Test Those Big Bang Theory Smarts And Get Paired Up With One Of The Geeks

The main characters in The Big Bang Theory might be some of the biggest nerds on the planet, yet believe it or not, they also have a lot to offer. Haven't you ever wondered what life would be like if one just did like Penny and dropped the idiotic bad boys for a handsome, intelligent theoretical theorist? Or, maybe be more like Amy or Bernadette and just wish have the brainy, obsessive-compulsive Sheldon, or Howard, who reminds us of Austin Powers. On the other hand, there's always Raj, who's handsome and has a great accent, yet is quirky in his own wacky ways.

Either way, it goes, those who have found their way here are obviously fans, who are here for a purpose! In fact, those who are here will find out which of those TBBT guys is their geek. This quiz will test only the biggest fans and their Big Bang Smarts on all four of The Big Bang Theory's handsome, intelligent nerds. Each question is based on one of them and the correct answer for that guy will get the most points. In the end, The Big Bang Theory geek that each fan knows the most about will end up being their guy! Ready to find out which Big Bang geek to end up with? Find out now!

Question 1

Which Big Bang Theory geek calls his grandma Meemaw and his grandpa Pop-Pop?

One of the geek's from The Big Bang Theory is very close to his Meemaw. She calls him Moon-pie because she says he's so "nummy, nummy, [she] could just eat him up!". He was always closest to her and his Pop-Pop because she was so sweet and he supported his love for science. Do you know which guy this is?

Question 2

How many women has Raj dated/slept with?

Despite his initial selective mutism, Raj has been fairly lucky with the ladies. He may not be married like the other geeks from TBBT, although, he does date fairly often. However, he has had more crushes than he's actually had girlfriend's. He's not a bad guy. He just hasn't found the right one for him yet. Do you know how many women he's dated/slept with?

Question 3

Who is Howard married to?

Most of the Big Bang Theory geeks have settled down and gotten married. They have each met someone who is like them and/or understands who they are. In fact, most of these women are attracted to the sheer geekiness of their other half. Which of these girls is Howard married to?

Question 4

How old was Sheldon when he graduated from high school?

All four of The Big Bang Theory nerds are extremely intelligent, although, none are as smart as Sheldon. He was a child prodigy and graduated from each of his schools early. Now, he's got several degrees and has what you call a double doctorate, meaning that he's gotten Ph.D. in more than one subject. Do you know how old he was whe he graduated high school?

Question 5

What college did Leonard go to?

All of the nerds from TBBT have graduated from college. In fact, most of them have Ph.D., with the exception of Howard who has masters in engineering. Leonard is an experimental physicist and got his doctorate at 24 years old. Do you know which college he got his degree from?

Question 6

Can you name the family member who Howard slept with?

It's sad, yet true. Howard Wolowitz admitted to his friends that he'd slept with his second cousin. This was back when the guys had eaten "special" cookies while watching the meteor shower in The Adhesive Duck Deficiency. Later, she appeared as Stuart's date to the prom, which drudged the past up for Howard. Do you know what her name was?

Question 7

What usually helped Raj overcome his selective mutism during the first 6 seasons?

During the first 6 seasons of TBBT, Raj was overcome with selective mutism around women, which made it impossible for him to speak to them. There were only two things that helped him get past this affliction. One of the things was used on a regular basis, while the other thing was only tested a couple of times. What was the main thing that helped Raj get past his selective mutism?

Question 8

What did Howard "borrow" that landed him in the emergency room?

In The Robotic Manipulation, Howard borrows something from the Jet Propulsion Lab that ends up landing him in the ER. It was something that he started off using to massage his back and ended up getting stuck on an awkward part of his body. He ended up having to call Leonard and Raj, who took him to the hospital where the nurse hit a button to get Howard unstuck. What was it that he borrowed?

Question 9

Which Big Bang Theory geek got married first?

TBBT has changed quite a bit since it's debut. The guys might be just as nerdy as ever, although, they've also grown a lot as characters. In the beginning, you'd have never thought that Sheldon would ever get a girlfriend, much less get married. Which of the guys was the first to set the marriage trend?

Question 10

How did Amy and Sheldon meet?

Amy and Sheldon have had one of the slowest moving relationships on TV. This is mostly because Sheldon and Amy both have terrible social skills. Amy tries to fit in, somewhat. However, Sheldon could really care less about if he's liked, or not. Neither of them had even attempted to find a relationship prior to meeting each other. So, how did they meet?

Question 11

Which of Raj's girlfriends climbed out of a window to get away from him?

Raj has had some interesting girlfriends through the years. The one in this photo was nearly as bad socially as he is. In fact, she even climbed out of a window on two different occasions due to nerves. He eventually tried to get her to meet his friends but she freaked out and broke up with him. She was the girl who ot him over his selective mutism. What was her name?

