T/F: Have These Celebs Spent Time In Jail?


Hollywood is often thought of as the world of glitz and glamour, with all the luxuries of the world being posted for everyone to see. From red carpet events to Hollywood hotspots, it seems like celebrities have the kind of lifestyle that most people would dream of having. Yet, not every celebrity can be surrounded with all of the excess of Hollywood without getting a little dirty. Substance abuse is not surprising within the celebrity lifestyle and there have been more than a few cases of fame becoming the downfall of some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. However, it’s not just substance abuse that has led to celebrity criminal charges. From reckless driving to assault charges to everything in between, it’s starting to become difficult to think of a celebrity that hasn’t spent time behind bars.

With so much celebrity news being thrown at the public on a daily basis, it’s difficult to remember which famous faces have been in trouble with the law. Once a celebrity news story breaks that involves a mugshot, there’s always an intense amount of media coverage. While it seems like the public will never forget about some of the most salacious stories that have made the news, the world has a short attention span and are quick to move on. Yet, there are some celebrities that the world can't help but remember due to their criminal past. Whether it was a night in jail or some hard prison time, test your knowledge on which of these celebrities have spent time behind bars.

Question 1

Did this Simple Life star ever find herself behind bars?

The world first became acquainted with the this beautiful hotel heiress when she appeared on the reality series, The Simple Life, even though she had been making a name for herself in the Hollywood party scene. While the over-the-top antics on The Simple Life was a huge help in adding to her fame, it was her sex tape that truly had people sitting up and taking notice. While it's obvious that Paris Hilton has a "bad girl" side to her, has she ever taken it so far that she's been arrested?

Question 2

Is this Big Bang star as squeaky clean in real life?

Jim Parsons has been the recipient of a plethora of awards and accolades over the years but it's his Sheldon Cooper character from The Big Bang Theory that has been most notable in his career. This TV character has extremely difficult dialogue to memorize and idiosyncrasies that make him truly unique. Parsons' stellar acting ability has caused many to blur the line between the Sheldon Cooper character and his real persona. In the series, Parsons' character has been in trouble with the law a number of times. Is it the same with Jim Parsons?

Question 3

Throughout his long career as an actor, has Martin Sheen ever found himself behind bars?

There are a number of actors that have gone on to see their children's careers prosper more than their own. While Billy Ray Cyrus is now known more for being the father of Miley Cyrus, Martin Sheen has been able to maintain the same amount of fame. His sons, Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, may have had their moment in the spotlight for a time, that didn't mean their father was pushed to the side. Yet, has all of his headlines been solely for the roles he continues to get or has he spent some time behind bars?

Question 4

Has Nicki Minaj ever spent time in jail?

While it's hard enough to break into the rap industry as it is, there is an extremely small market for female rappers. When Nicki Minaj first came on the scene, she seemed different from all the other female rappers that came before her. With an ultra glamorous look and a stunning beauty that put other names like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown to shame, people couldn't help but think of her as a pioneer in the music industry. Yet, not much is known about her life prior to becoming the next queen of rap. Was she ever arrested?

Question 5

Has this "Hero" singer ever spent the night in jail?

When Mariah Carey was first introduced to the world, it became instantly evident that she would go on to become one of the most successful artists in the music industry. Her incredible vocal ability could be heard in songs like "Dreamlover" and "Emotions" but it was her personal life that truly added to her celebrity status. After divorcing Tommy Mottola, Carey went through a period of rebellion and reinvented herself as an artist. Did her newfound freedom cause her to get in trouble with the law?

Question 6

Has Charlie Sheen's over-the-top exploits ever landed him in jail?

It's hard to believe that Charlie Sheen is an actor that had his first big screen movie role during the 1980s, especially since his issues in his personal life have been in the forefront of headlines in recent years. While he's had an incredible amount of success on both the big screen and television, his propensity towards call girls and substance abuse has given him quite a reputation. Through all of his questionable exploits, have there ever been any headlines involving him spending time behind bars?

Question 7

Has this Deadpool actor ever spent the night in the slammer?

Ryan Reynolds has become one of Hollywood's hottest leading men and has been featured in a number memorable films over the years. While his celebrity status had always been high when he was married to Scarlett Johansson, he has since moved onto Blake Lively and is more famous than ever. His portrayal in the first Deadpool film was met favorably by fans and people began wanting to know even more about this talented actor. With all the digging into his personal life, was it ever discovered that he had spent some time in jail?

