Test Your House Of Cards Knowledge With This Quiz!

All I have to say is Frank Underwood and I’ve got your attention instantly. There aren’t many people that don’t know where that name comes from. It’s the show that took the world by storm and made politics oh so juicy—it’s Neflix’s House of Cards and it is oh so amazingly vicious. Featuring the power couple we all love to hate, Frank and Claire Underwood keep us glued to the edge of our chairs bing watch after binge watch and bum us out every single time we have to wait for the next season to premiere (why does it have to take SO long?).

Here’s the thing, there are so many characters and situations that happen on this show that it’s pretty hard to keep track of everything. Even die-hard fans have a hard time keeping all the finer details in order. One second someone is in good graces and the next they are (literally) getting pushed into an oncoming train. Do you really know all the facts about your favorite political drama, or are you just a casual watcher? Take our quiz to figure out if you can hold your own when it comes to Frank’s cabinet or if you have a lot of re-binging to do.

Question 1

What's Frank Underwood's favorite meal?

If there’s one thing you can say about Frank it is that the man knows what he likes, including his meal. There was one specific restaurant that he loved to go to so much that he even hired the cook on his staff as a grounds man so he could have his favorite meal whenever he wanted it. Now that’s what I call service. Unfortunately, his favorite cook missed his kitchen and eventually left his staff to get back to his old work, but Frank still has a taste for his favorite food.

Question 2

Who was hired to write a book about Frank and Claire?

This character was hired to essentially follow around Frank and Claire at all times of the day in hopes that he or she won’t portray them as complete monsters—which they essentially did at the end of the day. This didn’t sit so well with Claire and she ended up taking matters in her own hands (oh snap). If there was any lesson learned from this situation it’s don’t mess with the Underwoods, they are relentless when it comes to their reputations. Gulp.

Question 3

Why does Frank tap his knuckles twice before leaving a room?

This was a habit that Frank’s father taught him and he’s been doing it ever since, but why did his father teach him this? Legend has it that it is supposed to harden your knuckles if it is done throughout the day, but honestly why would you need that as a guy behind a desk? Maybe it is like knocking on wood, so it’s the whole superstition thing. Then again, knocking on wood also means good luck. This one is a real conundrum.

Question 4

What is Claire and Frank's Vice?

Although they both have a major vice in ruining people’s lives, they do have another vice that threatens their daily lives. It must be one of those things where they have to get that extra stress out somewhere because they are usually so calm, cool, and collected for the most part. It really makes you wonder how they stay so composed day in and day out, is it their vice that really holds them together? The world may never know.

Question 5

Who tries to assassinate Frank?

Claire rises in popularity, but Frank does the opposite, which leads to utter dismay. Things really get stirred up after a picture of Frank’s dad and a KKK member is found, which the public obviously doesn’t like. Frank tries to talk to his protestors, but he doesn’t get very far before we hear gunshots. He’s hit and stunned at the same time. Of course our favorite anti-hero doesn’t die, but he does end up in the hospital in critical condition.

Question 6

Frank Underwood is a Democrat from which congressional district?

Frank, or Francis, Underwood has made quite a climb since the beginning of the series, but he wasn’t always the President of the United States and he did come from somewhere obviously. Clearly he has some Southern roots, but where do those roots come from exactly? Frank does pay homage to his home state, but he doesn’t always talk about which district he hails from. All and all, Frank is pretty darn proud of where he’s from, but he’s more concerned about where he’s going.

Question 7

What is the name of the acappella group Frank is part of?

Oh how they sing. It sounds like this “rag tag” bunch got into some shenanigans back in their day, but didn’t we all? They would sing classic songs like “Dixie,” “Marine’s Hymn,” and “Oh Shenandoah” with pride and honor. Not to mention they would do it perfectly on key without any practice in how many decades. Regardless, it’s nice to see Frank actually unwinding and being a human for once in his life as opposed to ruining someone’s very existence.

Question 8

What year did Frank marry Claire?

It’s another one of those details you have to listen hard for, but this power couple did drop the date when they exchanged their vows. Although their marriage is considered strange by some, they rely on each other to be the most powerful couple in the United States. They both know they couldn’t do it without each other and they also have love for each other in some weird way, but one could argue they have more of a business relationship more than anything.

Question 9

What's the name of Frank's initiative to get more jobs?

Frank firmly stood behind this program as it reduced entitlements like social security and welfare and focused more time and effort into getting more full-time employment for American citizens. He even had the DC governor call for a state of emergency due to the city’s high unemployment rate to show how the plan would work. After that he sent FEMA funds into this plan, which allowed 40,000 residents to get jobs, but the plan didn’t pass despite his efforts. Sorry Frank.

Question 10

Who made a guest appearance during a dinner in honor of Petrov?

This band is actually a politically fueled band outside of the show as well as they have made their mark on the Russian scene. During the dinner held in Petrov’s honor they also didn’t disappoint as they let the crowd know exactly what they felt about their leader. Petrov, of course, was not please by their appearance. It just makes you wonder how they got themselves into such an event to begin with as a band nonetheless especially one that doesn’t particularly like the crowd that’s surrounding them.

Question 11

What non-profit organization was Claire the CEO of?

Claire isn’t a wife that takes a backseat to her man, she needs to be out taking the world by storm, and she starts out by becoming the CEO of a major non-profit organization. She proves to be ruthless and pragmatic during this time spent in the job, and people really see what she has to offer…which is a lot. She has a mind for business and doesn’t take no for an answer. Claire becomes known for take no nonsense attitude and her ability to get the job done.

Question 12

Why did Claire resign as U.S. Ambassador?

