The 60-Second Quiz That'll Tell You Which Lion King Character You Are


The Lion King remains one of Disney's best films. Taking classic Shakespearean concepts and putting a new twist on them proved to be a massive success for them, leading to a movie that is unique and imaginative. From its characters to its watercolored settings, there's a lot to love with The Lion King.

As such, it is still one Disney film that people still reference today, and is often a standard by which other animated films are judged. After all, The Lion King did many things that modern movies can only hope to achieve.

Enough praising the movie. The section we'll be diving into the most are its characters, or more specifically, which one you relate to the most. Each character (for the most part) was carefully crafted to be distinct and mean something to the overall narrative. Despite being entirely animals, there's a human element to each of the animals we get to know in the Pride Lands.

You Disney fans have dreamt and wondered exactly where you'd fit in the world of The Lion King, but wonder no more! We're going to test your personality- your likes, dislikes, and traits to figure out which character from The Lion King you would be.

1What would you eat in the wild?

Food is a commodity. No longer is just a means to live every day. It's an art form that presses the ability of the chef as well as the range of our taste buds to the very limit. Everyone has their favorite food and their preference, but once you take away the comforts of modern society, what are you left with? The short answer is not much. It's then that you have to make sacrifices and decide what you want to eat.

2If you were in Simba's shoes when Mufasa died, how would you react?

Mufasa's death remains one of the most hard-hitting scenes in any Disney movie to date. It was one of the few times where they actually showed the lifeless body on screen. Simba tried desperately to wake up his father and get him to go home, but nothing he did worked. When the reality set in, he looked around helplessly, but to no avail. His entire world had been turned upside down.

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