Tell Us Which Movies You've Seen And Get A Lovely Hollywood Lady To Take Home

Do we have any cinema fans in the house today? For many of us, movies serve as an excellent escape from our daily lives and stresses. They may only take us away for an hour or two at a time, but when the day has been long enough and the right movie is playing on TV, sometimes a couple of hours is all we need. These movies have the power to transport us to so many different worlds, filled with all kinds of characters and adventures. Today we will be looking at just some of these incredible films one by one!

In this quiz, all we need to know is which of these 50 films everybody has seen. We have picked movies from all different kinds of genres, so we are sure everyone will come across a few familiar films! Once everyone has selected all the ones they have seen and the ones they haven't, we will match everyone up with the perfect Hollywood lady. Not only will everyone be getting a beautiful starlet to take home, but we are willing to bet everyone finds a new movie or two that they are just going to have to watch right away!

Question 1

Bird Box

While Malorie was out one afternoon with her sister, the entire world fell into chaos. A strange presence arrived on Earth, and anyone who saw it, was automatically shown their worst fears. Within the hour, almost all of the world's population was gone. Malorie however, was still alive. Now looking for safety with two children along for the ride, Malorie and the kids are going to need to keep their blindfolds on as they navigate their way to a safe haven.

Question 2


With Earth becoming less and less livable by the year, humans had no choice but to go out looking for another planet. They were lucky enough to come across the faraway Pandora, but the environment there seemed to be poisonous to humans. While the natives do whatever they can to protect their beautiful lands, the humans develop a way to send avatars of themselves there to explore the planet. We all know how this story usually plays out ...

Question 3

Baby Driver

If there were two things that Baby knew better than anyone else, it was music and driving. After being left an orphan, Baby wound up getting taken in by one of the most notorious criminals in the area. Baby grew up being the best getaway driver the city had ever seen. That being said, he has just met a girl and is hoping to retire. He's got the perfect playlist set up for his last job, but it's going to take more than that to break ties with his crew.

Question 4


As it turns out, the lost city of Atlantis has actually been thriving under the water all of these years. It is now home to thousands of oceanic people, but it is under the control of the wicked King Orm. Growing bored with only holding power under the water, Orm is now planning on bringing his rule to the human world as well. The only person that can stop the power-hungry villain, is, of course, Aquaman! Who's seen this one?

Question 5


Dom Cobb was born with an extraordinary power. He was the only man alive capable of entering the dreams of another person. What good would a power like this be, some may ask? Well for a professional thief like Dom Cobb, it meant he was able to steal a person's best kept secrets right from their very own mind. For obvious reasons, this made Dom the most sought after thief working on the black market. Who here has seen this bind bending film?

Question 6

Hot Rod

To Rod, nothing is more important than performing stunts. He may not be very good at it, but that has never slowed him down at all. Unfortunately, the people in his life aren't exactly supportive of his dreams. Rod's stepfather goes out of his way to put him down every chance he gets. However, when that same stepfather falls ill and needs a pricey surgery, Rod's stunts may be the only event big enough to pull in that kind of cash.

Question 7


Seth and Evan have been avoiding the conversation of college all throughout their senior year of high school. They know they won't be going to the same school, and the thought of being without their best friend has just been too tough to deal with. They have one last weekend to party with the kids from high school and with each other, so believe us when we say, they are going to make the very best of it! Seen it?

Question 8

The Revenant

Back in the year 1823, things were very different than they are now. Hugh Glass was one of the few men in his tribe with the skills to track and hunt. While exploring the wilderness on a hunting expedition, Hugh was attacked by a bear. Left with extensive injuries, his fellow hunters decided to leave him. Clearly, they did not realise who they were betraying at the time. Fueled by his desire for revenge, Hugh pushes through the injuries to get back to those who left him behind.

Question 9


Jack barely just made it onto the Titanic. He won his ticket aboard the ship in a card game, just moments before it was about to set sail. While he thought it was his best chance at a new life, he never imagined he would meet the love of his life on the large vessel. One look at Rose and Jack knew he would love her for the rest of his life. Sadly, he had no idea just how limited his time actually was.

Question 10

The Internship

Back in the day, Billy and Nick were the best pair of salesmen in their city. That being said, with everything going online now, they are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. Deciding it's time to go after a different kind of profession, these two have selected Google as their new employer. They have no idea how to even turn on a computer, but they are determined to make this new tech-savvy internship work! Who's seen it?

Question 11

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Even though there was nothing ordinary about Benjamin, he was determined to have just as good a life as anyone else, if not better. He was born with a rare condition which made him age in reverse. Clearly, this lead to some issues while he was growing up. While it was not everyone who understood him, throughout all stages of his strange life, Daisy was always there to comfort him somehow. Who here has seen this popular film? Let us know!

