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The internet has enabled us to get access to all kinds of information. This is somewhat of a mixed blessing. The first rule of the internet is "never believe anything you read on the internet, and yet there are those rare occasions where the internet can give you access to the kind of secret knowledge that the news channel will never tell you. These are of course the famed "conspiracy theories" so many of us love to read about. But sometimes these theories can get seriously ridiculous. It can get to the point where they are more laughable than believable. But it's hard not to wonder at the back of your mind whether these crazy ideas might actually be true.

So, how do you feel about conspiracy theories? Do you subscribe to some of the wildest and most exotic theories out there? Do you believe only in the ones that make the most sense? Do you try to take things with a grain of salt? Do you prefer instead to rely on logic, facts and science? Or are you one of those people that conspiracy theorists refer to dismissively as "sheeple;" those who blindly believe the official story, and refuse to ask any questions about the world around them? Take the quiz to find out how big of a conspiracy theorist you are...


Question 1

Do You Believe In Aliens?

Everyone seems to have a different point of view about aliens. Some believe in them quite strongly, while others are open to the possibility of their existence, yet still pretty skeptical. Others still have even more exotic ideas about aliens. Some take a more scientific approach, relying on the facts. But what do you believe?

Question 2

Who Is Really Controlling The World?

One of the most popular things for conspiracy theorists to talk about is who really controls the world. This is a question that seems to be asked constantly. Some have some pretty crazy ideas about this one, and it's clear that the ultra-rich and powerful are looked upon with suspicion. But what do you think?

Question 3

Where Did The First Moon Landing Take Place?

The moon landings are another source of much debate between conspiracy theorists and those that believe the official story. There are numerous oddities when you look closely at the moon landings videos and photos. But is this enough to prove they never happened? Where do you think the "moon landings" took place?

Question 4

What Is The Real Purpose Of The Moon?

The moon has baffled and intrigued human beings since before we even had civilization. We stared at this strange object with wonder. Back then, we attributed its presence to the gods. Nowadays, conspiracy theorists have come up with some pretty wild theories regarding the moon. But what do you think?

Question 5

How Were The Pyramids Built?

The pyramids are another source of much debate among conspiracy theorists. In the end, we just can't figure out how the Egyptians managed to build such structures, which are more accurate than things we can build today. As a result, a wide variety of conspiracy theories have been born. But what do you believe?

Question 6

Why Is There So Much Crazy Weather Right Now?

As you've no doubt been noticing, weather has been getting pretty crazy lately. You might even have been affected by it, or know someone who has. What's clear is that the Earth is not as stable as some of us might have hoped. Of course, there are conspiracy theories about this too. But what do you believe?

Question 7

What Do You Think About "Chem-Trails?"

Another popular conspiracy theory involves so-called "chem-trails." Proponents of this theory believe that the governments of the world are purposely releasing chemicals into the atmosphere as part of a secret, nefarious project. The purpose of this project varies depending on the theory. What do you believe?

Question 8

What Shape Is The Earth?

You'd think that by now the age-old debate about the shape of the Earth would be over, but it's still going strong. Back in the day, the traditional view was that the Earth was flat, but that was disproved by science. Nowadays, there are still people who believe quite strongly that the world is flat. But what do you believe?

Question 9

What Is The True Purpose Of The Large Hadron Collider?

The large hadron collider has been the subject of all kinds of theories. Ironically, it was built to solve the questions of many scientific theories, but in the end it seems to have sparked more conspiracy theories than anything. Many people have been pretty weirded out by this thing. But what do you think about it?

Question 10

Why Did The Titanic Sink?

The Titanic has been an obsession of everyone for over a hundred years now. And those who love to talk about it are also conspiracy theories. We all pretty much get most of our information about this tragedy from the movie. But there's actually a lot more to this story. But why do you think the Titanic sunk?

Question 11

Trump Won The Election Because...

Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton was one of the most unexpected and incredible events in American political history. And as you might expect, the conspiracy theorists went nuts with this one too. There were all kinds of explanations (from both sides) about why Trump won. But what do you believe?

Question 12

What Is Your Opinion On The Legend Of Atlantis?

Atlantis is probably one of the oldest conspiracy theories around, and people have been talking about it since the Ancient Greeks and even before then. Stories of a lost continent lost to the ocean are present in virtually every single culture. Many people believe that such a place actually existed. But what do you believe?

Question 13

Where Did HIV Come From?

HIV is one of the most terrible diseases the world has ever seen. It has devastated people's lives and destroyed families. Nowadays, it much more of a manageable illness with the right medication. And one day, the human race will no doubt be able to cure it. But conspiracy theorists believe all kinds of things about this disease. What do you believe?

Question 14

What Happened To Hitler And The Nazis After World War 2?

There are a number of theories about world war 2, perhaps more than any other subject. Many of these deal with advanced technologies that the Nazis had, and what might have happened to them after they were defeated by the allies. There are some pretty wild theories about this one. But what do you believe?

Question 15

What Effect Does Fluoride Have In Drinking Water?

Fluoride in the drinking water has been another subject of much debate among conspiracy theorists. This is especially true in the United States, where water is fluoridated in essentially all areas. Many dentists will tell you that fluoride merely helps keep teeth clean. But what do you believe?

Question 16

What Is "Planet X?"

Planet X is another strange thing that conspiracy theorists have talked at length about. And even some scientists admit that such a planet might exist. But the wildest conspiracy theories regarding this planet involve aliens, pole shifts, and the destruction of civilizations. But what do you believe?

Question 17

Why Did The US Invade Iraq?

