The 60-Second Test That'll Guess Whether Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You


Relationships can be complicated and everyone has different backgrounds with their significant other. Despite this, there are plenty of ways to maintain and improve a relationship. The chances are that if you are taking this quiz, you deeply care about your boyfriend and want to know if he has been cheating on you.

The questions in this quiz will be personal by nature and none of the information will be shared with the public. Not only will you find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you, but you may also learn new ways to improve your relationship. There is always room for improvement in a romance and the journey is long. It is best to take steps to improve your relationship as soon as possible.

This quiz will relate to new couples and couples who have been dating long-term. Since many relationships have fundamentals that are universal, this quiz can apply to almost any couple. Although this quiz is specialized for boyfriends and girlfriends, it can also reveal truths for marriages. Be sure to read each question carefully before answering.

This quiz will reveal if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Try not to be too hurt by the results and good luck on this quiz.

1Does Your Boyfriend Not Like You Reading His Text Messages?

If your boyfriend is cheating on you, then he will try to prevent you from viewing his cell phone text messages. Cell phone text messages can be the source of risqué conversations, which include content such as date scheduling, sexting, selfies, and romantic recaps. However, it is not recommended to go searching through your partner’s phone as it can create trust issues. Does your boyfriend not like you reading his text messages?

2Does Your Boyfriend Avoid Easy Questions?

Everybody is different so it is completely normal if your boyfriend doesn’t answer all your questions. With that said, if your partner is often fumbling his words and looking away when you ask easy questions such as “how was your day?” or “how come I didn’t hear from you last night,” then something may be amiss. Does your boyfriend avoid easy questions?

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