Question 12

Who did Leonard dress up as for Penny's Halloween party?

In season 1, Penny through a Halloween party and invited the guys. After initially declining, they decided to go so they could wear costumes. However, none of them fit in well with Penny's crowd and they all felt out of place. Things did get better though. Leonard got to kiss drunk Penny and Raj spent the night with a girl. Do you remember who Leonard was for the party?

Question 13

Why did Leonard lie to get out of going to see Penny's play?

This was that time that Leonard lied to Penny to get out of seeing her in the musical play Rent. Sheldon tried to cover for Leonard, yet only made things worse with his "drug-addict cousin". Leonard still had to watch the ecording of Penny in the play anyway, but what was the real reason that Leonard lied to get out of going?

Question 14

What caption did Howard add to this photo when he posted it to Facebook?

Howard has done, (and said) some pretty wild things when it comes to the ladies, although, Penny wasn't the only friend mad at him by the end of The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization episode. In it, Sheldon had tried to discredit Leonard for presenting their research. They got into a fight in front of everyone and Howard posted the video on YouTube. Meanwhile, he also took a selfie when Penny fell asleep on his shoulder and posted it on Facebook. What was the caption?

Question 15

What song does Sheldon like to hear when he's sick?

Sheldon's terrible when he's sick. He's a serious germaphobe. In fact, the mere idea of someone close to him being around somebody who has been sick makes him sick. To make matters worse, he loves to be babied while he's sick and prefers to hear the song his mother sang for him. Do you know what song he likes to hear when he's sick?

Question 16

What magazine was Raj featured in?

In The Griffin Equivalency, Raj was added to a list of people to be featured in a magazine for his discovery of the trans-Neptunian object. Dr. Gaublehauser, which is the guys boss at Caltech gave Raj special treatment for his discovery and it went to his head. He ended up making everyone so annoyed that they didn't want to attend his reception. Which magazine was he featured in?

Question 17

What game did Sheldon get Penny addicted to?

In season 2 of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon accidentally got Penny hooked on an online game. She was frustrated about several things in her life, at the time and it offered her a release from stress. However, she got so bad that she was neglecting herself. Her gaming addiction didn't end until she accidentally accepted a virtual date with Howard. What game was Penny hooked on?

Question 18

Besides Leonard, who was the other Big Bang Theory geek to date Leslie Winkle?

Leslie Winkle isn't the type to get all mushy or emotionally involved in a relationship. However, she has tried on more than one occasion with Leonard to engage in her idea of one. She also had a friends-with-benefits relationship with one of the other guys, which ended end him getting his heart broke. Do you know who it was?

Question 19

What special gift did Penny give to Sheldon?

In The Bath Item Hypothesis, Sheldon was insistent about getting Penny a Christmas gift that would match whatever it was that she got for him. He ended up buying her several bath gift baskets since he wanted the value to match and he wasn't sure what she had gotten him. However, he ended up giving her all of them and a hug, when he saw what she'd gotten for him. What did Penny get Sheldon?

Question 20

Why did Penny and Stuart's relationship end after only 2 dates?

There were several possibilities that could have caused Penny and Stuart's relationship to end after only 2 dates. For one, Stuart never knew that Leonard and Penny had a relationship. Second, Penny fell asleep following their first date, while Sheldon and Stuart discussed who should replace Bruce Wayne as Batman. Third being that, Leonard tried to sabotage their relationship by giving Stuart bad advice. To top things off, Penny called Stuart Leonard. WHich of these things ended their relationship?

Question 21

What did Raj use to bribe Sheldon into being his wingman?

Sheldon Cooper has never shown much interest in dating, with the exception of Amy, of course. In fact, before Amy came around, he never really understood when a woman was hitting on him. Plus, the mere mention of intercourse often led to Sheldon discussing his strong dislike for coitus. Despite all of this, Raj was able to bribe Sheldon into being his wingman for a mixer. He later bribes him again with something else. What did he use first?

Question 22

What year did Sheldon meet Leonard?

During the first episode of The Big Bang Theory, it was apparent that Sheldon and Leonard had already been roommates for some time. However, the actual timeline of when they met and moved in together wasn't detailed until The Staircase Implementation, where Leonard explains to Penny how he came to be Leonard's roommate. What year di Leonard meet Sheldon?

Question 23

Who broke the elevator in the apartment building on The Big Bang Theory?

The broken elevator in Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny's apartment has been an ongoing joke, ever since the first episode. The elevator was already broke when Penny was moving in and it still hasn't been fixed, yet is mentioned every time someone who doesn't frequent the building shows up. How the elevator was broken is eventually explained in season 3. Do you know who broke the elevator?

Question 24

Which Justice League character did Raj dress up as for Stuart's New Year's Eve costume party?