Question 8

Has Winona Ryder ever landed herself in jail?

Oftentimes, when an actress starts to reach a particular age, Hollywood has a tendency to try and push them out to pasture. With Winona Ryder gaining notoriety in the 1980s, it should stand to reason that her role options would be far and in between. Yet, she has been able to reinvent herself on both the big screen and on television. Her most recent success has been in the Netflix hit series, Stranger Things. While her professional life has been filled with successes, has her personal life had any arrest blunders throughout her career?

Question 9

Evan Peters played numerous roles on television, but did he ever play a jailbird in real life?

Evan Peters started off acting on television and has since started to transition onto the big screen. Most fans know him through his various character portrayals in the American Horror Story series but he's quickly become a favorite as the X Men character, Quicksilver. While he's proven that he knows how to play a "bad boy," it may not be just his acting prowess that allows him to convincing play those types of parts. Is Peters drawing from some personal experiences spending time behind bars?

Question 10

Billy Bob Thornton is known for being eccentric but is he also known for being a jailbird?

Billy Bob Thornton has had an incredible acting career over the years and has starred in some of the biggest films in Hollywood. Yet, his personal life seems to outshine his professional life due to his tendencies towards all things eccentric. One of his most memorable moments was when he walked the red carpet with Angelina Jolie and the two wore matching vial necklaces of each other's blood. Knowing this, can you think of any headlines involving Billy Bob Thornton being arrested and charged for a crime?

Question 11

Has this former bestie to Paris Hilton ever spent the night in the slammer?

As the daughter to Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie had a privileged childhood where she was surrounded by other kids of considerable means. She had a famous friendship with Paris Hilton and joined her on the reality series, The Simple Life, back in 2003. Back then, she was seen as the bad influence friend to the hotel heiress and her wild ways were captured more than a few times on camera. A lot has changed in recent years and she's now thought of as a devoted wife and mother. Will she have some jail time to explain to her children?

Question 12

Has this "Umbrella" singer ever spent time behind bars?

At the start of Rihanna's career, she was portrayed as a simple girl from Barbados with a unique sound. Yet, just as her music has evolved over the years, so has the persona she has portrayed to the world. Nowadays, her personal life antics are just as newsworthy as her chart topping music. She's been quite open about her indulgence tendencies when she's not on stage and has been heavily criticized for what she's promoting to her young fans. While it's put her in hot water in recent years, has it also put her in the slammer?

Question 13

Has this "Poker Face" singer ever spent time in jail?

When Lady Gaga first appeared as the newest and most innovative pop star, people couldn't quite tell whether or not she was for real. The beginning of her life in the spotlight was filled with over-the-top ensembles and what looked like publicity stunts to win over fans. Yet, as time progressed, it became obvious she was "Born This Way" and encouraged everyone to live in their own truth. She is an artist and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry but is she also a closeted criminal?

Question 14

Has this Blade actor ever spent time behind bars?

It's hard to believe that Wesley Snipes has been appearing in film since the 1980s, especially because he is an actor that seemingly never ages. During the '90s, his career really began to skyrocket and he starred in a number of memorable roles. From New Jack City to White Men Can't Jump, Snipes had back to back movie roles that solidified his status as a leading man in Hollywood. Yet, he wouldn't be the only A-lister to get in trouble with the law at the peak of his fame. Is this the scenario that happened to Wesley Snipes?

Question 15

Has Julia Roberts’ niece ever been to jail?

It isn't out of the norm for the next generation of celebrities to hail from famous families. From Paris Hilton to Dakota Johnson, it seems like all of the biggest celebrities have some even bigger celebrity family members. So, when the niece of Julia Roberts and daughter to Eric Roberts embarked on an acting career on her own, people had high hopes of her acting ability. Emma Roberts proved that talent truly does run in the family but was that the case with her public persona?

Question 16

Has this Twilight star ever landed herself behind bars?

Although Kristen Stewart had starred in a number of films prior to appearing as Bella Swan in the Twilight film series, none garnered her as much fame as this vampire romance. The franchise turned Stewart into a huge movie star and the relationship with her co-star, Robert Pattinson, only helped to fuel the intense media scrutiny surrounding her personal life. When it was discovered she was cheating on Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, her fans were completely shocked. Was this the only shocking news story or did Stewart actually spend time behind bars?