Question 12


Before Joy had been taken, she was just like any other teenager. She went to school, played sports, and hung around with friends. However, after agreeing to help a stranger look for his lost dog, Joy was never seen or heard from again. Not for 7 years anyway. Joy has now been found, and she has a 5-year-old son. She will have to readjust to the real world, as her son gets to experience everything for the very first time.

Question 13

Life of the Party

Deanna never put too much thought into the fact that she never finished her degree. She had left school originally to get married and raise her daughter, and things had pretty much worked out. That being said, now that her husband is asking for a divorce, she is starting to think having a back-up might have been a good idea. To get her life back on track, Deanna is heading off to college to finish what she started so many years ago!

Question 14

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

For years, Paul Blart has been laughed at for his profession. He works as a mall cop, and even though nobody else seems to, he takes his responsibility very seriously. When his mall gets infiltrated by criminals and innocent shoppers are put in danger during the process, Paul knows he is the only guy for the job. Nobody in the world knows this mall better than he does. These robbers should have picked a different spot, that is for sure.

Question 15

The Notebook

In this romantic movie, we meet Allie and Noah. Allie was a rich girl from a nice part of town, while Noah was nothing more than a local mill worker. Nothing about their lives matched up, but something in their hearts pulled them together. They knew that staying together was never going to be easy, but sharing a love so strong, made all of the tough times worth it. They were not going to let anything keep them apart for long.

Question 16


It was a regular day like any other when 12 gigantic spaceships landed in various spots around the world. Louise Banks was a professor of linguistics, so she was in charge of the team put together to make contact with what or who was inside of the ships. With the nations ready to go to war over the mystery, Louise quickly realised her time to make contact was in fact very limited. This is not just any ordinary alien movie.

Question 17

Youth in Revolt

When Nick found out his whole life was being uprooted to a trailer park, he was naturally a little frustrated. He was a kid who had a taste for the finer things in life, so a trailer park was not exactly the spot he was going to flourish. That being said, after arriving and meeting a local girl who enjoyed many of the same things he did, Nick decided to make the best out of a bad situation. Who's seen it?

Question 18

The Dirt

These days, the legendary antics of the band Mötley Crüe are pretty much common knowledge. But how did these four misfits come to be the party boy rock stars of the 80s? Well, in this film we get to watch it all play out. We get to see how they met, we get to experience the raging parties, and we get an in-depth look at some of the rougher times each of these stars had to go through. Seen it?

Question 19


In a not so distant future, time travel is a very real thing. However, it is not cheap and it's mainly used by the world's most notorious criminals. Should the mob feel as though an individual is posing a threat, they can easily send them back in time, where a hired person will be waiting to finish the job. Seems like the perfect crime, right? But what happens when they decide to turn things around on this hired person of theirs?

Question 20

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Lara Jean was always one of the more quiet girls in her school. She had friends and she was very close with both of her sisters, but she never went out of her way to be the center of attention. This was especially true when it came to boys she happened to be crushing on. Always being too shy to vocalize her true feelings, Lara Jean began writing them down on paper instead. Of course, she never thought these papers would be seen.

Question 21


Just as Cher was about to give up high school boys forever, a new kid came around. This new boy was so different from all of the other guys, so Cher was ready to do whatever it was going to take to win him over. She was already the richest, most beautiful girl in school, so how hard was it really going to be? She figured he would be hers in no time, but for some strange reason, he really didn't seem interested at all.

Question 22

Just Go With It

Danny was quite a catch. Not only was he a genuinely nice guy, but he was a successful plastic surgeon as well. Even still, the women in his life seemed to break his heart one by one. Not wanting to commit to any more relationships, Danny decided to come up with a plan. Now when he goes on a date, he explains that he has an estranged wife. This way, nobody invests any feelings, and nobody will ever be able to break his heart again!

Question 23

Ocean's 8

It is no secret that the Ocean family has a pretty long rap sheet. Danny Ocean had pulled off some of the greatest heists in history after all. That being said, with Danny gone, the family business has now fallen to his sister. Debbie Ocean is not playing around. She was burned in the past, but now she's looking for payback. Not just payback either, Debbie intends to walk away as a very, very wealthy woman. Has anyone seen this one?

Question 24

The Nice Guys

When the young Amelia mysteriously went missing one day, the task of finding her fell to two very unlikely partners. One being a private eye, the other being a hired enforcer, these two were not exactly from the same circle. However, once learning that some real bad guys were also looking for the lost Amelia, they decided to push their differences aside for the sake of the mission. Amelia's only hope now is for these guys to be the first to find her.