The guys got Penny and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Zack to dress as superheroes to fulfill their Justice League of America group for Stuart's New Year's Eve costume party. Zack dressed as Superman and Penny as Wonderwoman. Meanwhile, the geeks dressed as Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Green Lantern. Do you know which superhero Raj dressed as?

Question 25

How many dates had Howard and Bernadette been on when he asked her to marry him?

It didn't take long for Howard to know that Bernadette was "The one"! In fact, he actually asked her to marry him a little prematurely. They had only been dating for a short time when she wanted to know where things were headed. After a short lapse in judgment, (and some conversations with his dream girl, Katee Sackhoff) he realized that she was the perfect woman for him. She didn't accept that proposal, yet they eventually got married. How many dates had they been on when he asked her to marry him?

Question 26

How many cats did Sheldon adopt to fill the void when he broke up with Amy?

Sheldon and Amy hit it off instantly. In fact, it turned out that they had so much in common that their egos nearly split them up early on. Amy had insisted that her career in neurobiology was more important and superior than Sheldon's. This prompted Sheldon to terminate their relationship, although, he obviously missed her because he went out and adopted several cats to take her place. How many cats did he adopt?

Question 27

Why did Bernadette break up with Howard?

Howard always thought he was great with the ladies, although, usually he was too agressive and a little perverted. That's why it was such a suprise and great that he finally settled down with Bernadette. She came right in and took over where his mom left off, and Howard changed almost overnight. Or, did he? Bernadette caught him doing something, which caused her to break up with him. What was it?

Question 28

Which of these women got Leonard to replace his glasses with contacts?

Leonard has had some pretty controlling females throughout the seasons of TBBT. Penny was probably the least controlling, although, she has tried to get him to do things that brought him out of his comfort zone. As for the others, Priya went so far as to say he couldn't be friends with Penny, Leslie got mad because he didn't agree with her over Sheldon, and Stephanie moved in with him without his knowledge. Which of these women got Leonard to wear contact lenses?

Question 29

What movie was Raj watching when Sheldon kicked him out of his own hotel room?

In The Love Car Displacement, the entire group went along for a science conference where Sheldon, Amy, Raj, Bernadette, and Howard were on a panel together. Sheldon layed out specific plans for the trip, although, nothing went as planned and everyone ended up switching rooms. Raj ended upbeing displaced the most, when Sheldon kicked him out off hisown hotel room, after leaving Leonard and Penny whomight've planned on having coitus. What movie was Raj watching?

Question 30

Why did Sheldon end up being kept under quarantine at the hospital?

In season 4, Bernadette met with Howard's mother and he decided to tell her that they were engaged, but she passed out. Everyone went along to the hospital to make sure that she was okay. However, it turned out that she only had food poisoning. Meanwhile, Sheldon was refusing to touch anything because of the germs and ended up in a biohazard room. Sheldon was quarintined for two weeks. Why did he go in the biohazard room?

Question 31

Howard and Amy once bonded over music. Whose music was it?

Initially, Amy felt like she and Howard didn't have anything in common when they ended up working together for Raj's big scavenger hunt. They didn't seem to like any of the same things. However, they soon discovered that they liked the same artist. Before long, they were singing along to his music as they rode in the car. What artist was it?

Question 32

Where did Raj hide the golden coin for his scavenger hunt?

Everyone worked so hard to get the gold coin that Raj hid for them to find during his scavenger hunt. Raj said he'd hidden it in Pasadena. Bernadette was the most competitive, while Leonard was stressed about Penny being mad. Meanwhile, Penny and Sheldon were working great together, plus Amy and Howard were bonding. Where was the gold coin that Raj hid?

Question 33

Which Big Bang Theory geek has the most knowledge of football?

It's safe to say that none of the guys on TBBT are that into sports. Their hobbies and interests are more scientific, although, they do enjoy gaming. However, there is one guy in paticular who has a lot of knowledge when it comes to football. In fact, he entertained Bernadette's father with this knowledge once. Which Big Bang Theory guy was this?

Question 34

How did Howard make himself fail his blood pressure test for NASA?

Howard didn't enjoy his space training, or being in space much at all the first tme. That's why everyone else was so shocked that he took a second offer to revisit the International Space Station. In the end, they all end up holding an intervention to remind him how much he disliked it and he made himself fail his blood pressure test to get out of it. How did he do it?

Question 35

What character did both Leonard and Sheldon watch from a science show as kids?

As adults, Leonard and Sheldon paid a retired TV character from a kid's science show to come and do a science show for them. Arthur Jeffries was the actor behind the character. He was their favorite character as kids. Of course, he was beyond confused as to why two adult scientists would hire him for a kids science show and Sheldon annoyed him. Do you know what character this was?

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