Test Your Personality And We'll Tell You Which Tom Cruise Character You Are!

In 1976, Tom Cruise was a fourteen-year-old kid studying to become a priest. By the early 90's, he was a prominent actor and a household name. Somewhere in the middle, Cruise won us over by playing two of the most iconic teenagers in film. First, he showed up in Risky Business as Joel, an overachieving student who makes it his goal to enjoy life to the fullest while his parents are far and away. Needless to say, things don't go as smoothly as planned. Second, he soared as Maverick, a hot-headed, cocksure aspiring fighter pilot who already fancies himself the best (and coolest) of the lot. Not all is sharp shades and success in Top Gun, though, as Maverick's world comes crashing down with the death of his partner, Goose. Tom Cruise nailed these two roles and, sure enough, two youths and two tales of maturation later, Hollywood was happy to show him the money.

Tom Cruise's rapid rise to fame can be attributed to two aspects of his acting. First, he's a fantastic everyman, capable of playing relatable characters cut from the same cloth as the rest of us normal folk, like the titular character of a mentally and morally exhausted sports agent in Jerry Maguire. Filling relatable roles is all well and good, but Cruise never would've gotten anywhere doing so if not for the innate, low-key charisma that he somehow brings to every part. Not only are his characters relatable, they're also likable. When put together, it's a potent mix that makes an audience empathize completely. Even when playing elite superspy Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible series, Cruise manages to turn him into an almost normal guy with a healthy sense of humor who just so happens to save the world for a living. That capacity takes great talent, and it's why Cruise became the superstar that he is.

With all of Cruise's iconic characters in mind, have you ever wondered which of them you're most like? Find out now by playing the quiz below! And don't worry: getting Maverick doesn't mean you're a total jerk.

Question 1

Pick a physical activity!

Regardless of which of his characters you turn out to be, you're ultimately Tom Cruise, a compact, muscular dude who's pretty much the paragon of fitness. That said, you're gonna have a sporty hobby that helps you work up a hell of a sweat. Whether that hobby simply involves throwing balls around or consists of death-defying mountainside ascents is a matter of personal taste.

Question 2

Would you do your own stunts?

Tom Cruise is a brave man. He quit school to become an actor, is outspoken about his particular beliefs, and is keen on jumping out of planes and climbing the tallest building in the world with little more than a basic harness. If the questionable sanity of the latter sort of bravery doesn't resonate with you, you might be better suited for a less action-heavy character role.

Question 3

Who'd be your BFF?

Tom Cruise is a pretty popular guy, what with being an A-list Hollywood actor and all. As such, his list of friends is extensive, including beloved celebs such as Steven Spielberg, Will Smith, Ben Stiller, and David Beckham. Tom probably can't bend it like the latter, but at least he can have a good chuckle with Spielberg once in a while.

Question 4

What do you fear most?

We all like to think we're infallible, mature adults who aren't vulnerable to anything, but in reality everybody's still afraid of something. Maybe you're petrified of losing the person you love most in some sudden tragedy, or maybe your cat's hairballs give you the heebie-jeebies. No judgment here; those things are nasty.

Question 5

Who's your dream girl?

Despite his short stature and looks that aren't really anything to write home about, Tom Cruise somehow always winds up with some of Hollywood's most attractive ladies. Spoiler alert: it's probably that damn charisma of his. Anyway, giving you options based on his on-screen romances would be too obvious, so how about choosing your ideal lady from this list instead?

Question 6

Choose a hairstyle!

Regardless of whether he's young or old, human or vampiric, Tom Cruise knows how to rock a fantastic head of hair, and does so in just about every movie he shows up in. Perhaps you prefer something simple and traditionally manly, or maybe you fancy a more avant-garde kind of look? Pick one of the glorious hairstyles listed below.

Question 7

What's your favorite song?

I know, I know. You can't really pick your favorite song because this is an online quiz and the options probably aren't expansive enough to include your current jam of choice. Never fear, though, because there are some decent options on here. Alright, maybe they're not the best, but they're related to Tom Cruise movies. They're all old tunes, you say? Well, you're not wrong there, but try to pick one anyway, okay?

Question 8

How do you run?

Yes, I am indeed asking in what manner you put one foot in front of the other in order to quickly arrive at a destination of your choice. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, because Tom Cruise tends to do a lot of running in his movies. I mean, you've seen the Mission: Impossible films, right? He practically patented the super intense "Tom Cruise run." Heck, even GQ knows Tom Cruise is the king of running in movies. Seriously, look it up!

Question 9

What's your biggest flaw?

We all like to believe that we're fantastic human beings, but the reality is we all have our flaws. Some people are narcissistic, some are unwilling to comply with the basic rules of society, and others repeatedly make the mistake of bringing up politics over Thanksgiving dinner. At least the first two are somewhat passable.

Question 10

Pick a Mission: Impossible movie!

You might not be an action movie fan, but you can't deny that Tom Cruise tackles action roles in a big way. Foremost among those is Mission: Impossible, a series wherein secret agent Ethan Hunt tackles, you guessed it, missions that border on the impossible. Sometimes he bites off more than he can chew, but I think he knew what he was getting into when he signed up for a job on the Impossible Missions Force.