Question 25

The Jungle Book

In this question, we are talking about the classic Disney version. When young Mowgli was forced to leave his wolf pack, he had no choice but to head off into the jungle alone. Not being the safest place for a boy to live, a friendly bear and a brilliant panther decided to help him out. While the bear was mainly concerned about teaching Mowgli the fun stuff about life in the jungle, the panther focused more on keeping the boy safe during his journey.

Question 26

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

When Kim Baker accepted a new assignment, she knew it would be taking her outside of her comfort zone. That being said, she never expected to find herself smack dab in the middle of an active war zone. Being the hard-hitting journalist she was, Kim was not about the run away from anything. She was there to cover a story, and that was precisely what she was going to do. Has anyone here seen this popular Tina Fey film?

Question 27

Instant Family

Even though Pete and Ellie were really just toying with the idea of adoption, they decided to attend a fair where they could meet children looking for a home. Not expecting anything to come from it, nobody was more shocked than they were when they spontaneously decided to adopt not one, but three children. They're going to have to learn how to be parents pretty quick, if they are going to have any hope at surviving this new chapter of their lives.

Question 28

Whip It

Bliss was born and raised inside of the beauty pageant community. Even though this was the only life she had ever known, it never really seemed to suit her all that well. Looking for a different way to express herself, Bliss came across a local roller-derby team. After winning a spot in their ranks, Bliss did not only become part of a whole new family, but she got to experience a kind of freedom and confidence that she had never felt before.

Question 29


Driver was not only his name, but his profession as well. During the day, Driver was a well established Hollywood stuntman. At night, however, he put his above-average driving skills to a completely different use. He was a high paid getaway driver for all of the local criminals. While working both of these jobs made him quite a bit of cash, his late night escapades began creating a problem after he went and fell in love with the girl next door.

Question 30

Role Models

After two genius salesmen go on a joyride with a company truck, they find themselves in some pretty big trouble. The court graciously offered them an alternative to hard time, but now it looks like these two overgrown children are going to be mentoring underprivileged kids. Saying that these two were not built for mentoring, would pretty much be the understatement of the year. That being said, there may be a thing or two they can learn from the kids!

Question 31

Dan in Real Life

Dan makes his living off of writing family advice for a local newspaper column. Being a father of three, he knows this stuff pretty well. However, since the passing of his wife, he's felt like he's been losing his edge. Its three girls against him in the house, and things are getting a little hectic. What Dan needs is a new girlfriend. Too bad the first woman he meets and connects with, is actually his brother's new girlfriend. Yikes! Who's seen it?

Question 32


There was nothing that meant more to young Andrew, than becoming the very best jazz drummer in his music conservatory. When music instructor Terence discovered Andrew, he could instantly tell the kid had the skills needed to make it all the way. Terence was known for his unique teaching approach, and as excited as Andrew was about becoming his new pupil, he could have never imagined just how out of the box his new drumming lessons were going to be. Seen it?

Question 33

Anger Management

Sure, Dave had his upsets from time to time, but overall, the dude was actually pretty laid back. Unfortunately for him, when one of his upsets went down on a commercial flight, it did not go unnoticed by authorities. Dave has now been sentenced to anger management classes, but honestly, nothing in the world sounded more like something that would set him off than having to attend these classes. That's how he felt even before meeting his new crazy teacher.

Question 34

Mary Poppins Returns

Even though the Banks children are not exactly children anymore, there still may be a few things they have left to learn. Now that Michael has his own kids, he is thinking he could use the help of a nanny more than ever. Good thing there is one who has been watching over the Banks family for decades now. She is floating back down on her umbrella, and the new generation of children have no idea what's coming their way!

Question 35


In the summer of 1987, newly graduated James was planning for the trip of a lifetime. His parents had told him they would pay for his trip across Europe after he finished his studies, and well, the time has finally come. That being said, his parents have just informed him that they actually do not have the money to fund his trip after all. Being left with no other choices, James takes on a summer job at a local amusement park.

Question 36

Obvious Child

Donna was an adult who never really learned how to grow up. As immature as she had been as a teen, Donna can't keep a job or even find a decent apartment. Not being able to care for herself, after finding out that a night of wild fun has left her pregnant, she has virtually no idea what she is going to do. Accepting we have to grow up is not easy at any age, but she's got about 9 months to do it!

Question 37

The Incredibles

When they aren't wearing their masks and supersuits, the Parr family blends in with everyone else on their block. Sure Bob is bigger and quite a bit stronger than the other dads, and young Dash seems to be quite a bit faster than the other kids, but nobody has ever questioned them before. Their neighbours may not have any clue, but the Parr family is actually a clan of superheroes! Each one has an incredible power, they just aren't really allowed to use them.

