tells Penny about when he first moved in - and that they actually were the ones to break it!

Question 19

Where is Sheldon's spot?

One of Sheldon's many eccentricities is his love for his spot, the one place that is the center of his universe, where he always feels safe. No one else may sit in his spot - and if they do, he gets extremely upset... not to mention the time that Penny accidentally shot his spot with a paintball gun! But where is Sheldon's '0000', the one place that he must sit, where no one else may sit, and where he feels comfortable?

Question 20

What does Leonard's mother do?

Over the years, we've met most of the gang's parents - including Leonard's mother, Beverly. Beverly is just as brilliant as her son (if not more so), and one of the few people that Sheldon considers a friend and almost an intellectual equal. Despite her brilliant mind, however, she is cold and clinical, and her relationship with Leonard has always been one of criticism and a desperate need for approval. This is especially ironic given her job, but what is it?

Question 21

What does Bernadette's father do?

Another one of the parents that we have met is Bernadette's father, Mike. When Howard and Bernie started getting serious, he wanted to get to know her father, and to try and impress him so that he would allow Howard to propose. However, Mike is a big man, used to other men with physical, 'manly' jobs... and he sees Howard as a skinny, short dweeb who isn't good enough for his daughter. Thankfully, he changes his tune when Howard goes to space.

Question 22

What's the name of Howard and Bernadette's child?

Howard and Bernadette became the first couple on the show to start a family in recent seasons, when Bernie became pregnant with their first child. The pregnancy and new baby were the source of a lot of jokes on the show too - as Raj and Stuart got just a little too involved with the pregnancy and then with Howard and Bernadette's daughter, but also as Penny and Leonard grappled with the realization that people might expect them to start having kids too.

Question 23

What was the name of Sheldon's favorite childhood show?

When Sheldon was growing up in Texas, he found it hard for people to really get him (let's face it, as an adult at Caltech, he finds it difficult for people to really get him!). Living in a rural, religious part of Texas was tough on the young genius, and as well as losing himself in comics, video games and movies, Sheldon loved to watch a particular TV show, hosted by a scientist, that made science fun. He even later got to meet his hero!

Question 24

Why did Raj end up on a girl's night out?

In one particularly memorable episode, Raj ended up accompanying Penny, Amy, and Bernadette on their girls night out to a bar - where he immediately won them over by using his parent's money to buy them lots of champagne! They tried to help him out with women at the bar, but discovered that even though Raj could now speak to women, he certainly couldn't do it well - and came off as a bit of an ass! Why was he there in the first place?

Question 25

What does Sheldon's grandma call him?

While Sheldon doesn't like most of his family, finding his sister vapid and his mother gratingly religious, he does love his grandma - or MeeMaw, as he calls her. Since childhood, he's loved his MeeMaw, and still has a serious soft spot for the sweet little old lady - who loves him, too! In fact, she also has a sweet nickname for Sheldon, on that suits him because he's 'so nummy nummy she could just eat him up'. What is it?

Question 26

How does Sheldon arrange his cereal?

Over the years, we've learned lots of Sheldon's quirks in detail - which types of food he likes to eat on which specific day, when he folds his laundry, what he needs someone to sing when he is sick - so many details of Sheldon's carefully organized life have become clear over the course of the show. We've even learned how he organizes his cereal, thanks to a conversation with a frustrated Leonard who is getting sick of all his roommate's rules.

Question 27

What was the name of Penny's movie?

Although Penny is no longer an actress (or aspiring actress, to be more accurate), she did have one movie that became something of a cult hit. She's even been asked to minor conventions to sign autographs for her part in the film! She's not too proud of it though, as it's a schlocky B-movie, a horror about a killer monkey... and she has some semi-nude scenes in it too. (Which may be why so many fans lined up to meet her)

Question 28

Who is the only one of the core four who hasn't seen Penny naked?

Penny has always been the love interest for Leonard, but he's not the only one who has had a crush on her. At the start of the series, Leonard, Howard and Raj were all interested, and Howard spent plenty of time trying to hit on her, although Sheldon was (obviously) uninterested. Now she's married to Leonard, but he's not the only one that has seen her without her clothes on... in fact, only one of the original four hasn't seen her naked.

Question 29

Which muppet does Raj describe as 'the Aquaman of the muppet babies'?

The guys have dressed up in costume multiple times throughout the series - as huge nerds, they love to cosplay! They've done Star Trek for conventions, unique Halloween costumes, Renaissance outfits for a fair... and of course, Justice League for a Halloween party at the comic book store. When they were deciding what to wear that night, Raj was disappointed that because Zack could be Superman, he would have to be Aquaman, who 'sucks'. They suggested doing Muppet Babies, but again, Raj hated his choice - saying it was 'the Aquaman of the muppet babies'.

Question 30

How often do Sheldon and Amy get intimate?

When Sheldon and Amy first met, she was as uninterested as he was in sex... or as he always calls it 'coitus'. However, as time went on and Amy developed as a character, she started to want their relationship to get physical... but it took a very long time. Sheldon has never been one for physical affection, and even a kiss took a long time! Now they do have coitus, but not very often... and being Sheldon, on a clear schedule!

Question 31

Which video game did Penny become addicted to?

When Penny was still working as a waitress, she reached a point where she was really struggling. She felt like nothing in her life was going right, and after a meltdown, Sheldon ends up showing her how to play an online game. Quickly, Penny becomes addicted to the game, because she can quickly feel a sense of achievement in the virtual world that doesn't exist in her real life. She gets totally obsessed... until finally realizing just how far she has fallen, and quitting entirely.

Question 32

What's Howard's astronaut nickname?

When Howard was picked for an actual space mission, he thought that his dreams had come true. He'd always wanted to be an astronaut, and was so excited about the idea of getting a cool astronaut nickname! However, he ends up being disappointed by almost everything about the mission - from how hard it is to actually spend time in outer space, to the terrible nickname that he ends up with. Thankfully, the bragging rights were still as awesome as he hoped, though!

Question 33

What's Leonard's middle name?

There are some things we'll probably never learn - like Penny's maiden name (she's always just been 'Penny'). However, we do know most of the other group names, from nicknames to maiden names to middle names... even if Leonard hates his middle name, and tries to keep it a secret! However, the gang finally managed to get it out of him, and don't make too much fun of him for it - although the kids at school certainly did when he was young!

Question 34

What instrument does Leonard play?

Leonard has a lot of surprising talents, and while he knows next to nothing about sports, he's actually very musically talented. He even played with a band (although not a rock band, and his fellow musicians are also nerds), and even had a fling with one of his bandmates, Leslie. He's not thrilled about the instrument he learned as a child though, saying that his mother made him 'because she didn't think that calling me Leonard and putting me in advanced placement classes was enough'.

Question 35

Why did Sheldon miss his chance to meet Stan Lee at the comic book store?

There have been dozens of famous faces on The Big Bang Theory over the years, from film, TV and nerd culture. One of the biggest names to appear, however, must be that of Marvel legend Stan Lee, the creator of many of the most famous characters in comic books. In one episode, Lee is doing a signing at the comic book store, but it turns out that Sheldon can't go... and he is so upset that he turns up at Lee's house and gets a restraining order!

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