The US invasion of Iraq was one of the biggest military events in recent memory. The United States once again got involved in a bloody conflict in the Middle East. But why did we invade this country? There are many theories, and some of them are quite wild. But why do you think the US invaded Iraq?

Question 18

What Crashed In Roswell, New Mexico In 1949?

In 1947, a strange object allegedly crashed into the desert of Roswell, New Mexico. This event spawned a huge trend in conspiracy theories directed towards the existence of extra-terrestrials and the cover-up by the US government. Since then, there have been tons of UFO sightings. But what do you believe crashed that day?

Question 19

Why Are We So Reliant On Oil?

Oil as an energy source has dominated the human race for many years. And the thing is, a select group of people are getting very rich as a result. Any alternate source of energy is routinely killed off, although now there is a higher demand for electric cars than ever. But why do you believe we are so reliant on oil?

Question 20

What Is This Object?

This is the so-called "Black Knight Satellite," something that has been an obsession of conspiracy theorists for many years. Photos taken recently of the object seem to suggest that this thing is possibly of extra-terrestrial origin. But is this something more innocent? What do you believe?

Question 21

Who Killed JFK?

Of all the conspiracy theories out there, the death of John F. Kennedy is one of the most talked about. His death was so shocking to a lot of people, and suspicions were immediately raised. There was a lot of people who probably wanted him dead due to his policies. But who do you think killed John F. Kennedy?

Question 22

What's Obama's Secret?

Obama is another focus of many conspiracy theories. He was the first black president, so it's actually kind of predictable that people would try to find something wrong with him for some reason or another. The conspiracy theories can get pretty wild, but many believe he's just a normal politician. What do you believe?

Question 23

What Is The Truth About The Death Of Stanley Kubrick?

Stanley Kubrick was and still is perhaps one of the most controversial figures in the film industry. Countless conspiracy theories surround this man. Many of these deal with the moon landings, but others deal with his last film, "Eyes Wide Shut." Many people think this was an accurate depiction of Illuminati rituals. But how do you think he died?

Question 24

What Is Your View On Vaccinations?

Vaccinations are another big talking point for conspiracy theorists around the world. While many people agree that vaccinations are indeed necessary, others are a little more cautious. Others still believe that vaccinations are part of a massive nefarious plot. But what is your view on vaccinations?

Question 25

Who Was Responsible For 9/11?

9/11 is undoubtedly one of the biggest tragedies ever to befall the United States, and it's made even more disturbing by the fact that the circumstances of this attack are very strange. We could spend days talking about all the strange facts connected to this terrible terrorist attack. But at the end of the day, who do you think was responsible?

Question 26

Why Is There A Missing Link In The Fossil Record Between Humans And Early Human Hominins?

The evolution of humans is another subject that has stirred up a lot of discussion among various theorists. The truth is that there are huge missing links in the fossil record between early human hominins and anatomically modern homo sapiens. People have been wondering why this is. Why do you think?

Question 27

What Really Happened At The Tonkin Gulf Incident?

The Tonkin Gulf incident is a subject of much debate, and people are still trying to figure out exactly what happened there to this day. One thing is for sure though - this was the catalyst that triggered the long and bloody war in Vietnam. Many people say this incident was a false flag. What do you think?

Question 28

What Caused The World Trade Center Towers To Fall During 9/11?

Once again we return to the tragic events of 9/11, and this is another debate that is very important in the conspiracy theories of this event. How exactly did the buildings fall? This is a question that people have been trying to answer for years. The official story is that the planes caused it. But what do you believe?

Question 29

When Was The First Nuclear Detonation On This Planet?

Creating a nuclear bomb was one of humanity's greatest achievements, and it was also one of our darkest creations. But apparently Oppenheimer said that he was only the first one to create a nuclear bomb in MODERN TIMES, implying he believed they had been used in the past. But what do you believe?

Question 30

What Happened During The Philadelphia Experiment?

For those who don't know, The Philadelphia Experiment was a test of new US Navy technology during world war 2. Nikola Tesla wanted to contribute to the war effort, and he claimed to have access to advanced technology that would make the US Navy much stronger. The resulting experiment has become something of an urban legend...

Question 31

Who Killed Tupac?

The death of Tupac Shakur was a major event in the 90's and something that really shook up a lo of people. Some people still refuse to believe that he's dead to this day. His murderer has never actually been caught, and that has resulted in tons of conspiracy theories about who was responsible. But what do you believe?

Question 32

What Is Hollywood's Biggest Secret?

Hollywood is a massive industry and something that has a real impact on our lives. This huge film industry has the power to influence our culture, trends, and the way people see the world. But are there hidden secrets lurking within? Some of these secrets are just being exposed now. But what do you believe?

Question 33

What Was The Cause Of Marilyn Monroe's Death?

The death of Marilyn Monroe was another major event in world history, and many people were absolutely distraught when they found out. She seemed like such a happy individual, but in reality she was suffering with serious issues. As you might expect, there are tons of conspiracy theories about this. But what do you believe?

Question 34

What Really Happened To Seth Rich?

Seth Rich is another major talking point, especially after all the drama that took place following the US presidential election. Many people point to his death as being incredibly suspicious, especially because of the nature of his work. In the end he was found dead in his own neighborhood. But what do you think really happened to him?

Question 35

Why Are People So Dismissive Of Conspiracy Theories?

Let's end this by addressing what might just be the ultimate conspiracy theory - conspiracy theories themselves. This might seem a little mind-boggling but many people feel like the concept of conspiracy theories is actually a lot more sinister than it might seem. Some believe that the entire concept has been designed to discredit legitimate theories...

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