Question 17

Has hot-headed Sean Penn ever spent time behind bars?

There was a time when Sean Penn was thought of as one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, from his look to his stellar acting ability and coveted roles. Women fell in love with his "bad boy" persona and he quickly garnered a reputation for being intense, both on and off the screen. Yet, not all Hollywood "bad boys" have actually spent time behind bars. Has Penn ever spent time behind bars or is his fiery personality just part of his celebrity persona?

Question 18

Has the “Material Girl” ever spent time behind bars?

Madonna is known for pushing the limits when it comes to acceptable behavior and style choices. While she's considered an icon as a music artist, she's also been heavily criticized for some of her infamous publicity stunts over the years. From her naked cover hailing a cab in the middle of the street to her onstage kiss with both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, it seemed like Madonna was constantly trying to reach the next shocking headline. Yet, was there ever a time when she took it a bit too far and landed herself behind bars?

Question 19

Has Selena Gomez ever found herself thrown in jail?

As one of the up-and-coming starlets coming out of young Hollywood, there were a number of expectations she had to conquer before truly being accepted by the public. With so many young artists going the route of Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus, it seemed like there was an expectation that Selena Gomez would start to spiral out of control as well. It became obvious that she was willing to do anything to shed her "good girl" persona and even starred in the controversial film, Spring Breakers. Yet, was her arrest in the film the only time she went to jail?

Question 20

Has Chris Brown ever spent actual time in jail?

When Chris Brown first started out as a young singer and performer, people couldn't help but compare him to the iconic Michael Jackson. His celebrity status began to rise and he quickly became the go-to artist to perform during prestigious award shows. Once he started being seen with Rihanna on his arm, it was official that his star had truly risen. Yet, the incident involving the altercation between him and Rihanna led to headline making news. Although the photos of Rihanna were plastered everywhere for the world to see, did Chris Brown ever actually spend time in jail?

Question 21

Best known for her Legally Blonde character, has Reese Witherspoon ever spent time in jail?

When Reese Witherspoon first appeared on the big screen, the world got to know her through wholesome characters from films like The Man in the Moon and Wildflower. Once she got older, she had a broader range of characters she could play but the public still thought of her as one of Hollywood's "good girls." She became hugely respected after winning the Academy Award for Walk the Line, even though the character she played was heavily criticized for her marital problems. In real life, Witherspoon also had a few personal problems. Was her arrest record one of them?

Question 22

Has Kim Kardashian ever spent time behind bars?

When Kim Kardashian was first introduced to the world, she was just the dark-haired beauty that was Paris Hilton's newest BFF. It took a "leaked" sex tape and a reality series to truly make her into the celebrity she is today and a few marriages along the way only helped to amplify her fame. While she's known for her super glamorous tendencies and over-the-top lifestyle, she isn't exactly a stranger to criminal activity. From her father being a famed lawyer to being robbed in Paris, was there ever a time when she actually found herself behind bars?

Question 23

Has this Fast & The Furious star ever had jail time?

Michelle Rodriguez has had a hugely successful acting career and has starred in a number of memorable roles over the years. From her Resident Evil performance to her role in The Fast & The Furious franchise, Rodriguez created a persona as a major tough girl on the big screen. Yet, her acting roles weren't limited to the silver screen. Rodriquez spent some time as a cast member in the TV series, Lost, and there were a few headlines that came from her time filming in Hawaii. Did some of these headlines include a jail sentence?

Question 24

Has Mark Wahlberg ever served time in jail?

It's hard to believe that Mark Wahlberg was ever just another hip hop artist trying to make Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch a household name. Nowadays, he's seen as one of the most successful actors and producers in Hollywood. He has a huge range in his acting ability but has become a favorite as an action star. Yet, everyone has a past that they may be a bit embarrassed about and that doesn't exclude celebrities. During those funky days in his past, did Wahlberg ever spend time behind bars?

Question 25

Has this Iron Man star ever spent time in the slammer?

There aren't many actors in Hollywood that are as beloved as Robert Downey Jr. since he has become the Iron Man character on the big screen. While he's had a long career that dates back to the 1980s, sometimes the length of an actor's career starts to work against them. As so many actresses have found out, the public can quickly turn on their favorite stars. This can make it difficult for them to find quality roles and can completely change public perception. In the case of Robert Downey Jr., was jail a factor in his checkered past?

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