Claire has really held some really interesting roles in her day. There’s absolutely no shame in saying that you would want to have her jobs on your resume. Unfortunately, Claire did resign from her role as U.S. Ambassador at one point because of outside circumstances. Of course she wanted to keep her role, but she felt that the decision made more sense given the circumstance. You’ve got to give it to Claire, she’ll do just about anything for the office.

Question 13

Why was Seth Grayson hired on Frank's staff?

There’s no argument that Seth seems to be one of the more level-headed characters in the show, but why the heck would he want to be part of this insane administration? Yeah, he gets to take the bows for being in the White House, but dear lord the guy never gets a break—especially from his boss Doug Stamper. The guys just wants to show up every day and do his job, but he can’t seem to do it without some kind of fire drill.

Question 14

When Frank was passed for Secretary of State, who was the job given to?

Frank doesn’t like losing, but when one door closes another opens in his eyes. In fact, he’s always had his sights set on President to begin with so losing this job might not be such a big deal to begin with. It’s the people that went against him that are the problem. Frank has a big issue with trust, and he doesn’t like having an uproar against him. He knows it’s an uphill battle to get the majority on his team, but damn is he ever good at it.

Question 15

How did Frank's father die?

Like many things, Frank used his father’s death as a device for publicity. Dying at the age of 43, Frank mentioned that his father was, “So young, so full of life, so full of dreams.” In all reality Frank says in secret that he never knew him or what his dreams were and that he never scratched the surface of life. He lastly says that, “Maybe it’s best he died so young, he wasn’t doing much but taking up space.” Ouch.

Question 16

What brand of Bourbon does Frank keep in his office?

Nothing but the best for Frank Underwood, and that’s no exception for his Bourbon as he stashes one of America’s favorite brands. It doesn’t show the bottle often, but rest assured it’s there. In fact, he offered some to Peter Russo in season one before confronting him on his drinking and drug usage. This bourbon is one that Frank is a major fan of, well, obviously as he keeps it in the White House for crying out loud. Great choice, Frank.

Question 17

Who hires Zoe Barnes after The Herald fires her?

Poor Zoe, all she wants to do is find a career where she is respected and she can just do her job in peace, but it just seems impossible. She gets fired from her gig at the Herald then she moves on to her new job where she continues her tumultuous relationship with Frank Underwood, and, well, we all know what happened in the end. The girl didn’t stand a chance against him honestly. Was it worth it, Zoe? Was it really worth it?

Question 18

What does Claire inadvertently call American troops during her hearing for U.N. Ambassador?

Whoops Claire! Not a great idea to backhand the troops in the role you’re in! Although it was an accident, the damage was done with this comment and the damage wasn’t so good. The Senate Committee doesn’t particularly like the comment and, hello, these are the guys that make the call if she’s right for the job or not. Woah boy. She gets a ton of questions from the committee and even loses her temper in front of them. Not good Claire.

Question 19

Who runs against Frank on the Republican ticket in season four and five?

Frank is really in for it when he goes up against an opponent who is not only well respected, but well loved too. This candidate has a campaign that shows how open he or she is and how he or she doesn’t like operating behind closed doors. This candidate also served in the military, is young, and hungry to lead the country. In fact, the country votes this candidate into office, until Frank unleashes one of his tricks yet again.

Question 20

What was Claire's last cryptic line in season five?

Claire Underwood is a person I wouldn’t cross. At the end of season five she becomes President of the United States, which makes her the most powerful person in the country, or in the world as many people also think. This is the moment she’s been waiting for and boy does she pounce on it. No one is standing in her way anymore. No one. Not even her own husband who helped her get to the top. Now that’s pretty scary.

Question 21

What's the name of Raymond Tusk's company?

Raymond Tusk is one of those guys that we never want to see backing any of the guys in office, but we know is. He has endless amounts of money and he has no shame in flaunting it around. He’s going to fund your campaign alright—as long as he gets to dictate everything you do and who you fill your administration with. Yuck, no thank you. It seems like Frank really gets himself into a pickle when it comes to this guy. Not a good dude.

Question 22

How long was Doug Stamper sober before he turned back to the bottle?

Doug is the faithful soldier. He will literally do anything for the Underwoods—especially Frank. What makes this guy so utterly loyal anyway? Before Doug was on Frank’s staff, he had a major problem with alcohol and he would attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. This, of course, was before he let the stresses of his job get to him and he sporadically allows himself to turn back to the bottle. He actually did have a decent amount of time under his belt though.

Question 23

Who said the quote, "To improve is to change. To perfect is to change often," on the watch that Frank gave Remy?

Remy Denton worked for Frank underwood for eight years, so they had quite some time together. However, he seems to have a thing for Jackie Sharp too who doesn’t have a greatest relationship with Frank. Although Frank gave him a watch with a very special inscription on it, it didn’t mean that Remy remained completely loyal to him, but that’s the name of the game when it comes to politics, right? But who said this quote? Knowing Frank Underwood it had to be someone important.

Question 24

Where did Janine Skorsky flee after Zoe was murdered?

Things certainly get hairy when it comes to the world of political journalism, and for Janine Skorsky the tension was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. She needed to get out of DC and fast or she would likely be next on Frank’s hit list. So away she went. It was probably a good move too because they knew way too much about Frank, and the scariest part is he knew about it. You don’t mess with the Underwoods and Janine was smart enough to realize that before she became collateral damage.

Question 25

Where is Claire originally from?

Oh Claire, she’s so mysterious. You might not even remember where she hails from because she talks about her past so seldom. She’s one of those beauties that just keeps her details under wraps until the public needs to know them, kind of like her whole abortion scandal. There are few people as stoic as Claire and you have to give props to her upbringing on that one, but where the heck was that upbringing from? It doesn’t help that she has zero accent either.

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