Question 38

Christopher Robin

Before he was the very busy adult he is now, Christopher Robin was a kid with one heck of an imagination. He could spend hours adventuring through the forest with his furry pals, never getting bored for a single moment. However, now that his days are filled with long meetings and phone calls, his imagination has somewhat drifted away. Having a child of his own now, he is going to need the help of a few old pals to make sure her childhood is as magical as his was!

Question 39

A Simple Favor

Even though the seemingly perfect mother Stephanie never shows it, she has quite a few secrets tucked away in her closet. Maybe that is why she connected so well with Emily when they first met since Emily very clearly has a few secrets of her own. Bonding over the fact that they're both mothers, these two girls created a really nice friendship. Everything seemed to be going great, up until Emily went mysteriously missing one day. So, have you seen it?

Question 40

The Big Short

In 2008, a banker came across a very interesting idea. He knew it was morally wrong to do what he was planning, but he couldn't resist the urge to make that kind of cash. He decided to let a few other money experts in on the plan, and before he knew it, he and his men were pulling in all kinds of money. Of course, this was all at the expense of everyone else living in the country. Seen it?

Question 41


Giselle was as optimistic as any other animated princess out there. Sure she was a cartoon, but good things always happened to cartoons, right? Even though this was very true, villains do tend to run a muck through most animated character's lives at some point or another. Just as Giselle thought her happily ever after had come, a wicked witch decided to curse her away to a place where nobody would ever be able to find her. Get ready, New York City.

Question 42

Happy Gilmore

Happy always dreamed of becoming a famous hockey player, but even for a contact sport like hockey, Happy's aggressive attitude was just too much for the others to handle. After finding out that his beloved grandmother was about to lose her home, Happy knew it was time to get himself together and raise the cash needed to buy the house. Maybe hockey was off the table, but there had to be a sport out there where his temper would actually benefit him, right?

Question 43

Bohemian Rhapsody

In this film, we get an inside look at the history of the legendary rock band, Queen. Frontman Freddie Mercury always knew he was destined for greatness. Once the bandmates all came together, Freddie and the others lost no time getting their voices heard. Their music was different than anything else on the market, and their lead singer was a force to be reckoned with. That being said, we all know how fame has a tendency to change people. Seen it?

Question 44

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Even though Jack loved being the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, he couldn't help but feel bored with the same old celebrations every year. Scaring people just wasn't as much fun as it had once been for the young skeleton. After accidentally coming across the strange Christmastown, Jack decided he wanted to rule over the bright and cheery town as well. All he really had to do, was get jolly old Santa Claus out of his way and the town would be his!

Question 45

Bad Moms

A mother, wife, and a full-time employee, Amy really has been living the life of a superwoman. After learning that her husband has been less than loyal though, Amy has decided to give up being the super-mom of the family. She is grabbing a few of her friends, and they are going out to have some much-needed fun. No more PTA meetings, no more packed lunches, only spa days and cocktails for these mamas now! Who's seen it?

Question 46

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Audrey and Morgan were best friends, so naturally, they were going to be there for each other no matter what the circumstances. Although, now that they have found themselves smack dab in the middle of an international conspiracy, their friendship is being tested in ways they never thought possible. It turns out, that one of their ex-boyfriends is actually a spy. Girl code does state that as a best friend, we must be there throughout every stage of a breakup.

Question 47

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite has always been an outcast at school. However, now that he is feeling like an outcast in his home as well, he is thinking it is high time he does something about it. Starting with his life at school, Napoleon has recruited the new kid to help him achieve his goal of getting an outcast voted in as head of the student body. Once the popular kids lost their power, the outcasts would naturally rule the school, right?

Question 48

Book Club

These four women have all hit an age where they have stopped making plans for the future. They figure they are where they are, and not much is going to change now. This was how they felt before picking up the 50 Shades of Grey book anyway. Feeling as though they each have a new lease on life, these four women have stopped feeling sorry for themselves and have decided to go after whatever it is they want from life!

Question 49

Eighth Grade

Is there anything worse than being a student in middle school? Kayla, an eighth-grade student, does not think so. Her entire year has been rough, and now with just one week left to go, she is finally thinking nothing more could possibly go wrong. The funny thing about middle school though, is that just when we think we've seen the worst of it, more drama unfolds right before our eyes! High school, at least, will be a much better experience, right? Who's seen it?

Question 50

The Martian

Not only was Mark a trained astronaut, but he was also one of the world's top botanists. Even with this impressive background, nothing could have possibly prepared him for what was going to happen on his most recent trip to Mars. After a storm hit the planet, Mark was left stranded alone on the waterless planet. No water around, no other humans, just Mark and his award-winning sense of humor! Hopefully it will be enough to keep him alive.

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