Question 11

Who do you root for in Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones isn't just one of the most popular shows on TV, it's a veritable phenomenon that everyone and their mother seems to watch. Okay, you probably don't watch it with your mother because of all the sex scenes, but you get the point. Anyway, everybody has their favorite characters that they love to watch and root for, and your choices in that regard say something about your personality.

Question 12

What historical period interests you?

If you're a history buff, you know there's plenty of awesome historical eras to choose from for this question. Maybe you're an enlightened kind of person who admires the brilliant minds of the Renaissance, or maybe you're someone who just really enjoys thinking about people bashing each other's heads in with maces in the Middle Ages. Togas are pretty cool, too.

Question 13

What's your mode of transportation?

In this day and age, things move quickly, and you gotta keep up or get left behind. Tom Cruise is aware of this, as is anyone who commutes anywhere on a regular basis. So, it's not exactly a big secret. Anyway, how do you typically get around in your day-to-day life?

Question 14

What's most important to you?

Ah, priorities. What we value in life plays a big part in determining if we're totally awesome or so scummy that being scraped off the surface of a stagnant pond is a real possibility. Perhaps you place great importance on helping others, or maybe you value your individual satisfaction above all else. The latter probably won't get you as many friends.

Question 15

Pick a suit color!

To paraphrase the great ZZ Top, everybody loves a sharp-dressed man. Whether you're trying to impress a date or just determined to make all your coworkers green with envy, the perfect suit can do wonders to make you look your best. That said, what color do you usually go for? Yes, it's important. Promise.

Question 16

Who drives you nuts?

Even if you have the patience of a saint, there's somebody out there who knows how to push your buttons and drive you up the wall. Maybe you can't stand the sight of your little brother since he ruined a date with your dream girl in high school, or maybe your uncle Steve's toxic farts aren't nearly as subtle as he thinks. Or, you know, people you love dearly might do silly things once in a while that make you want to strangle them.

Question 17

How nerdy are you?

Do you prefer to spend your time locked indoors playing video games and growing more pale by the minute rather than doing an outdoor activity of any kind? Do your hobbies include reading comic books and watching Star Wars for the 458th time? If so, you probably have something of a geeky side. The only question is, just how strong is your inner nerd? Don't worry, this is all anonymous, so try to be honest, okay?

Question 18

What's your drink of choice?

Daily life is hard work, whether you're off to the office or still studying to someday land that future dream job. To cope with the struggle and prevent yourself from being an angry troll, most rely on potent beverages to provide an uplifting kick in the rear. Many flock to the mighty nectar of the gods known as coffee, but some are content with a strong beer to cap off the events of the day. Alternatively, you might be one of those purists who just drinks water all day. Are you even human? Like, seriously.

Question 19

Which Stranger Things kid do you relate to?

Ah, Stranger Things, the show where a bunch of kids try to rid their small town of interdimensional evil. Well, the adults help, too, but they're not really important here. The real question is which of these beloved characters you feel a strong connection with. Maybe you relate to Dustin, the goofy, fun-loving one who just so happens to be a bit lacking in the teeth department. Or maybe you're Will, the quiet one who gets kidnapped by an interdimensional monster in season one. Yeah, nobody's normal on this show.

Question 20

How do you feel about traveling?

When it comes to the prospect of traveling, everybody seems to react differently. Some people get so excited they can't contain themselves and bounce off the walls constantly until they head out the door, whereas others are rendered physically ill from the mere thought of leaving their home country. In either case, hopefully you at least have a good time. Maybe pack some Pepto if you're in the latter camp, though.

Question 21

Pick a pair of sunglasses!

If there's one thing Tom Cruise made clear in the 80's, it's that he was the essence of cool. He embodied it, radiated it, and nobody could deny the down-to-earth awesomeness that was he. Since then, Cruise has gone on to maintain his coolness in countless other movies and continues to do so even today. Everybody knows that being cool starts with a sweet pair of shades, though, so choose one now.

Question 22

How do you feel about school?

No matter how skilled and successful you are now, everybody starts from the bottom. The bottom, of course, is a school classroom, one of the most torturous, exhausting environments on the planet. Then again, maybe you didn't feel that way; maybe you breezed through your classes and had a wonderful time doing it. No? Yeah, high school sucks.

Question 23

Pick your favorite Tom Cruise movie!

You've already had the opportunity to pick your preferred Mission: Impossible flick, but let's be real: Tom Cruise has done plenty of movies other than Mission: Impossible. For example, he played Jack Reacher, which was... Oh, right. Well, he did do dramatic, non-action things like Vanilla Sky and Eyes Wide Shut. Those are kind of cool, right? Right?

Question 24

What sort of intelligence are you known for?

We're all special snowflakes, which means that, though some of us are more obviously intelligent, we're all smart in different ways, too. Some people are blessed with being able to read and absorb things easily, which helps considerably in school. That said, some people have street smarts, or a keen nose for business opportunities, or heightened natural instincts. Basically, you have no reason to cheat here, because all of these are cool, except of course book smarts. Those are lame.

Question 25

How do you treat authority figures?

Let's not beat around the bush here: having to answer to superiors sucks, and it's an unavoidable part of life. Whether it's your parents, a teacher, or your boss, somebody somewhere is gonna tell you what to do, and you're gonna have to do it. Well, you won't actually have to, but you really, really should if you want to make any progress through life. And not go to jail. Both of those things are good.

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